Thursday, June 11, 2015

Over Six Hundred Thirteen Billion in Shares Sold

The most financially awesome business in EVE just keeps on getting more financially awesome.

Hrothgar Nilsson has been a player this month. Already the biggest isk contributor for June, Hrothgar surprised us all by buying 1,351 additional shares. This earned him a lot of respect, and a Double Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™ for sending us over the 607 and 608 billion isk marks.

...But you've always gotta watch out for the bigger fish lurking in the New Order pond. Carlvagio leapt to the top of the June rankings by coming out of nowhere with a purchase of 5,000 additional shares. Naturally, this earned Carlvagio a Quintuple Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™ for sending us over the 609, 610, 611, 612, and 613 billion isk marks. This brings the man closer toward the position held by the #2 all-time shareholder. If I were Erotica 1 or Slave A00073078, I'd be watching out for this guy.

As always, New Order shareholder cash is used to reimburse Agents for the gank ships they sacrifice in our great crusade. The carebears demand, "Where does the money go?!" The next time a bunch of Catalysts land next to your Orca, you'll find out.



  2. oooo that's a lotta scrilla :) :)

  3. It seems to us that high-sec is rising up against the new order, more now than it ever has in the past.

    Regards RS


    1. Please.... Your attempts at misdirecting enforcement out of your true area is laughable at best. But please do keep dispensing your glorious tears for all to see.

    2. Really asia, is that all you have, how lame...

      From the FSOH ( Free Systems of Highsec) (and for you ignorant code monkeys, that is ALL systems of Highsec)...

    3. @Anon7:28
      Highsec is owned by the New Order of Highsec, which is led by Supreme Protector James 315.
      There are no systems in Highsec that are not governed by His grace and guiding hand. If there are systems that seem to be lacking CODE. presence, this is because The Father of Highsec has seen fit to allow these miners the privelege to mine, and when His Agents decide to deny them the ability to mine, then they will be denied the ability to mine.

      It is easy for any New Order Agent to deny any miner the ability to mine. And this will happen, when we choose. Do not mistake coincidence with providence, as so many other rebel movements have done in the past.

    4. Miner calm down

      When you are ready to get with the times and buy a permit, you may contact me or one of my associates and we will be with you as soon as possible.

    5. permit? whats a permit?? i don't need no stinking permit! :)

    6. "Highsec is owned by the New Order of Highsec,"
      wrong their name is on not a single system in new eden.

      "There are no systems in Highsec that are not governed by His grace and guiding hand."
      wrong there are many of them

      just as there are many miners who mine at will each and evey day in new eden and always will's all just more hot air from the "mouthpiece"

    7. ming, asia and all of you cerebrally challenged code monkeys, will you stop lying about owning Highsec? Seriously, the Neocom does not support your lies, and neither does your own internal audit. The auditor (kalorned) did not list one system in Highsec as an asset of the new order, if you really owned even one system, it's value should have been listed as an asset. There was not line item for "Systems" in the audit. In addition, the "Other Assets" item was listed at 0 (that is a ZERO, for you cerebrally challenged code mokeys). And then there is the quote (right from this very blog) "As we are in the business of only issuing on-demand New Order Mining Permits we have no expected receivables, and likewise since The New Order has no actual in-game presence we hold no assets." So, crawl back under your banana trees and stick to counting your bananas...I am sure that will be a small number so you should not be challenged much by that activity...

    8. TLDR on that wall of text please....

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I don't own any systems but thanks to afk incursions I have more isk then the rest of new eden


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