Sunday, June 14, 2015

Kills of the Week

Love 'em or hate 'em, you have to respect the Agents of the New Order. Thousands of carebears have proclaimed our downfall over the years. But just when the bot-aspirants think they have a chance of escaping the Code, the New Order pulls off another brilliant maneuver. The week of June 7th @ 00:00 EVEtime through June 13th @ 23:59 EVEtime was no exception.

Led by fleet commander loyalanon, New Order forces launched a series of daring raids against bot-aspirant freighters in Uedama this week. It was a smashing victory for the Code. The carebears were taken completely by surprise. They never anticipated that something like this might happen in Uedama--they couldn't believe it.

During the week, CODEdot corp The Conference Elite managed to reach the #3 position on zKillboard's ranking of player corps.

At the same time, Agent holdmybeer (also of The Conference Elite) was ranked the #1 PvP'er in all EVE.

Everyone was thrilled to see such imaginative content created in highsec. A good time was had by all. Seen here in a bumping Machariel, Agent Jaxi Wreckful's alt took a selfie in front of the wreck of a freighter he helped kill.

Well, maybe not everyone had a good time. Some of the freighter pilots proved to be bad sports about the whole thing. More evidence that people who violate the Code have less fun in EVE.

Witnessing the spectacle in Uedama, Jake Runbridge scolded our Agents, accusing them of ruining the game for new players.

Jake Runbridge wasn't convincing in the role of "new player". His 5.3 billion isk freighter gave him away. Agents loyalanon, Mildron Klinker, Zaenis Desef, Sasha Cohenberg, Angel Pirate, Boarat Saagdiyev, Molly Klinker, Sophia Soprano, WonkySplitDemon, Turbolaserwolf, Sypheres, Pac, and watercup book gave him the new player experience. Nearly half an hour later, Jake returned to his keyboard and sent the complaint EVEmail you just read.

loyalanon > Kill: WiIdfir3 (Providence)
loyalanon > 315mil you will die
Valheru Plague > yeah, that all had extenders, not bulkheads, and again, my cargo not worth that much.
loyalanon > 315mil is 1/20th of your cargo value
loyalanon > like i said
loyalanon > pay up or you will die
Our Agents are filled with generosity. Though loyalanon's fleet captured an unlicensed freighter by bumping it, they were willing to let him go with a 315 million isk warning, since he was at least at his keyboard. He wouldn't pay.
Valheru Plague > i'd rather not
loyalanon > 315mil
Valheru Plague > running bulkheads not extenders, so i give good odds

...Never tell loyalanon the odds.

Valheru Plague rolled the dice. He lost. As they say in Vegas, the CODE always wins. Agents John E Normus, Mildron Klinker, Angel Pirate, loyalanon, Lament von Gankenheim, Sasha Cohenberg, Aaaarrgg, Noll Kion, Pod-Goo RepoWoman, Globby, Sophia Soprano, WonkySplitDemon, Martyr Oira, Lisa Tears, and Molly Klinker obliterated Valheru's freighter. Over 3 billion isk worth of cargo was recovered. The money was used to fund additional bets. Let it ride.

Uedama was a lively place this week, but our Agents were everywhere.
Nikoshi > can i join as protection
Mattes Zimmermann > i dont think i will need that in high sec^^ but sure
Mattes Zimmermann > just klick the fleet advert
Mattes Zimmermann > i havent done this fleet advert many times so i dont know if i am doin something wrong
Nikoshi > not working, please invite
If a system has 0.9 security, it's the miner equivalent of a slum. Yet there were miners running a "fleet" there. Can you imagine anything more boring than mining and providing security for miners in a 0.9 system?
Guyata Gaterau > shoo shoo
Guyata Gaterau > stop bumping me
Guyata Gaterau > 2 battleships against 1 mining barge^^
Orions Lord > gf
Nikoshi > i was protecting you man
Guyata Gaterau > from what? do you realy think he attacks an Mining Barge with a Rattlesnake?
Guyata Gaterau > High sec is not the place to fight^^
Nikoshi > well thx for your compliments that i tryed to protect you (NOT), kost me only 1.5 bill. ungratefull shit
Luckily, an Agent of the New Order arrived to spice things up.

Nikoshi had a pimped-out Machariel, but he didn't know what to use it for. He should've been helping to bump freighters, but he used it to guard illegal miners in highsec. Agent Orions Lord engaged the fiend and reminded him that the New Order is filled with elite PvP'ers. We love shooting ships that shoot back.
Guyata Gaterau > i know the CODE
Guyata Gaterau > and i despite high sec gankers
Guyata Gaterau > i have no idea what thats for
Nikoshi > becauce you are so stupid that 7you can not understand that i lost 1.5 bil ship in a efford to protect you and you act like "its nothing"
Guyata Gaterau > is a machariel realy that expensive??? i though battleships are around 200 million
Nikoshi > i,m pissed. can handel ship lose, was nice fight. my mistake: did not have jump loaded
Orions Lord > i'm truly sorry it had to come to this
The whole "guard miners in a 0.9 system" thing turned out not to be very rewarding. Imagine that!

Captain Quantox had money to burn. Agent Aaaarrgg helped him burn it.

4.2 billion isk of implants, gone in a single shot. Aaaarrgg told me that after he logged in, at the very first stargate he warped to, he saw Captain Quantox's shuttle. Within about 30 seconds of logging in, our Agent personally inflicted 4.2 billion isk of damage. Highsec can be an exciting place.


  1. We see that Loyalanon has returned from his short break, excellent. Code is now at full strength it would seem.

    Always mine in Panorad Always!

    Regards RS

    Free Systems of Panorad. (FSOP)

    1. You're just realizing Loyal is back? guys need to step up your intel game it seems.

    2. Yes when he first logged we thought it may just be a short visit, we do not just jump on the bandwagon and presume omg he is back. We wait we watch, then analyse.

      Kind regards RS

      Fly Safe

      Panorad Press Office (PPO)

      Free Systems of Panorad. (FSOP)

    3. @Rhalina Sedai

      Loyal has been back for months.

      Also, I see your forum signature has gained yet another new line. That is also what I do sometimes when i don't think people are paying attention to me, and I need to feel more important.

      By the way, have you noticed that the "meh, seems made up" dude has thrown in the towel? Looks like he finally figured out that fighting the New Order was futile and he was tired.

      Another victory for the New Order.


    4. We are constantly evolving refining, things seem futile when one is overwhelmed. We are not overwhelmed on any level.

      Kind Rhalina Sedai.

      Panorad Press Office!

      Free Systems of Panorad! (FSOP)

  2. Protecting a 40 M minig barge with a 1.5 B battleship. My insanity-o-meter just exploded.

  3. and let the circle jerk commence once again .

    1. hey anti ganking really appreciate showing off those whored on kill mails

  4. Replies
    1. As they say in Vegas, the CODE always wins.

      I giggled!!!!!

  5. WOO

    wait for it...

    still waiting...


  6. Spending all his time docked up and avoiding others, ming became quite talented at painting. In particular he became very good at painting portraits of others.
    One day a beautiful blonde comes up to him and asks him to paint her in the nude.
    Ming replies "I do not usually paint people in the nude"
    She says she will pay him very well, saying she will pay up to $10,000,000 isk (mini joke there). Ming thinks it over for a bit and then finally answers her.
    Ming "Ok, ill paint you in the nude, but i have to leave my socks on, because i need somewhere to wipe my brushes"

    Joker-anon (given so you have a name to go with all my jokes) :)

  7. So i hear ming is upset that the usual npc cargo ships going between stations sometimes transport Dihydrogen Monoxide, so he is planning on ganking those in his words "Evil ships", to save high sec.
    So little does he know.


    1. looks like Ming has another admirer

  8. i do love how the anti-gankers are quiet in the comments every kills of the week post.

    Another week of defeat for AG, just another day for me XD

  9. they are deeply unimpressed hence their silence mr welp :)

  10. “Quoting an old proverb: "An empty cart rattles loudly." she said. meaning, One who lacks substance boasts loudest.”

    enough said :)

    1. Hey, no need to be so mean to AntiGanking. They try their best ok??'s not their fault our Knights are invincible and infallible.

    2. @Anon3:53
      Judging from the amount of content the New Order has generated over the last 2.5 years, I seriously doubt that a credible argument can be made that "the New Order lacks 'substance.'"

      However, there are many tears that daily come from carebears who mine.

      Please explain to me how mining could ever be considered to be "substantial."

    3. “The biggest challenge after success is shutting up about it.”

    4. @Anon3:44
      There is no need to "shut up" about it.

      Our successes are legion; and spreading the word about them only emboldens and heartens those who follow the Code; as we simultaneously demoralize, disorganize, dishearten, and disrespect those who would disobey it.

      There have been several who have attempted to stifle the message of the New Order. None of them have ever succeeded, nor will they ever.

      As we say: "The Code ALWAYS wins!!!! ALWAYS!!!!"

  11. Not to sound like a complete bitch...well..ok...yes, to sound like a complete bitch...If you are quitting because you cannot plex..well..Eve is $15 per month if you pay offense...but if you can't afford $15 per month to play need to take inventory of your life and start spending your time doing more important things other than playing games.

    1. " if you can't afford $15 per month to play need to take inventory of your life and start spending your time doing more important things other than playing games."

      yep and not just a "complete bitch" but a "judgemental complete bitch " too.
      because of course your life is perfect in every way of course....which gives you the right to be a "judgemental complete bitch right ? :)

      “When you judge others, you do not define them, you define yourself”
      "Earl Nightingale"

    2. No, really - Kaely has a fine point. If paying $15 a month for EVE is something that a player just cannot manage, and instead spends many many endless hours mining in high-sec or doing some other pointless activity to scrape up enough for a PLEX for, it's likely that some personal life inventory may be in order.

      There are, of course, exceptions to this that I am sure can be made, but in general if you are a fully functioning employed adult (as I know most of us are), finding or creating a extra $15 USD a month in your budget should not be very hard. I really struggle lately as a small business owner, and I have 5 accounts, for a total of $75 USD a month. I stopped getting Starbucks drive through in the morning and started brewing my own at home. That gave me enough extra cash to keep all my accounts paid and then some!

    3. @"Earl Nightingale",

      It is commonly known that while the lives of New Order Agents are not necessarily "rich," to the standards "miners" would expect, our lives are filled with the joy and fulfillment that one can only gain by following the Code and receiving the blessings of James 315.

      And the right to pass our judgement upon others comes directly from the Saviour of Highsec, because he said, "Go forth and enforce the Code."

      If you do not respect the Code, then we have every right to display our "perfect" lives, full of cutting down and demeaning carebears, directly in your faces, while rightfully requesting that you put aside your life of bot-aspirancy, to join a force that is greater than you, or anything you have ever represented.

    4. So says it (ming) who admited to lieing about donations. It who never undocks. It who claims to be an agent yet does nothing but spout diarrhea from his lips. It who is openly mocked and laughed about by the real code agents. Lets be honest, it is the real carebear in eve.

    5. "So says it (ming) who admited to lieing about donations."

      This, this right here, is why the "bot-aspirant" label gained so much traction. Are you capable of understanding jokes, friend? Sarcasm?

      "who is openly mocked and laughed about by the real code agents"

      Nah, we like Ming. Look at all the SRP he paid for!

    6. @Anon5:40
      Look how many Agents are laughing at you!
      Look at how many miners are shaking their heads in disgust at your gullibility!
      Look at your failed attempts to mimic New Order Culture!

      It would seem that the New Order is rubbing off on you, and you are powerless to stop it, even at your most resistant!

      I would pity you, but miners do not deserve pity. Only ridicule.

    7. Ah, so ming didnt lie about the donation, but now he lied about lieing about the donation. Either way he still lied. Such is a code wanabe.

    8. Fake Ming @ 7:27, im going to have to ask you to calm down!
      Just because your a failure and not an agent of code, it does not mean you should get upset. It is just a game, and its not your fault you can not play it on par with the miners you 'claim' to kill.
      It would seem that bots are rubbing off on you and your powerless to undock, even at your most resistant!
      I would pity you ming, but since your a carebear miner you do not deserve my pity. You do however deserve the ridicule that the real code members give you.
      I quite enjoy when alana laughs at the jokes that are about you. :)

      For Anon @ 9:25 Of course ming lies. He cant keep his lies strait thou. He has the workings to make a passable code agent someday, if only he grows the spine to undock.

      P.S. Ming, when will you finally donate some isk like a true code supporter?

    9. @ Anon 3:45. I absolutely have a right to be a judgemental bitch. Have you not read the comments by angry carebears on this blog? All full of judgement..all full of angst and hate. What's good for the goose is good for the gander right?

      In all seriousness..the bottom line is, if you can't afford it, you shouldn't be doing it.

      Yes, my life is as close to "perfect" as you would say, as I it can be. Others shouldn't be angry because of it. Why is it "perfect" you may ask...I'll tell you why...Because I worked hard to make it that way. When I was knocked down, I got back up and made the best of the situation. I busted my ass to get where I am. I did not complain..I did not pout and cry about it...I made the change and took the actions necessary to make the change. I worked hard for my life and yes, I love it. My husband and I work hard..and we do well. I'm sorry that "offends" some people but that's just too bad. :P

    10. "mouthpiece " flapping those gums again i see :)

    11. @kaely

      i work hard too so does almost eveyone on the planet...what do you want ...a medal.

  12. Replies
    1. Since 99% of the Miners did not get ganked today (or any other day), your statement is a bit out of touch with reality. :p

    2. thats what happens when so many of them buy permits

    3. ^^ this guy is such a dreamer :)

    4. I dream of a 100% code compliant high sec :)

  13. Some say I quit EvE because i was camped in a station 24/7 but that's not true... I quit EvE because i got bored and socially isolated once I got camped into a station.

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    1. the bot aspirancy is strong with this one

    2. Google translate should add Klingon :D

  15. 1. posting code is chicken shit whilst anonymous is really chicken shit.
    2. Code has plenty of skiff kill mails.
    3. The code always wins

  16. "If a system has 0.9 security, it's the miner equivalent of a slum" - comedy gold right there...

    The Code always wins!! Always!! \o/

    1. Slumming carebears hide
      in trashy dead-end systems
      yet still can't escape

    2. the only systems that qualify for "slum status" are those regularly inhabited by those scuzzy "need a good wash " types in code :)

    3. sorry meant to say anti ganking not code, those guys are great :)

    4. 2 year ago we took a long hard look at how CODE really operates and why it has been successful, more importantly how to fight it. We realised very early on that you could not go toe to toe with CODE especially in high-sec. Our backers scoured high-sec looking for a certain set of systems that fit a certain criteria, having found said systems we put phase two into operation in late 2014 we set up Notice Has Been Served. For the sole purpose of fighting the info war and directing all our operations across the whole of high-sec, like CODE we cannot be stopped. You guys did not think that you could blow up all those ships and get away with it scott free did you? Jamesy baby is not the only one with a brain. You really are not ready for our type of warfare. Welcome to the second decade of EVE! We are also very much aware of the null connection to this organisation and you can be assured plans are afoot.

      Kind regards Rhalina Sedai!

      Panorad Press Office!

      Free Systems of Panorad.

    5. This is funny because "Effsop" didn't exist until one anonymous miner started whining about how Code Agents weren't targeting it in Hakeri about a month ago.

      Now it has been a "two-year secret rebel effort" with nothing to show for it except dead exhumers


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    1. Thanks for advertising the Panorad Press Office in binary.



  18. Care to post you in game name so I can pay you a visit? Yeah...didn't think so. What was the phrase you used...chicken shit was it? :P


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