Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Hyperdunking Requiem

In the most recent Kills of the Week post, we commemorated the newly eliminated hyperdunking mechanic. Two of Agent Ben Li's finest hyperdunks were featured. Hyperdunking is gone, but there's one thing you should always remember when it comes to the New Order's Agents...

You can never keep a good Agent down.

Iraqi Freedom12 fell victim to the latest evolution of ganking. We've seen stealth bombers used to suicide gank freighters before, of course. Ben Li was a master at using them to hyperdunk.

Now Ben Li has created a bunch of his own new stealth bomber alts to replace the hyperdunking element. Death finds a way.

Foresight is another advantage possessed by the New Order. We innovate. We create content. By contrast, bot-aspirants perform the same routine--usually AFK--over and over, and they beg CCP to return things to the status quo whenever new content emerges.

Freedom isn't free. Iraqi Freedom12 suffered the loss of his freighter, and also lost 4.2 billion isk in collateral by failing the 27 million isk courier contract he'd accepted. As usual, the carebear's risk/reward calculation assumed highsec is 100% risk-free.

Now the freighter pilot had an opportunity to see the light.

Unfortunately, local chat suggests that Iraqi Freedom12 didn't quite get the message.

Carebears willingly blind themselves to reality whenever possible.

One service of many provided by the New Order: Our Agents serve as highsec karma distributors.

They may nerf our ganks, our wardecs, our aggression gaming, our awoxing, our bumping. But they'll never take our Code.


  1. Looks like AG fails to save the day AGAIN

  2. seems made up of win

  3. You can never have nice things, carebears!


  4. I think the answer to not being able jump into consecutive ships to kill off a freighter is subbing a bunch of accounts to do it then new new hyperdunking is CCP in your wallet. Well played CCP.

    1. Assuming CCP doesn't treat it like circumventing concordoken

    2. Wait, what? Multiboxing a gank is our next ~pretend exploit~?

      Are you that sperg Dracvlad from EVE-O?

      -Galaxy Pig

    3. "circumventing concordoken"
      Oh lord

    4. My point is that Ben Li had to break the EULA to gank and that is OK?

      -Galaxy Pig

    5. I now have my very own MB imposter!

      Do tell, fake me, what section of the EULA is it that firbids logging out one character and logging in another?

      -Galaxy Pig (O.G.)

    6. achievement unlocked!

  5. Well now that hyperdunking is gone, we just need one more nerf to ganking and we can all rest easy, yes maybe if you're a criminal you cannot be in a fleet.

    1. Even better, you go red, and you cannot log in for a week! That will fix everything!

    2. This is the kind of genius idea Veers Belvar used to come out with. Basically you want to stop low sec fleets existing.

    3. @ Merrizon

      Not just lowsec fleets friend. Carebears want ALL fleets that are not AFK hisec bot mining fleets to be banned.
      Any player that shoots something in EvE is apparently a bully if it affects any carebear in any way.
      Now you see the problem? There is no middle ground, either the miners or the real players must go. Otherwise EvE will die, prolly next week.

    4. @IMRA
      You remind me of the Angel Gabriel, as he came and wrestled with Jacob, on the banks of the Jabbok. You, a man of the CODE., challenging Agents by appearing as an enemy, whom only makes the New Order stronger by offensively slinging carebear arguments.

      There is no way a real carebear would use the patented New Order phrase "One More Nerf™" so directly.

  6. Leave EvE to real players.November 12, 2015 at 1:26 PM

    CCP needs to decide if EvE is a MMORPG PvP game, or hello kitty online.
    AND, they need to decide soon. Will EvE continue to be the best and most rewarding single shard sandbox MMORPG available, or will it be rated W for whiney carebears only.

    Personally i play EvE as the last great sandbox, just as it was originally marketed, but maybe not for long, as it seems that CCP is ready to take EvE in a new direction. Maybe a direction more suited to the afk mining of pixels while sperging on forums about PvP=Bullying.

    I will hang in there as long as i can, shooting everything that moves and enjoying the sound of blasters destroying afk botminers, or the tears that pour from the mentally unsound as they lose ship after ship to my superior knowledge and use of game mechanics.

    I will continue to fly in active fleets with real EvE players, killing hisec miners until hisec mining is removed, or until CCP nerfs me out of the game.

    What the hisec carebears dont understand is that EvE does not need a hisec other than noob tutorial systems. Real EvE players can obtain all the materials they need to build ships from the nullsec systems that they inhabit now.

    No NPC corps, No CONCORD, no whiney miners shitting up EvE. I can always dream.

    I am sure i will be called out on " what happens when all the miners are gone blah blah blah"
    \o/ Disco Baby!

    1. I like this guy.



    2. @ LERP

      Everyone versus Everyone
      I believe EvE simply could not function without high-sec period. This is not just some mindless FPS game, EvE is one of the most unique game out on the market. I wish I could give you a proper example but my instincts tell me WoW is trash so I've never played it or other MMO's.

      THe Example
      So lets use a FPS game as an example: Take battlefield, within a few seconds of playing the game, a monkey could hop in a tank or pilot a chopper and kill someone who has been playing for years. In EvE, go to low-sec and fly a rookie ship with a new toon and tell me how many kills you get. Actually even then most kill-mails are not actual kills, that's debatable if you think killing the ships crew members count because I never see any escape pods except for the odd survivor in the wrecks cargo bay which is pretty common for mission runners. No, to get an actual kill in eve you need to crack open that delicious pod.

      In Another Alternate Universe
      Back in the day in Call of Duty in another alternate universe, there were no miners to be find, to be find was nothing but "quickscopers" that plaque the game with their cancer and still do to this very day, we had what was called last stand and last chance, last stand is what would really piss players off because "quickscopers" and shotgunners would almost always be expecting a one shot kill but. It would would activate where most shots would kill you unlike last chance which you would have to die a few times first. And the principle would be the same, if you were killed with last stand/chance and you committed suicide the game would incorrectly register a kill to the opposing player, but that's what I hated, what made it massively unpopular really was really no reason, it was a well balanced mechanic it worked.

      They Cried
      No longer was it possible for a unrealistic sniper to aim in his scope for half a second and shoot a fly off your head with one shot. You had to be always be above your game and to be cautious. But alas the one shot carebears cried and cried and cried and their tears were answered by the almighty FPS god. In the next few games defending yourself was eventually nerfed in favor of the carebears. either way the end result is there is no way game the would become unpopular if it was properly re-balanced like the way it used to be. I mean if you can aim down the sight in half a second and shoot that accurately then I do find it fitting to have last stand or a riot shield where you can switch to dual pistols in a second, of which it too was also nerfed.

      The FPS Food Chain
      If the quicksopers never got their way, would they quit? The answer is a simple no because Call of Duty: Black Ops demonstrated that. For a long time it was very popular despite its efforts at first to nerf quicksoping even without last stand as a factor. Modern warfare 3 had my favourite, the riot shield, truly a beast of it's time, capable of conjuring up some of the most sweetest carebear tears. Skeptics claim the shield was OP, but never was a normal gunner a big skeptic as everyone new shields could easily be outflanked and out numbered all too easily, espicailly if you could get close enough to them.

      The Beginning of the End of an Era
      By the time Blacks Ops 2 came around, anti-riot shield sentiment was rife among the carebears. Last stand/chance had been completey removed from the game, and the shield itself, greatly nerfed but only just usable untill a couple more years later despite the average life cycle of a CoD game being a year, using a C4 (etc) and detonating it at "danger close" would kill you despite use of the flak jacket perk. Blacks Ops 2 would be the last could I would dedicate so much of my time and memories too.

    3. Battlefield
      I've demonstrated that despite cleverly disguised nerfs to quickscoping, the carebears still did not quit, or maybe the CoD fanbase are too dumb to find another game to play. Battlefield is one of the few FPS games that I would call unique. In battlefield you actually need to someone there to be your eyes and ears. A single jet or chopper could take on a tank and win without ground troops annoying the heli' so at best it has to use all it's flares and go hide while you wait for backup. I couldn't Imagine what would happen if every son and their mother wanted to bloody quicksope their way through a battle, but on the other side of the coin it would be no problem to just grab a tank or heli to mow them all down, disregarding
      CQC maps and modes of course.

      As Mentioned before, go fly to 0.0 or low-sec and try killing a rat in a rookie ship on day one and send me the KM. Like a lot of other MMO's I'm sure you're just not supposed to kill a highly skilled player by yourself on day one. Now I say by yourself because technically your could kill someone if they have already been severely damaged. If the null-bears had their way then all of highsec would be abolished. this obvioulsy would be ok for corps who are quick to hire players as soon as they join the game, but as it is now not enough do (otherwise there couldn't possibly be so many miners right?). All that would be abolished is the shitty highsec corps right? Maybe but the majority of the newbros that join EvE will just be ganked within the first hour or so, CCP will probably be quick to ban camping newbie spawn systems but then whos watching the highly trafficked gates, Concord in low-sec is unheard of right now but a future where no player is safe at "all" in EvE is just around the corner thanks to a null bear near you. And I refuse to believe that null bears would careless about making the prices of ships as cheap as highsec offers. Many a null bear couldn't careless about highsec, but then why would anyone want to jump into a pit with a pocket knife when everyone has already trained the missile and knife-resistant armour skill?

      The EvE Food Chain
      If all highsec mining was removed then it would very well probably take a whole mining alliance to just get stuff mined, the end result, all null-bears believe they would be entitled to just sell shuttles at a billion because of the risk of carebearing in null, I triple serving of inflation is what you would get.

      It's all very possible that one day mining could be entirely replaced, but right now all CODE. seek to do is to undermine the current markets to make buying ships and fittings more costly then it already is.

    4. @anon

      Well if you don't like my conclusion then you can just have a concussion instead!

    5. Nathan G Newsome, friend, that wall of text is just too much man. You REALLY need help friend.
      I did not read it but i know your premise is flawed, as you aer flawed friend.
      Try harder, and thanks for all the tears!

    6. @Anon 7:37

      Nah, I was trying to cry myself to sleep but when I break out the old tear jar, I cry myself awake

    7. Just for the record, I wrote this entire article while AFK Mining.

  7. Liek DarZ, the CODE agent who goes AFK to answer the phone, proving what a hypocrite he, and by extension the Cult of Jamey, truly is/are.

    1. keep on spouting that misinformation, too bad no one listens to ya

    2. even if he did go afk to pick up the phone he was docked up instead of mining at the time

    3. At least when Liek is afk he is docked up and not pretending high sec is 100% safe.

  8. Crowing about killing a stupid hauler is news-worthy? Since when?

    Pay 4.2 billion collateral for a 27 million profit? If the moron didn't realize right there "It's a TRAP!" then there was no hope for him, now or ever.

    1. please point us to your blog where the posts are much more interesting.

    2. found it

    3. @Abbot

      The New Order, unlike you, never gives up hope of reforming these carebears. Every carebear is a potential victory. Even you can be seen as nothing more than yet another unrealized chance of victory. We will continue to reform carebears until 100% victory is achieved, in the form of 100% Code-compliance.

    4. i wonder if he had a permit would he still get the contract ... :P

    5. @anon 6:04

      Does a miner get ganked while holding a permit? If the answer is yes then the answer is yes to the other.

  9. Ming,

    You're a funny guy. Don't ever change.

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