Monday, November 30, 2015

Crazy Like a Foxbolt, Part 10

Previously, on MinerBumping... The saga of Admiral Foxbolt continued, as continue it must. Foxbolt was down, but not out. Though permabanned on his primary account, he used an alt to disseminate extensive logs of his petitions to CCP. He claimed that the logs contained evidence that he was given the authority to conduct "player retention and human relations" services on CCP's behalf. Indeed, the petitions show that Foxbolt presented his plans to CCP. But so far, without an encouraging word in reply. Without waiting for approval, Foxbolt simply announced he was going ahead with his project.
On a side note..... if you will recall a cyber-bullying incident back in 2012 regarding Goons Alliance leader "The Mittani" in which he gave out the personal information of another player... which resulted in the player being harassed in real life. His name was "The Wis".... I am the CEO of this corp, and I was "The Wis" first CEO....

How your company didn't take a massive legal hit over this injustice is beyond me, and why "The Mittani" is still being allow to harass EVE players after his stunt... allowed by CCP is beyond me. But I'm going to look past all of this "fowl behavior" and I'm going to focus on helping CCP do some good in people's lives by helping CCP maintain their player retention hold, so you can keep more access to income to make this game better as the years go by...... I'm a good guy, I mean well....
The petition in which Foxbolt announced his intention to move forward with his plans took a sharp detour. Our hero took a moment to banish the shadow of his memories of dreaded cyber-bully The Mittani. Foxbolt was willing to help CCP, even though CCP hadn't banned The Mittani yet.
Good Morning to the Wonderful Staff of CCP,

Today is my first official working business day within my new LLC created purely as a third party to support your product "EVE ONLINE". I would like to remind your staff that I am in no way making personal income off your company in a vindictive, shady, and or corrupt manner as I am fully hoping and expecting for my business to be supported by my corp members who willingly give of their own accord.
Still no word from CCP. Foxbolt filed yet another follow-up petition to formally announce the grand opening of his business. Though Foxbolt intended to make personal income off of his project, he clarified that it wouldn't be in a vindictive, shady, or corrupt manner. His corp members would give him real-life money, but only because they wanted to.
Any money received through the monthly support of corp members will be put towards the monthly salary of my staff. Staff that will be working for my company either full-time or part-time being fully committed to helping new players that enter your product, and my prediction is your player-retention level will improve over time, thus CCP company's income wallet will improve over time.
Foxbolt promised that his corp would be run with a level of transparency that would make even the New Order of Highsec blush with envy. All donations would go to his staff, which at present consisted of himself.
Other funds will also go towards corp based real-world events that will help improve the social and emotional connection of corp members. Funds will also be directed towards creating fan based items such as flight-jackets for members that take part in our leadership team whom have taken part in helping "Battlestar Gaming, LLC" with recruiting within EVE, and whom have also assisted with the retention levels, thus in return again... help CCP income wallet.
After giving all money to his staff, the leftover money(?!) would also be put to good use. Be honest, dear reader: You wish you had a New Order flight jacket, don't you?
Why am I doing this some of you may ask??? Because I want to give back..... In the giving back to CCP,..... (tears form in my eyes from my emotional expression at this time)..... Seven years ago I stumble into EVE ONLINE within a Best Buy store, and my life forever changed. I found a platform, a virtual world unlike any other with the tools needed to create a world in which I could help people, and building meaningful and lasting, meaningful, and sustainable friendships. So for the past 7-years I have been pushing and fighting through the emotional process of failures and moments of success in learning the art of being an EVE CEO......
Not to gloss over the powerful story about Foxbolt's emotional journey or anything, but--you can get EVE Online from Best Buy?
No one has responded to my tickets as of yet..... my guess is you guys are talking it over and or your waiting to see what happens. I'll say this.... if given the full blessing of CCP, verses living in the fears that my accounts will be banned..... if given a chance to succeed by CCP..... I will not let this company down if my corp members find me worthy enough to support my company that supports my family being able to support the CCP company and their product that can truly help a hurting world all around them.
Foxbolt's correspondence with CCP was growing increasingly one-sided.
Our corp relaunched two days ago...... We already have 5-members saying that if we didn't find them and recruit them, they wouldn't have played past the 14-day trail. That's $75 my company just helped CCP earn.... One guy even paid for a 6-month installment. I asked one guy why he joined our corp, and he said that he struggled with depression... our "Mission Statement" on our website drew him in, thus we again... helped CCP with retention and money flow.

I know I'm a nobody to CCP right now... but I'm a dreamer. here's to hoping for great things to happen between our two companies.
Foxbolt's latest report was encouraging. He claimed to have retained several players by recruiting them to the latest version of his corporation, BATTLESTAR FEDERATION. Not to say he didn't, but EveWho contains no records of anyone joining the corp besides Foxbolt.
NOTE: This was created on support ticket (56269). I'm trying to keep both updated with my company's progress while consistently seeking CCP's approval and blessing to keep going. Once again, please be advised that all of this should be combined with support ticket (54517).
Another day, another petition. In case you were wondering, no, not all 56,269 petitions were created by Foxbolt.
Yesterday while working as a 3rd party employee from "Battlestar Gaming, LLC" (that helps CCP with their retention efforts) in which I am assigned as a full-time EVE ONLINE "Corp Commander" as a full-time job, I recruited 10 New Players. I believe 6 of them paid for subscriptions. That's another $90 I just encouraged and directed towards CCP's wallet. Here's the kicker... that was just me by myself. I don't even have a recruitment team up that I put through a recruiting training course that took me 2-years to design. Not only do I know how to recruit effectively, how to convince people to stay in EVE after the 14-day trail. but I know how to inspire and encourage people to want to bring others into the fold.
Already, Foxbolt's enterprise was showing results. One imagines it was almost enough to make CCP wish they'd authorized it. But Foxbolt's true potential would only be unleashed once his initial recruits made it through a training course that took two years to design. Alas, Foxbolt never made public the harrowing details of that program.
I just did the math and I ran around 6-years worth of payments along with around $1000 in plexs over the years... I have invested well over $2,000 into the "BLANK" toon. I have deleted many toons, but "BLANK" is the only one I am requesting back for business related purposes that involve doing my part to help CCP with their product "EVE ONLINE".
Now that Foxbolt had done something for CCP, it was time for them to do a little something for him. Admiral Foxbolt wasn't the only character that Foxbolt had biomassed. His main character had been biomassed (repeatedly), and he wanted it back, since it contained a staggering amount of PLEXed isk. Though Foxbolt redacted the name of his main from these logs, we later learn that the character referred to was Joseph Grafton.
That money investment over the years doesn't even involve the unseen emotional and mental involvement that has been invested in learning the role and art of virtual leadership in the role of CEO in EVE. Do any of you have any idea the toll it plays on a person who is determined to chase a dream and to get up after each failure, after each time he unintentionally let people down because of the stress in being a law enforcement officer in real life, while coming home at the end of the day trying to run an EVE corp.... trying to meet the emotional and mental needs of people who desperately desire love and care as human beings..... do you hear the emotions in my voice.... my corp members will support my business that can support a powerful cause for CCP, and feed my family.
Interestingly, though Foxbolt repeatedly stressed the importance of the character, he apparently never used it as part of this business, and attempted to conceal its identity by redacting it from the logs he'd made public.
This is the 5th relaunch of "Battlestar Federation" and on day 3 I have already recruited 20 people, and 10 have already cleared our corp created training, and they are excited about being in a virtual community with a leader who actually gives a shit about them as a human being behind the keyboard. My toon "BLANK" has been apart of my process in becoming an asset for CCP that is driven to do my part to helping CCP keep EVE on top of the market....... (fuck Star Citizen...serious fuck them)
Mentions of Star Citizen occur with surprising frequency in Foxbolt's petitions to CCP. Don't be surprised if a player-retention specialist eventually appears in that game, too.
Last time I was in EVE when I was trying to find a way to do this as a full-time job, and I offered up an idea to create a full-time team to run the corp.... and someone decides to go to and stain my name..... I was pissed!!! Fuck Yeah I quit... I said FUCK EVE and these assholes.... and I determined to never come back. I lite a match to a 200-man corp, and said "Fuck It".... 2-months later I got a member contacting me through facebook asking me to come back and rethink my ideas.... so here I am... "I'm BACK!!!" Supporting CCP and their fucking rollercoster-emotional-nut-job product called EVE ONLINE!!! ......... (calming down for a moment).....
Say what you will about Foxbolt, the man knows how to keep his emotions in check. He calmed down without needing an Agent of the New Order to tell him to.
I am an honest person.... I get so much hell for it. But I'm not going to change the good in me to appease the evil in others. I know big wigs in other alliances steal and harass other players (your customers base) and they rob people of billions in isk. I know they use this isk to make personal income by selling it for lower prices on websites behind scenes. And you know what, more power to them if they wanta do stupid and shady shit behind CCP's back. They'll get what they deserve in the end....... HOWEVER..... You've got this guy (me) who is determined to fight through all the red-tape, driven by love to fulfill a passion to help others on a social and emotional level through your product. (EVE)

I'm not joking.... I literally wish I could hug every CCP designer who plays an active role in keeping EVE alive.
Foxbolt sent more love CCP's way. But even after all this, CCP maintained its silence. Would the elusive CCP Cid ever appear? Would CCP finally grant Foxbolt's corp the legitimacy it so richly deserved?

To be continued...


  1. I do recall seeing a box copy of EVE a few years ago either in a Best Buy or Gamestop, so yeah, there are hard copies around.

  2. "He calmed down without needing an Agent of the New Order to tell him to."

    I LOL'd

  3. But why didn't Anti-ganking save his account?

  4. While this idiot could not pour piss out of a boot with instructions on the heel, that was illustrated in part 1.

    I get that as pirate, creating more content then "We found some stupidly fit, AFK, miners and killed them." is difficult to do. I also realize that the holidays make getting to the time to find, and edit posts about that content is more difficult as well.

    But this is just boring.

    I may start out laughing at the crazy things my drunk uncle says at dinner After awhile it stops being funny though. This series has long past that point. Get some new material.

    1. So you have two choices: 1) Don't read it. 2) Write your own blog that is more exciting.
      You went with the stupid option, posting a comment on this blog. Try again.

    2. Bar bore complains about content by... pasting the same whine again. And again. And again.

    3. @Abbot

      I know you have a complaint about James's tendency to "wax lyrical" on subjects that are of particular importance to Him. And to be honest, while I do not agree with the position, I can understand how some might see the Saviour as having an "excessively long" writing style.

      However, what you need to understand here is: James isn't "waxing poetical" here. The reason that this particular story is this long is because... this story is literally this long. Yes, there is this much content in this story, and we're not through yet.

      As I told you before, you can expect this story to go on for about three more episodes, at least. Foxbolt fought a war against CCP. And that story needs to be told in its entirety- I mean, even I didn't read enough into this story to see some of the shit he wrote.

    4. Yeah, why complain. It is alot easier to read broken up like this, than if it was 1 giant wall of text. Don't like it? HTFU or GTFO

  5. This story is easier to take in with large amounts of Vaseline. It's pretty dry.

    1. Miner, please calm down. Would you like to purchase a mining permit.

    2. Miner, if Vaseline is what you need to take in the love of the New Order, then please use it. But first and foremost, remember to purchase a New Order Mining Permit (TM).

  6. Antigankers are failing non-stop daily

    1. How goes the Code's anti-ganking activites? I don't believe you've been able to stop one of our ganks yet. Sounds like Code is failing non-stop daily. :)

    2. @FakeWolf 1:07

      Hey remember when you used to clone me?
      Come on do it again I miss it

    3. @anon 8:52

      What anti-ganking activities?

    4. Wolfie knows... :)

  7. This dude is seriously mental. How did he get through the psych eval to be a corrections officer? I know those tests aren't perfect, but damn...

    1. I think it's why he's a FORMER corrections officer.

  8. As I read more and more from Foxbolt, he starts to give me the creeps. Is he...Is he really crazy?

    1. There is a reason he was fired....excuse me...given the opportunity to 'pursue new career options'.

      Yeah, he is batshit insane.
      Mike Adoulin

  9. I feel pity for the man. Someone should explain some things to him.

  10. @Raziel... Look at the entirety of the correspondence... if the guy hasn't taken a step back, looked at what's gone on and his part in it... realised how batsh*t crazy he is and stopped by now... what use is ANY conversation with this person going to yield? Save your pity and energy for those that cannot avoid pain, not those that roll around in it wondering why it hurts.

    I appreciate the kind sentiment, but it's one thing to accidently shoot yourself in the foot, it's another thing to take careful aim then unload a clip into your own leg... several times...

    1. I believe you are spot on here.

      I don't even think foxbolt is trying to troll. He actually believes the crap that he is writing.

  11. Sounds like a case of "fowl" play to me

  12. Ya'll stop behaving in such fowl manner mmk

  13. ChODE. leaves highsec, hilarity ensues.

    Stick to highsec nabs.

    1. So did you do the killing or are you just hitting F5 on a killboard and posting the losses? No shame in loosing ships, I bet I've lost more than you.

  14. "Be honest, dear reader: You wish you had a New Order flight jacket, don't you?"

    I'm considering reactivating just to wardec his corp, or suicide gank him repeatedly...if he even undocks.



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