Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dangerous Miners

Upon encountering an Agent of the New Order for the first time, one of the very first things that people tend to notice is that the Agent has a courageous heart and an iron will. One Agent, whose heart is more courageous and whose will is more iron than most, is Bing Bangboom.

KnightHawk cosmos > hehe this is going to be fun because bing is gonna get ban
Bing Bangboom > who says so?
KnightHawk cosmos > hummm CCP says so
Bing Bangboom > why would CCP ban me?
Zing1 > is CCP finally doing something about James 315 and his flunkies now
KnightHawk cosmos > for harresement
Bing Bangboom > KnightHawk cosmos did you petition me?
Zing1 > They had sanctioned the mining bumping
Bing Bangboom > they still allow it
Zing1 > that is one way to get banned Bing
Pro Hofstadter > am off guys fly safe , bing u suck shithouse
KnightHawk cosmos > go look at the terms of use

'Twas another day in Kino. It's true that Bing Bangboom is superior to the miners who inhabit that system. But he doesn't act like he's above it all; he willingly goes into Kino to help the miners.

Zing1 > aqctually I did what I was told to do. Now I am not in a corp so I don't have to comply with anything
Bing Bangboom > you know I am revoking your permit don't you?
Zing1 > DO I givew a fuck that the permit is revoked
Zing1 > I will mine if I want to
Bing Bangboom > just so everyone knows you DID buy one.
Zing1 > only for the corp to get out of war. Now I am not in a corp
Zing1 > and as my bio states FUCK YOU
Bing Bangboom > and you DID pledge your support for James 315...
KnightHawk cosmos > sounds to me like you are to damn lazy to make isk any other way then to harrase other players
Zing1 > I don't deny that but it doesn't now. And as I stated it was only to get the corp out of war. But now I am not in a corp so you can fuck yourself with that micro scopic dick of yours

When you think about it, our Agents are like the teachers in those movies where they go into a struggling inner-city school. Others may have abandoned the poor children in those schools, but the hero of the film, like an Agent of the New Order, is undaunted by the challenge.

Tawate Endashi > Bing Bangboom why do you follow this. This is basically setting aside every aspect of the game and controlling it. Making it as if this 'Supreme' Person is CCP in one body
Clatu Barada Nicktoe > Anyone following this so called code should have their account revocked permanently
Zing1 > Bing you keep spoutiong about the code. But what is your individual views. YOu act like the code is above reproach but it isn't
Zing1 > so give your arguements please and stop going the code this and the code that
Zing1 > show you can think for yourself
Bing Bangboom > OK.

Yet it is still a challenge to open the minds of the miners--minds which have been left closed for so long. It can be difficult to bridge the generation gap. "Bad" means good, "sick" means well, "literally" means figuratively, and "penultimate" means ultimate. Often, an Agent must ask himself or herself, "How do I reach these carebears?"

Tawate Endashi > Its like your making this your job and responsibility and making other players lives a misery
Clatu Barada Nicktoe > They cant handle themselves in low sec thats why they pray on newbs in hi sec
Bing Bangboom > not newbs... carebear highsec miners.
Bing Bangboom > some newbs will actually pew pew
Zing1 > yep even when faced with a player that has 4 times the sp
Bing Bangboom > yeah, that guy yesterday.... wanted to duel me.
Bing Bangboom > hehe
Bing Bangboom > takes me back to the old can flipping days.

In an instant, Bing Bangboom felt a wave of nostalgia. He wanted to teach the carebears a history lesson. That's beyond them; miners have difficulty relating to events that occurred months or years ago. So Bing gathered the unruly miners together to share an anecdote about something that had happened in Kino the day before...

Spine Ripper, Bing's Knight alt, had killed a Retriever pilot named wakko Dallocort. wakko, like so many other highsec youths, wanted to prove how tough he was. So he challenged Spine Ripper to a duel.

Bing carefully explained the Code. Actions have consequences. wakko wasn't having any of it.

An educator to his core, he walked wakko through the security status game mechanics. Knights of the Order have negative sec status and don't do duels.

wakko wasn't in a teachable mood on that day. He was too emotional. After all, his Retriever had been blown up barely a month before.

Some miners, sadly, only understand and respect strength. The good news is that the Agents of the New Order have a whole lot of it.

As Spine Ripper talked to wakko in local, he brought in Bing Bangboom. Now a duel was possible.

Bing flew his trusty Rifter into the belt where wakko was waiting for him. Bing reflected on the power of the Code for a quiet moment, and then the duel began.

A typical result. Bing was Invincible and destroyed the miner's destroyer. However, it turned out that wakko ran with a gang. One of the gang's members, Fenrir Mason, flew a Talos. Now it was on.

Bing taught the Kino system a thing or two that day. With the New Halaima Code of Conduct as his guide, Bing easily defeated the fearsome beast. The screenshot above offers some hint of Fenrir Mason's poor fitting. Let's see the rest:

The proof is in the killmail. After that, the hoodlums of Kino had to give Bing some respect. There is much power in the New Order, and in its Code. And if the activities of all our Agents inspire just one highsec carebear to read, it will all have been worth it.


  1. How does that happen? How do you fit a ship like that? Was he so angry about the New Order that he shift-clicked a bunch of random turrets and dragged them all into his fitting window at once?

    Looking at Fenrir Mason's loss history, I'm also seeing that just a few days ago, he got tornadoed while flying an untanked Iteron in Jita. Shameful.

  2. That poor Talos! I'm glad Bing put it out of its misery.

  3. DAT TALOS!!!


  4. In an interesting trivia note, wakko Dallocort was the miner who was ganked with 80 skill books in his Retriever's cargo hold, noted in the Kills of the Week from about a month ago.


  5. If I were asked to fly that Talos, I'd respond, "No, just, No."

    Plus, congrats to Bing for the double solo kills.

    ---Alistair Drake

    Friendly Neighborhood Scoundrel

    1. You do know you can name yourself instead of signing every single fucking post, right?

    2. Or he could do neither, as you so aptly demonstrate.

      U mad?

      ---The man with no name.

    3. Nah, I'm just lazy. Besides, I don't do the full signature after my first comment, again because I am lazy. And when I think about it I feel it makes me "unique" as it were. But now that I've tried it, I think I will use it.


    4. Now you can be a special snow flake

    5. I'm going to post anon and sign my posts bill. Am i anon or am i bill? YOU DON'T KNOW


  6. People say the carebears lack creativity, always throwing out the same insults and doing the same things. But I would certainly have never thought to fit a Talos with FOUR OVERDRIVE INJECTORS.

    1. I feel the need.. the need for slightly more speed... and no tank.. and no damage mods...

    2. I can easily picture Fenrir Mason screaming "OVERDRIVE!!!" just before approaching his target

    3. It would probably make a good bumping ship with all that overdrive :) Ahhh the irony........

  7. Even if you do provide a great fit. They won't use it because they have no ability to take advice and learn from more experienced players.

    Theres some people you just can't reach. Which is the way he wants - well he gets. I don't like it anymore than you do.

    Great quote apologies for messing it up.

  8. I would stand beside Bing Bangboom against a hundred bot-aspirants. His skill and valor are without equal. The Code lives in his heart.

    1. OMFG vomit... I'm going to go gank some miners then fuck my dog in the ass, because of you.

    2. Don't vomit on your dogAugust 1, 2013 at 8:42 PM

      That's a win-win, for everyone except your dog.

  9. Don't utilize bonus to ship: Check.
    Have no tank worth mentioning: Check.
    Fit different guns: Check.
    Load T1 ammo: Check.
    Stack Overdrive Injectors: Check.
    Set Capacitor to stable on a hs PvP ship: Check.
    Forget about rigs: Check.
    Fit 1mn Afterburner on a BC: Check.

    What could go wrong?

    1. There should be a foundation to defend the poor ships from such abuse.

    2. Sounds like a corp opportunity. "Failfit Ship Rescue Service" or something.

    3. To bad big bangdoom failed to help again :(

    4. Nothing my friend. Nothing could possibly go wrong with this idea.

  10. Coming soon, 'The Rath of Wakko'.


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