Tuesday, May 27, 2014

No Easy Awox, Part 7

Previously, on MinerBumping... Diplomacy failed. Agents of the New Order from Bad Touches had no choice but to go to war against TDD Dominaters' corp full of new players. Confident of the safety of their Algogille refuge--despite having been awoxed and warned by said awoxer that he knew their plans--they began losing their ships.

TDD was the target. The New Order only wished to free the new players. But just as Morpheus explained to Neo, if you want to free people's minds, first you need to kill a lot of innocent people. Nevertheless, mercy prevailed. Agent Malcolm Shinhwa warned as many of the newbies as he could. Whenever he encountered them, he sent them this EVEmail:

Malcolm hoped to provide TDD's corp members with a reliable source of information and an alternative to languishing under TDD's tyranny.

When they refused to take his advice, Malcolm killed them, even the newbies in their Ventures. Meanwhile, though Agent Jer'ith Bodas' awox alt was gone, a spy remained in TDD's corp, so we may continue to gain insight as to what these carebears were thinking.
Sam Shikasta > 220 m I had to buy a retriever I lost a couple of days ago
TDD Dominaters > ok so ur the secound richest player in this corporation
TDD Dominaters > thats good.
Sam Shikasta > i think so
TDD Dominaters > well i want to make sure everybody here become wealthy.
TDD Dominaters > but it looks like new order dosent want that to happen.
TDD filled his corp chat with lies and propaganda. He was fully aware that the war could break the corp and chase his future taxpayers away.
Sam Shikasta > we can fight back
TDD Dominaters > yea but its just no point if theykeep running awya.
Sam Shikasta > I was not prepared, if i hadn't jumped
Sam Shikasta > I think i have a good equiped Vexor
Serj en Divalone > guys, when you dig in the fleet normally?
TDD Dominaters > atm we need to keep as many players eyes open atn
TDD Dominaters > were not mining fleeting intell the war is over.
Despite the active wardec, most of TDD's corp was only interested in continuing to mine. TDD gave them conflicting advice. He said there wouldn't be any mining fleets until the war was over, but he assured them they would be safe.
Arsin Blake > how u guys
TDD Dominaters > good were moving all the members in safe location
TDD Dominaters > from the war
TDD Dominaters > so far the spy has been kicked and our enemy cant come to our safe region
Arsin Blake > who was the spy?
TDD Dominaters > milo
Arsin Blake > k, so what the plan of action. where can i fall in?
TDD Dominaters > move into system Algogille
TDD Dominaters > u can mine and do mission safely
Despite their losses, TDD repeatedly encouraged his corp members to continue generating revenue for the corp. Apparently he believed his highsec mercenary allies, Sovereign Infinity, would protect him in Algogille.
Arsin Blake > it should be safe for 1 jump right?
TDD Dominaters > if u travel one jump away yes
TDD Dominaters > ok well i gtg do some chores
TDD Dominaters > so brb later
Sam Shikasta > I am mining belt 1 here
Arsin Blake > will join you soon
Sam Shikasta > warp out
Sam Shikasta > attack
But Sovereign Infinity never appeared. As their representative said, it wasn't their job to protect their clients, only to give them advice. Their advice was to provide the New Order with "zero targets". Effectively, this would have shut down their corporation for the duration of the war. TDD dismissed this suicidal advice, offering suicidal advice of his own.

Algogille wasn't safe. Malcolm slaughtered the newbies.
Sam Shikasta > the bad guys are gone from the system ?
Arsin Blake > shall we do som mining? make with the money?
The mining and mission running continued at TDD's command.

Barely an hour later, another dead Retriever in Algogille. But the corp had no guidance from TDD other than to keep trying to make money in the "safety" of Algogille.

In frustration, one corp member tried to engage in PvP and defend the system. Sovereign Infinity wasn't going to do it, so he figured he would. As all other enemies of the New Order have learned, going to battle against us means certain destruction.
Arsin Blake > i was curious tho how you can find us so easily
Malcolm Shinhwa > for your mission i have combat probes. do you know about dscan?
Arsin Blake > no, havnt got a clu. dscan?
Malcolm Shinhwa > ok, i'm out of your system, so you can undock and just sit on station and i'll walk you through it
Arsin Blake > cool, you will help me even thou we at war?
Malcolm Shinhwa > yes. i'm not after you. I'm after TDD. Have I sent you my email explaining that?
Arsin Blake > no, all i know is what TDD told me
Malcolm Shinhwa > after you've read that i'll be happy to help you in any way i can.
Arsin Blake > wow, in one e-mail you habe already helped me more than TDD have as to yet...
Throughout the war, Malcolm contacted the newbies and gave them the advice and instruction TDD wouldn't.
Arsin Blake > k, thanx for all you have told me,
Malcolm Shinhwa > You are welcome.
Arsin Blake > thanx.
Arsin Blake > im gonna do some more missions to learn how to respond and act quickly in ballte. feel free to come for me if you want. every event - even death - is tool to learn from.
Malcolm Shinhwa > Arsin Blake did TDD explain any of that stuff about dscan to you ?
Arsin Blake > no. i havnt gotten any real info from him.
The war was an act of generosity. Without New Order intervention, those players would still be in TDD's corp today.

Still, TDD refused to surrender. The wardec was extended again and again, for three weeks. By the end of it, over 170 million isk (not counting TDD's lost Orca) was destroyed. That's not much isk for most people. But considering it was inflicted upon a corp full of new players in Retrievers and Ventures, it meant a lot to them.

At last, TDD gave up. He sent an EVEmail to his corp members and kicked them all out of the corp. It was the first sensible thing he'd done in ages.

Then TDD left the corp, too. He was given a spot in the main corp of the invisible highsec mercenary alliance, Sovereign Infinity. He washed out in three days, failing to meet even their low standards. Yet TDD continues to play EVE and join corps. His future is uncertain, but it does not appear bright.

In the end, it was a glorious victory for the New Order. Most of the former members of TDD's corp remain in NPC corps. But Arsin Blake took Malcolm's advice and joined Brave Newbies Inc., where he stands a chance at playing EVE the way it was meant to be played. That fully justifies all the war and destruction. The truth is that highsec is filled with CEOs just like TDD Dominaters. They have no ability to lead. They brag endlessly about their own heroism and skill to corp members who don't know any better. When conflict arises, these CEOs tell their members to stay docked up forever, or to mine and run missions during the wardec. Such corps are a cancer upon highsec and EVE. Everyone benefits from their destruction, especially the members who are free to find a proper corp, once the one they're in is forced to shut down. Our noble crusade continues.


  1. Well, I came..... :) :)

  2. Let us all give a round of applause to Arsin Blake for using this experience as motivation to improve.

  3. Here here, good to see people with initiative who are willing to learn and take a few knocks on the way, best wishes for the future to him.

    1. Just sent Arsin (a coprmate, btw 7o) 10M isk, because I can.

  4. "every event - even death - is tool to learn from"
    I reckon this Arsin Blake guy will be ok in Eve, if only all newbies adopted this outlook.

  5. Malcolm Shinhwa - that was a class act every veteran EVE vet should emulate o7.

  6. That's all nice, but what James 315 will not tell you is that CODE got it's ass kicked in Isanamo. CODE lost 29 ships while the attackers lost only 3. As an added bonus, the ganking has stopped in Isanamo. So all this propaganda posting is nothing but James 315's bullshit into making you sheep think that code is winning when it is not. Stop partaking in James 315's weird glowing ass. Stop harvesting corpses for his cannibalistic ways. Denounce him for committing incest with his sister. Call his mom out as the whore that she is. Think for yourselves and stop being bots and bot-aspirants. And for God's sake, take a damn shower.

    This is another quality trollific post from your friends at Carebears United.

    We are many. We are strong. The code will fail. The code will fall. A free highsec is worth fighting for. Saving highsec from the savior of highsec, one carebear at a time.

    1. Hey Butthurt Miner, what's it like to be the least funny person in the entire world?

    2. Hey, you forgot to mention how many Freighters died before joining the fun in Isanamo!

  7. Epic 7 part saga, with a feel good ending.
    Thank you

  8. inb4 fail troll Butthurt Miner posts his next fail troll

    1. Well, technically there's always a next time so here, have the runner up prize.

  9. Lol.. he was posting right when I did .. Oh well. Do I at least get a neat 2nd place trophy?

  10. >Did not read story
    >Scrolled to bottom first
    >Did not see "to be continued"
    >I am disappoint :(


    1. You live for italics, doncha?

    2. I live my life one quarter mile at a time.



    Also, high fives to Agent CONCORD Police Commander - he doesn't talk much, but he's always there to back me up!

  12. These corps are a cancer unto the Eve Online player-base. They mislead newbros down a path they will not benefit from in this game; I'm not talking about mining, but a terrible first experience at what could be a great game if these players were introduced to competent leaders who know what they're doing. In many cases for a newbro the first notable interaction with other members of Eve is their first corp. If that corp is terrible, that newbro player won't get any type of experience that's worth mentioning and is all the more likely to quit. It's "safe" to mine and run missions in this one particular system that's a whole 5 jumps away from Dodixie during an active wardec? TDD should never be allowed to lead anything within Eve Online until he joins a corp for a long while and learns how to properly lead.

    Statistically speaking, Arsin Blake will become an active and involved member of Eve and not quit the game within his first month or two. Malcolm and Jer'ith are heroes.

    1. The ending was so beautiful, I got tears in my eyes. Amazing work Malcolm and Jer'ith! I'm looking forward to your next move.

  13. Crushing a bad Corp and a bad CEO while simultaneously sparing/educating clueless Newbies, that is how it should be done.
    I wholeheartly approve.

  14. Taking down an exploiting CEO is cool and all, but what does The Code have done to stop multi boxing mining fleets with +5 barges, orca, and a freighter?

  15. He's at it again...sitting in his own piece of high sec heaven.... Actee

    "Hello there fellow Capsuleers. I am TDD the Recrutier manager of the Strategically Integrated Coalition of nations.I am also your old member of the corporation you once were part of So called "The Roughnecks".I am hear to inform you that our Leader Sean has finaly Return back into eve online on Starting al over with a new corporation.I The recruiting manager Suggested and have been giving the role to send a invites for those of you our old clan mate that were once part of the roughnecks. if you are interested in being part of the Great community u once was part of back then.If you are interested in being part of this Please send me a reply back rather you are our not are interested in coming back.

    Thank you , and have a nice day
    From , Recruiter Director TDD Dominaters:

    He still needs spell check and a grasp of sentence structure!


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