Monday, May 5, 2014

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #56

Can you believe this is the fifty-sixth edition of the Grab Bag? Hopefully after all this time, the carebears have learned to calm down a bit and stop shedding so many ludicrous tears. Let's find out!

Miners of highsec, do you really want to be the guy who hopes a woman gets raped because her father shot someone's Retriever? As a side note, Psychoinmate Assylum is the CEO of a corp called The Prodigy Generation, which claims to want to help new players. Just throwing that out there.

The rebel culture continues to collapse in upon itself. They glorify bot-aspirancy. It's very sad.

I found this intercepted EVEmail to be very interesting. Some miners apparently believe CCP has nerfed miners' defenses against ganking in recent years! That's the only way they can explain the rise in miner ganking since the creation of the New Order.

As they say, the show must go on. I was surprised to see Bonus Round-related mail continue to find its way into my inbox.

Despite the "blank reason" ban of Erotica 1, the isk-doubling business has not vanished. The torch will burn brightly, forever. But what of the Bonus Round "victims"?

As expected, they don't feel the Bonus Round is torture. No one who has participated in one ever did.

How does the expression go? "A fook and his Mackinaw are soon parted."

No one knows better than our Agents that there's a dark side to EVE. Every day, we make highsec a little brighter, though.

Dina Pak convo's me from time to time. She says something is wrong, but won't say what. An illegal miner getting ganked for violating the Code? This is my design. The system's working as intended, as far as I can see--which is pretty far.

Uh oh. Grasping At Straws for your corporation name? Not a good sign...

...and a 4 billion isk awox. Who didn't see that one coming?

The New Order continues its crusade against bullying and harassment. You can always tell a bully by the way they react to their Orca getting blown up.

Always nice to end on a positive note. Carebears, take notice. Cykreti has given you an example of the way you're supposed to think and speak about the New Order, the Code, and the best friend you've ever had in highsec.


  1. Too bad James 315's name wasn't scratched out on the memorial in Iceland.

    1. what exactly would that have accomplished?

    2. It's a monument not a memorial.

      Maybe if you scratch out all the names of actual players it would be a memorial, because only the names death miners would be left.

    3. At least Erotica 1's name isn't on it - that one dead scammer we don't have to worry about - GLORY TO RIPARD TEG!!!!

    4. That's JUSTICE, you mean.

    5. maybe from your limited point of view....

    6. Erotica1's name is on it... If you read up on it it was finished being made about two months ago.... So logic says.....

    7. well the name finder can't find it.

    8. Erotica 1 is definitely NOT on it, he is sociopath so CCP don't want any association - thank god for Ripard Teg

    9. Carebears and miners are sociopaths.

    10. My Starfox is getting real angry - not much of a diplomat now are we? But hey we knew that was a facade and really you hate everyone and you were doing it so you could insult and ridicule people even more.

      And facts are facts your hero Ero 1 is the one proved to be a sociopath and that is why he is no longer in the game. You resorting to repeating that about others shows you have lost the argument completely.

    11. You guys and straws, it's amazing although I'm not surprised.

  2. Cykreti, just one of the many, many players saved by the New Order!

  3. The ISK doubling by Fighter Jets Solo is a TOTAL SCAM - and code agents are in on it!

    How low will all you people go?

    1. The blog is CORRECT but hey you know that and Fact is FACT, just go to Jita and look in local - she is code and is using code players as examples of ISK doubling. So you accusing me of slander is SLANDER because I am the only one telling the TRUTH

    2. In FunkyBacon's discussion of the Bonus Room, it came up that a few players actually have won the Bonus Round and made off with a lot of cool stuff. The trick is to be cool and have a good time, and you'll be richly rewarded.

      The people who get invited into the Bonus Room usually aren't capable of those things, unfortunately...

    3. Yeah. I've got two previous bonus room clients in a corp I help manage with an alt. They were really fun during the bonus round and super cool afterwards, and I wanted them to stick around. I got them back on their feet after they withdrew from the running and now they're kicking around in the wormhole corp.

    4. Isk doubling? A scam? Golly gee willicers, who'da thought...

    5. Isk doubling is the ultimate in bot-aspirant behavior. There can be no less 'playing' of Eve than magically wanting one's isk doubled thru nothing but the chat channel. We look down upon miners that only exist in high sec and fail fit their ships...but at least even they UNDOCK A DAMN SHIP and pretend to play Eve Online for their isk.
      Nothing is lower than people who try to get their isk doubled. That is literally the same as just purchasing gold from a chinese farmer.
      They get zero, absolutely zero sympathy from me. Let them be scammed.
      Miners should really hate these people. Miners make a big fuss about making their isk 'honestly' when raging at NO Agents....well isk doublers are the ultimate in dishonest ways to 'earn' their way in New Eden.
      At least here, the care bears and scammers alike should be on the same side.

    6. Solly, Being closed minded and blindly kissing James ass could also be defined as "bot-aspirant" behavior. Most who fall for it are new players who don't know any better and i would imagine they think its a way to get a leg up on a game that has a huge learning curve. I don't HATE anyone, but i don't really care for close minded blindly obedient followers of Jimmie. If anything its the ones like you who act like BOTS.

    7. Y'know gorila, I prefer when you drop the idiot carebear facade and actually be a decent, intelligence carebear sympathizer. At least then we can have some fun. Being the idiot carebear just sets your people back.

    8. You MAD because Gorila was SMART and found your SCAM and found that code has ZERO ETHICS which we knew anyway but now there is CONCLUSIVE PROOF that not only are you cowardly gankers but a bunch of low life scammers

    9. Okay, let's accept gankers and assume scammers. Now can you provide proof of "cowardly" and "low life"?

      Also, who is mad?

      I just feel the meta can be pushed further than ever if Gorila gave up the act. He's show on his blog that when he drops the act he's well spoken and logical. But then he goes back to the act.

      What I'm not sure of is if the act is really in place because carebears respond better to it, and it garners more support or if he just thinks it's fun to be eternally trolly.

    10. cowardly - gankers only shoot unarmed miners

      low life - they are bottom of the eve food chain - bottom feeders but we won't go there lol

      Kristall you are always mad, you hate anyone having an opinion, someone must have told you one day I think you are smart but trust me you aren't and all you actually are is opinionated and very angry.

      And it is not about Gorila, it is about being honest and it has now been proved that gankers and james 315 are bunch of scammers and liars.

    11. Gorila Vengaza the same could be said about you within the anti-ganking/rebels/resistance group of players.

    12. Starfox,
      Explain that statement SIR!!!!
      I may decide to be like Kane and demand Chat logs for every statement made!!!!:P

    13. "Kristall you are always mad, you hate anyone having an opinion"

      Ain't that the truth! They keep on censoring my perfectly rational and calm posts if I call out Kristallnachte on the stuff he says. I guess censorship and selective reporting is the only way they can control stuff these days. Sad days for

    14. Kristal, lets talk about writing styles for a minute. Every talks about what a great and wonderful writer James is when I say hes phoning it in. the post above follows the same pattern as most posts.
      1. We killed ships that cant shoot back.
      2. We humiliated as many people as we could in a miner corp.
      3. We are great and wonderful , But only because we say so.
      and lately..
      4. Cry and moan about Erotica 1 and Ripard Teg.
      I've never claimed to be a great writer. But I do try and mix it up and make people laugh. When I get eve mails from people telling they spit coffee or whatever into their monitors and keyboards I figure I have done my job.
      One last thing. If your bitching about my blog, then your reading it, and thats a win in my book.

    15. Honestly in my opinion Gorila, your blog is like a train wreck. I find it's parody to simply have that same quality that I simply check to see what (in my opinion)nonsense has been put up next. I don't find it too entertaining in particular, but I can understand why those who find it funny do.

      @Anon 7:57

      Actually, miners and mission runners are at the bottom of the food chain PVP-wise. They are the more vulnerable parts of a corp and the ones who are the foundation ISK-wise in the simplest of terms. Taking them out is simply smart tactics. It is like the myth of the Lost Cause in the South of the US, expecting a bigger entity to actually hold back so that they are even with a smaller entity in war. It's bloody ridiculous.

      I will ask you this question, if James and NO are liars and scammers, why don't you share your opinions of the characters that are shown here, sperging out death threats and other obscenities?

    16. Alistair - you talking out of your butt which seems to be the focus of gankers for some reason but hey we all have fantasies but get off the ones about Jimmy, he isn't real and he is a character in a game so keep it in your pants when you see his picture or read some of his text.

      Your comments about miners being the bottom of the food chain is WORD TWISTING AND VERY STUPID. Do you even play Eve? Eve isn't just PVP so you can't come out with a statement based on a single part of a game which has multiple facets. So again my statement WAS CORRECT and gankers are the BOTTOM OF THE FOOD CHAIN. The reason for this is they don't work at the game to create ISK and instead they try to destroy other peoples game but hey you know this but you are being very ignorant.

      Also don't whine about threats, gankers have made real life threats, in fact recently real life threats were made by gankers to a Union 416 member so don't act like you are all innocent. Also gankers harass and threaten and hurl obscenities in local after they gank someone. This happens constantly and lets not talk about one of your leaders called Ero 1 who was just thrown out of the game for being a sociopath and for all of his obscene acts against people in and out of the game.

      Regarding Gorilas blog again you have a very biased opinion. It is a blog based on fact so at least he is being honest. Jimmys website is pure propaganda and exaggeration and designed to keep you dumb gankers motivated. Shame you haven't got the brains to figure that one out.

  4. It used to be fun reading the odd article on this site. But seriously James 315, you've become a proper butt hurt whiner these days. You're losing your grasp and becoming far too similar to those you despise. The Erotica 1 thing is over. It's about time you got over it too.

    1. The ramifications of the "Erotica 1 thing" are still to be felt.

      What will happen when they come for your gameplay and nobody is there to stop them?

    2. "What will happen when they come for your gameplay and nobody is there to stop them?"

      I will give my money to someone else and play their game instead of CCP's. I will not whine on and on and on like a little bitch.

      See, it's simple if you're a rationally minded adult who realises EvE is just a game.

    3. Yes, it is just a game and if we all left it at being just a game, Erotica 1 wouldn't have been banned because there was no harassment or torture. Ripard Teg pulled it out of game out of specific distaste for a playstyle.

      Some of us believe in EVE's vision of a dystopian world more than others.

    4. "Ripard Teg pulled it out of game out"

      I'm 100% sure you'll find that Erotica 1 pulled it out of game frequently. I believe it was called the bonus room or something like that.

      For some strange reason you appear to believe certain ethics & morals only apply to certain players. Is that how your vision of a dystopian EvE works? You and your buddies doing whatever you want in and out of game but everyone else living in misery under your rules? Can't say I'm sad that you're failing so badly on that front.

      Perhaps you need to take my advice:

      "I will give my money to someone else and play their game instead of CCP's. I will not whine on and on and on like a little bitch."

      As you're still whining on and on and on about Erotica 1, Ripard Teg, CCP Falcon etc, maybe it's time to grow up and mature a bit... or move on elsewhere.


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