Thursday, May 8, 2014

Accountability Begins with a Permit

MinerBumping is the most trustworthy news source in highsec. As a CCP employee once said of SOMER Blink, it's "100% trustful".

I received a sensitive intel report from Agent Inquisitor Eden, a self-described "10-hour hero". Only now has this report been declassified for the general public. Could it be a story of a New Order defeat--the first in its history?

Inquisitor began applying to a bunch of highsec mining corps. His character was indeed just hours old. Inquisitor could only fly a Catalyst. Most mining corps saw little use for him.

But Inquisitor was invited to join a corp run by Cali Totsora. Her bio made her seem like a pretty good miner. But Inquisitor, acting according to his nature, wanted to investigate for himself.

The Agent was startled to find an anti-Order sentiment present among the miners. Even Cali herself claimed that she only owned a mining permit to avoid getting ganked--not because she really believed in the Code. As the New Order grows in strength, we can expect even people who hate us to bend to our will, publicly. However, Inquisitor was on the inside, a member of the corp. He would discover the truth.

Inquisitor found a smoking gun: Cali went AFK in her Orca during a corp mining op. It was incredible: A permit-holding CEO was violating the Code and setting a terrible example for her corp. Inquisitor Eden knew he had to use his Catalyst to send a message. But would a flimsy meta-fitted destroyer be powerful enough to take down an Orca?

With total faith in the Code, Inquisitor opened fire. He had minimal equipment at his disposal, but he eventually chewed through every one of the Orca's hitpoints. Helpfully, the Orca was anti-tanked--yet more evidence of Cali's bot-aspirancy.

After the Orca was destroyed, the corp grew alarmed and sent a fleet of three cruisers and a battlecruiser to simultaneously attack the humble Catalyst. Inquisitor was fearless. He could have withdrawn from the field of battle with no shame, but he wanted the miners to know what true courage is. In an awesome display, Inquisitor actually managed to take down the fail-fit Drake before his own ship exploded.

Math can't explain it. Only the power of the Code can. Also, Inquisitor was being remote-repped by a friend from the Belligerent Undesirables community. But still, his ship had barely any hitpoints to remote-rep in the first place.

It was an extraordinary, unmitigated victory for the New Order and the Code. And it was further evidence that a Code-compliant miner's journey doesn't end with the purchase of a mining permit. A permit is only the beginning. We aren't extortionists who are only interested in getting some money, a slice of the Code-violator's pie. We want to rebuild the miners from top to bottom. If you own a permit and think it's a license to grind isk AFK, just remember: The New Order is watching you, too.


  1. Yeah we noticed the attempt to use CCP and Somer Blink to validate minerbumping but CCP were talking about Somer Blink for ALL who misread it. Shows how desperate fail Jimmy is when he has to try to use word trickery.

    1. You know, I'm pretty sure that's obvious. It's not out of desperation when it's an obvious joke.

      I don't think anybody misread it.

    2. And we noticed that you have reading comprehension issues. But are we here to make observations about each other or revel in the glory of The Code? Hint: the Code option.

    3. Funny when he deliberately attempts deceit and is caught out straight away then it is a joke. Yeah we know he is a joke but we also know this website is full of propaganda and lies and he is totally deceitful to everyone and he does it because he wants to motivate a bunch of depressed gankers who have no lives.

      He can never tell the truth about anything which is very sad because it means he doesn't respect any of you and you are just seen as his servants and are totally disposable.

      Seeing trickery and lies is not lack of comprehension by the way, it is seeing things exactly for exactly what they are. 'AnonymousMay 8, 2014 at 9:36 PM' - are you are total moron and are you mad because your fail hero was caught out?

      And just letting you know that the only thing we are here to revel about is making you ganker idiots angry and annoyed - and mission accomplished :)

    4. Nah James regularly uses humor since it's the only way to illustrate the insanity that is the Rebel's Highsec

      Think of him as sort of a John Stewart or Christopher Buckley kind of figure

  2. No you need someone more demented than that - a good example would be Gary Busey but he isn't a liar and control freak like Jimmy so sorry for insulting you Gary.

    1. No no no, you misunderstand I was just pointing out that the saviour likes to use humor to make his points

      Taken as a whole he's much more of a Martin Luther King, or Gandhi like figure

      I don't know where you're getting Gary Busey from

    2. No he is definitely like Gary Busey, he even looks like Busey and just as nuts. Only other person he could be compared to is Charles Manson - both have similar writing style and we all know they both like controlling idiots to get what they want.

    3. "looks like Busey and just as nuts"

      Wow, you do know that Gary Busey had a head injury from a motorcycle accident right?

      Making fun of people with brain trauma... despicable.

    4. Nah wasn't making fun of Busey but hey nice try at word twisting - Only person I am making fun of is Jimmy and yes you are right Jimmy is despicable but hey it is not nice to say Jimmy 316 has brain trauma but you know him better than me lol

  3. Glory to the Code, that has such skilled Agents laboring to uphold it!

    1. No skill to kill unarmed ships - all it takes is PURE COWARDICE

    2. Really? No skill to kill a target in a brief window of opportunity, knowing you cannot possibly keep your ship?

      Let's see you do it. You'll quickly discover how much skill you DON'T have.

    3. Like I said - No skill to kill unarmed ships - all it takes is PURE COWARDICE

    4. He should have armed himself.

  4. Yet another fail blog, Start enforcing the code instead of only talking about it 6/10 miners only buy a permit to be left alone and you simply never comeback to them.

    I've even biomassed my agent because the enforcement is bullshit.
    Magnus vendetta.

    the code is a good thing, but the enforcement is lacking big time.
    Most of the agent only are enforcing the code for the ganking not for believing in it.
    the only few that actually do it for the code and making eve better are pointed out as sociopaths.

    Its time that you start Making sherrifs for certain regions and convo the actual players that have a permit.

    The mass sale of permit also leads to afking with a permit, as they did not read the code when given the permit. i've seen entire corps have mining permits but don't understand what it means. yet when i rcried wolf nobody responded they just didn't care.

    James is good guy and a fool for trusting the gankers that form his outer circle they are not in in for the code.

    Long live CODE. And I HOPE that it will fix the cancer which is brewing inside.

    1. You participated for a very short amount of time in Code Enforcement, but somehow know everything there is to know about Code Enforcement?

      Instead of asking once only to quit when you didn't get the results you wanted, you should have kept with it, but :effort: I know.

      Handling it the way you did just makes you look like a classic carebear and the way you present yourself here supports that observation; this means the New Order probably wasn't for you and it was better that you left.

    2. I biomassed because the order is not what it claims to be, + i moved to null sec with my main.

      I did my share of bumping in dantbein and josekorn, i have tried to gank a few. a few fails a few succesfull.

      I was only shoved off with the remarks, i don't know you i don't want to fleet with you or your region is not interresting enough which is weird i though all of highsec was worth saving.

      i have been reading all i can and been asking the qeustion to know more i even tried to ask shinwa for training but nobody actualy nobody was interested. The new order simply doesn't do what they claim hence my move to null sec where the rules are much much simpler.

      As to your remark handling as i did ... appearantly it makes me a carebear in your eye's? then my friend you must be blinded by your fellow corrupt agent that you can no longer see the path laid out to you by james 315 the original saviour of high sec.

      i present my self as a supporter of the CODE but i am disgusted of the filth that has begun to fill the ranks. but you will probably be blind tyo that aswhell.

      The new order needs a good purge and a better system of hunting down the carebears instead of the poor attempts that are being done now. all high sec has been claimed but no system in general is actually bieng enforced constantly its sickening, and yet you say i do not belong with the code i ahve pointed out 27 different people with a permit openly breaking the code and yet they have not been ganked they have not been dealt with.

      You my dear capt starfox are blind to the thruth and you need to be set free and claim a rightfull place as a ganker instead of the incoherent group you belong to right now.

      That better you understand now? no Well geuss im not the carebear here then.

    3. Doesn't sound like Knight material to me.

    4. Anon 3:04, and/or Magnus vendetta, to put it simply you gave the New Order a halfhearted attempt, if at all and wonder why it didn't work out.

      If you had legitimately tried, you would still be here. You probably spent a lot more time on your main than you did on your "New Order alt". And, since you're clearly upset over something I'm going to refer back to "the New Order wasn't for you" piece.

      Permit holders get checked, nice try though.

      Furthermore, I don't believe you. You look like a carebear, you act like a carebear, you're probably a carebear.

    5. Shinhwa lives in a wormhole system most of the time, losing Loki's to obvious bait, and doesn't have much capability to train new knights any more. I do always go out of my way to find someone who can help newbros though. Sorry you fell through the cracks. What is interesting is I frequently run into Agents and Knights while flying through Empire space that I've never heard of. I don't see them in the minerbumping channel either. But there they are, bumping and ganking miners while selling permits.

      The New Order is inspired by James 315, but it is not a top down organization with James as the CEO. He's more prophet than MBA. We are not all part of a single corp or alliance. Mostly we are pilots who heard the call and took up the arms of the cause to bring risk to hisec. If you need help getting started in Code enforcement, then seek out some help. If that pilot can't help you, find someone else. If you are not a self-starter, it may not be the thing for you.

    6. Anon 9:39 (Magnus vendetta I guess):
      "I think Code enforcement is bad, but I don't want to do anything about it myself. I'd rather complain online about it in the hopes someone else will do it for me. I saw a permit holder AFK but didn't want to bump or gank them myself, but instead complain that others weren't doing their jobs. I'm butthurt because people didn't automatically trust the new guy with a fleet or something, and because they didn't recognize my special snowflake status"

      Fixed it for you.

    7. You are blind, call me a carebear i know better non off you know me good enough to know.

      neither apparently can be said about know you, at the times i was only in both nodd heads and minerbumper channel hardly anybody was ever there to guide players. nor did anybody offer to train me i had to find it all by myself. i had trained up to 600 dps on my catalyst. When shinwa asked for a buddy to help him on the forums i tried to get in touch with him without any reply.

      You all claim to be so good and help full. open your eye's. i probably am not the first no the last to be treated like this full of good intention to enforce the code.

      Stop being so full of your self's maybe?


      Are you talking about this? I did reply. You don't meet the requirements. They are specific and firm. The position is still open.

    9. Alright anon 4:51 and/or Magnus vendetta. Let me try to explain it this way..

      When you joined the New Order community you really didn’t have anything that made you look like an active player, no KB and fresh character; no previous Corps. Like I’ve been saying all along, you probably didn’t try as hard as you’re leading onto either.. and it’s not very difficult to figure this out.. Your supposed last post on a public forum was on March 7th. If this was your post, and let’s assume it is, and you decided to biomass your character that day, the character would be about 7 months old (I don’t care about the days, I’m rounding). In that amount of time you managed to kill a whopping one Retriever.

      Yet, you’re here upset to the fact that most of us never heard of you… and you wonder why? To this I say that the New Order wasn’t for you and it’s better for both parties that you left. Learn from this though. Next time you join something give it your all; actually participate. Don’t sort-of participate for a brief period of time to then be immediately turned off when it immediately doesn’t’ go your way to then quit to then complain about it.


  5. undock, shoot miner/freighter, get blown up, dock, repeat.
    undock, shoot miner/freighter, get blown up, dock, repeat.
    undock, shoot miner/freighter, get blown up, dock, repeat.
    undock, shoot miner/freighter, get blown up, dock, repeat....

    Sounds like bot aspirant behavior to me. And can I just add: booooorrring.
    Let's face the facts, either your using James' code as an excuse to farm miners and pad your killboards or you guys are just the most predictable bad guys in all of New Eden.

    1. Of course, you're only describing the gank pilot- just one piece of the ganking apparatus.

      While your gank character is docked, waiting out their crim timer- your cloaky scout is hunting for new targets, lining up the next gank, gathering intel.

      You need to read up on the definition of "bot-aspirant" behavior. It is the desire to automate play as much as possible under the rules of the game. A bot-aspirant miner would gladly use macros and botting programs to mine if they were allowed to- they don't want to be at their keyboards.

      A ganker however, *wants* to be there when he engages in honorable PvP, no macro bot wanted.

      It's the people who want to PLAY the game versus the people who want to tab out and do something else.

      Never could understand people who would defend someone who doesn't want to be here...

    2. Dear Anon @ 1.40pm,

      Interesting synopsis. I can see you've never ganked before.

      Here's a protip, try not to talk publicly about things which you demonstrably know nothing.

      - Guybertini

    3. While your gank character is docked, waiting out their crim timer- your cloaky scout is hunting for new targets, lining up the next gank, gathering intel.
      I.E. doing the same crap day after day..
      Still sounds like "bot-aspirant" behavior.

    4. Is waking up after good night's sleep every day a "bot-aspirant" behavior?
      Gorila, the mere ability to put a name on complex, creative activity, doesn't make this activity "bot-aspirant". It's lack of complexity and novelty within activity itself that matters. Now go and compare ganking procedures (especially in presence of hostile force, a.k.a busybodies near station and gates) with stuff miners do.

    5. So basically, what you do is probe out shit with an alt until you find a thing that couldn't take you out unless you fucked up six ways from sunday, then you shoot that thing, then you scoop the loot with an alt, then you rinse and repeat.

      I think they call that 'ratting'.

    6. @ Anon at 1:45 AM

      Any comparison of carebears to NPC pirates is an insult to said pirates anywhere and everywhere.

  6. Oh and the actual fun part of the game you hire mercs to do? WTF????


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