Wednesday, May 21, 2014

No Easy Awox, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... New Order Intelligence discovered that rebel miner TDD Dominaters created another corporation with the intention of luring in new EVE players and taking advantage of them. Agent Jer'ith Bodas planted a spy in the corp. But for two weeks, TDD didn't show his face.

Bad Touches declared war against TDD's corp. Our Agents hoped this would draw the villain out. Jer'ith's awox alt, Milo Taranga, monitored the situation closely.
Sam Shikasta > lvl1 will be easy with a cruiser
Noggen Yakens > yepp
Noggen Yakens > got a destroyer i can just go up to em and poke them
Milo Taranga > so we've got war?
Noggen Yakens > yeah
Arsin Blake > k, wanna try a lvl2 with us noggen
Milo Taranga > when do we fight?
Arsin Blake > i have a lvl2 mission i didnt finish b4 i think i will try it again. u cn join me there if you want?
At first, nothing happened. The carebear corp was filled with new players who didn't seem to be aware of the wardec. They were only interested in running low-level missions. But then the CEO arrived:
TDD Dominaters > we been declaerd war upon
TDD Dominaters > i need to call in our allies
Milo Taranga > wonder if they're any good?
TDD Dominaters > our allies or them ?
Milo Taranga > well both i guess we get allies?
TDD Dominaters > yep
TDD Dominaters > were allied with an alliance
TDD Dominaters > Sovereign Infinity
TDD broke the news to the corp. Though the Bad Touches wardec must have rattled him, he remained outwardly calm. The corp would have the assistance of Sovereign Infinity alliance. Also, TDD had a plan. Thanks to our Agent, the New Order is now able to reveal for the first time the inner workings of a highsec carebear corp and how it reacts to wardecs!
TDD Dominaters > in the mean time
TDD Dominaters > if ur a miner
TDD Dominaters > mine what ever u want becauuse u wont mine while we are at war
Noggen Yakens > so what to do when its war? just go around in a group and wait for em?
TDD Dominaters > were going to move to a location were we can do missions and mine
The plan was to mine as much as possible before the wardec, and then to move to a new location during the war. The final phase of the plan was to mine and run missions during the wardec.
UCE - First Coming War
From: TDD Dominaters
Sent: 2014.04.27 15:48
To: The United Capsuleers Of EvE,

As some of you may know The United Capsuleers of EvE have been declared war upon a Bully Corporation. A corporation to were they want money from us every 2 weeks(when the Treaty ends).But since we are a new corporation and we can not fight 2 years experienced players we wont win that easy.So That is why i have called in our allies to help us throw out this war.Also understand that we are Moving to a Location Algogille a System to were our members are able to Mine , Do missions and Trade.That well be the message of today.and remember to look at your overview or local.if its Red blinking or red red on a player they are Enemy.
Every precaution would be taken during the wardec. The entire corp would relocate to the remote system of Algogille, which is a few jumps away from Dodixie.
Noggen Yakens > oh thats close
Milo Taranga > i was thinking it would be faraway
TDD Dominaters > yea i know .
TDD Dominaters > were only on the east side of the Region we are in .
TDD Dominaters > we dont go to the west.
Noggen Yakens > im sorry dont know what is north when it comes to the universe
TDD Dominaters > there is no north
Thus far, TDD's corp had only witnessed his leadership during peacetime. Now they were in for a real treat, for TDD's true talent as a strategist can only be fully experienced during war.
Noggen Yakens > then how are we to know where west is?
TDD Dominaters > if the region is a pointing left to right
TDD Dominaters > then it has east and west
Noggen Yakens > oh
TDD Dominaters > if the region is up and down
TDD Dominaters > then its north and south
TDD Dominaters > if its a sqaure
TDD Dominaters > then it has all 4
TDD Dominaters > or a rhombes
The corp, filled as it was with new players, listened attentively as TDD explained how EVE works.
Milo Taranga > i wanna try some level 3s
TDD Dominaters > aqm pretty sure were the system were going it has level 3 missions
Milo Taranga > good
TDD Dominaters > after am done moving what i have to move well do some missions
Milo Taranga > :)
Agent Milo Taranga perked up when TDD announced he would be moving his stuff. Perhaps the wardec would succeed in drawing him out.
Romper Erquilenne > Any plans as far as this "war" is concerned?
TDD Dominaters > move to that location .
TDD Dominaters > thats it for now
Romper Erquilenne > How r u moving your ships?
TDD Dominaters > Orca - Capital Ship
Do I even need to say it? You know where this is going.
Romper Erquilenne > Damn, you've unlocked those already?
TDD Dominaters > i am your leader am not suppose to be week.
TDD Dominaters > >:)
TDD Dominaters > wait intell i use a ship to were i can use 40 drones at the same time .......
Romper Erquilenne > Haha true. I thought I was moving along. But here I am still messing around with destroyers.
TDD Dominaters > when i am leader of a clan and it is at war
TDD Dominaters > Production , the Economy and Research of the corporation is doubled
TDD boasted to his corp members. They were new players, so they didn't know any better. They had no idea that TDD's actual war record consisted of losing mining ships, complaining in local, and folding his corporations.
Romper Erquilenne > Ya like everyone I want bigger boats. If there's any way of getting one faster, I wanna know haha
TDD Dominaters > well atm
Romper Erquilenne > I'm nowhere near having the isk or the skill for that.
TDD Dominaters > were moving to a system
TDD Dominaters > from there
TDD Dominaters > i want u to make as much money as u can so the corporation can make money from taxes
With the mention of taxes, TDD subtly hinted at his true intentions for his corp.
TDD Dominaters > Algogille IX - Moon 3 - Federal Administration Information Center
TDD Dominaters > thats were my protection well be .
TDD Dominaters > ok am going to the base
TDD Dominaters > who needs tranport.?
Romper Erquilenne > Right here
Romper Erquilenne > Couster II - Moon 1 - Federal Navy Academy
TDD Dominaters > ok the Command Center Ship well be there in like 4 jumps
TDD volunteered to help move his corp members' equipment in his Orca. In doing so, he disclosed his location and where he was going. This was the moment Milo had been waiting for: Actionable, real-time intelligence on the whereabouts of TDD's precious Orca.

Just one jump from Dodixie, the battle was about to begin.

To be continued...


  1. There is no North. North is a lie.

  2. This guy's strategy acumen makes Sun Tzu look like a pacifist door to door vacuum cleaner salesman.

    - Guybertini

  3. where the fuck is north?

  4. Romper Erquilenne > Haha true. I thought I was moving along. But here I am still messing around with destroyers.

    umm isn't a catalyst a destroyer? I hear in the right hands they can be pretty powerful......
    That's just rubbing it in before the fact.....

  5. North is the direction you see when you lay on your back.


  6. Wow. This dude is pathetic.

    I've done more to help people I'm at war with than this guy has done to help his own corp mates.

    He's currently in NPC corp. If he makes another corp, I'm going to wardec it as punishment for this nonsense.

  7. Is it bad that I'm rooting for Code on this one?

    1. BeBopAReBop RhubarbPieMay 21, 2014 at 8:39 PM

      No, not at all. Its never bad to root for the New Order, though in this case its particularly not bad to do so.

    2. You're doing it right. It's hard to not root for the good guys. TDD is a scourge on this game that needs to be burned out with fire. Seriously, CCP could fix the New Player Experience by raising the corp creation fee to a level that carebears are unwilling to pay from their own wallets.

    3. I've said it before, it's far too easy and cheap to be a CEO and people are attracted to titles like flies to raw meat. Alas, which is the way they see their corp members. Not valuable, malleable individuals that need nurturing in the harsh reality of Eve, but of a profit source.

      If corp creation cost 50M and required a test to pass based on researchable Eve game mechanic questions there would be a higher quality of corporations that people could join.

      Of course if that happened it wouldn't be a sandbox, so carry on and whittle out the poor CEO's.

  8. That Geography tag, though. We've had 4 in the past 2 years, and this post is surely more deserving than most.

  9. Guys like this "CEO" (if one can call him that), are the true reason why new players leave this game eventually. Sadly, this is not a single incident either, I myself once met some poor Newbro in a Corp just like that who didn´t have any clue because his CEO didn´t explain anything or did share false information.

    I just hope - after the inevitable demise of that Orca - that the wardeccers take the time to explain to the corpmembers just why their CEO sucks as well as give them some general pointers about the game... even if just one soul is saved the whole world is saved, as the saying goes.

  10. TDD Dominators, the grand jury here assembled finds you guilty. For your high crimes against new players and common decency, you have been sentenced to life in NPC corp plus 1000 years, without parole.

  11. I'll just awox the next corp he joins....

    1. You better start preparing your alt, then. He's just joined some corp known as C5 Flight.

  12. I didn't think it would be that bad with him as a CEO. He is boasting to his newbies while being a useless scrub.
    Also what is this
    TDD Dominaters > i want u to make as much money as u can so the corporation can make money from taxes
    send halp

  13. I like how corp production doubles during wartime

    1. I'm wondering how he doubles THE ECONOMY during a war


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