Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Not My Freighter

On occasion, critics of the New Order express a longing for the days when our activities were restricted solely to bumping the carebears and not killing them. This is actually a myth, since the New Order has been killing non-compliants since its earliest days. Still, according to the rebels' faux nostalgia, things were better when we engaged players in conversation before shooting them.

What the rebels fail to appreciate is that our gankers spend more time in pre-gank chats now than ever before. Our bumpers keep freighters bouncing around while the gank fleets assemble. They're given plenty of warning.

Freighter pilot Galtar Heleneto was shown the lossmails of his fellow carebears. Still, he wouldn't pay up. Then, suddenly, he wanted time to speak with his "client".

After several minutes, the freighter pilot continued to stall. Many carebears try this tactic. But ultimately, it is the 15-minute global criminal timer that rules the day. And it cannot be delayed.

As the gank fleet prepared to undock, Galtar revealed the identity of his "client". He was working for The Marmite Collective! It was a rare case of a carebear name-dropping powerful friends in highsec. Perhaps it's a sign of the times.

Some things never go out of style. The CODE always wins. A star-studded cast of New Order gankers put an end to the dilatory carebear's Hamlet routine.

"Didn't want that freighter anyway" became didn't have that freighter anyway. Galtar was just holding it for a friend. An unlikely story--a carebear with a friend!


  1. Help us win the war on gankers, goons, and their pets... Cut off the head of the snake and it will die!

    We are looking for players willing to fight back here in 0.0 Sec. No experience in pvp? We will train you.

    Visit our in game recruitment channel: MORDUS PUBLIC for more information.

    We are now killing more goons than ever! Help us remove the goon blight from eve forever.

    1. Oh look. Another hero who's going to rally all of hisec against us. Finally someone to organize the resistance. /s

    2. Does anyone else find it odd that these Angels are so successful that they're reduced to drumming up support from their opponents' blog? Odd it is indeed, and somewhat distasteful.

    3. What is the deal with Gevlon and Goons?
      Did they touch his private parts ?

    4. Nobody really knows what makes Gevlon tick. Some say he's a spreadsheet become sentient. He used to be a fairly successful ganker with the New Order, but that didn't last for too terribly long. He's a very difficult person. To put it mildly.

      I think that ultimately it's about culture clash. The Imperium exists only to generate content for its members in whatever way they deem fun. Gevlon's definition of fun is winning, and winning *hard.* He's actually generally very good at winning if you go by his definition of it (usually based around spreadsheets.)

      The clash centers around his "play the best you can all the time and win" strategy and the Imperium's "fuck it lets torch Provi/Burn Jita/thunderdome in VFK" mentality.

    5. Goon / Code tears. Love it!

      Sasha: This is odd and distasteful... coming from from a Code agent! XD

      Anon: Why do they hate us so much? :(

      290Xanaots: Goons are fun, why do you kill us? :(

      Mercy. You guys are too much. HTFU. Take a minute and understand the purpose of your so-called-Code and maybe you wont complain so much when a null-sec alliance offers to train carebears to pvp. Maybe you never thought they'd actively hunt goons when they got there! I guess you could say that would be wildly inappropriate! lololol XD

      And on your earlier comment: We in the High Sec Militia are doing well. We don't save every freighter but we do save some. You just can't war dec us, nor can you awox us. So I guess in that way we aren't "organized" the way you wish we were. :P

      tl;dr Goons are dying :( and Code is crying :)

    6. Yeah I just visited that 'Highsec Militia' website... pretty pathetic...

      Why doesn't the author try being funny/interesting like James 315? Seems like you'd get more hits that way...

      -Galaxy Pig

  2. Another defeat for the AG? why didnt they save his freighter????

    1. We couldn't save this one either. Triple untanked.... and no permit! Bot aspirancy if there ever was one.

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  4. No idea who these United Systems of Aridia are, but using our name in local chat without a permit, is asking for WAR !!



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