Sunday, October 27, 2013

Kills of the Week

We've got a lot of work to do, so let's get to it. Here are some fine kills that the New Order inflicted against the enemy during the week of October 20th @ 00:00 EVEtime through October 26th @ 23:59 EVEtime.

The ironically-named General K Kartoon was previously blown up in a poorly-tanked mining vessel, so he upgraded to a Skiff. So far, so good. But he still lacked a permit. Agent Lydia van Persie got the better of him and destroyed the misguided miner.

Sturmgeschutz IV had the distinction of losing the most expensive Orca during a fish fry conducted by numerous Knights of the Order, including Fleet Commander John XIII, scouts Small Beer, Pharoma, and Lysergic Jackals, and good ol' fashioned gankers xxBLACK SKULLxx 929, D400, Capt Starfox, Maestro Ulv, Minsebstor, Heizen Bergg, Fawn Tailor, Agent 057, Dr Wiwwy, PanzarPanda, Kristos Valamache, Brutal Anna, and Biodegradable. As a bonus, Sturmgeschutz's Orca contained an unlicensed Hulk and a Skiff. They no longer pose a threat to highsec.

In just over three hours, our heroes dealt 8.1 billion isk in damages, slaughtered 8 Orcas and confiscated a ninth from Zamir Kreedo, who was using an empty Orca next to his mining barge. He didn't lock the Orca, so our Agents were able to board and pilot it to safety. He was too AFK to notice his Orca leave him, so Agents killed his barge.

Dr Wiwwy tried to sell the former Orca pilot a mining permit, but he refused to see reason.

Adonei Exorbit lost over half a billion isk when his curiously-fit Megathron Navy Issue was cast into oblivion by Agent Loroseco Kross. Loroseco, who also ganked a Navy Mega a few weeks ago, is troubled by the bot-aspirancy of mission-runners these days. He challenges them to duels while flying a cruiser. Because these carebears do not understand the Code, they underestimate him. Loroseco explained:

Indeed, a polite tip of the hat is due.

Meanwhile, Druid Cilnok lost a faction battleship of his own this week. Agent Sabriz Adoudel was appalled by the immodesty of the 2.6 billion isk mission boat. So he decided to do something about it.

Druid joined Sabriz's corp. Druid lost billions for his arrogance, but the medal he earned was free:

After being awarded this medal, Druid left Sabriz's corporation to pursue other interests.

Ready for a heartwarming tale from a new Agent of the Order? Good. Because this time, I'll let the Agent tell the story:

Thank you for sharing, PanzarPanda, and thank you for caring about highsec. Here are the killmails:

The pod, weighing in at 2.2 billion isk, is the kind that often gets featured as Podkill of the Week. However...

...this week...

...Agent D400...

...was not to be denied. Trick or treat!


  1. I must confess, I am terrified when flying my hauler alt's pod when D400 is in system. He truly is the scourge of Hisec carebears.

  2. Holy cow! I didn't even know there were xx-08 implants! I thought they only went up to xx-06. And to echo anon's statement, I too double check if D400 is online before moving alts. He's one of the good guys, but he takes no prisoners and has a zero tolerance policy for autopiloting.

  3. what a fantastic week.
    like a holiday meal such a plentiful bounty

  4. With you guys up and about in everyshore and verge vendor ganking mission runners i'm starting to get terrified when you guys are around. In low or nullsec i can't go because i'd get killed one way or another and in highsec there are you guys.

    1. so stop making yourself a target maybe?

      agent selina

    2. and how would i go do that? having a decent fit is good enough to have one less group to worry about?

  5. My favourite killing of the weak is involves the story of how my mining fleet of 1x Procurer and 8x Battleships and 16x Cruisers successfully killed 16 Catalysts.

    In the first instance a single Catalyst comes on grid. Then 20 seconds later, yellow boxes the Procurer and comes over to get a closer look. After 5 further seconds she opens fire. Telling the truth I was more bemused than anything - what is this going on here? I have actually seen rats hit harder than she did.

    Some of my fleet then saw fit to warp over and quickly dispatched her. When it was all over I had to ask: What was she was on? Her answer was "Oh I wanted to see what would happen". Well the answer is I have powerful friends in HiSec and they appear and kill you, you die. Always. 100% of the time. They don't miss. Google it.

    The next time a more organised gang of 15 Catalysts appears . I just happened to be in the process of aligning to station with 12 icicles in my hold when they appeared on grid 15km away or so. They lit me up with yellow boxes and there were 3 "warp scram attempt on me" messages flashing up on the screen as I begin to warp to station.

    I guess that's 4 dead Catalysts so far.

    Arriving back in a salvage ship I see not 3 more but 7 and a dead Mackinaw wreck. The killboard said the Mackinaw was fail fit, and it was a Mackinaw not a Skiff so it does deserve to be dead. I loot over $30m salvage - Gankers used Tech II fittings - I guess they were fail fit too! :D

    After looting and marketing I retake to the field in my Procurer and a Tengu from a known ganker alliance de-cloaks 5km away from me. 5 seconds later a familiar names in familiar ships are on grid all 5km away too.

    So did the catalyst pilots learn anything?

    Well I was at zero m/s and they did manage to get 3 scrams on right at the start. So far they were doing well.

    I was a bit worried as I was actually not that well tanked - 3 out of 6 med and low slots were used for yield optimisation and I had no defensive rigs; and 8 Catalysts should be able to kill a Procurer ....

    But you see, my Procurer is well trained and not fail fit. So 'Should' was the operative word. In the end it was all rather predictable. 8 more Catalyst wrecks joined the other 8 on the field and when my ice miner finished its cycle I warped away, unloaded cargo and got back in my salvager - another $20m salvage.

    Better luck next time..... and thanks for the iskies.

    1. Sounds to me like there's a bunch of rookie gankers out there somewhere. Your story betrays a few tell-tale signs those guys weren't NO.

    2. ummm dear anonymous miner. could you link us that killmails so we can ummmm...teach that gankers better.
      no worries we are not interested in you

      agent selina

    3. 0/10, neither believable nor interesting.


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