Sunday, May 25, 2014

Kills of the Week

"It is an ill thing to spit upon highsec."

The quotation above, taken from me a few moments ago, feels appropriate for this post. Many have rejected its ancient wisdom, resorting instead to the bot-aspirancy and decadence of today's rebel carebears. What happens to those who spit upon highsec? Let's find out. Here are some examples from the week of May 18th @ 00:00 EVEtime through May 24th @ 23:59 EVEtime.

Lucky Lucy White pressed her luck a bit too far when she chose to fly a Hulk in highsec. Oh, and then she loaded it up with a bunch of goodies, costing her a total of 1.3 billion isk when Agents Xeihun Khamez, loyalanon, and Pestario Vargas did the inevitable. CCP, keep carebears like these in mind when you pat yourself on the back for your Procurer buffs.

Once upon a time, Nyx Eleriel fantasized about joining a nullsec alliance and flying a Nyx. At some point, however, she realized how much easier it would be to become a bot-aspirant highsec dweller. She fit out an Iteron V with no less than eight anti-tank modules and used it to transport a Chimera BPO, valued by zKillboard at 1.1 billion isk. Agent Zasar saw this, felt bad for her for a split second, and then served justice.

This week we have a wonderful lesson for you from Agent Amyclas Amatin and her friends in Bat Country. After she assisted them in destroying freighters, Amyclas contacted each freighter pilot and notified them about their Code violations. First came Finnegan Barr, who lost a freighter worth 4.9 billion isk. He was carrying 18 Miner IIs in an attempt to supply illegal miners. He replied to Amyclas as follows:

Finnegan, like everyone else in highsec, knew about the New Order. He hadn't yet purchased a permit. After losing nearly 5 billion isk, he learned his lesson and got right with the Code.

Then came Lupos Slain, whose 4.3 billion isk freighter was slain by Agent Amyclas Amatin and the aforementioned friends from Bat Country. Did he learn his lesson, too? Or did he go the Goofus route?

Looks like the Goofus route to me. Maybe the loss didn't matter to him because he has a hangar with 100 spare Obelisks and 100 identical sets of cargo?

Sir Ethelred Thundertrump was penalized for violating the Code by Agent Aaaarrgg. The Genolution set is valued by zKillboard at 3.7 billion isk, making this one of the most expensive pods lost in recent weeks. But you know highsec. If you think a carebear is behaving badly, there's always an even more foolish carebear right behind him.

Irthoz Andomer was podded for illegal mining by Agent Ima Wreckyou. This pod, also containing a set of Genolution implants, is valued by zKillboard at 4.1 billion isk. It's fair to say Irthoz was spitting tacks after this loss. So when he saw Agent Alyth Nerun enter the system and begin bumping miners, Irthoz went over the edge.

Irthoz grabbed a Typhoon-class battleship and locked up Alyth's Stabber Fleet Issue. Irthoz demanded Alyth leave the system immediately, solely because Alyth is a member of the CODE. alliance. Alyth had done nothing to the miner. It was pure discrimination.

We all know how this story ends. It can only end one way for people like Irthoz.

Irthoz Andomer opened fire and was promptly killed by Agents Alyth Nerun and CONCORD Police Commander. Thanks to all of the safeties and warning pop-ups provided by CCP, Irthoz must have known he would be CONCORDed for attacking an innocent Stabber. This makes his choice of fitting all the more bizarre. I must say, not too many suicide gank ships have a mining laser and a tractor beam equipped. But this one did.

Alyth's bumping ship survived. It was protected by the Code. Irthoz's Typhoon was not. Nor were the rest of the billions of isk worth of carebear ships destroyed this week. What does that tell you?


  1. The BPO dropped!!!!

    You lucky,lucky bastard.

    ------ Mike Adoulin

  2. The bot aspirant behaviour is so ingrained into Irthoz' character that he can't help himself. He must fit mining lasers on every ship, even those he would gank with.

    I fear that he may be too far gone. . .

    1. There is always hope when The Code is involved

    2. Check his kill board. It was not the first time this guy got podded in this system while mining AFK. I really fear there is not much hope for him. He will probably quit before he gives up on his bot-aspirant behavior.

    3. It was a bit of a stupid idea shooting at an invincible stabber

  3. Irthoz Andomer /facepalm

  4. When will these people learn that bigger isn't always better? I'd be surprised if that Failphoon even does half the dps of a t1 Code issue Catalyst.

    1. My main character has about 110M+ SP attached to his head.

      Bigger is definitely not better as you state. It comes down to a number of things;

      First up experience. Fly what you know, if you don't know anything start small, cheap, fast and useful.

      Secondly - As clone replacement increases the more SP that gets injected in to your head, don't bother learning how to pvp in that character, get a second account and train a box cutter hero. Cheap pod replacements, and it still doesn't break the first suggestion of flying small, cheap, fast and useful.

      Thirdly - and I believe the most important. Don't bother trying to enjoy Eve if you struggle to afford a plex every 30 days or the thought of logging in to grind makes you ill, as it kills the Eve Online experience of logging in to have fun and spend time with other people.

      I broke the third rule and lost all appetite for the greatest game I've spent over 9 years playing on and off, while never really leaving it behind.

      I should be back and subbed in two weeks, if so, I'll try to get down to high sec and wave at as many of the great and good agents that I can find.

    2. Daniel, you're third point can be reduced by paying by credit card. In fact, my play experience in Eve was consistently better when I was paying the subscription instead of buying PLEX. Mainly because, on the days where I didn't feel like logging in, I could just not log in without having to worry about if it will prevent my affording PLEX that month.

      Plus I found that the ISK would just start piling up in my wallet without my having to care about it.

  5. Let's see, on a Typhoon battleship: a small hull rep module, tractor beam, salvager, mining laser, dual 200mm plates and a small armor repper, 1mn microwarp drive, mixed weapons, mixed tank. . . literally every single module on this ship is a fail fit decision, with the possible exception of the TP and the invuln. A monkey pushing random buttons on PYFA could have fit this ship better. A truly hopeless case.

    1. One can only assume he's been badly led in previous corps... Please allow me to put my deerstalker hat on...

      Alas, that didn't take long. Created in December 20th 2012 remained in npc corp until February 7th 2013. Single member since corp creation.

      Perhaps he tried to play Eve on single player mode, while ignoring all tutorials, written, live and recorded and hoped for the best.

      I feel like commenting on Eve Who just in case someone in game posts a link to an external Eve related web site. Who knows it could open his eyes to the rest of the game?


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