Saturday, May 24, 2014

No Easy Awox, Part 5

Previously, on MinerBumping... TDD Dominaters and his corp were shocked when an awox alt from the New Order destroyed TDD's Orca and exposed TDD's history of exploiting new players. TDD defended himself, claiming to be a great leader in other video games.
TDD Dominaters > i dont know what is your....... but ever since u picked on my old CEO ......... now ur going after me ...........
TDD Dominaters > but understand this
TDD Dominaters > i dont care what u want..........
TDD Dominaters > i dont care what u think of me
TDD Dominaters > make your excsues i really could care less
TDD Dominaters > but since u really want this fight between u and me...........
Malcolm Shinhwa > obviously you do care
TDD was tired of being lectured by Agent Malcolm Shinhwa. He no longer cared about the New Order's demands. It was time for TDD to stand up for himself and his corp.
TDD Dominaters > learn how to grow up and play........
TDD Dominaters > what are u 14?
Malcolm Shinhwa > i am playing
Malcolm Shinhwa > im also winning
TDD Dominaters > yea.
TDD Dominaters > ur winning
Malcolm Shinhwa > i'm 1bil up in the war so far
TDD Dominaters > yea right
TDD Dominaters > ok
Malcolm countered that even though the wardec hadn't gone active yet, TDD was already down 1 billion isk for the war. TDD scoffed at the absurd notion.

...Until he remembered the billion isk Orca he'd lost about 20 minutes earlier.
TDD Dominaters > all i have to say is this......................
TDD Dominaters > you have my attion
TDD Dominaters > i know what u want
TDD Dominaters > and your going to get it ..........
TDD Dominaters > instead of you seating down and talking to me as adults as we should you attack me for no reason that has nothing to do with you.....
Malcolm Shinhwa > we'll keep killing you and your corpmates all week until you disband again or they quit.
Malcolm issued a severe warning. Thus far, the New Order had done everything possible to shield the newbies in TDD's corp, and to focus all attacks solely upon TDD himself. But if TDD didn't free the newbies from his tyranny by folding the corp, Malcolm would have no choice but to prosecute the wardec fully. The new players would not be spared.
Malcolm Shinhwa > we just hauled off your loot. but milo is still here on the gate where he popped your orca
TDD Dominaters > ok .
TDD Dominaters > i have 100 more orcas...........
TDD Dominaters > 1 really doent matter to me ........
Malcolm Shinhwa > sweet. undock them please.
The war hadn't officially started, but TDD was already locked away in a delusional bunker mentality. He claimed to have a hundred spare Orcas. If true, this means he expected to be successfully ganked by the New Order 99 times.

TDD boasted that when war came, he would fight it to the finish. He mocked Malcolm and Bad Touches corp, accusing them of always surrendering.

Malcolm had seen a lot of nonsense from TDD over the last several months, but even he was baffled this time. Apparently TDD's recollections of his past wars were quite different than everyone else's.

Malcolm helped jog TDD's memory by posting a few screenshots of TDD's past surrenders. It's bizarre, but this is actually a common theme among some carebears. They really do say the New Order "always runs from a fight", even as their own corps and alliances disband and surrender to the New Order.

TDD said he didn't care what Malcolm wanted. He said he knew what Malcolm wanted. This left only one question: What did Malcolm want?

As is typical among New Order Agents, Malcolm was perfectly candid. He wanted TDD to learn how to play the game and to stop subjecting new players to the worst possible experience in EVE. TDD found this hilarious.

TDD rejected Malcolm's terms. Now it would be war. TDD hastened to get himself ready. It wouldn't take very long, since he'd already put the finishing touches on his "there is no north" strategy. He had already given his corp members their marching orders, which were to move a few jumps from Dodixie to run missions and mine during the wardec. Also, TDD wouldn't need to spend much time organizing his ships and equipment, since most of what he'd owned was in the Orca that got blown up.

And TDD had a bombshell of his own to drop: He had a spy of his own in the New Order. His spy infiltrated the Order a year ago, months before TDD first encountered us. Tremendous foresight.

With negotiations having broken down, there were three possibilities. TDD and his spy (Ledrian Saisima, perhaps?) could inflict a crushing defeat against the New Order. Or TDD could have a last-second change of heart and save his newbies from the hardship of war. Or, perhaps, TDD and the newbies would suffer the tragic consequences of their rebellion against the Code.

To be continued...


  1. Such an amazing saga! Emergent gameplay at it's finest, I can hardly wait for the next chapter.

    Agent Malcolm, you have my eternal respect for this so far. Color me impressed!

    1. Jer'ith Bodas is the star in this one. He languished for 2 weeks in that corp on his alt Milo. He ran missions for god's sake. There is no greater love than to lay down with a carebear corp to entertain one's friends.

    2. A 6 parter???? WHOOOT! :)
      Never has there been such joy! I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!111!

  2. maybe it was consensual.
    Anal and multiple partners at the same time is not necessarily a bad thing!

  3. Why would someone have 100 orcas?

    1. Because he's got 99 problems but an Orca ain't one.

  4. I'm on the edge of my seat here! How will it end? Will Bad Touches be annihilated when they steer their space vessels north and fall off the edge of the universe? Will TDD Dominators surrender and submit to the Code? The suspense is killing me!

    1. Better than LoTR & Hobbit combined! You never know how it'll end.

  5. Scammers fighting scammers. Now I'm impressed.

  6. "Malcolm Shinhwa > [...] learn the game and how to CEO [...]"

    TDD Dominators never learned how to learn - burn him and all of highsec will rejoice.

    1. If you decide to burn him, you and your silly online group therapy sessions will consider all of high sec one big happy jail bird family. There is hope though, one day high sec will be liberated from the new order. Just wait and watch.

    2. If these are our online group therapy sessions, and you like to participate in them, does that make you like the guy from Fight Club?

  7. Who the hell starts a socialist corp called the nationalist. I mean really, that's just in bad taste.

  8. 6 Part story where 1 Part would already be boring...
    And it show that malmaggot does what he does best.
    Find weak players and bully them repeatedly (of cause not harrasing)

    1. That's the problem. TDD isn't a "weak" player. He's a wannabe bully, looking for trouble.

  9. Since it appears that is the second wardec on some kind of weak / loser Corp, this attacks makes Malmaggot a weak loser himself. But of course this is no harrasment.
    Ok, no harrasment, but not cool and entertaining either.
    No wonder this group is considered a "clown troupe"

    1. You sound really mad. Show me on this plush-Mackinaw where the antimatter penetrated your hull.

  10. With the elimination of 'north' and having their schedules for more then a year, the new order will crumble into dust! Our powerful friends in WoW will sweep away whats left. All hail the rebels!

  11. "To be continued..."
    /rage :P

  12. Shall we play a game of what if? What if The New Order successfully captured all of high sec. Imagine that Vladimir Lenin was James 315 and the logo on the side of hummv's is CODE.

    The people's reaction.

    What if the next ten years go by under New Orders rule.

  13. I just need to post that here:

    It's absolutly not related to anything on minerbumping.


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