Friday, September 11, 2015

The Indecent Proposal, Part 1

JTClone Ares is one of the New Order's most notorious foes. His very name sends a shudder of horror across highsec.

His infamy began last summer when his corp, Damned Defeat, was awoxed by Agents of the New Order. After he became aware of the infiltration, he went AFK to re-watch a Godzilla film in a movie theater. He told his miners to keep mining and generating revenue for the corp despite the active awox attacks. When our awoxers took over his corp and kicked out the members, JTClone declared himself anti-Code and began recording speeches and interviews to that effect.

Failing to rally the Anti-Ganking "community" into an effective fighting force, he continued to foment discontent in highsec. Last December, JTClone made his most brazen attack yet: He conspired to infiltrate and disband the CODE. alliance itself. However, his contacts in CODEdot turned out to be undercover New Order Agents. In an intricate ruse, they managed to trick JTClone into allowing them to disband his alliance instead.

This past spring, JTClone continued to plot against us. He pinned his hopes on rumors that CCP would ban the New Order. Apparently he'd heard that CCP's study about the effect of ganking on new player retention would vindicate the Anti-Gankers. (Actually, CCP Rise concluded that ganking improves player retention.)

Having lost his previous corps and alliances to awoxers, JTClone started The Aurora Renaissance alliance. Long story short, it was continually wardecced. In this cropped screenshot, you can see a sample of just a handful of them.

But did JTClone Ares still intend to bring about the end of the New Order? As the awox attacks against JTClone demonstrated, our Agents are proactive. We don't sit back and wait for a threat to materialize. And so it was decided that one of our Agents should go undercover and establish a rapport with JTClone. That way, we could learn more about his intentions and foil any anti-Code plots he was brewing. Ideally, the operative would need to be subtle, diplomatic, and not too easily identified as having an agenda. One of our Agents quickly volunteered for the job.
loyalanon > o/
JTClone Ares > o/
loyalanon > hows things going

The volunteer was Agent loyalanon: the New Order's most celebrated fleet commander, EVE's finest PvP'er, the CEO of The Conference Elite, and the executor of the CODEdot alliance. The perfect spy.
JTClone Ares > good and please tell me you are talking to me about something completely different the rest of what you guys keep trying to do
JTClone Ares > also how are you doing
loyalanon > i was jus seeing how you are doing
JTClone Ares > okay so the purpose of this convo really is just to see how im doing?
It's not for no reason that JTClone is among the Anti-Gankers' leading lights. He was immediately suspicious of loyalanon's motives.
loyalanon > im good
loyalanon > so you made the move out to nullsec yet?
JTClone Ares > nope people keep stopping me but i got my plans for myself and alliance as well as other things
loyalanon > thats nice
loyalanon > as long as you always have a plan
After some niceties were exchanged, the door was open for loyalanon to begin acquiring information from the rebel leader.
loyalanon > why havent you tried to work out a coalition with another nullsec coaltiion
JTClone Ares > alreadyw orking out deals with other alliances and coalitions
loyalanon > thats good
JTClone Ares > you do know its been like 9 months since i left my war with you guys right
loyalanon > yes
loyalanon > do you still take part in the whole anti-ganking thing'
JTClone suggested that he was willing to put his old vendettas aside and move to nullsec. It's what our Agent wanted to hear, but was it true? loyalanon needed to put it to the test.
JTClone Ares > I left that community
JTClone Ares > i left both really
JTClone Ares > ganking and antiganking
loyalanon > anti-ganking has become alot more toxic
JTClone Ares > i no longer have interested in them except the pilots i knew and flew with
So far, so good. Without JTClone at the helm, the resistance would be even less effective at stopping the spread of the Code.
loyalanon > i have a question for you
JTClone Ares > besides i already know this will be up on your blog so ask away
loyalanon > how much do you think someone would pay me to disband code alliance?
Just as JTClone finished saying that he wanted to leave the past in the past, loyalanon posed an intriguing question.
JTClone Ares > it would depend if that pilot is out for isk, power, influence, or fame
loyalanon > just because its code
loyalanon > im the executor now
JTClone Ares > If i chose to put a corp in there I would disband it in a heart beat and walk away from the computer for short time being. while they rage and teared for days
JTClone Ares > but that aint my place any more
The very idea of CODEdot disbanding seemed to awaken something inside the old rebel.
loyalanon > well
loyalanon > im willing to disband it for 20bil
loyalanon > i have already been offered a place in pandemic legion
loyalanon > if someone wanted me to do some damage on the way out
loyalanon > im more then happy to
loyalanon > for the right price
Then a bombshell was dropped. loyalanon revealed that he was planning to leave CODEdot to join Pandemic Legion, and that he would disband the alliance for 20 billion isk. Had CODEdot's executor gone rogue? Was this the end of the New Order? Or was it all part of an elaborate sting operation that would ultimately make JTClone Ares look even more ridiculous than ever?

To be continued...


  1. Nooooooooo!!!!

    Not loyalanon! Say it ain't so!

  2. God dammit, we should have seen this coming, I always knew, deep inside, loyal would one day sell us out! Maybe it was his South Auckland accent, maybe all these freighter kills were just a cover for this incredible plan of his! My God, how deep does it go?!

  3. "JTClone Ares is one of the New Order's most notorious foes. His very name sends a shudder of horror across highsec."

    - comedy gold right there

  4. No! No, no, no, no, no. No. You can't do this to us, James. I'm not talking about the alliance sale. I'm talking about this post!

    Making this post a multi-part post with such a huge cliff-hanger amounts to real-life torture. I will not let this stand! This has gone too far! I am reporting you to CCP for the real-life torture of your faithful readers!

    1. Bonus room material definitely.

    2. Actually all of his shit is bonus room material. Reading the code outloud is what got all those agents banned.

  5. low hanging fruit is pretty easy, but this is like picking up rotten fruit off the ground and still selling it.

    1. JTclone is one of those things that is funny the first time, kinda tired the second time around, unfunny by the third.... It's around the eigth time that it starts being funny again through sheer absurdity.

    2. JT goes way back. way back...

  6. BeBopAreBop RhubarbPieSeptember 11, 2015 at 9:42 PM

    CODE seems to have a history of executors being anti-ganking spies. I mean Loyal sells out, and john receives dreads from sarah.

  7. Holy shit yez, this is gonna be good!
    Thank you savior in advance for the carebear tears!

  8. She'd probably get more respect from the rest of the Eve community if she did.

  9. JTClone Ares is the Osama bin Laden of Highsec.

    1. Actually, that title belongs to James 315 The Baboon of Highsec himself.

    2. Hey BM. Can you pleeeeease explain the difference between players that sub with ISK and those who pay cash directly? I'm dying to hear it.

      -Galaxy Pig

    3. Don't forget to include what makes one group better than the other!


    4. I already explained it in a previous post. If you don't have the intelligence to figure it out, then I can't help you. Besides the obvious fact that you are trying to troll me, I will say this: You can't fix stupid.

    5. I'm not so much trolling you as I am simply attempting to get you to explain these things, and in so doing demonstrate your complete ignorance about the PLEX system.

      Your previous comments seem to indicate that you are clueless about how PLEXing an account works.

      If you know how it works then just explain it, and explain exactly how/why one is better for CCP than the other.

      Why not? It will only take a minute.

      Are you afraid to display your ignorance?

      Are you starting to get a sneaking suspicion that there IS in fact something HUGE about PLEX that you don't understand?

      -Galaxy Pig

    6. @Butthurt Miner (4:31AM) "I will say this: You can't fix stupid."

      You, sir, are living proof of that statement.

    7. The whole new order is living proof of that statement...

    8. "If you know how it works then just explain it, and explain exactly how/why one is better for CCP than the other. "

      Paying with cash is better for CCP, because there is no practical limit to the number of people paying with cash, while the number of people paying with ISK to buy PLEX is limited by the number of people who are willing to pay cash for ISK(not considering the existence of short or mid-term stockpiles), a number which obviously varies under a number of different constraints but is still limited over the long term. Put another way, while each pair of PLEX buyers/consumers is worth something 20% more than a single credit card subscriber, the PLEX consumer is only half of the former pair; and a reasonable argument can be made that the PLEX "supplier" is the more limited part of that supply/demand relationship. Also, the decoupling between account and payment that occurs in the PLEX system that does not occur with normal credit card subscription incurs additional risk for CCP of CC fraud, etc, in the PLEX system, which is a plausible explanation for the higher price point in that case.

      Not sure why you are bringing this point up yet again, Pig, of all the things you could bring up in his colorful history, given that it is probably the only instance where BM's position even approaches defensibility.

  10. I would be very surprised if Loyalamoron actually did sell out the code and disband it.
    My take is that this is just another role playing plot device cooked up code in order to "create content" for Jimmy Boy to write about.

  11. Does this have anything to do with all the Internal Affairs crap in my mailbox yesterday? ��

  12. I left the game to pursue a career in Hello Kitty Online, but this post caught my attention as another example of how the CODE is ruining the game for honest highsecer's like JTCA. I hope concord steps in and gives JTCA 40 billion + titan for how you guys treated him in the past and even now..... pure RL harrasment this is!

    1. After loyalanon's betrayal... I CAN ACTUALLY BELIEVE THIS IS THE REAL VEERS!

    2. Ha! That is the real Veers

  13. "Or was it all part of an elaborate sting operation that would ultimately make JTClone Ares look even more ridiculous than ever?"

    *yawn* Do you think?


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