Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hitting the Bullseye

Meet James Bullseye. He's a Hungarian EVE player who has spent the last seven years attempting to master the art of highsec mining. He's not quite there yet.
Bumperina > James Bullseye gf
James Bullseye > What was good about it and why?
Bumperina > you were caught illegal mining in James 315 space
James Bullseye > Illegal mining?
James Bullseye > Wtf?
James Bullseye > We are in freakling high sec
Agent Bumperina conducted a surprise inspection of the Waskisen system and tested Bullseye's tank. It was a short test with a definitive result.
Bumperina > you had no permit, read the code:
James Bullseye > What code man concord rules here
James Bullseye > You should be shot at
James Bullseye > Bought a kill right on me just beacuse i mining?
James Bullseye > I see that now
James Bullseye > Jackasses
James Bullseye > Minerbumberp moms are stretwalkers
James Bullseye > street*
EVE's learning curve is such that even after seven years, players can still discover new aspects of the game. You might not like what you find, though.
Bumperina > miner calm down
James Bullseye > Shut the fuck up!
James Bullseye > I only will calm when i have your head next to my feet!
Chet Anzomi > 10 mil would help lower your blood pressure when your rig gets 'sploded
James Bullseye > Go fuck yourself somewhere else.
James Bullseye > If you continue this i have to report you dor harassment anmd see how is your smile goes
Waskisen, normally a sleepy little system, began to light up with activity in local chat.
James Bullseye > Very funny.
James Bullseye > So youz you guys sooo coll got the balls to shoot defenselees miners huh?You guys are that cool..
Milenny > James Bullseye , what ya lose anyway?
James Bullseye > Lost a retriver.
Milenny > oh, that it?
James Bullseye > For those pirates
The New Order wins more hearts and minds each day. Highsec dwellers only need to look at the contrast between Agents and carebears. The battle is won instantly.
Chet Anzomi > Not that I expect you to understand atm, since you are still spinning from your recent loss. BUT, one of the main things that the group Bumperina belongs to does is help keep down the number of bots.
Chet Anzomi > Before that group came around, these 'skies' used to have their fields cleared out within an hour or two of server reset by mining bots.
James Bullseye > I'am not fucking bot
James Bullseye > I care not about bots and neither of their ship losses.
Chet Anzomi > Then, you can't expect them to care about our ship losses then.
Interestingly, Agent Bumperina didn't even need to say much. The locals did a lot of the work for her.
Yumm Lightyear > 10 mill is nothing, especially over a year, and if it funds bot clearing, I'm all for it
Chet Anzomi > Look at it like the taxes you pay to the government to take away your garbage at the street side.
James Bullseye > Pffu
James Bullseye > I don't pay them this is some kind of mAffia corp if you don't pay us then you better die.Fuck you better die all in your corp i just you guys wish in that code allieance that you should not born.
...and James Bullseye did the rest of the work.
Milenny > you raging just now is the best part tho
James Bullseye > I not mad.Do you guys really want me to be mad?
James Bullseye > Who want to fleet up against the kode?
James Bullseye > Who have been shoot?
James Bullseye > It is a bully corp.
Bumperina > don't be James Bullseye Kill: James Bullseye (Retriever) buy your permit now
James Bullseye > Makes me feel like i want to curt heads off.Just like that.
Talk about not being able to read a room! After making a spectacle of himself in local, Bullseye tried to rally a fleet of local miners together. He didn't manage to get any volunteers. Meanwhile, the New Order is steadily gaining more Agents. It's no wonder that highsec is becoming more Order-ly with every server tick.


  1. Not a single anti-ganker stepped forward to help him out- because all the miners in that system were Code-compliant.

    And they say that CODE. isn't winning the minds and hearts of the miners. Well, naysayers, there's your proof.

  2. People sure are angry these days.

  3. The Code allways wins.. ALWAYS!!! \o/

  4. Another Victory.

    Non-stop Winning!!!!!

  5. Meh, no screen caps means definitely made up. Jamey is really searching for new content.


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