Thursday, May 15, 2014

CCP Attempts to Nerf Miner Bumping

Agent Alyth Nerun shared a link to CCP Fozzie's brief remarks at Fanfest 2014 about the upcoming nerf to miner bumping. Fozzie's comments were made during a presentation on ship and module balancing. The video of the entire presentation is 48 minutes, but Alyth helpfully provided a time-stamped link (to just over 20 minutes into the presentation).

Long story short, the Procurer is getting a speed bonus, similar to that of the Skiff. The explicit, stated purpose of this change is to give miners a "counter" to bumping. Of course, this comes at a price: The miner has to fly a Procurer instead of a Retriever, Mackinaw, or Hulk. CCP had already given the miners a speedier alternative to those ships back when they buffed the Skiff in 2012, and the miners ignored it in favor of the higher yield/bay ships. So don't expect fleets of Procurers any time soon.

Thus, this is a fairly minor nerf, and certainly not the anti-bumping holy grail that the carebears have spent nearly two years begging CCP for. Indeed, this is actually a tremendous victory for the New Order and the profession of miner bumping. When a solitary Stabber pilot began bumping miners out of the Halaima ice field, who could have imagined that one day CCP would need to spend time at Fanfest to announce a nerf to miner bumping, of all things? At last, a nerf to call my very own.

Much has changed since the creation of the New Order. We don't just bump miners, we also destroy them in large numbers. Many trillions of isk worth of carebears have been incinerated. The nerf is merely a reminder that although nullsec gets all the headlines, most of EVE's players are in highsec, where we are the Big Thing.

...And a reminder that, therefore, the New Order is always on CCP's mind.


  1. The official EVE "CCP Nerfed Me" club welcomes James 315 as a new member.
    Your membership card and secret decoder ring is in the mail.
    -Herr Wilkus-

  2. According to this post by Nosy Gamer:

    the Procurer did get a nerf to yield though. I can't find the post now, but I'm fairly certain he talks about the speed issue as well and considers it a nerf to lowsec mining since if you mine aligned you get off fewer cycles now since the ship moves out of range faster.

  3. Big you own mind, maybe...I consider you clowns a MINOR annoyance at best...

    1. There sure are a lot of butthurt carebears reading and posting here about a group that is a minor annoyance at best...

    2. i mine all the time in high sec. not seen a codie once. weak and pathetic you guys are i think.

    3. but to each his own, cuz eve is a big sand box and i personaly hold no grudge or think u should nerfed or banned for it. just makes high sec more interesting.

  4. yes there are PROCURER fleets.

    They are in Elonaya, Yoma and very rare Kino.

    One guy named "Unimatrix 1-38" has setup a fleet of (ive seen this i couldnt believe before i saw) 38 Procurer + 1 Big Hauler and logistic support; mostly but notlimited theyre mining ice.

    4-10 usually miner changed their ships to cruiser and tried to bump theProcurer fleet --> No success.

    I wonder that the whole NEW ORDER community hasnt seen this yet.

    If that raise and more player using fleets of 20 or 30 Procurer with alts its the end of ice mining and also the end of Minerbumping.

    Check out Lonetrek region theres these alt named Unimatrix 1, Unimatrix 2 , ....and so on

    1. Unimatirx has upgraded to Skiffs now. 1 Charon, 1 Proteus (for rats) and 37 Skiffs. He is in Uchomida (Black Rise) now. He is totally botting. All move and all fire lasers at the same time.

  5. Running a fleet of 20 Procurers is enough punishment. No further input is needed.

  6. The barge and exhumer changes are documented at the forums.

    What is ironic about the Procurer speed buff is that very few miners move while they mine. They can, but they don't. So this change will have very little effect, at least not on miner bumping.

  7. if it makes them actually fly the ship then hasn't the NO won? Long live NO

  8. BOTTING ppl will be banned permanently so what is Minerbumping do in future???

    Mining bots per region, mining bots per alliance and so on..........

    See it


    1. Actually, I heard when CCP looked into an anchoring module they left the code in.

      To enable it you have to hold down shift and alt, while typing "equip anchor"

      BUT if you do- you won't be able to move your ship at all until you either shift + alt and type "unequip anchor" or restart the client

      Being stuck in one spot may help prevent a bump- but it would just pin you down for a gank.

      A permit remains the best defense.

  10. I never want to read in local chat anything about Bot miners from ANY Agent cause there exist real BOTs but be 100% sure NO Agent in the history of Minerbumping did shoot 1 of them.

    See this Screenshot:

    That is a fleet of real bots theyre somewhere in Lonetrek region , Caldari

    Youre talking that you dont like mining bots blablabla etc. and so please tell me why youre not enganging against a fleet of 3 dozen Procurer???

    You dont need to shoot the Procurers, just their hauler.

    As long as you havent stoppt this youre not longer Minerbumping in my eyes. Instead of just kindergarden whois training pvp while shooting Retrievers,

    So do it now or never

    1. Sir, you fail to understand the New Order. We come from many corps, many alliances, and have no formal command structure. There's no one at the top that orders targets. Our community works together and does what they feel is right.

      If you are offended by these bots, I urge you to train into a ship that can do something about it, then gain enough trust and respect in the community to get others to follow you - and go do something about. By spotting this, you have taken the first step towards making New Eden a better place. Now, you need to move onto step #2 - enforcement.

      There are literally thousands of AFK and bot miners all over the universe, we can't hit them all at once. That's where you come in. Intel without action is meaningless. When you are ready to do something about this, please contact me in game and we'll see about putting something together - but I will not be your personal hitman. I need to see that *you* will assist in doing something about this as well.

    2. So what you're saying is that its too much effort? Go figure. Scrub.

    3. saying the NO fails because botters exist somewhere is like saying police fail because there's always crime somewhere. You do the best you can but no one can be everywere at once. That's why it's called fighting for high sec.

    4. In my daily business as an Agent of the New Order I encountered, ganked and reported many bots. I do my best in reporting them to CCP so they can remove them.

      We are indeed in a position where we can detect bots very efficiently because we study the behavior of the miners like no one else does.

      But it is not only up to us. All you miners in the field are responsible to report any player you suspect for a bot. In the end it helps you as much as it helps the game overall.

      The less bots there are the more profit you make. And please stay at your keyboard and respond to your New Order Agent so we don't get the intention that you are one of them. ty

  11. The Skiff/Procurers are getting a boost to drone damage soon. How long till we see miners getting ganked using them? :D

    A tad expensive perhaps, but nobody suspects a mining barge in an ice field...

    Or you could go yellow and bait others into shooting you first.

    I have some mining alts that may be moving to null. One has good drone skills. If the move is gonna go through, I'm very much inclined to try a little procurer carnage.

  12. This is a enforcement buff for me, my warp in Procurer will be able to get to target that bit faster!


  13. Can't wait to see Fleets of Anti-Gank Fit Procurers, Skiffs and Orcas all invulnerable to gankers and tearing up the Ice Fields and gankers weeping in tears because they can't do anything - That's the Future and don't talk about Yield because they will be matching the Retreiver and Mackinaw after the Summer - Miners won - New Order are now the Past!

    1. Not really. Procs and Skiffs are already not cost effective to gank or soloable, and you still can't AFK in them for any length of time. The same idiots that have cargo rigs instead of shield rigs in their orcas already will continue to anti-tank their Orcas because "high sec is safe".

      Smarter freighter pilots will get hull rigs and be harder to gank, but they're already not autopiloting. Idiot freighter pilots will put cargo rigs in their freighters making them easier to gank.

  14. definetely NO iam not involved into any kind of mining as well as ganking.

    I just visited a random system as i travled through high sec and in a system with 1 ice field i saw the local chat that there were 30 Procurers botting by "maybe" 1 guy.

    I immediatly visited the icefield and saw with my own eyes (see above the" Unimatrix "miners)

    I agree you cant dont anything -->anytime--> anywhere but if i see it was New Order terrritory and of course if usually miners switch to Stabberr and try to Bump them (i forgot to do screenshot but i will upload if i see that again). A usually miner whois just afk mining or little bit botting is simple NOTHING compared to a whole fleet of 30 Procurers botting in 1 icefield.

    People in local asked for help by MINERBUMPING agents, and some talked see 5-10 are online but no one shows up. After the icefield was empty the Procurer fleet left.

    And f usually miners are asking in local for help by NEW ORDER its a shame that no one shows up.

    Next time if i see the "Unimatrix" fleet i will write to James 315 for an anti BOT operation, thats all what i can do


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