Monday, September 14, 2015

The Indecent Proposal, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Few rebel leaders enjoy the infamy of JTClone Ares. His schemes to take down the New Order have become the stuff of legend. Last December, he was tricked into handing over control of his alliance to Agent TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet, all as part of our Agent's fake plan to disband CODEdot. Now JTClone was in a convo with Agent loyalanon, who offered to disband CODEdot for 20 billion isk. But JTClone claimed that his days as a rebel leader were over.
JTClone Ares > well if i had the isk i would be tempted but I would only pay if certain things happened
JTClone Ares > but sadly i dont have the isk
JTClone Ares > like i said to a previous code agent
JTClone Ares > you dont need to ride my back on how you awoxed code. Do it yourself if you truly want to watch the world burn
After mulling over loyalanon's proposal, JTClone had to admit that the idea of disbanding CODEdot was tempting. Maybe a tiny flame still flickered inside the retired Anti-Ganker. However, it didn't matter, since he didn't have 20 billion isk. Fighting the New Order doesn't pay.
JTClone Ares > like i did when i made those interviews and speeches against I watched you burn for a while before i stopped.
loyalanon > well without the right price
loyalanon > i wouldnt
loyalanon > but if you were interested in getting your payback
JTClone Ares > nah whats done is done
After some hesitation, JTClone turned down the offer. His war was over. He was a family man now.
loyalanon > i would be happy to put a corp controlled by you as the executor
JTClone Ares > best thing to do is create an alt let me place an alt in it join the alliance disband it and leave 2 afk in active pilots in that corp. with a few hundred mil isk and leave it to rot and die
JTClone Ares > you can join PL and you can make your own story
JTClone Ares > besides all code does now a days is a religious idealogy
Despite his claims of neutrality, JTClone couldn't resist offering some advice to loyalanon on how best to destroy the alliance.
loyalanon > 20bil is my asking price
loyalanon > have a talk to your friends, this would be a bigger alliance disbandment then band of brothers
loyalanon > this would be talked about for years
JTClone Ares > well if i had 20bil isk i would pay you after the job is done but if i could find that isk I would
The temptation was clearly growing. JTClone admitted that he would take loyalanon's offer if he had 20 billion isk to his name. That doesn't sound like something a former rebel would do. He was acting like a Code violator!
JTClone Ares > yep but the main question is
JTClone Ares > could i trust you
loyalanon > i dont have any reason to screw people over
loyalanon > i have never personally screwed you over
JTClone Ares > hmm
Then again, if JTClone did somehow get his hands on 20 billion isk, how could he trust the New Order's most famous Agent--the very executor of CODEdot himself? loyalanon turned the question around on him: "Hey, why not?" It was a persuasive argument.
JTClone Ares > want to become business partners in the time being. If you give me a short time to get the isk together which depends on what happens from here to then depends on if i can trust you or not
loyalanon > sure thing
JTClone Ares > let this WD go without incident and let it burn out
JTClone Ares > then you can gain a little bit of my trust
loyalanon > i trust that this conversation and any future ones stay between us
There was no mistaking it now: The allegedly retired rebel leader wanted to get back in the game. He took his first concrete step toward joining the conspiracy by asking loyalanon to do something specific for him. As a sign of good faith, he wanted loyalanon to let the wardec against JTClone's alliance lapse.
loyalanon > we can make it look like you got an alt in as a ganker or whatever
loyalanon > to disband
JTClone Ares > It will but if you want me to play along we both will end up playing one another besides I got some serious plans that could disrupt or wipe out code hard
JTClone Ares > but you will need to give me some time though
All pretense was gone. JTClone Ares wanted to "wipe out code hard". Treason!
JTClone Ares > and I will only pay you after the deed is done
JTClone Ares > I will keep my word if you keep yours
loyalanon > sure
JTClone Ares > but other then that if this shows up in MB consider it just a shit convo that is meaningless to anyone
loyalanon > sure
Of course, JTClone had experience being burned by phony plots to disband CODEdot. He didn't intend to make the same mistake here. He had specific terms. Under no circumstances would he simply hand over 20 billion isk without proper safeguards. Also, he insisted on full deniability in the unlikely event that the whole thing ended up on MinerBumping.
loyalanon > ask around to your friends
loyalanon > we can use a third party to hold the isk untill the deed is done
JTClone Ares > I will
JTClone Ares > most likely will be an alt i create
loyalanon > sure thing
The first signs were encouraging. loyalanon seemed willing to go along with whatever conditions JTClone needed in order to feel comfortable.
loyalanon > once the money is with a thirdy party Ill accept your alt and make it CEo of the conference elite
JTClone Ares > nah I got bigger plans to burn the entire alliance besides If you want to have some fun and go out and shoot stuff I will help you shoot pilots just remember ik alot of targets but my personal business is my personal business
loyalanon > cool
loyalanon > well let me know
loyalanon > let me know if you manage to get the isk
Could it be? Would JTClone finally score a decisive victory against the New Order this time? It all depended on whether he could accumulate the necessary 20 billion isk. The two conspirators parted ways. An hour later, JTClone invited loyalanon to a private convo.
JTClone Ares > o/
loyalanon > hello
JTClone Ares > sorry to distrupt anything you may have going
loyalanon > what can i do for you
JTClone Ares > what are code relations with TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet
To be continued...


  1. I must say, the way TheInternet shows up right at the end of the post is simply stunning.
    Beautiful presentation, as always. Can't wait to see the rest.

  2. "JTClone Ares > what are code relations with TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet"

    - OMG, what a cliffhanger, this is way more exciting than the 'who shot JR' episode of Dallas!!!

    1. Makes me want to bust out the "I shot JR" T shirt.

  3. I just burst out laughing at that ending; roared, I did!

  4. He is still mad at Tweeps.
    This should end well.

  5. ha! your 'loyalanon' has sold out to the clone guy and will screw with this 'internet guy' who i hope is a james alt. i cant wait to see how code is ground to dust. this time i gank you! for the rebels!

    1. Yeap, sold out buy getting the very model of the 'rebels' to pay him 20 bil which he then used to buy more stuff from code. if the 'leader' of the rebels is this dumb and as dumb as you appear to be then the New Order is in no risk of ever dying.

  6. Will The Tweeps make a special appearance in the next episode? Will JT have the isk? What Third Party will they use?

    So many questions

  7. I thought 'Also, he insisted on full deniability in the unlikely event that the whole thing ended up on MinerBumping.' was the funniest thing in this. Then I read the last line.

  8. We need Code specific dum dums like the East Enders cliff hanger.

    This would have been an appropriate time to use it.

    Code... Code..Code.Code!

  9. The plot thickens. Bum bum BAAAA.

  10. OMG. Please tell me he doesn't fall for this. Seriously just search for Tweeps on this website. If he does he deserves to have his pants pulled down just for being an idiot.

  11. *meh* without actual screenshots of the convo, definitely made up.

    1. Spoilers but its actually true. This guy is really that dumb. If you want logs I can provide them.

  12. I love how people just assume that everything in MB is made up just because they don't want it to be true. News flash, people in eve are really that dumb. They really do the things described in this blog all the freaking time.


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