Monday, June 1, 2015

Alliance Executor to the Rescue, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Mildron Klinker was contacted by the executor of Alwar Alliance, the self-described "Brutor Bulldog", Javen Kai. Infuriated by Mildron's three ganks of Alwar miners, Javen threatened to stop Mildron from ever ganking again.
Javen Kai > do you understand im not going to leave you alone if you keep attacking my guys
Mildron Klinker > well, either get your guys a permit or teach them how to dock up in time
Javen Kai > no your going to not attack my guys
Having failed to negotiate safety for his miners, Javen told Mildron that he would follow him around and perma-camp him. No longer would Mildron have free rein to gank as he pleased.
Mildron Klinker > Well, as an Agent of the New Order of Highsec i need to keep people following the law. So that's not an option as long as they don't have a permit
Javen Kai > your law has no authority in Uphene
Javen Kai > send that back to whoevers dick you suck
Mildron Klinker > The CODE is active in all of Highsec, so yes, also in Uphene,.
Javen Kai > nah
Mildron took the threats in stride. All the Agent needed to know was that the Code empowered him to enforce highsec law. Javen's huffing and puffing was wasted breath. The Code would always have the last word.
Mildron Klinker > if you want to read more about it, just visit
Javen Kai > ive already read it bro
Javen Kai > its shitty roleplay
Javen Kai > for whatever reason its become cool to gank people
Javen Kai > CODE will not last
Javen Kai > its a stupid fad
Javen Kai > once people get smart and start fucking you guys up
Javen Kai > then you guys wont have so much fun anymore
Although Javen previously claimed to have never heard of me, he was already well-versed in the Code. He didn't like it much. But, fortunately, the whole "Code" thing was just a temporary nuisance. Someone else would come along and put a stop to it. Any day now.
Mildron Klinker > well, let me tell you one thing... The CODE Always Wins!
Javen Kai > ya thats what every dickhead corps says :P
Javen Kai > until the day when they dont
Javen Kai > i bet your a smart guy too
Javen Kai > you waste your time with code
Javen Kai > do something in the game that actually matters bro
Like most Agents, Mildron had heard the "someone will stop Code" speech many times. He'd also heard that the Code always wins. Based on his personal experience, Mildron found the latter claim to be the more reliable. Javen suggested Mildron do something that actually mattered in the game. (Perhaps starting a highsec mining corp or designing an ore buyback program?)
Mildron Klinker > i do, enforcing the CODE is very important...
Javen Kai > trust me.. you guys think that your the ones that have gotten rid of bots
Javen Kai > but your not
Javen Kai > of course you want to believe your actually affecting the game
Javen Kai > we all do
Javen Kai > the only thing you MIGHT actually be doing is pushing newer players from the game
In utter frustration, Javen urged Mildron to voluntarily stop ganking. And, as was inevitable, the Brutor Bulldog found himself drawn to the familiar nonsense about protecting new players.
Mildron Klinker > CCP Proves the New Order was right! wrong about that too...
Javen Kai > lol
Javen Kai > some shitty propaganda
Javen Kai > oh ya.. proof!!
Mildron kindly linked Javen to the good news: CCP's study proved that suicide ganking doesn't actually drive new players from the game. In fact, it improves retention rates. Javen couldn't believe it.
Mildron Klinker > CCP is lying ?
Javen Kai > i think its pretty easy to twist things to make it seem in favor of your beliefs
Javen Kai > totally a fake fanfest slide
Javen Kai > you notice the ccp symbol at the bottom is not negliable?
Javen Kai > kinda funny isnt it?
The Alwar Alliance executor was not persuaded by the MinerBumping post, or even by CCP's own presentation at FanFest.

After careful study, Javen noted that the FanFest slides each had a CCP symbol that was "not negliable". This proved that they were faked. In addition, there were traces of thermite on each of the JPGs.
Mildron Klinker > CCP Rise wrote that.. so he must be lying...
Mildron Klinker > well, as long as you believe a CCP dev is lying i know enough about you...
Javen Kai > i think your lying to yourself man
Helpful as always, Mildron linked directly to CCP Rise's post on EVE-O. Now what?
Mildron Klinker > i just pointed you to facts, where is your prove then ?
Javen Kai > those are not facts
Javen Kai > those are one dev's opinion
Mildron Klinker > so CCP Rise made it all up
Javen Kai > maybe!
Javen Kai > who cares
Protip: It is ill-advised for highsec industrialists to attempt to win arguments against New Order Agents.
Mildron Klinker > you have no idea how many new players i have helped already
Javen Kai > what difference does that make?
Javen Kai > you guys do literally nothing to affect anything
Javen Kai > except piss people off
Javen Kai > so your scamming new players
Javen Kai > good job
Javen Kai > you win at eve
Disgusted, Javen dropped the argument about hurting new players and fake FanFest slides. Judging by his tone, Javen seemed to be losing confidence in his mission to dissuade Mildron from ganking miners.
Mildron Klinker > not scammed anybody at all, ever,
Javen Kai > ive read the "CODE
Javen Kai > pretty clever actually
Javen Kai > saying that people with a permit cant be ganked is the scam
Javen Kai > besides.. charging people for free mining rites is a scam
Javen Kai > wtf is that
After a long enough time, even the rebels and skeptics come to express a grudging admiration for the New Order and its Code. It's hard to argue with success.
Javen Kai > why should someone pay you to mine?
Javen Kai > you dont cultivate that space
Javen Kai > you just fly around like a bug
Mildron Klinker > as proof that they are willing to follow the CODE, to make Highsec a better place
Javen Kai > wow
Javen Kai > can i ask you
Javen Kai > do you really honestly believe that?
Javen Kai > roleplay aside..
Javen Kai > man to man
Mildron Klinker > absolutely yes
Javen Kai > ok
With that, Javen terminated the convo. He couldn't talk Mildron out of ganking. Would he be able to make good on his promise to personally camp Mildron in a station and prevent him from ever ganking again?

Several hours later, Mildron reappeared and ganked Jack Sithyrys' Retriever. Alwar Alliance members were still fail-fitting their mining ships. As for the Brutor Bulldog, he was nowhere to be found. As expected, his bark was worse than his bite.

Even so, some members of Alwar Alliance cheered their leader on. He had failed in his mission to stop Mildron's ganks, but by engaging in a convo, he'd proven his mettle.

The Alwar tweeter sent out a link to a propaganda picture. The fight against Mildron Klinker would continue another day!


  1. A corp mate of mine said this joke earlier.
    When someone comes out with guns what does code do?
    "Chicken Out, Dock Everything up"
    Sounds about right for a parasitic group in EvE.
    Oh yea, and Code always loses nerve, Always!

    1. That's a terrible punch line, not only is it not clever or funny it's just plain untrue

    2. Yea, the real joke is code.

    3. @Anon7:03
      You sound tired. Like a woman trying to feign arousal at the explanation her husband gives her as she realizes that the reason for his neglect is because he's mining in EVE Online.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. I do enjoy these anonymous crybabies that spam f5 waiting for the new MB articles just to share the tears.

      Thankyou for helping us keep the motivation to do what we do from providing your tears

  2. Protip: It is ill-advised for highsec industrialists to attempt to win arguments against New Order Agents.

    This, so much.

    The Code ALWAYS wins!!!! ALWAYS!!!!

    1. Protip: Everyone laughs about you ming, everyone!
      Ming claiming to be an agent when all he is is a tool and a fool.
      Ming always lies, always!

    2. Actually, it's not only Ming. CODE lies, always.

      Because when CODE says "we are polite and civlized people who do that for the greater good of Hisec" and when loyalanon provokes like "Tears, more tears please. Oooh, so salty ! Where are AG, where are you, bunch of failers ?"... Well, that's not quite polite. (next time i should take screenshots).

      Actually, i like loyalanon. He's kinda honest as he shows the true colors of CODE : they don't care of the hisec good, they just care about tears.

      Let's be honest here for a second, CODE. Just admit you only want to troll and harvest tears. It's fine by me, i like to troll and mess around from time to time, too, in Eve or in other games. But at least, i have the courage to speak the truth : i do that for the lulz.

    3. @Anon7:11
      Let's be honest, Anon.

      We are polite and civilized people, but war, like it or not, is ugly. Carebears declare "war" on the New Order every day, but, because they have no weapons, they cannot fight us, and when they do manage to muster a weapon, they have no idea how to use it.

      Euthanasia is not a pretty art; to be honest, I'm sure that many in the New Order would enjoy pottery or painting much more than euthanizing carebears day after day, but we realize that it is necessary for Highsec to become Code-Compliant.

      This is not to say that euthanizing carebears due to the irresponsible mistakes of their sires isn't all bad. We know we are making a difference every time we kill a miner- because that's just more progress that the New Order makes in its ultimate goal, Forcing Code-Compliance and ending Bot-Aspirancy in all of Highsec.

      "One less miner," that's what we say." Just like that dude who shot Snoop Dogg in that song.

    4. Hey Anon.

      Ive read what you had to say and am deeply troubled that you feel that because the entire AG movement fails on a daily basis that this is somehow Codes Fault.

      You see the key to enjoying eve is to not be such a whiney crybaby just because you guys fail non-stop daily. I am not in control of what you do in eve, the only interaction I have with you is helping you along failure road.

      Being part of the greatest pvp movement in the history of Eve has given me a different outlook on eve compared to AG. You say you speak the truth because you are not afraid then why are you complaining about the way others play the game? We dont complain that you fail non-stop daily, we are merely pointing out the truth that you seem quite proud to be able to speak.

      Let me know when you are step up and have something different to offer the Eve universe besides tears, as until that day happens I will be there to harvest those glorious buckets full of your sweet sweet salty tears.

      Your friend.

      loyalanon/Wolf Soprano

    5. @ fake ming 7:30 pm
      Lets be honest, your simply to scared to undock, and indeed do anything. Want proof?
      Coming up on a year of no pvp activity at all. Out of all of code, ming is the smallest threat. Carebears have killed more in the last year then it (ming) has.

    6. Hey Loyal/Wolf

      I've just read your comment, and i'd like to point out some things you seem to be mistaken about me.

      "The key to enjoying eve is to not be such a whiney crybaby" --> Why would i cry or whine ? So far, i've been mining on a weekly basis in hisec for almost a year and i haven't lost a SINGLE mining ship to any gankers. Not yet, that is. I enjoy the little excitement when some ganker tries to kill you and you slip through his fingers.That is not much, but it's sooo nice to see the ganker in local being pissed off while you are warping out.

      "you guys fail non-stop daily" (about the AG community) --> I'm a miner, i'm no AG. Please do no put me in the same bag. I DO keep an eye on their intel channel to know where gankings are happening. But if keeping an eye on their channel makes me an AG, then all CODE people undercover in that channel are also AG, according to your logic.

      "why are you complaining about the way others play the game?" --> Oh i'm not. I knew from the very beginning that suicide ganking (and any other mechanics) are part of Eve, which make the game interesting and unique. And as i said earlier, i'm not complaining since i haven't lost any mining ship yet (though sometimes i barely managed to escape).

      If you are feeling i'm complaining or whining or crying, then so be it. The fact is, i'm not. I was merely commenting those events to point out the truth.

      Or no, perhaps i'm complaning for all that wasted potential. Come on guys, you are probably one of the most hated alliances in New Eden ! Be proud of being the bad guys (it's always cool to be the bad guy), be proud of it ! The code propaganda crap, while a good start, is not enough to troll around, you need to evolve beyond ! Embrace your destiny, just loyal has ! Less crap, more tears ! Be proud of it !

    7. @Anon12:53
      Your entire post was nothing but a long wild whine about how you're not what Loyal says you are.

      It's what people that get bullied on the playground say to their bullies right after they've had their faces pushed in the dirt, somehow trying to save face. And what's even funnier is when you do it again after you get your face pushed right back down in the dirt.

      By all means, please continue.

    8. Aaaw Ming, you're cute. Really. Too bad that doesn't apply to me.
      i don't have to save my face, since it wasn't pushed in the dirt. AG faces, however... :)

      loyal provided me with an answer, thinking i'm an AG. I was just correcting loyal's allegations - and yes, perhaps i put too much details. Now maybe he can give me a more accurate answer, if he wishes to. So far, i consider loyal wasn't talking to me.

      Now hush Ming, be a good boy, go back to your miner ganking operations and let the grown ups talk, will you ? :)

    9. "I've never been ganked!"

      "Loyal wasn't talking to me! He was talking to somebody elllse!"

      "CODE. isn't trying hard enough!"

      You aren't trying hard enough.

      And while the New Order appreciates your words of encouragement, we obviously hardly need them, as we are already among the premier PVP organizations in New Eden. Maybe when you achieve 10 trillion isk in damages done, you might be worthy of such stature as well.

      May you understand the wisdom of The Code, and that of James 315, Supreme Protector and Father of Highsec,

    10. There is no need to try hard when my mining operations go smoothly :)

      And to be more accurate, i've never been ganked successfully. There were numerous tries however, but no mining ship loss as of today. I'd provide my zkillboard as a proof, but i prefer not to attract attention.

      Now back to the main topic shall we ? There are 2 new topics.

      May my words open your mind to understanding your wrong ways, may they show you the path of true wisdom so you can redeem yourself.

    11. That wall of tears I didn't even read.

      Less QQ more Pewpew

    12. You're damn right.

      Take care of the pewpew on people.
      I'll take care of the pewpew on Halaima asteroids and ice.

      Mining always wins o7

  3. Carebear took action
    Though it's only out of game
    Still remarkable!

  4. Talking about ming again maria?

  5. "Alwar wrecking crew"

    That is precious!

    1. It was fun playing with then the other night. 8 of them couldn't even dent my tank..I kinda felt bad for them. I will offer to train any Alwar members in PvP if they wish to Join the New Order and learn how. Not everyone in Code is a well you've seen. I will give credit though where credit is least they try to fight. Big props for this. :)

    2. I assume that was you in the proteus. Thank you for undocking! We knew our fleet comp couldn't touch you, but we were so grateful someone came out to play we didn't care. I hope you had a good laugh at our reaction to your undock. I know we did. Thanks again for undocking and letting us waste some ammo! It was appreciated.

    3. So glad to see some people having some fun!

    4. Unknown're a good sport and I appreciate that :)'s rare these days, keep it up :)

  6. I am amazed but it looks like the carebears are fighting back this time can't wait to see how it goes from here

    1. I guess it you could call it "Fighting back' and not simply "Killmail whoring" if any of the killmails in the link you posted didn't have NPCs as their top damage dealer.

      Also, it appears that "This Carebear Alliance (who is too insignificant to name)" is fighting only a single member of Code- Sasha Cohenberg. And that single New Order Agent has managed to inflict about 75% of all the damage that "The Carebear Alliance Who is Too Insignificant To Name" has inflicted during the entirety of the war.

      Certainly, it appears that the New Order is winning, as it always does.

    2. That wouldn't be someone whoring on concord killmails would it? That doesn't count >.>

    3. I don`t care whether kills count or not. The only important thing is, that ships are getting blown up SO ships have to be build again SO people need minerals. Miners always win. :p

    4. What do you guys expect? All the seem to do in the AG chat channel is to circle-jerk to killmail's where one of the brave AG members managed to whore in 3% of the damage on ship before concord asploded it.

      -gais! gais! lok, I R peweepeer liek a b0ss
      -liek OH EM G, gud job dood, you are best fajter evah
      -whu wantz t0 strooke mah imginery e-pen /flex

      The AG chat is like a trainwreck, it is horrible to watch but I just can not avert my gaze.

    5. Actually it's not CONCORD but faction police/guns

    6. Jennifer en Marland, the only competent AG-er that I know of, has the unenviable task of presiding over that trainwreck.

    7. This aloe kind of sounds like what I hear from you code is like the pot just met the kettle...

    8. I fuck kids with baseball bats :)

    9. Write Blog about it. :D

    10. It's hard to fight CODE, especially after they war dec you. They won't undock, even when asked nicely. Most are -10 so you have to race concord & local police to get them. One good thing l thing I can say, at least one CODE member apologIzed for blue balling me. Hope miner bumping posts another article about how they war dec people and refuse to fight.

    11. Do you mean they are pulling a code?
      Chicken Out, Dock Everything up?

    12. If you want to petition CCP for the removal of faction police squads from highsec so that the majority of CODE. can undock and fight you that would be quite welcome. Meanwhile doing so is giving you the equivalent of a free daredevil, blackbird and abaddon with the additional benefit of drone control jamming, a type of ewar no player can use, and even killing facpol is fairly meaningless as they just infinitely respawn.

      There's a reason you only undock with a specific plan when you're -10, and facpol is that reason. War targets and the failures who call themselves antigankers pale next to NPCs. If you want to matter, ask CCP to get rid of those NPCs doing your job far better than you ever will.

    13. I'll just keep inviting the -10 members to low sec if they're willing to PvP & trying to find the Members who aren't -10 yet. I've got no issues with current mechanics. I do what I do, blow up a lot & have a hood time.

    14. *good time. My swipe text on my phone does not like the word good. My apologies

  7. Darn, I did not print out the Miner Bingo Card for this one. :(

  8. Someone will stop Code™

    And 3 years later we are still waiting for nullsec alliance fleets, highsec merc fleets, and even carebear revenge fleets to arrive and smash us.

    Great job Mildron!

    The CODE always wins!

    1. John are we pvping miners today

    2. There is an r missing. :)

    3. I PvP'd a Hulk with zee Germans tonight old friend and when I tried to join you "someone" was afk... The Hulk duder got mad btw :(

      Re: That wasn't very nice.
      From: tamakan
      Sent: 2015.06.01 23:10

      doing your duty, get a dictionary and look the word up.attacking a mining barge you gutless fukin cunt

    4. Oh my.
      Been a long time since I had a really good email exchange with the enemy. I get the impression that the quality of the Carebears has taken a nosedive as of late... no matter how low you go, you can always go lower...

    5. That last statement describes code. and the new order perfectly...

    6. Indeed. We seem to be scraping the bottom of the barrell these days. Have no fear, we will continue the work of saving highsec. If we have to suffer the slings and arrows of 1000 angry players to save one we will.

    7. @Anonymous McChickenshit (9:33 PM)

      Is cigarette the best insult you can come up with?

  9. It's amazing how much they brag of killing fail fit mining barges but will no one mention the fact they put a wardec on this alliance and are now 3 ships behind them in kills? Seems like once someone shows resistance they all go hide under James skirt.

    1. Boah, Dude, calm down. People like you give us Miners a bad image.

    2. What alliance was that again? Care to name it so I can be sure to pay you a know...because Code doesn't like to shoot ships that shoot back and all...oh lawdy, I do hope you'll be gentle with me.

  10. wow... Did someone just go full retard and decide to sperg all over the comment section as a result?

    More proof that AG ALWAYS fails and Code ALWAYS wins!!!! ALWAYS!!!

    1. @Kalynn Shardani
      I think we can all agree that when I say poor attempts at cloning like the kind you are doing literally make you subhuman, the evidence speaks for itself.

    2. So says ming "he who shal not undock or fight" Tso
      Of all the carebears and code agents, ming seems the most subhuman to me.

    3. So says Anon McChickenShit @11:21.

      Post with your main and maybe we will take you seriously...

    4. Asia!! Im going to have to ask you to calm down!!
      We cant take you seriously while your so upset and in a rage.

    5. Bet you that more people take me seriously then you :D

    6. @ fake asia 12:46 am.

      Glorious Tears! :D

    7. You didn't really expect him to grow a spine and post his main did you?

    8. No, not really. One day someone will though. May not be in my lifetime, but the hope is always there :D

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Replies
    1. LOL!
      Looks like the AG Anons have their panties all twisted up.
      Epic tears!

    2. @ Fake Ming 10:25

      Glorious Tears :D

    3. Nothing like a complete CODE victory to get Kalynn an Co. all fired up.


    4.'s epic and pathetic at the same time. this is what AG has been reduced wonder Gorila couldn't stomach them any more.

  12. Dear fellow highsec carebears: please stop with the Godwin-ing, homophobic and misogynistic comments, repetitive and dull "fake Code agent" stuff, etc. Those of us who would otherwise be on your side are identifying with the Coders since they come across as having a brain cell or two (barring the hackneyed "always wins" posts). What I do is fit a few tank modules, maybe some ECM drones, and read this blog for intel (and the entertainment value). I used to enjoy the comment section, but you guys have made it nearly unbearable. (See what I did there?)

    1. Seriously. It is hard for any reasonable person to drum up much motivation to do something for a group that can't behave better than this.

      I want to log in and have fun while I'm in EVE, and I want to be around people who aren't going to poison the well I drink from.

  13. Holy shit the comments are filling up quick, this one must have hit a nerve :)

    CODE keeps on winning, it seems....

    1. Yeah both articles of AG failing and of carebears or New players being rescued from their High sec corps seem to garnish the most tears around here. More so from the AG crowd then the miners.

    2. As a Miner I`d like to disassociate myself from the AG crowd and urge all agents to blow as many ships up as possible. The spice...ehm...minerals must flow.

  14. EVE is a funny game. I don't even need to install the game client to pvp awful miners - I can just hop over to's comment section on any computer in the world!

    1. While true, nothing compares to Neutron Blaster II's loaded with void blowing up a machinaw or a retriever :D

  15. Lolz at the ag tears.

  16. I got bored and socially isolated once I started my trolling crusade against gankers, sp now I've quit the game and admit CODE. has won.

  17. Awww...isn't that precious Kaylnn Shardani...I didn't know you were that kind of girl :P

  18. You do realize you make a laughing stock out of your cause by doing this don't you? ...not that they weren't a laughing stock to begin with. Gotta love that AG mentality.

  19. I think it's about time we started to recognise the real level of threat Javen and co represent. He had 7 buddies out with him the other night trying to play tag with 2 whole agents and they didn't even manage to shoot at us, let alone kill us.

    1. So you are saying that you saw ships that could shoot back and ran away in typical code fashion?

  20. Start GANK Multiple account of semi invul Skiff Fleet! , i bet code can't do that.


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