Sunday, September 27, 2015

Kills of the Week

The New Order and the Ministry of Love joined forces to attack bot-aspirant freighters in highsec this week. Whether to remember our martyrs, or to protest FozzieSov, or out of simple love for the Code, freighter ganking is always a good idea. Half a dozen jump freighters and 60+ freighters died during the week of September 20th @ 00:00 EVEtime through September 26th @ 23:59 EVEtime. At this point, carebears must be running out of excuses for falling victim to such campaigns.

As usual, the carebears were always at least one step behind. Chancespero discovered the gankers in Niarja by dying to them. Freighters are probably not the best scouting ships. But at least she had a better attitude than this freighter pilot:

Permits serve as a litmus test of one's character in so many ways.

Ian Noonam put everything into his freighter, inflating the ship into a prize worth 19.3 billion isk. The next step in his master plan? Autopiloting through the Uedama corridor while it was being camped to death by freighter gankers.

Ian's alt updated her bio soon afterward. Frankly, I'm not so sure people who lose a 19.3 billion isk freighter are in a good position to offer advice to their fellow highsec dwellers. Especially advice like, "Don't waste 10 million isk!"

Agents Spine Ripper, karma balancer, Lisa Tears, Krominal, Nitetime Video, holdmybeer, Yabba Dabba Do, Keraina Talie-Kuo, RAGE QUIT, Zula Terra, Aaaarrgg, loyalanon, reaper Shardani, 412nv Yaken, ThatOleSerpent, Winnie Po0h, Sophia Soprano, Chocolate Mooses, Yasu Abraham, Pod-Goo RepoWoman, Karmafleet Is Recruiting, TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet, KBKspawnwrath666, V-ktor Dolus, and Dewzer Eyre executed the gank. Ask them for advice.

Of course, empty freighters that violate the Code are still subject to ganks. PriceFixer Monopolizer lost a cheap freighter. Nothing special here, except...

A gank fleet comprised of 29 Atrons performed this kill. Why do something like this? To glorify the Code. It's like, living artwork or whatever. Kudos to Agents Lisa Tears, reaper Shardani, 412nv Yaken, karma balancer, Pod-Goo RepoWoman, Yabba Dabba Do, Julia Rage, Gunther Cucs, Keraina Talie-Kuo, Aaaarrgg, Winnie Po0h, Krominal, Tetsuigablm, loyalanon, Dewzer Eyre, Yasu Abraham, PV Rock, Lady Ati, ThatOleSerpent, V-ktor Dolus, Spine Ripper, Moogular, TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet, Chocolate Mooses, holdmybeer, RAGE QUIT, Karmafleet Is Recruiting, CatanaFleet Red, Admiral Deka, and Free Massages.

Thanks to the marvels of New Order science, it's possible to suicide gank a freighter even without a big fleet. However, because it's so easy to disrupt, the hyperdunk only succeeds in cases of heightened bot-aspirancy. Neo Jenova's jump freighter was stealth-bombed to smithereens in Jita by Agent Faylee Freir. Interestingly, Neo Jenova was actually at the keyboard as it was happening. He didn't try to escape, because he had other priorities:

I recommend sending your petitions to a ganking expert. Look for the devs with mining permits.

DiaRosCris is one of the most notorious bot-aspirant freighter pilots we've encountered. But as you can infer from this killmail, Agent Semtex Attor found a special method for dealing with her. But the destruction of DiaRosCris' Orca was only the beginning...

She was so furious that she immediately opened fire with her three Mackinaws' attack drones, getting all of them CONCORDed in the process. Who says a mining ship can't shoot back?

WoB Diamond made his triumphant return to the Kills of the Week, having been absent since last year's 5 billion isk autopiloting Nightmare. Agents Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri and Get Well Soon spotted WoB's suspicious-looking frigate traveling through the Uedama corridor without a permit. To be sure, it was fail-fit. It was also fail-cargo'ed, with 5.3 billion isk in contraband. Back to square one for WoB.

X-FEANOR is a familiar presence on any high-value kills list. This week, his expensive freighter was just one among many, but his 4.4 billion isk pod (as valued by zKillboard) couldn't be ignored. Agent Carebears' Nightmare had the honour of adding to the X-FEANOR legacy.


  1. Great job everyone! Keep it up!

    "I recommend sending your petitions to a ganking expert. Look for the devs with mining permits."

    Had to stop here and do a giggly little happy dance.

    -Galaxy Pig

    1. Someone could possibly make a gig on Fiverr for a laminated mining permit like CCP Shadowcat's.

  2. Antigankers failed for.......wait for it..... ANOTHER WEEK!!

  3. Excellent work, as always, brave Agents!!!

    Also that ganker named Yabba Dabba Do made me lol!

  4. And as usual, AG remains silent for the Sabbath.

    You know these bears don't deserve your help. And you know that even if they did.. all you could do to help is fail non-stop daily.

  5. My credit card could take them easy to lose. I am doing well over 250 million each to escape from Jita and you just kill me gay thing every second run, so I gain and you lose 20 ships. I go to all of you with my gun and deadly rays.

    1. Honestly... I can't tell anymore. These carebears are so clueless that they seem to parody themselves. It's indistinguishable from *actual* parody.

    2. gun and deadly days what????? lol

    3. Feanor, if you sincerely believe you are "gaining" every time the New Order blows you up, why are you going to all of them with deadly rays? Shouldn't you be paying them for the beneficial service they are performing for you?

      Some people need to learn how to be properly grateful.

  6. On the flip side can the esteemed James 315 please divulge how many high-value ships & pods were NOT ganked during this time period due to them holding a valid permit?

    1. All of them, of course. That goes without saying, miner.


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