Thursday, May 22, 2014

No Easy Awox, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Notorious rebel miner TDD Dominaters lured new EVE players into his corp and told them that he was a great war leader. Agent Jer'ith Bodas placed awox alt Milo Taranga into TDD's corp and then Bad Touches wardecced them. TDD told his corp members to move to a system a few jumps from Dodixie, where he assured them it would be safe to mine and run missions during the wardec. As TDD was moving his own stuff there, the awox alt tackled his Orca.

TDD jumped into the Botane system from Dodixie. Before he could warp to the next gate, Milo's Moa warp disrupted him. At last, it was time for Milo to reveal his true form--an unstoppable Agent of the New Order!
TDD Dominaters > stop attacking me .............
TDD Dominaters > milo stop ur fire.............
In his capacity as CEO of the corp, TDD ordered Milo to stop shooting him. But it was no use. Milo's loyalty to the New Order transcended his loyalty to the corp. And the Code was a higher authority than TDD.

Milo slowly chipped away at TDD's Orca. Agent Malcolm Shinhwa was nearby and kept Milo fully charged. TDD finally recognized that he was the victim of an awox. What to do? His Orca's drones were ineffective. Then TDD remembered that he had an entire corporation at his disposal.
TDD Dominaters > all units milo is enemy
TDD Dominaters > help at Botane
Milo Taranga > no way
TDD Dominaters > then top shooting atm me .
Noggen Yakens > true?
Milo Taranga > lies
TDD Dominaters > -.-
Noggen Yakens > ok just gona buy more heavy missiles then il be there
TDD commanded his entire corp to come to the rescue of his Orca. Milo denied that he was an enemy. In attacking the rebel Orca, Milo was acting as a friend and ally of everyone in highsec. When asked to report for combat duty, TDD's corp members all fell silent. The exception was Noggen Yakens, who said he would come by later, after he finished his shopping.

The Orca crumbled into pieces. As the monstrous vessel burned, TDD's corp members were nowhere to be seen. TDD trained them well.

The Battle of Botane was a glorious victory for the New Order. Having spent two weeks in the nightmarish corp, Milo could now say that justice was served.

To no one's surprise, the Orca was fail-fit. Its only defense was a 10mn afterburner.

In addition to the Orca itself, Milo had destroyed all of TDD's possessions, which were being transported to the new corp HQ. Among them: a Mackinaw and a Retriever in the ship hangar. More proof of TDD's intention to illegally mine in highsec.
TDD Dominaters > u know
TDD Dominaters > this means war Right milo
Milo Taranga > Kill: TDD Dominaters (Orca)
Milo Taranga > who do you think wardecced you?
TDD vowed revenge on Milo. He still didn't understand that the awox and the wardec were part of the same operation.
Milo Taranga > scamming newbros with your shares and your 50% tax rates
TDD Dominaters > 5.0% isnt 50%
TDD Dominaters > and u dare call me a scammer?
TDD Dominaters > what di you just do
Milo courageously denounced TDD for his crimes against new EVE players. TDD, who had not yet raised the taxes on this corp, played innocent. So Milo dropped a bombshell in front of everyone in the corp:
Milo Taranga >
Milo Taranga >
TDD Dominaters > u got my attion................ tell your boss . hes getting what he wants
To be continued...


  1. The suspense is killing me!!!

    Will TDD become the leader his corp needs and deserves?

  2. James you are a master of suspense. A true literary genius.

  3. So they let you have laptops and play eve while you undergo treatment in the asylum? That's nice.

  4. Such a wonderful read! Can hardly wait for the next installment.

    Agent Milo Taranga - I salute you.


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    1. So fit a ship and start bumping. Or fit some guns and start shooting. Call on other agents for assistance if needed. Be the change you want to see.

      CODE is not your personal army.

  7. a 4 parter? ooooh this is exciting


    I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for part 4. I can't wait to see how Milo manages to save the new players from the oppression of TDD. Or maybe he manages to get TDD to change his ways and embrace the CODE. Oh damn this is worse than waiting for a new episode of Lost season 1.

  9. is TDD an acronym for something?

    1. TDD stands for "Team Domination of Destruction" - I think that's his gaming community, or something. No joke!

    2. Soooo Team Domination of Destruction Dominaters? This might be slightly redundant redundancy of the most redundant nature, naturally.


  10. Jesus, there's more?

  11. This is by far the best webpage in existence.

  12. Meatus van DeferensMay 23, 2014 at 5:28 PM

    u got my attion, too
    TDD, you know there is a backspace (or delete even!) key right?


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