Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Je Suis James 315

Suppose you come into possession of an EVE character created in early 2005. What would you use it for?

Why, mining with a tech I fitted Retriever in highsec, of course. Wouldn't want that decade of skillpoints to go to waste.
KillTakeRepeat > would be smart to pay the 10 mill for your permit and read The Code. and comply before this happens again down the road, possibly you in a more expensive ship
Vaneslya > sorry i'm french and cannot enderstand
Vaneslya > can you speak french ?
Vaneslya > you ask a ranson while you just destroy me ?
Agent KillTakeRepeat found and destroyed an illegal miner. Unfortunately, a language barrier presented itself. The Code has not yet been translated into French, though English, Russian, and German versions are available.
KillTakeRepeat > Je suis un agent de James 315. Je vous ai trouvé dans la violation du Code . pour plus de détails . www.minerbumping.com/p/the-code.html payer 10 Mill pour votre permis ou face à la colère de James 315. Vous avez été averti !
Our hero did his best, using Google Translate to convert his previous chat into French.
KillTakeRepeat > serait intelligent pour payer le broyeur 10 pour votre permis et lire le code . et de se conformer avant que cela arrive à nouveau sur la route , peut-être vous dans un navire plus cher
Vaneslya > is the Chinese that sentence I do not understand it
KillTakeRepeat > Pay Me ISK 10 mill to get your Mining Permit
KillTakeRepeat > google translate not work
...However, the French are known for being finicky about their language. KillTakeRepeat and the miner went back and forth, using simple phrases in English and French, translating each other's comments as best they could.
Vaneslya > I would not erode there and I did not 10m isk
Vaneslya > this vessel was my means of income and I can not even buy me a So here
Vaneslya > is a code written by CCP or done by the players?
KillTakeRepeat > it is The Code. Written by James 315 the savior of High-Sec. We Enforce The Code. You were being a BOT - Aspirant
Vaneslya > euh BOT ???? ME ????? but lol
The miner was shocked to hear the accusation of bot-aspirancy. Vaneslya was no bot. He protested his innocence. Yet he was in violation of the Code, all the same.
KillTakeRepeat > you were AFK
KillTakeRepeat > Not Allowed
KillTakeRepeat > You need to be at keyboard playing Game
Vaneslya > bon. you destroy me while i was to talking to my wife
KillTakeRepeat > yes that is how we get rid of Bot-Aspirant Behavior, by decomissioning your Ship
Vaneslya > she is seriously ill and i take care of eat
Presented with evidence of his illegal activity, Vaneslya had no choice but to admit his guilt. Yet Vaneslya felt it was unjust to condemn him under the circumstances. He was only trying to feed his starving wife. Should a man be put to death, all for a loaf of bread?
KillTakeRepeat > I am sorry to hear that, but next time dock up till you are back at keyboard
KillTakeRepeat > The Code. www.minerbumping.com/p/the-code.html is the code, we expect all high sec pilots to follow it and purchase their permits
Vaneslya > in case of emergency so i leave my wife on the ground?
Vaneslya > for dock?
Les misérable miner pleaded with the Agent to make allowance for his situation. The Agent refused. The Code is the Code. There are no exceptions. Highsec's law must be upheld.
Vaneslya > stop or report it's just free kill
Vaneslya > you understand now ?
KillTakeRepeat > not really you must purchase the permit or this will happen again
KillTakeRepeat > i can only do so much to show you the light that James 315 is offering, PRAISE JAMES 315!!!!

KillTakeRepeat was in the middle of lecturing the miner when he suddenly received a payment of 10 million isk. He interrupted himself to praise the Saviour of Highsec.
KillTakeRepeat > i will eve mail you permit, you must put it in your character Bio
Vaneslya > ok delete my character because i do not have anymore isk now
Vaneslya > je l'ai ai envoyé tes isk de merde et arrete de m'emmerder maintenant
KillTakeRepeat > Permit Sent, thank you for complying to The Code.
With a curt statement ("I've sent your isk of shit and stopped to piss me now"), Vaneslya announced his surrender.
Vaneslya > thx you in any case i play to forget the disease of my wife you cheered up well me
KillTakeRepeat > o7
Vaneslya > oh and report now
With that, the miner bid our hero adieu.

Vive le Code!


  1. High sec miners seem to have the worst luck...sick family members, irritable bowels, unruly children and pets, neighborhood fires. I wonder if it's all a big coincidence, or is being a high sec miner actually *causing* their bad luck?

  2. OMG I want a t-shirt that says "Je suis James 315"

    Of course, people would probably think I was talking about the bible

  3. The French have it always coming. ALWAYS!!! :p

  4. Just more lies by the best known liars in the game.

    1. @Anon7:24
      I'm still not getting where you're getting off on this whole "lying" accusation.

      We are the legitimate authority of Highsec, because we say we are. That's not a lie.
      We tell you if you give us 10 million isk, we'll give you a permit, and as long as you don't go AFK and display that permit in your bio, we won't gank you.
      That's not a lie.
      We tell you if you don't buy a permit from us, we will gank you.
      That's not a lie either.

      So where are these "lies," you drone on and on about, day after day?

    2. "We are the legitimate authority of Highsec, because we say we are. That's not a lie."

      Yes it is a lie, because what you say doesn't matter. As you well know, the sovereignty of a system is governed by the game. In highsec, that would be the empires (Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, Minmatar), not you, not Jimmy the buffoon, and not code.

      "We tell you if you give us 10 million isk, we'll give you a permit, and as long as you don't go AFK and display that permit in your bio, we won't gank you. That's not a lie."

      There have been several documented incidents where this is a lie as well. They were on Gorilla Vengaza's minerbumping blog which has since been taken down.

      "...we will gank you. That's not a lie either."

      That's the only part that I agree with you on.

    3. Yet I have heard carebear corp after carebear corp, anti ganker after anti ganker say they 'own' a certain system here or there, sometimes they claim to run multiple systems or even a constellation, all in highsec space mind you. How is that any different from James (praise his glorious name) laying claim to the entirety of highsec and laying down the law of The Code?

      The correct answer is James has Agents, ready and willing to do what need be done to enforce the law of The Code.

    4. Lets be honest if we will, code are simply liars, thieves, and the lowest lifeforms around. Those who argue that these facts are not true are either deluded by code members, to simple to see the lies, or they lie to themselves. I for one am proud not to be a code member/agent.

    5. "Lets be honest if we will, code are simply liars, thieves, and the lowest lifeforms around."

      Proud to be a 'lowest lifeform'.

    6. Not sure if alana is to simple to see the lies or simply likes to lie to herself.

    7. Or she knows that she is lying and enjoys it.

    8. Miners, we really are going to need you to just calm down.

    9. What is really weak is that code cries out tears over bots, and yet does bot like actions over and over, becoming the very same thing they claim to be fighting against. The reply above this one is a perfect example of bot-aspirant at work.

    10. @Anon1:27
      If we could make all miners blow up their mining ships, and never mine again, then we would be successful.

      The difference between what we do and what you do is that we have souls. You, on the other hand, do not.

    11. That is not correct, ming, we have souls too, yours are just totally evil, ours are not...

    12. @Anon3:46
      We are forced to repeat our words (although we do so with variations and inflection, as opposed to miners, who do not) because miners are so hellbent on doing the same thing over and over, so we must continue to teach miners the same painful lessons, over and over until they learn.

      Remember, repetition is derivative of mining.

      And remember, James 315 has not repeated a single post in the entire History of the New Order! (Although we will make fair use of previous points brought up for discussion.)

      And no. If you read the comments posted by miners on this blog, (including your own,) you will find that miners are most certainly soulless.

    13. I would agree with you ming, but then we would both be wrong.

      Ming said: we must continue to teach miners the same painful lessons, over and over until they learn.

      Then ming said: Remember, repetition is derivative of mining.

      Thus, Ming is a miner, since it repeats itself over and over. This said in its very own words

  5. But, foolish ming, what you claim, being the authority in Highsec contradicts the truth on our neocons, that the empires are the authority in the systems in Highsec....you lie, whether you say it is true or not it is but a lie, neither the new order nor jamie own nothing in Highsec except for their ships and parts...

    1. @Anon7:46
      No, You're lying now.
      You're calling us Neo-Conservative, and I don't know where that came from (probably because you made a mistake.) But we don't let you mine in Highsec without paying reverence to the New Order and James 315, As well as make you gosh darn awful upset when you don't do what we say.

      We perform all of the functions of a legitimate authority. Why are you so hung up on what that "Authority" is called?

    2. ming, did you swallow the worn? Can't read correctly now? I made a comment about the Neocom on the game screen ( although I did use an "n" instead of "m") which shows other authorities than the new order owning the system, which makes them the law not the new order...and so far you buffons have not stopped me from doing anything I want in Highsec, even when it comes to blowing up your ships...

    3. Code is lying. They are getting banned all the time. Look at Erotica 1, D400, Jerry Rin, and the other sociopaths which are members of code.

      Now, if we renamed the "code" to the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion", then everything makes sense. Code is trying to perform an ethnic cleansing of highsec with their islamic terrorist ways.

    4. Though I believe that the new order are acting like terrorists, I do not believe any real life religions are behind them...

    5. Yawn,

      Been hearing about the same people who get banned all the time when you can only get banned once XD XD.

      Need new material AG besides your tears.

    6. "Though I believe that the new order are acting like terrorists, I do not believe any real life religions are behind them..."

      We are secretly funded by fundamentalist Christian special interest groups who believe that prayer is a better use of time than mining.

    7. @Anon8:06
      Ah, so you are hung up on the whole "We're not officially recognized by some 'official authority,' even though that authority does nothing to stop us ruling its space under our rules, our culture, and our power. In a manner that its supposed citizens can do nothing about.

      Tell me, do you consider Wormhole (or I mean 'wornhole') space to be governed by the people that live there? Considering that the nonsensical 'authority' that you claim has ownership to James 315 space has no claim there?

      Or are you such a fan of authority that you'll believe anything anyone else tells you, "just as long as it's not The New Order?"

      If so, then you are close to approaching 100% backwards.

    8. That authority has Concord come in and decommission your ships when you gank someone...that authority is listed in the Neocom in the upper left of my screen, the new order or the buffoon of highsec are not...When I go to nullsec, I see other entities listed in the upper left corner and I accept that the space is theirs...and as for control in a wormhole if you can successfully keep other people out, it is effectively yours even though you will never hold sovereignty there....the new order controls so few systems in highsec to effectively force your will on anyone....you are just a bunch of criminals and liars...

    9. Damn Anon 2:26AM, I couldn't have said that better myself.

      It's true, the system owner is posted in the top left corner of my screen. When that changes to code (in a Sov Null system), then code can legitimately claim that they own that territory.

    10. @Anon2:26
      So, when The New Order successfully denies the mining rights to miners by decommissioning their illegal mining equipment, and because we can do that whenever we feel like it, does that mean that at least those mining rights are effectively ours? I'm just trying to use your language here.

    11. That is not correct....

    12. @Anon2:49
      Oh? So then, I guess you're saying that Wormhole space is technically owned by everybody and everybody has a right to use that space freely and equally, but but are subject the rules that are locally put in place by the most powerful military entities- with death being the penalty for running afoul of said laws.

      How is this different than Highsec under New Order Rule? The only difference between Highsec and Wormhole space are that Concord pops us after we pop you, but that doesn't stop us from operating. We simply work around that limitation by designing cheap, high-damage fits and choosing our targets, similar to how wormhole corporations design fits that take advantage of the unique properties of their individual wormholes and choose their targets too.

      Highsec is just space with rules. Just like all other space with rules. And the New Order is the sovereign ruler of Highsec. And we will kill you if you do not follow our laws, same as every other ruling entitiy in EVE.

    13. no one really cares about "authority" or "ownership" if i choose to blow you up and concord kills me big whoop, your still dead, and i'll come back in another ship and do it again.
      we are all immortal in new eden in case you forgot. being killed means nothing in fact it's all part of the sandbox so you can shout all day long about sov they are still gonna kill your ass,and nothing you say makes any difference.
      you may engage them at your discretion though

    14. @Anon3:30
      This view is correct. I wish more miners would get past their infantile and entitled view of EVE Online and see how things really are.

      Then maybe they would stop being non-compliant.

    15. lmao i never thought i would see the day when you and i would agree upon anything ming but it seems that day is here.
      but i could care less about compliance i just wanna blow stuff up :)

    16. @Anon4:31
      If you want to blow stuff up, and by "stuff," I mean "Other players and their stuff" and not "NPCS," then you are almost Code-Compliant. If you were to demonstrate a lack of caring about money over people, then I would probably feel comfortable to go ahead and give you the New Order Thumbs Up.

    17. demonstrate how ? not that i need any "thumbs up" of course i'm just curious :)

    18. Go out and kill something in something shiny in something hilarious. Sometimes New CODE. Agents who were once ratters like to use their old ratting ship to blow up a non-compliant miner for hilarious results. Some people take ships that aren't supposed to be in combat and use it for combat- like the Combat skiffs some miners use to prey on others. I personally turned a Procurer into one of the fastest locking ships in the game. And then, some people just buy a permit for 10M isk.

      It's not important exactly what you do, as long as you make a statement that says that the fun you are having in this game is worth more than the isk you are losing. By doing so, you are refusing the bot-aspirant mantra that prevents you from having fun based on how much it costs, or "that you're not ready."

      That's what makes you Code-Compliant.

  6. CODE remind me of the GGS Goldshire Gank Squad.

    1. Nah. More like the gestapo.

    2. Butthurt, we're really going to need you to calm down and try harder. These type of low effort posts are really causing all of us agents to think that you have lost that usual edge. Take a moment to reflect on this, and please be careful to not cut yourself on that usual 'edgy' 10 paragraph rant you are so famous for.

  7. Another Code Victory!!!!

    Code is non-stop winning daily !!!!!!

  8. CODE est un ramassis de crétins avec le roi des crétins à leur tête =)

  9. I'm a rich lawyer and a tea party activist. I don't like hishsec pvp because i'm bad at it.. what i do like is french. when i go to wine tasters I like to drop a few french phrases - Prends-moi par derrière and Fais-moi une branlette - as these get me the girls. I think i'll propose to CCP that concord speak to us in french when they are out doing RL police work

    1. Pretty sick how Code targets people with RL medical conditions. Gentlemen, they are surely not.

    2. Yeah, I'd be sympathetic if I didn't hear it 100 times a day.I find it hard to believe that all the AFK auto-piloters and all AFK miners have a true emergency and they are AFK for that reason.

      If it was something I only heard every once in a blue moon, I might believe it, but everyone? The odds are much better of me winning the lottery then that being the case >.> Lets not kid ourselves here...

  10. I *definitely* read, "euh BOT ???? ME ????? but lol" in a haughty French accent.

    These miners are living, breathing punchlines.

  11. I'd like to take a second to reflect on the actions of the New Order and the Goonswarm Federation this last weekend.

    We came together and vaporized nearly 900 billion worth of bot-aspirants! Not one single person vaporized bothered to have a permit on display.

    I'd like to take a second to thank James 315 as well as the entire Goonswarm Federation for this crushing victory over the bot-aspirant, and for creating this wonderful weekend of content. It was really wonderful to see Amarr local chat filled with actual humans interacting with each other. For a brief moment, all the spam and annoying bot scam stuff took a back seat to what CCP truly wants EVE Online to be: A sandbox full of player driven events, story, and interaction.

  12. Which country is this site registered at?

  13. Dunno. But given that Kalynn has already admitted that it's her doing the sick rape comments on here, I wonder if it might be time to get CCP involved. Anti-gankers' comments are disgusting, there has to be a way to get them to stop letting their filth spill out of their own channel.

  14. i agree chocolate, come on people get on board the "content train" go blow some shit up !! or someone, ccp intended this game to be full of glorious events like "burn amarr" full of real people having real fun.

    just give it a try you'll like it honestly .

  15. If ccp would get involved, which they wont, more then half of code would get bans. Thus its better for code not to get ccp involved. Of course, if you want to herald in the destruction of code by ccp, then by all means get them involved.

  16. The comments from the sick individual is bringing this site into serious disrepute, moderation is needed before the authorities become involved. I enjoy the daily blogg, be a shame to see it removed because of one sick person making twisted comments regarding children.

  17. Let these comments serve as a reminder of the true nature of the "anti-ganking" community. While many of them are decent enough people, I've yet to meet a single member of their community with the guts to stand up and name and shame those making posts of that nature.

    This makes their entire community guilty by association. Hell, this kind of posting would get you kicked out of the Goonswarm Federation, and we pretty much hold the patent on EVE related shitposting.

  18. If someone has a chat log of him admitting it was him who did it, I say partition it. After all Erotica and everyone involved with bonus room v2.0 got banned for out of game harassment.

    If this doesn't qualify as out of game harassment I'm not really sure what does...

  19. Since all of you so called "code" agents like challenges, here's one for you:

    The Challenge

    Burn Dodoxie.

    It's one of the major trade hubs, but this one is in Gallente space.

    1. @Butthurt Miner

      Challenge declined.

      If we decide to strike somewhere, it will be because we wish to strike there, and not because you wish us to strike there. You shall be denied having any influence on our choice of targets.

      This is because we are Agents of the New Order, and we are of greater knowledge, pedigree, and stature than miners, and this has been recognized countless times by entities up to and including CCP. Even Scott Manley is a CODE. Agent, as is CCP Rise. And even the thought of a miner having any effect on the New Order other than making us laugh is preposterous.

      So I state again, your challenge is declined.


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