Friday, May 23, 2014

No Easy Awox, Part 4

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Jer'ith Bodas' awox alt successfully destroyed TDD Dominaters' Orca. TDD was shocked when the alt revealed himself to be an Agent of the New Order.
Milo Taranga >
TDD Dominaters > u got my attion................ tell your boss . hes getting what he wants
Milo Taranga > read about your leader TDD
Milo Taranga > He's been scamming newbros for a while
Even a day-old newbie instantly becomes the most powerful member of a highsec carebear corp when he commits an awox in the name of the Code. Now everything in TDD's corp revolved around what the Agent had planned.
TDD Dominaters > ok .
TDD Dominaters > No i havent.............
TDD Dominaters > u call me a scammer......... i have proof of u guys selling mining prements and then killing them in a 1 week later......
Milo Taranga > trolling rookie systems so you can fill your corp with newbies earning you income with a 50% tax rate...
Milo Taranga > "i want u to make as much money as u can so the corporation can make money from taxes"
Milo Taranga > your own words today
Despite being the CEO of the corp, TDD was put on the defensive. Agent Milo Taranga called TDD out for his history of recruiting new players and overtaxing them.
TDD Dominaters > yea your right i can the power to do that but as u can see this the first time me even placing a tax rate.
TDD Dominaters > i can make 1.5 billion isk in one dy ...................
TDD Dominaters > why would i need to make money from the corporation............
Milo Taranga > your posts in your own forums for the corp you started last time
TDD Dominaters > and for the record.............. if i did why would i even sell share holds..........
TDD Dominaters > the tax was highered two 2 50% because my baord oa dircters wanted to be able to rebuy back what ships our members lost while doing faction warfare......
TDD Dominaters > so if u really think pay for our members skill and very exspensive ship is back your corporation u most be an idot.........
TDD was full of excuses for his checkered past. He knew that he could lose the loyalty of all the naïve young players he had lured into his corp.
Milo Taranga > I am a humble servant of the Code. Saving newbros from your machinations is only a side benefit
TDD Dominaters > congrats u finaly got a ship u couldnt buy
TDD Dominaters > how sad
Milo Taranga > I'm not sad, I am a nice man, with many happy feelings...
TDD Dominaters > my ass you are.
Milo Taranga > Loot scooped, thanks
As he was exposing the truth about the corp's CEO, Milo and Agent Malcolm Shinhwa casually helped themselves to the contents of TDD's dead Orca.
Milo Taranga > GF btw
Milo Taranga > You guys still there?
Noggen Yakens > who?
Milo Taranga > Or has he shuttled you all off to a private chat?
Milo Taranga > I'm actually here to help you, even if you may not realized it
Romper Erquilenne > Nah. Just watching
Noggen Yakens > eh, how did what u did help us?
TDD's corp members were silent during the conversation. They were still bewildered by the wardec, TDD's unorthodox strategy, the awox, and the revelations about TDD.

Meanwhile, Malcolm Shinhwa of Bad Touches--the corp that wardecced TDD's corp--got into a private chat with TDD. Once TDD learned his Orca had been killed by an Agent of the New Order, he knew his cause was lost. Now he wanted to weasel his way out of the coming war. He asked Malcolm what it would take to have the wardec withdrawn.
Malcolm Shinhwa > you to stop creating fail corps with newbies to scam
TDD Dominaters > what are you talking about ?
Malcolm Shinhwa > your current incarnation of corp, which is just like every other corp you've created, where you recruit newbies, give them terrible advise, and tax their earnings.
Malcolm Shinhwa > you need to go to a corp and actually learn how to CEO. people have tried to help you, but you refuse their advise.
TDD Dominaters > ok
TDD Dominaters > first of all..........
Malcolm didn't beat around the bush. He told TDD he knew exactly what he was up to, and he demanded TDD cease and desist.
TDD Dominaters > all the corporation ihave ever been u have declared war on.......... and make disband my corporation..............
TDD Dominaters > secound
TDD Dominaters > The nationalist corporation tax rate war highered to 50% because we wanted to become a fantional warfare corporation
TDD Dominaters > being able to pay for our combat members ships ........
TDD Dominaters > secound of all just to get things stragith am pretty u dont know my history of what am i have came from ..............
Away from his corp members' prying, innocent eyes, TDD dropped all pretense of being a great war leader. He admitted that the New Order had forced him to fold all of his previous corporations.
Malcolm Shinhwa > you are not going to convince me.
TDD Dominaters > i dont care.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, if i do .......
TDD Dominaters > i dont need to............
TDD Dominaters > if u think i did those things even though for a fact u werent even there to see it ...........
TDD Dominaters > ok well then too bad.
It's fair to say that being in the presence of a powerful Agent of the New Order made TDD a bit flustered.
Malcolm Shinhwa > before i just wanted to sell you a few permits. but after watching you recruit newbies out of Couster I'm just sickened.
TDD Dominaters > al let u think what ever u want ot think.....
TDD Dominaters > excuse,,,,,,, you..........
TDD Dominaters > because .........
TDD Dominaters > when i was in Runescape....... or world of warcraft...........
TDD Dominaters > or Guild wars .
TDD Dominaters > i lead one of them powerfull clans in the histroy of all gaming.................
Malcolm Shinhwa > oh lord
TDD huffed and puffed. He couldn't pretend to have any credentials as an EVE player, so he made up stories about being a successful leader in other video games.
TDD Dominaters > i have dealed with players like these...........
Malcolm Shinhwa > this ain't WoW
TDD Dominaters > and this isnt ur space but u dont see me complaining.........
TDD Dominaters > now then
Malcolm Shinhwa > it must be my space. i just made off with the loot from your orca.
Although he was the founder and CEO of his own corp, TDD was forced to recognize a higher authority in highsec. That's why he had no choice but to listen to Malcolm condemn his actions. But Malcolm wasn't interested in simply lecturing TDD about his misdeeds. Malcolm, like all Agents of the New Order, wanted to see change. Malcolm was determined to stop TDD and save the newbies in TDD's corp.

To be continued...


  1. New Bingo square!!! Powerful friends in WoW!

    1. lol dont forget about guild wars and runescape!!!

  2. TDD is useless. Time to move on folks.

    1. he's useful for a laugh or an example of what not to do

  3. Another "to be continued..." !

    Mr.James 315, it is time for you to buy a suspension permit for 10 million isk from each reader.

  4. Dear supreme protector, I hope and pray for a pod-mail of this shit-lord, Amen.

  5. wow news must really be slow for this utterly shit story to be broken into 5 parts

    1. Since i dont carry butthurt...
      No this is a shitty story

    2. it's easy to smell the hurt coming off your butthole

    3. Avid reader of Minerbumping and have to agree, James is stretching this shit like too much butter over bread.

  6. A 5 parter. Oh my

  7. i lead one of them powerfull clans in the histroy of all gaming!!!

    1. In fact, we set the record for mining copper in WoW. We came close to the fishing record, but just barely lost to a bot.


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