Monday, September 28, 2015

The Old Lady of Highsec

I get a lot of random EVEmails from people all across highsec. Whenever I see a message like this plea from Madaris Tegerrin, I become curious about the events that led to its being written. Every EVEmail has a story. This is one of them.

It began harmlessly enough. Agent ST0NER SMURF ganked an empty pod belonging to a carebear. He then sent her a standard-issue New Order information packet containing some background about highsec history, along with a survey.

Madaris was impressed enough to respond with a payment of 10 million isk. She also added a mining permit to her bio. So far, so good.

...But then things went awry. Instead of accepting the Code without reservations, the miner began to think for herself. Unfortunately, this often leads to Code violations. Agent ST0NER warned her against this.

Madaris had some serious concerns regarding the provisions in the Code about AFK mining. It seems she'd developed a taste for AFK mining over the previous several months. A Gallant miner would have changed her behavior. Madaris, on the other hand, wrote an essay.

Like so many other AFK miners, Madaris felt it was her right to engage in automated gameplay. She wanted to be exempt from the Code because she walks with a limp. You might ask how that prevents her from docking up before going AFK--or indeed, how it affects her gameplay in any way. Carebear excuses rarely make sense. And they never take priority over the Code.

Madaris declared her intention to violate the Code on a regular basis. She wanted to play by her own rules, because she is "an old woman". However, the Code does not allow for such biases. It embraces diversity: Everyone gets to obey.

Agent ST0NER answered Madaris' questions. She had asked how Agents determine if a miner is AFK; he told her that miners must respond in local if requested by an Agent. To put it mildly, Madaris didn't like that answer. She immediately removed the mining permit from her bio and wrote another essay.

Madaris simply couldn't accept the idea that miners must take their place at the bottom of the highsec hierarchy. Nor would she recognize the exalted position of our Agents.

Let a miner speak for long enough, and he'll almost always admit his guilt. Madaris expressed illegal opinions about highsec's Saviour, but there was more: She admitted that she "started to play EVE because of its AFK possibilities"! CCP marketing team, take note.

Interestingly, she also revealed (if you didn't catch it in her bio earlier) that she was 39 years old, which qualifies as "an old woman" by her standards. Were you imagining an elderly grandmother with her cane, dear reader? Never trust a carebear.

Madaris gave up her mining permit. Without a valid New Order license in her possession, the carebear was left with nothing. Nothing, that is, except her appreciation of the wondrous beauty of EVE. Nevertheless, it is the Agents of the New Order who make EVE beautiful. Carebear, don't spoil it with your non-compliance.


  1. How did you come to that conclusion? I don't see it....

  2. [The Code] embraces diversity: Everyone gets to obey.

    This cracked me up.

  3. Please elaborate on your remarks, Mr Anon.

    What precisely are the unique qualities of a 'jerk', and how may they be demonstrated to be possessed by the wildly vague 'you guys' mentioned at the top of your no doubt deeply pondered comments (immediately following the empty and therefore redundant ejaculation 'Wow!')?

    You also offend our Saviour by your misuse of the pronoun 'everyone'. He is well known to dislike the term 'some people', used frequently by casual writers and speakers to stiffen an otherwise weak position, and suffering, alas, from the same lack of precision.

    'Everyone', in this instance, is even worse, for it is a bald lie, Mr Anon. A moment's reflection would reveal this to you were you capable of such an act, which it appears you are not.

    This particular blog demonstrates James 315's oft-displayed ability to extract the essence of a particular position represented by a carebear, and to present it with startling clarity.

    Alas, your comment is bereft both of meaning and of value; though it may perhaps afford you some private relish.

    Keep writing, Mr Anon! With luck and a strong wind you're bound to reach the shores of Relevance - and to sink there without trace.

  4. You do like to hear yourself talk, don't you? Everyone thinks so.

  5. The code is crap...

  6. @Anon8:22
    It would appear that you, like so many other Anons, are wrong, again.

    Agent Nyemtsov is probably one of the most well-spoken Agents of the New Order; and has the privilege of being no less than the corporeal voice of Father of Highsec James 315 Himself.

    Many of Sasha's Soundclouds can be found on the "Links" page that you can find at the top of the website. I suggest that you, in particular, listen to James 315's Second Manifesto; Mr. Nyemtsov did Highsec a favor by breaking it down into ten chapters- easily consumable for even the most non-compliant miner.

    If you ever wanted to know why CODE. does what we do, why we believe what we believe, and why Highsec is worth saving, I encourage you to have a listen, and understand why Mr. Nyemtsov is one of the New Order's most highly valued treasures.

  7. Listen to you guys breathlessly defend your long-windedness!

    Does not change the fact that in your very core you are truly vile people.

    I've even heard that some of you guys are in fact bad parents!

  8. My God, 8:48 anon thinks that some people here might be bad parents..... It's all over......


  9. Dat mofo quoted from jc superstar. W t f

  10. Does "i've got friends in very mighty corps around Empire" count as a bingo square?
    seems like it should, and if it does, then thats bingo yea?

  11. This proves again that a permit indeed is not the best tank. Best tank is being at keyboards and paying attention in a tanked ship. No need to pay others if you do that. The permit in itself is completely worthless.

    1. In other words; Following the Code is the best tank.

      You are correct in that the New Order Mining Permit™ does not physically contribute to the defense of an otherwise illegal PvE-oriented ship. However, it does provide the following, not-insignificant advantages:

      1. It serves as a 30-second warning that a gankfleet is getting ready to drop on you. Agents will always hail a permit holder in local before ganking, to see if said miner is actually being Code-compliant. So many non-compliants, as we regularly see on Minerbumping, cry that "They weren't warned about not having a permit before they were ganked." Well, this permit serves as your warning.

      2. Having a permit spreads the word to other would-be non-compliants that the Code is the official Law of Highsec, and must be obeyed. It encourages other miners to contact the New Order and obtain their permits if they hadn't already. As such, The Permit serves as a social reinforcement that dually protects and informs all those around, providing a measure of safety and warning to those who wouldn't have it.

      3. The Permit costs what one good Meta 4 Damage Control would cost, and it lasts an entire year. It doesn't go away if you accidentally get popped by rats or by pirates. And it stays in place, provided you are polite to New Order Agents.

      So in conclusion, a Permit, in conjunction with a corresponding physical tank, indeed is the best tank, and provides real value.

  12. looks like anti-ganking failed to save another carebear.

  13. to show how hypocritical the code is and how unflawless james 315 is..

    "Instead of accepting the Code without reservations, the miner began to think for herself."

    So what they want is mindless sheep "bots" that follow the code ...

    it goes to show that the code that claims to save people in essence creating content to keep themself content with the game are infact VILE and LOATHING people that just think about themselves rarely bothing to actually play the game but choose to change all the mechanics to suit their needs and a layer of bullshit to justify it.

    Goonswarm had 1 mission "Destroy EvE" and code is a product off it to "destroy"highsec most of the current agent lack the knowlegde that set the start of the code when it was in the works.

    keep it up james you can do it only YOU CAN DESTROY HIGH SEC

    1. Miner, calm down.

      "Sheeple" is not a word we use in the New Order, or any other civilized society. It is only a word used by miners, jobless hippies, and other people who make a living stealing toilet paper and bankrupting McDonalds by continually asking them for free water cups.

      Also, you are wrong about Goons and CODE. Goons are in Miniluv. CODE. are the righteous followers of Saviour of Highsec James 315. We are not affiliated, but our goals align.

    2. CODE. Agent, calm down.

      CODE. = Bullies.

    3. Miners are not allowed to imitate Agents unless they wish to imitate the superior culture of the New Order.

      This Agent can completely understand why you would want to do that.
      Partly because the New Order is awesome, Partly because James 315 is handsome and well spoken, and partly because miners are neither of these things.

    4. grrrr gons hat gons ruein game eve is dying

  14. And now James knows the horror of being a Russian man.
    Can you imagine having to put up with that every day of your life?
    And know you now why Russian men start drinking vodka at age 3...:)

    Mike Adoulin

  15. "We are all temporary human beings. Love and be loved in return."

    Moving and profound words, a truth I learned from another player as I played Eve last night. I am truly amazed at how this game magnifies the best and the worst of our characters. The mask does truly fall away when we play and our true selves are revealed.

    I have played Eve for a couple years now, dabbling in every aspect of the game with different characters, a perpetual newb testing the waters. I have been an anti-ganker and a member of code, I have been in every type of corporation and alliance in every region of New Eden. I have met a lot of people.

    No where have I ever met a more vile and morally bankrupt group of people than with the followers of the New Order and the members of CODE. This story just confirms my point.

    Ever wonder why most people who sign up with your cause often move on or stop logging in after a couple months? They think it will be fun, attracted to the easy tears and the power of it, then they realize how vile the new order really is. Some embrace it, most turn away.

    1. "This story just confirms my point"

      That's a bold statement, care to back it up with actual evidence?

    2. @Anon12:18
      I believe that you say that you were a member of CODE., but the way you speak makes me believe you are lying, and are in all actuality, yet one more butthurt carebear who was too scared to try PVP, and probably tried to lobby to have it removed.

      It is such faux sweet-smelling words that mask the truly vile citizens of New Eden. And the New Order is here to flush you out, and down.

    3. No, you know who I am. ;)

  16. CODE are pirates, plain and simple. They only survive by targeting the stupid, the careless, and the ignorant.

    There are however, some things that set them apart from the hundreds of other pirate corps in the Eve cluster:

    First, they require a public display of submission in your bio. You pay them a small fee to (maybe?) get a warning when they are looking for ganks to pad their killboard.

    Second, they operate in high-sec, instead of low-sec, 0.0, or wormhole space. While they might make a fast foray into low-sec to kill a lone dreadnought, the last large-scale deployment out of high-sec saw them pounded to scrap and scurrying home in short order.

    Third, they are a personality cult arranged around a person with a stunningly, mind bogglingly, over-inflated sense of their own self-importance. Delusions of Grandeur of this magnitude are usually the hallmark of severe psychosis.

    To not be harassed by them you only need to follow 3 simple rules, which make sense to follow whether your a 1-day old newb, or a 10-year old vet. These rules also apply in all locations equally, high-sec, low-sec, 0.0, or wormhole space.

    1. Be at the controls of your ship at all times
    2. Tank your ship as best you can
    3. Don't move huge amounts of valuable goods in fragile containers

    If you follow those three rules, you will generally be safe(r). If you don't, you will suffer the consequences. From CODE, from NPCs, from your war targets, from roving gangs, from anyone or anything that sees you.

    Happy trails!

    1. Your "Rules" are literally just following the code. You might have well saved yourself typing all that and just said "Follow the code".

    2. @Anon2:44
      Please provide evidence of the last "large-scale deployment" out of highsec that got the New Order "pounded to scrap" and "hurrying home in short order."

      I'll bet you can't do it.

      Wanna know why?

      Because CODE. has never made a large-scale deployment out of Highsec.

      James 315 space is the place where we live, work, and it is the place we are needed. For this reason, we will continue to serve the residents of Highsec until the Light of James 315 has made everyone who lives under his auspices Code-compliant.

      And in case you didn't know, James 315 has earned every bit of glory and fame that he lays claim to. He has been an integral member of the EVE community since 2005, and is probably one of the top 10 most-prolific posters on this game and its history. You, anon, seem to like making long-winded posts about things you think are important, but as The Mittani said, "You don't know anything about what you're talking about, and therefore your ideas are unworthy of respect."

      Culture matters in EVE. This is what makes this game so great and different. And if you followed the Code and joined the New Order, you might glean some insight from the sheer amount of EVE History James 315 has been a vital part of.

    3. It's correct that CODE doesn't do large scale low-sec deployments, but loyalanon styles himself a low-sec PvPer, He sometimes goes into low-sec himself or leads small CODE fleets into low-sec. This would work except that his fits are the worst you've ever seen and he has no idea how to FC against other fleets with guns.

      So that leads to a really funny bad loss-mails. Examples, just from this month: (see related)

  17. All those who berate the New Order and sign themselves 'Anon'; Harken!

    Ming Tso perfectly captures the spirit of this Movement and shows rare insight in presenting its aims and aspirations.

    His devotion to Our Saviour is unswerving and profound; he cannot be gainsaid upon any matter touching our beloved Code or its dissemination throughout our lands.

    We are grateful for the time he takes to answer the often puerile comments from folk such as yourselves who, lacking any restraint, vomit into these hallowed pages the first thing that enters their heads.

    Comments may by all means be succinct, but if they are worthless to boot then I quite understand why their authors hide behind 'Anon'.

    It is not that they fear being targeted in-game, but rather that the twin charges of idiocy and imbecility will likely follow them wherever they go, to their eternal - and well deserved - shame.


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