Sunday, September 6, 2015

Kills of the Week

Remember what I told you about X-FEANOR? I wasn't exaggerating. From his personal killboard this week...

Two freighters worth approximately 12 billion isk, both lost by X-FEANOR on the same day, in the same system. Every ganker should have this gentleman on their watchlist. Be advised that he is unarmed and extremely bot-aspirant.

Now let's see what other nonsense was going on in highsec during the week of August 30th @ 00:00 EVEtime through September 5th @ 23:59 EVEtime.

Tobe Araxus took his 16 billion isk freighter on a suicide run through highsec. I presume suicide was his intention, as he didn't bother to equip a mining permit. He was stopped for a thorough search by Agents Turbolaserwolf BurningStar, Keraina Talie-Kuo, Krominal, Cheeky Nando, Capt Starfox, Ryvarant, PV Rock, Boarat Saagdiyev, loyalanon, Victorieux Secret, Anti-Ganker, Norrec Lafisques, InferiDiii, Lament von Gankenheim, The Occidental, Reggie Thistleton, and Lady Ati. (His web alt, Omega Trigger, couldn't overcome the New Order's power.)

Ten billion isk worth of moongoo was successfully recovered by a New Order freighter. Anti-Ganking was nowhere to be seen. Wherever they were, they were failing.

We interrupt this Kills of the Week post for a public service announcement. Freighters, don't lie to Agents of the New Order. Notice how ouigee board "found" extra money when it became clear she was going to die? By contrast, Agent loyalanon told nothing but the truth: She would die if she didn't pay, and they were undocking to kill her.

As for what would happen if ouigee did pay the ransom...

...The answer was in the Code. No permit, no ship. Also, lying to an Agent invalidates your ransom payments.

AeleDeux's explorer exploding contest for September is off to a good start. nekalich tuyendry was discovered by Agents Krochglansin Sahkspier, Caldari Citizen80081355, and Staren Intaspase, who also popped the explorer's 961 million isk pod, for a nearly 2.4 billion isk loss. Explorers should keep in mind that a New Order mining permit is required if you choose to explore highsec.

Remember when CCP boosted the hitpoints of the tech I industrial ships so they couldn't be suicide ganked as easily? Shoei Yoshimura repaid CCP's generosity by piling more isk into his ship. Agent PV Rock helped him unload it. PV Rock is a really nice guy, so Shoei didn't even need to ask for his help.

Also this week, Dark Dude lost a 1.4 billion isk Tayra to Agent HotShotX Warcastle. Carebears, please don't make expensive Tayras a "thing" now.

Someone lied to Peter Canyon. They told him that the New Order can't fight ships that shoot back. Agent Overlay One demonstrated once again what the rest of us know to be true: CODEdot is filled with elite PvP'ers. Our Agents can do with mining ships what the carebears can't even do with combat ships!

Overlay One went on to destroy more war targets with her battle Skiff. That's our vision for highsec: Combat Skiffs instead of piƱata Tayras.

Agent Dreadchain got in on the Skiff fun, as well. But as you can see, his target wasn't in a wardeccable corp. I'll let you speculate about how he managed the kill. Actually, on second thought...
black en Distel > i think you must make the container free per right click
Dreadchain > really?
Dreadchain > I never had to do that before
Dreadchain > is your safety green?
black en Distel > yes
Dreadchain > maybe thats the problem
black en Distel > ah ok didnt now
black en Distel > asshole
New Order magic is fun even when you know how the trick is done.

Comet Miner lost a 3.1 billion isk pod when he was confronted by Agent Eleni Helios about a Code-related matter. Agents like Eleni believe in good, honest enforcement. They know that not every kill will be a glamorous one. In fact, Eleni had no idea Comet Miner was hiding such an expensive pod--it was inside a 50 million isk fail-fit Retriever!

There's no hiding in highsec anymore. As the number of Code-compliant, permit-carrying miners continues to grow, the rebels will become ever more conspicuous.


  1. Another victory from the New Order of highsec!!!!

  2. Incredible roleplay, folks.

    Your content is bringing me, a Capsuleer retired from New Eden, coming back here every day for another exciting tale.

  3. "Every ganker should have this gentleman on their watchlist. Be advised that he is unarmed and extremely bot-aspirant."


    Consider yourself warned!!!

  4. Well, since I do a lot of exploring, perhaps a code agent will have the unfortunate bad luck to encounter me. And incidents like ouigee board are reasons why more and more people are refusing to pay ransoms, which of course will piss the legitimate pirates off.

    I know that Jimmy Fag Boy 315 has his head stuffed so far up his weird glowing cannibal ass that he can't think straight, maybe he should consider the main reason that EvE is in decline is because of gankers, extortionists, griefers, thieves, and other malcontents such as CODE. So come on Jimmy Boy, pull that head out of your ass for a while and get some fresh air. After all, your agents want to see the stretch marks on your face that you have been hiding from them for some time.

    1. Lol... "legitimate pirates".. you mean Carebears?

    2. My comment stands... "legitimate pirates".... lol. Also, try to calm down, miner. Maybe a nice relaxing cup of chamomile tea will help.

    3. "unfortunate bad luck to encounter me."

      Im sure seeing a fail fit heron fitted with all warp core stabs run will be terrifying

    4. We've already had the "unfortunate bad luck" to have BM as a regular on this blog. God forbid we actually meet him in-game, or in-person.

    5. I suspect any ingame meeting wouldn't go well on the part of BM, which is probably why he steers clear.

    6. Actually, I already have a few code kills under my belt. In fact, myst meetings that I have in game with code ends up with code getting podded. But of course if I posted any of them here, you guys would start sending gank fleets to grief me in game.

      Additionally, Unlike you code monkey bot aspirant fags, I actually contribute to CCP's top line by paying a subscription fee instead of plexing my account. So as any intelligent person can see, this is what code agents do: They are such cheapskates that they prey on legitimate players to pay for their accounts. How pathetic can one get? Look no further than a code agent to see the lowest of the low scum of EvE.

      Even the legitimate pirates laugh at you.

    7. One more thing. Since it has come up, I define a legitimate pirate as a pirate who will honor ransoms, which is something that code very rarely does. Incidents where code honors the ransom are few and far between as evidenced right here on this blog.

      I dare you to prove me wrong.

    8. Well of course no code agent will honor a ransom. They after all only want the iskies. The more they get the more they want, which is typical carebear actions. @butthurt miner, Its nice to hear that someone else gets to pod the real children of this game, that being code members :) I got quite a few of them over the years, and like you im wise enough not to post those kills, as they would then know my main :) (And yes, i know this irritates and enrages code members, hense why i do it)


    9. Claiming to kill agents of the New Order but providing no evidence because you are scared that they will discover who your main is "enraged code members"


    10. Yeah, look at other "people" like Dysiwa (or whatever) who was fearless and showed us his ingame name. I'm sure he can confirm that "not being a coward" didn't subject him to undue harrassment.

      Unlike entities such as Butthurt Miner and the self-proclaimed "miner philanthropist" m

  5. Do not forsake those retrievers people! They hold hidden goodies, like a kinder egg.

    -Galaxy Pig

  6. Why keep calling it a "mining permit" when clearly just undocking without a "mining permit" is an excuse for CODE to ejaculate RP faggatory all over newbies?

    1. Indeed. Unlike lesser games, EVE Online has a rich history, one in which the Saviour Of Highsec, James 315 has played a prominent role, even before He became the Father of the New Order, as one of the chief chroniclers of EVE's history.

      One would do well to find James's old works written in the days of COAD regarding the "History of All of EVE." and "Currin Trading." They are wonderfully written masterpieces of EVE Lore.

  7. ButthurtM has never podded anything. Lies
    But i bet he is having pedo dreams irl

    1. ^^ and they call CODE. twisted...

    2. @Anon11:31
      As you can clearly see, it is not the New Order who is twisted; it is indeed as we say.

      Carebears are utter scum, and they need to be deleted from EVE Online, through any means necessary.


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