Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Minting of a New Agent, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Anti-ganker alt Wendy Valentino saw the light after she infiltrated a carebear corp and witnessed the effects of Zawaka Inazuma's wardec. The corp CEO, Yoshiyo Solette, stole corp assets and left his fellow corp members high and dry. Wendy seized control of the corp, instructed everyone how to find a legit corp in EVE, and dissolved the corp. Wendy and Zawaka joined a private convo with Yoshiyo to find out what he was up to next.
Zawaka Inazuma > o/
Wendy Valentino > 0/
Yoshiyo Solette > So, I knew you were a spy in Assiettes.
Yoshiyo Solette > Why do y'all do it?
Yoshiyo Solette > Is it just 'cause eve is the game to do it in?
Wendy Valentino > Becuase you are bad.
Corp thief/CEO Yoshiyo had a lot of explaining to do. But it was he who had questions for our heroes. Yoshiyo wanted to know how they justified destroying his corp (that is to say, wardeccing it).
Zawaka Inazuma > oh be nice wendy
Wendy Valentino > Do I have to Zawake?
Yoshiyo Solette > I am bad?
Zawaka Inazuma > your pilot skill is actually pretty good
Yoshiyo Solette > You're a pretty big cunt too Wendy =)
Zawaka Inazuma > your people skills? not so much
Wendy and Zawaka were honest with the carebear. Yoshiyo didn't hold much back, either.
Wendy Valentino > But your bad at leadership
Yoshiyo Solette > I am not a good leader, yes, =) Well why do you prey on the new players?
Zawaka Inazuma > we were looking for a corp to join, yurs was the easiest to get into, had operations for positive income flow, and in general was a juicy target
Yoshiyo Solette > Okay.
Zawaka Inazuma > we weren't necessarily looking for new players
The New Order achieved victory once again: Yoshiyo all but admitted that he had no business trying to run a corporation. Still, he remained defensive. Yoshiyo, who started playing nearly a year ago at the latest, hid behind the old "new players" fallacy.
Wendy Valentino > I'm doing these people a favor and helping them get to better corps, where they will be supported, and get free stuff, just for breathing
Wendy Valentino > Then you stole verything, so we decided to help out the people you betrayed
Yoshiyo Solette > Okay
Wendy didn't let Yoshiyo skate by. She reminded the former CEO that it he hadn't shown any concern for the corp members. Wendy was the only one who gave them any support. Yoshiyo couldn't deny it.
Zawaka Inazuma > in fact if you were a month or two old we probably would have gone elsewhere
Yoshiyo Solette > Sure
Zawaka Inazuma > but at nearly a year old some money would be expected
Yoshiyo Solette > Well bye again
Yoshiyo Solette > Forgot you all are niggers
The carebear showed his true colors again. He had no intention of learning from the experience or confessing his guilt. He only wanted to lash out and blame everyone else for his failures. He terminated the convo.
Yoshiyo Solette > So why do you attack new players?
Zawaka Inazuma > I don't think I did actually
Zawaka Inazuma > unless you're a new player still?
Wendy Valentino > What he said
Five minutes later, Yoshiyo initiated a new convo with Zawaka and Wendy. Once again, he attempted to assert his moral superiority.
Yoshiyo Solette > You guys are such turds
Yoshiyo Solette > Ya know that
Yoshiyo Solette > You war dec mining corps
Yoshiyo Solette > Who don't fight people
Yoshiyo Solette > And this is why I can't have a corp.
The carebear was absolutely disgusted by the New Order. Though previously he'd admitted that he was a bad leader, he blamed all his problems on the Code.
Yoshiyo Solette > This is the second corp. that's been code-fucked =)
Zawaka Inazuma > oh?
Yoshiyo Solette > Yeahp
Tisiphone Dira > o7
Yoshiyo Solette > TISIPHONE!
Zawaka Inazuma > Tis mentioned your name rang a bell
Yoshiyo Solette > Hey tisiphone!
Now Yoshiyo revealed the source of his anger: He had already tried to build a PvE corp in the past, and it, too, was destroyed by Agents of the New Order. Tisiphone Dira was invited to the convo; she shared a past with Yoshiyo.
Tisiphone Dira > I'm doing very well, everything going right for me the last few days :D
Yoshiyo Solette > So guys, I think I'm going to quit playing eve again
Zawaka Inazuma > don't do that!
Yoshiyo Solette > Since like really you all fuck it up everytime =)
Wendy Valentino > Adapt
Tisiphone Dira > *gasps*What happened?
Yoshiyo Solette > My corp. got code fucked again Tisi =P
On two occasions, the New Order thwarted Yoshiyo's plans to exploit newbie miners. It was quite clear that our power was unstoppable, and that we are vigilant in all corners of highsec. Thus, the Code closed the door completely on Yoshiyo's style of play. Rather than trying to do something else in EVE, he intended to quit.
Yoshiyo Solette > So I am going to quit
Yoshiyo Solette > Have fun ruining the game for others.
Yoshiyo Solette > Just like they always do
Wendy Valentino > Thats great. We want more people that have a good outlook, and fewer people that blame others for thier problems
Yoshiyo Solette > Cool
Yoshiyo Solette > Well bye niggers =)
Skeptics and denialists like to claim that the New Order is too small to have an impact on the game. But thousands of carebears will tell you that they have tried and failed to escape our influence. If you're abusing highsec, sooner or later, we will find you and stop you.

And so it was that Yoshiyo Solette joined Doomheim, the corp of biomassed characters. He will no longer threaten the peace; he will no longer ruin the EVE experience for new players. Perhaps he will one day return to our fair land under a new guise, with a different name. No matter. Our Agents stand guard, ready for anything. Today, Yoshiyo's corp is dead and the Code is alive.


  1. Anti-ganking fails to save another afk carebear again!!!!!

    The Code ALWAYS Wins!!!!! ALWAYS!!!!!

    1. This ^

      AG thinks they hold some kind of power, but in recent fleets all I see them doing is killmail whoring and not actually stopping any ganks at all. Come on guys, give us an actual effort.

      You guys gloat over a few freighter you have been able to save, yet you are powerless to stop the wholesale slaughter on going on in Udema. How many billions of isk have it been this week alone? I have lost count.

      The Code ALWAYS wins and AG ALWAYS fails!!! ALWAYS!!!

    2. "You guys gloat over a few freighter you have been able to save,"

      and why shouldn't they? you lot shout from the hilltops about all the unarmed and clueless individuals you kill.

    3. You probably being one of them :D

    4. yeah because everyone without fail who comes here must have lost something to code of course . :)

    5. Why else would you be shedding tears hear if you didn't

    6. @Anon6:05
      Well, perhaps not.

      However, everyone without fail that uses smiley faces after their posts on minerbumping has lost something to the New Order, because smiley faces betray the passive-aggression that has been instilled in you by CODE.

      So keep on with the tears, miner.

    7. this insight comes from the "mouthpiece"of the new order and his glove puppet asia leigh....keep that comedy coming :) :) :)

    8. yeah because smiley faces couldn't possibly mean they actually find you amusing could they... (you take yourselves far too seriously )

    9. it seems you have some kind of tick asia ...all that rinse and repeat stuff you do in game is affecting you it seems, you see too much repetition can sometimes be a bad thing.
      have a nice day
      have a nice day

  2. Wow you must be really upset if you need to impersonate someone that hasnt commented on the article yet.

    Did you really wait the entire day for a new article to cry rivers of tears just because the ming catalysts touched you somewhere??

    XD XD


    If I had a dollar for everytime I've typed exactly that in a chat...

    1. You got that backwards friend. Tisiphone wrecks me a lot :(

      Also, calm down.

  4. Good riddance - I consider it a victory that Yoshiyo was biomassed.

  5. I can not and will not stop touching kids sexually

  6. Hello there, Kalynn! I hope you are having a fine code compliant afternoon :D

  7. I got Erotica banned and i'll get the rest of CODE. banned sooner or later... social misfits living in mom's basement have no place in EvE.

    1. I guess that explains why YOU are not seen anymore.

    2. @Anon1:35
      This is what is called a "bait post." The purpose of this post is to "bait" you into saying something about it. It isn't Veers, it's just someone looking to find some humor in provoking an angry response from you. Now that you have learned, I hope you will learn how to recognize such posts in the future, and leave them, as they should be, unreplied to.


    3. Says fake ming with a bait post of his own.
      Code is far worse then they ever make AG or the 'carebears' out to be.
      Would not be to bad if as kaely says "they had balls" to be in real pvp, but they are to chicken for even that, thus where the name Chicken Out, Dock Everything comes from.

    4. And Kalynn, being the carebear that it is, jumped right on my "bait" post (that wasn't really a bait post) because it can't seem to stop gobbling up anything that looks like bait to it.

      And of course, it isn't chicken or anything because it posts as "Anonymous," which it thinks means "Cool and uncowardly."

    5. does veers even log into eve anymore?

    6. @ 12:47

      I don't see any code agents trolling about child rape. That alone makes your argument invalid. Yes.... You were wrong on the internet.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I'll consider it a video any time that a person who feels the need to resort to calling others "niggers" quits the game. I can understand being upset about a loss in game, or a fight that didn't go well, but that's when us adults just log off, take a break and get some perspective. It's just internet spaceships!

  9. So.

    I'm sure i'll regret asking this. Asia / Wolf, who is this Kalynn and why are they so angry?

  10. Someone with AG. I believe its one of their moderators. He boasted about making the crude sexually charged posts.

  11. I did not know that there is a corp for biomassed Characters. I learn new things reading this Blog. Oh, and nice Corp destruction there. Well played. :)

    1. BeBopAreBop RhubarbPieJune 22, 2015 at 8:01 PM

      Thanks! It was my first, and quite fun!

  12. Replies
    1. Sorry, but I never buy at the door.

    2. Damn Ming...who's this butthurt miner still stalking you over a year later over a kill?

  13. Some one from AG is making the kid comments?

    Regards Rhalina Sedai.


  14. @Rhalina Sedai

    Unfortunately yes. However, to combat this, the New Order has a space on our "miner bingo" board marked "Kid," which, from a certain point of view, we could check based on Kalynn Shardani's obsession with cloning us using extremely obvious and loud comments about child rape.

    I'm sure any court would allow us to check that box under "preponderance of the evidence" rules.

  15. That person needs to be removed from society not just the game, if that is what my backers and me are fighting to protect. Then we are afraid we shall have to remove the said backing. Permanently.

    Kind regards Rhalina sedai


  16. "he will no longer ruin the EVE experience for new players. "

    no wonder you wanted him gone he was doing codes job for them :)

    1. BeBopAreBop RhubarbPieJune 22, 2015 at 8:02 PM

      I didn't want him gone though =( He actually undocked to shoot me.

  17. this individual who keeps making the sick posts DOES NOT represent the majority of miners ...i just wanted that fact noted

    have a nice day :)

  18. @Anon4:16

    The referenced individual is one of the moderators of the Anti-Ganking channel, and, as this blog has indicated with many years of data to back this up, he is indeed representative of the attitudes that many miners have, not towards just the New Order, but, really, anyone who is not a miner.

    Granted this poor soul is a bit more gone than most, admittedly, but you cannot deny that, most of the time its behaviour resembles that of most common miner when faced with something that it does not understand.

    It cannot speak coherently, it cannot speak without cursing, and it cannot separate its interest from its wealth to be able to speak in a human manner to other human beings. This is why we call it a "robot."

  19. fortunately for me i know many miners who are the polar opposite to those who inhabit this site, so yes i can deny it, and am happy to do so.

  20. @Anon6:10
    However, you are a miner, yourself. And miners always lie, they always get angry, they alwaysshoot their mouth off, (like you are doing now), they always get dealt with, and they always lose.

    You are on the New Order's website, claiming that you aren't doing exactly what you are doing right now. This means, you are a miner, and you are, in fact, no better than any other angry carebear.

  21. @ Fake Ming 6:23
    However, you ming are a lier, yourself. And you always lie, you always get angry, you always shoot your mouth off, (like you are doing now), you always dock up, and you always loose.

    You are on this website, claiming that you dont lie, which is exactly what you are doing right now. This means, you are a lier, and you are, in fact, no better then any other angry carebear.

    Of course, all of us honest people who visit this site, for the humor, or otherwise, all know you, ming, are a lier.

    So with all that in mind, ming, im going to have to ask you to "Calm Down!"

  22. Its good to know the spelling correction bott @3:05 is still working.

  23. "they alwaysshoot their mouth off,"

    now this is comedy gold right here ...the biggest "mouthpiece" in new eden saying miners shoot their mouths off ...classic .

    "However, you are a miner,"
    err ...i am ...really??? ...well thanks for informing me.

    "You are on the New Order's website,"
    am i ???? well i'll be damned so i am !! well done "mouthpiece" well done.

    "miners always lie,"
    oh right is this like the "proxy vote " kind of lie ? or "code is the law" kind of lie
    or even your now famous "wholesale slaughter " kind of lie ?

    "always get dealt with,"
    oh i'm sure they will be shaking in their boots now.

    please give us more of your homegrown wisdom oh mighty "mouthpiece"


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