Thursday, September 3, 2015

He's Still Not Banned Yet?

It's the ancient dream of the bot-aspirant carebear.

Since the very beginning, miners have longed for the day when the Saviour of Highsec would be permabanned for the crime of disrupting their "gameplay".

Carebears can't make things happen; they're too passive. The next best thing is to imagine that they've already gotten what they want.

...Then comes the inevitable disappointment.

For the carebear who thinks it's against the EULA to shoot someone in highsec, it's quite difficult to understand why the New Order hasn't been punished yet.

Then again, the rebels have never been able to get much of an understanding of who we are and what we do.

Ironically, we're the most transparent organization in EVE. We're not exactly shy or secretive about our purpose in the game. You can read the Code--you can read all about us! Sadly, too many carebears choose ignorance. Far from blissful, their lack of knowledge is costly and painful. Keep giving 'em the Code, though. They'll thank you eventually.


  1. Rod0206 - "their "code" is that you should never leave your keyboard while in high sec unless you pay the "savior" for a pass"

    That's NOT what the code says. He needs to realize there is never a good time to AFK in Eve.

  2. Looks like Anti-ganking is failing for ANOTHER day.


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