Friday, June 5, 2015

Spy vs. Cry

The New Order doesn't cut and run. Our mission is to improve the lives of all those who reside in highsec. When our Agents take corrective action against a carebear, they'll do follow-up visits as needed. Less known is the fact that it's the carebears themselves who frequently contact us. This shouldn't be any great surprise; our Agents are natural mentors, and their awesome power commands respect.

Lisanna struss was the subject of punitive action by our Agents many moons ago. What, you don't remember Lisanna struss?

After Lisanna struss lost his ship, his older sister contacted our Agents for an extended TeamSpeak conference. Lisanna himself was also in the room at the time. The meeting was a masterpiece of New Order diplomacy. Lisanna's sister came to identify with the New Order and asked her brother why he didn't just follow the Code.

Afterward, for whatever reason, Lisanna latched onto Agent Motoko Nishizawa and designated her as his New Order contact. Lisanna informed Motoko that he was moving out to lowsec and nullsec to explore the game outside of New Order territory. Whenever a highsec carebear decides to expand his horizons, it is a victory for the New Order.

Several months later, Lisanna contacted Motoko out of the blue. Did life in low/null have a salutary effect on the carebear?
Lisanna struss > yeah, u dont get it, when u fly with rooks and kings, mine in their space and blow up people like u guys, noobs in null, then and only then can you look down at me
Lisanna struss > also, i dont find it fun fucking with someone and making them quit the game, thats not fun, thats just ruining the game and thats y CODE. can suck a nut
Lisanna struss > ok
The former highsec carebear took an antagonistic posture right from the start. It seemed his time away from New Order territory hadn't cooled his anger about the Code.
Lisanna struss > now i love talking to u guys, hell i'll even help u guys out with resourses from time to time but dont give me the shit u guys give, thats just irritating and upsetting to the spirit of EVE
Lisanna struss > now feel free to chat with me anytime just dont come in and start talking down to me or my corp, that gets u of the corp shit list and if i find u in null/low it can b an insta pop order
Lisanna struss > now, if you dont mind, i am right now trying to avoid a gate camp in null so this chat is over
Lisanna still had an attitude problem. Spending a short time outside of highsec made him arrogant. He felt above the New Order; he lacked the humility that he'd learned at the hands of our gankers. But Agent Motoko wasn't convinced by Lisanna's claims to be a busy, important gate-camper. She was confident that Lisanna would miraculously free up some time to continue the chat, if given a little bait.
Motoko Nishizawa > why all the hostility, you may have left highsec it seems but you didnt leave behind the toxic attitude
Lisanna struss > yeah, u dont get it at all, the code have closed ur eyes and you cant see the truth, thats the only reason that u look down on me and my corp, toxic, bitch please, with out miners, there is no resourses, no resourses, no new ships, no new ships, NO GAME
Lisanna struss > all you guys are doing is trying to control any miners in highsec
Lisanna struss > if anything, thats toxic, granted, i pop afk/bot miners in high, low and null space as if u mine you should stay near the keyboard, that i agree with but everthing else code has done and is doing is wrong
As expected, Lisanna's gate-camping duties suddenly became less pressing. He raged against the New Order with the same kinds of talking points and Miner Bingo squares that we get from highsec miners every day.
Motoko Nishizawa > we have talked about this before the ore stockpile in this game is ENOURMOUS if half the miners stopped mining tomorrow i doubt we would see a price increast for a year or more
Lisanna struss > wait hold it
Lisanna struss > okay, i understand u urself have not ganked in months but that dont change the fact that u still look down on what i and others stand for, also thats what alts are for, i run a PVP alt on a second computer while i run this character...
Lisanna struss > on my main pc, allowing me to run 2 things at once and keep not only my corp but its members out of the firing line
The veneer began to drop. You can take the carebear out of highsec, but you can't take the highsec out of the carebear--unless they accept the Code, of course.
Motoko Nishizawa > whats your alts name then
Lisanna struss > spys dont reveal information like that, my alt is a spy damn it so for the missions protection, i will NOT reveal its name
Lisanna struss > all u need to no is that its in providence
Lisanna struss > and sinse i no u wont beleive me i new its safe and the mission will continue as planned
Then came the self-aggrandizement we see so often with carebears: Friends in nullsec, powerful alts, secret missions, etc. Lisanna wasn't reformed at all. He claimed to have a top-secret operative. He wouldn't reveal anything about the spy character; all Motoko needed to know was it was planted somewhere in the Providence region. Why Motoko needed to know this, I'm not sure.
Motoko Nishizawa > lawl provi block you soo hardcore
Lisanna struss > provi is just a stop while i deal with this character
Lisanna struss > i wont reveal its destination nor its mission so thats the end of that
Motoko Nishizawa > bet you cant even give me a screenie to prove it
When Motoko scoffed at Providence, Lisanna quickly declassified the fact that the spy was only there temporarily.
Lisanna struss > do u not no the meaning of spy
Lisanna struss > gezz, if i did that, i corp i work for and the mission would be killed off, i like that characters job thanks
Motoko Nishizawa > do you not know how to just take a screenie that wont reveal opsec
Lisanna struss > yeah well, i have been ordered not to even do that
Motoko Nishizawa > you a real james bond huh
Lisanna couldn't believe it when Motoko asked for even more sensitive information about the spy's mission. As for Motoko, she began to suspect the spy's "mission" had something to do with the Sisters of EVE arc.
Motoko Nishizawa > soo hardcore until you can provide proof of any sort of halfway competent pvp stop trying to bluff
Lisanna struss > no, i just follow orders from my clients
Lisanna struss > otherwise my work is cut and i loose my alt
Lisanna struss > i dont exspect u to beleive me, the less people no about the alt and the more people think it dont exsist the better
Lisanna's boasts about her spy alt didn't earn him the respect he'd anticipated. On the plus side, if Motoko didn't believe the spy existed, that would tend to preserve the spy's secrecy. Almost as well as if Lisanna hadn't talked about her spy alt in the first place.
Motoko Nishizawa > listen i have seen your verbal prowess and you couldnt spy your way into free cover night at the strip club
Lisanna struss > yeah............. my work tends to be lone work, hense, im good at what i do
Lisanna struss > and in my line of work, i love not talking in local, i dont talk in low or null local for that reason
Lisanna struss > Widow
Lisanna struss > that ship, tech 2 fittings and the best rigs, thats the main ship my alt uses
Lisanna struss > then combat tends to by a group of 30/40 doing a bombers bar style raid on targets before jumping out
Nevertheless, Lisanna felt it was time to declassify a bit more information.
Motoko Nishizawa > why did you link the ship info instead of the actual fit
Lisanna struss > because im not stupid, each fit is to client spec
Lisanna struss > i can link a ship but the fit is never leaked out, only the ceo, directer and my self no the fit
Motoko Nishizawa > you know widows arent even that great right?
Motoko Nishizawa > so you couldnt possibly have some super secret fit that is soo amazing
Lisanna struss > im aware
At this point, Lisanna decided he'd revealed enough information about his spy alt for one day. The spy's cover was still mostly intact. Some details had been divulged, yes, but at least the all-important Widow fitting was safe.

The New Order recommends that highsec PvE'ers make their way out of highsec so they can see what the rest of the world has to offer. It's not enough to be physically outside of highsec, though--it's even more important that a carebear abandon the highsec state of mind. Can you imagine how difficult that would be, if our Agents weren't around to keep carebears accountable?


  1. "As for Motoko, she began to suspect the spy's "mission" had something to do with the Sisters of EVE arc."

    I read this on my lunch break and I almost spit out my sandwich laughing.

    Comedy gold.

    Oh.. and The Code always wins. Always.

    1. Always mine in Panorad. Always.

  2. Agent to Stranger: Look, I am a Spy, that`s why nobody know about it. I tell you nuttin`, except my location and ship and mayyyyyyybe my name if you tease a bit. :p

    Good Lord. :D

  3. What the?!? I don't even .....

  4. I think Agents will need to have another talk with lisanna struss and his sister.

  5. We need to ask Lisanna what ever happened to "Keisha." I want to know if she ever ended up joining the New Order!

    1. that recording was amazing, she definitely wanted the code in her life

    2. We definitely know she wanted Loyal in her life. ;)

    3. OMG...I remember that whole TS convo when his sister totally sided with Code and asked him why it was so bad. I don't think she actually ever did join up though..I could be wrong..but afaik she didn't.

  6. Looks like the Anti-Ganking "community" failed - again!!!!!

    1. AG would be may more successful at avoiding ganks by following the CODE. :D

  7. Is there anyone else apart from me who mentally read Lisanna's lines with his wonderful voice?

    1. You are not alone.

    2. LOL...I thought I was the only one :)

    3. Confirming that I mentally read this in Lisanna's wonderful voice.

  8. the New Order is just another Liberal special interest fighting the war on White Christians.

    1. WTF are you talking about? First off, I am not liberal...yet I am a part of Code. So how does that work in your mind? It's so easy to judge isn't that what they teach you in church? How to judge others? Funny...that's not how I remember it. Keep your opinion to yourself...or at least try to word it make yourself sound like some kind of conspiracy theory zealot.

    2. So,we are not supposed to judge others? But the new order is doing just that, judging others...a bit of a double standard you have going there...

    3. Hello...Eve is a you are making personal attacks..not attacks on a pixelated ship. It would do you good to learn what is reality and what isn't. Don't play isn't fitting. If you're not playing...then seek some help :)

  9. If you are going to troll, can you at least try to not suck at it?

  10. Really John? You affraid that if I call you out for the liar that you are that your brainwashed membership will rebel against you? Is that it John? First you lie about no censorship, then you attempt to quite those who would call you out for the liar that you are?

    Not cool John, not cool at all...

    1. Kalynn calm down

    2. Dear Anon 2:15,

      Is there a problem?

      Hugs and kisses,

    3. Lost soul ^^

    4. who the hell is john?

    5. Anon 6:28...there is no one here who is brainwashed. You do realize it's a game right? You do realize in a game you play a character..right? You are aware that Eve is about spaceships, treachery, backstabbing, making friends, making enemies, and doing the things you don't do in rl...don't you? Is it easier to just assume that people are really "brainwashed" because they play a part in a game that you don't seem to be able to comprehend?

      What is toxic here are the fail trolls and sick comments posted by the carebear/AG trolls who have nothing better to do than insult people sexually. I thought that kind of behavior was supposed to be outgrown in grade school..apparently not. Take a gander at the comments that are disturbing and childish...none are from Code members.

      I implore you to see who the real problems are. People will hate because Code has something they don't..Camaraderie, organization, and good people who know how to enjoy a game. It doesn't surprise me one bit that so many can't..or won't even comprehend this. Personally, IDGAF...opinions are like a$$holes...everyone's got one and they all stink.. :P

    6. And while libtards like you yap and yap, our boarders are leaking like a broken dam. maybe try doing something useful instead of talking on the internet.

  11. You sure are a lost soul... No one can't even tell me who kalynn is suposed to be or mean... Can anyone here even answer the simplest of questions without trolling, or is that just above this community.

    But I will keep trying. Lost souls can be found again with some effort.

    1. Kalynn is love, Kalynn is life

    2. Anon...honestly, if you don't know who it is...then it doesn't matter.

  12. who or what is kalynn?

  13. remember when the pot was at 80 billion and he didn't "cash out" yeah me too. Care bears have been spouting this for years but it won't happen

  14. Your bad trolling is just getting old now...what's the matter..can't think of anything good..or original? Now there's a surprise :)

  15. Code does not "cut and run"?
    AT12 = code ran faster than anyone else.

    1. "What we do to AT XII will echo in eternity" ~ Russell Crowe

      I love our AT Team, a year later we are still winning that tournament!

    2. codes AT XII theme song

  16. OMG all you libtards can do is yap yap yap and call out bullshit. You're living in Gomorah and should repent!

  17. Always mine in Panorad Always!

  18. Of course its all a big scam run by james. The funny part is that most of code is either to stupid to realize it, or simply to dumb to care. No, he wont cash out at 80 billion or when its high, he is waiting and slowly stealing a bit here and there from code fools. Put it this way, say the balance is 30 billion, and agents send in requests for 2 billion. Unless all the agents get together and share notes on what the each requested, no one in code knows how much was requested. In the above case he gives out 2 billion, then pockets 3 billion, and the balance drops from 30 billion to 25 billion. Again, no one in code notices, they all simply think 5 billion way paid out. I estimate he has stolen at least 300 to 400 billion that was donated to go to pay agents. Like he would stop now? He will keep it up untill donations totaly dry up, then james will be like "Harr harr, i stole x number of billions! I be the best scammer in eve! harr harr!"
    Im just waiting for when it finally does end so i can laugh at all the code members for being played the fool. :)

  19. wondering if ming is to stupid to realize it or to dumb to care.....

  20. Ming wont donate again, i think he learned that its just a scam.
    Plus he is broke, not like he will make that much isk docked up all the time, since he is to dumb to make isk buying and selling.


  21. kalynn.. It's ok... Everything is going to be fine. You can calm down now.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. All complete speculation. You have 0 proof to back these claims up. "I estimate he has stolen at least 300 to 400 billion that was donated to go to pay agents". The total stands at 600 billion isk donated so you're saying he's taken over half the donations for himself?? Again I'm gonna need to see some proof for these very bold accusations you're making because it's all just some anonymous guys opinion as far as I can tell.


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