Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Crazy Like a Foxbolt, Part 7

Previously, on MinerBumping... Admiral Foxbolt was on the precipice of achieving something that no other enemy of the New Order has been able to do: Getting the entire CODEdot alliance banned from the game. As Foxbolt's moment of triumph approached, he was blindsided by the opening of another front in the war. Attacked on EVE-O, Foxbolt counter-attacked with his own thread, which was unexpectedly locked by the ISD. Now Foxbolt had to embark upon his greatest challenge yet, against the very people whose support he'd taken for granted all along: CCP.
CCP Falcon,
Please kindly observe the following. Everything in life is up to ones determined interpretation. You claim that I have breached multiple rules, however I could write a book to counter how I have NOT broken any rules, and or I can justify why I have broken said rules to exercise my God given right of freedom of speech and or exposing the truth as it is. I spoke the truth... and someone didn't like it... that's how the game of life usally goes.
CCP Falcon replied to Foxbolt's petition. Although I am not permitted to post the contents of CCP employees' responses, you can probably tell from Foxbolt's follow-up petitions that Falcon was not in 100% agreement with him. All ellipses in the original.
(Did you suppose that I did not predict that you would appear in your attempts to counter me, or even yourself attempting to restrict my freedom of speech in a truly unmorale manner.) If I was vindictivly attempting to harm someone in a fowl manner, your "warning" as a member of CCP would move me towards fear -HOWEVER- I am fully aware that I am defending myself against unwarranted politically motivated attacks towards those that are attempting to suppress the truth.

So to you CCP Falcon.... I would strongly advise you to step back and observe the situation as is. Warning someone who is attacking you in a fowl manner is not a "threat" nor can it be observed as "harassing" if I was the one attacked.
Foxbolt's plan to improve EVE player retention had seemed, from the outset, to be perfect. It accounted for every variable. Every variable, that is, except one.
It's called going on the "defensive" and it is human nature, and it is warrant by the law. Strange thing how these emails can be used as proof in court to expose possible corrupt CCP Members attempting to use scare tactics to make a person go silent........ CCP Falcon, as a business owner who is operating a full-time business to assist CCP Games with their "Retention Efforts & Human Relations".... do I honestly come across as someone who is scared of you and your tactics??? My business is for CCP and it would be in your company's best interest to stay in good relations with mine if you wish to maintain my support for your product.
The idealistic Admiral Foxbolt had never considered that he might face opposition from CCP. But as he was fond of saying, "Lions don't run."
Are you aware that life is like a board of chess, and that a wise "Political & Legal Chess Master" does not make a move unless he can predict the next set of moves...... You ISD was dealt with in the manner that was warrant..... He was not threated, harassed,... he was "WARNED", and I am ALLOWED to defend myself and you sir (CCP Falcon) have no legal right to restrict me from defending myself on this issue.
Each new rebel leader that the New Order encounters is more sophisticated and intelligent than the previous ones. Before, there was the "Fisherman Spider". Now, the Political & Legal Chess Master. And this was a game that the Political & Legal Chess Master intended to win.
Lastly.... I'm done with ISD. I have nothing else to say to them. I also don't give a shit about your forums anymore at this time for how I have been treated for being open and honest about real events that have occured... and if you'll notice, I spoke highly of CCP, so quiet honestly Sir.... you mail to me did not present the CCP I have known for the past 7-years. Either way... I have a business to build that is trying to help CCP keep EVE ONLINE at the top of the list. So please leave me in peace to enjoy a product I enjoy supporting.
Foxbolt concluded his petition by dismissing the ISD entirely. Same with EVE-O. He had bigger fish to fry.
CCP Falcon....
Even better, I'll send you a direct link in which I have insured the entire ticket was placed in order from start to finish during business talks with GM's and "Senior GM Cid" in order to get my business off the ground to support CCP with their "Retention Efforts & Human Relations".... because honestly if someone doesn't help CCP, "Star Citizen" is going to kick CCP's ass when it becomes fully operational.

I care about this comapny that runs EVE..... EVE ONLINE and everything I learned about humans relations saved my life in real life.... You people have no clue the power and the potential this virtual platform offers to the world apart from gaming..... CCP saved my life and I owe my life to this company. (Long Story)

I've attached the CEO of CCP... he needs to be aware of this.....
As was becoming his habit, Foxbolt didn't wait for a reply from Falcon before sending another petition. Sensing that this was a matter of the gravest importance, Foxbolt looped in CCP's CEO and awaited Falcon's answer. However, it became apparent that Falcon and Foxbolt still weren't on the same page.
Dear CCP Falcon,
Respectfully... if you are a moral human being behind that keyboard, and you'd like to work this out as moral men who both care about the best interest of CCP Games and their product "EVE ONLINE"..... then I tip my hat to you in the utter most respect as my way of saying "Hey, my bad."

The events within that support ticket are what lead to the tread.... CODE started broadcasting vindictive information about myself and the client I am attempting to help, while my company "Battlestar Gaming, LLC" is attempting to maintain the client's account and his monthly payments to CCP's business account, which in the end results in you receiving a paycheck as a CCP employee... so in reality I work for my clients, which involves me working for CCP, which results in me working for you.......
It was seriously past time for Foxbolt to get Falcon up to speed. The whole mess, Foxbolt explained, was caused by CODEdot. It's a refrain Falcon has doubtless heard on more than one occasion from more than one rebel leader. However, Foxbolt was a new breed. Falcon practically worked for him!
In other words, I'm on your side here, and myself knowing this... I didn't take kindly to being warned in having my accounts banned which are at this point business tools for my company to help CCP Games with "Retention Efforts & Human Relations". man, I don't know every rule in CCP's book. I didn't know anything about forum rules. Honestly you guys have so much content that even after 7-years I still don't know everything.... All I knew at the point of writing in the forums is I needed to do my job and help CCP and my company keep a paying customer..... and at times, that will involve standing up for them infront of the sharks.
Foxbolt explained that BATTLESTAR FEDERATION and CCP were on the same side. They shouldn't be wasting time fighting each other. They should be fighting CODEdot and all those jerks on the forums!
But honestly after this new learned experience with the forums (for which I've never really been involved with), I no longer have any interest in dealing with the forums..... My business office is being setup next week, I've already got paying customers, I've got staff coming on board... all supporters of EVE ONLINE. All of us are driven on pushing back against a lot of the crap that is being done to new players that is killing CCP's maximum income profit, and harming a product we have all been very proud supporters of. We are literally striving to turn the tide for EVE ONLINE so that this awesome, one of a kind virtual platform's can actually do more good in people's lives rather then just being another everyday video game.

Anyways, I simply want you to know that we're both on the same side, and that I'm not you're everyday player.
As we've seen over the last few years, carebears have been fixated on CCP's profits. It's not that they want risk-free AFK isk, you understand--they simply want ganking removed to help an Icelandic computer company make more money. Foxbolt's player-retention services were just about the only thing standing between CCP and bankruptcy.
CCP Falcon,
Well then.....Respectfully, let me make myself perfectly clear. I am trying to do something good here.... Something that I have been attempting to do for a very long time. I am trying to help CCP Games, the EVE community, and I want to do this for a living. I do not have time to write a book expressing how everything I have learned in EVE ONLINE for the past 7-years literally saved my life in real life. Maybe if we can get past this "red tape" (that YOU seem to be trying to put back in place) which is attempting to prevent a person (myself) from doing something good for humanity in the virtual world... maybe then I can tell you my story in person.

Kindly Sir, you need to be corrected on a couple of things, because you have misplaced wording and how events have indeed occurred. I did seek permission (all of it is recorded) CCP Cid did indeed give me the go ahead for fulfilling my vision on what I'm doing with my company to help your company, (All of it is recorded) -AND- this is the VERY REASON why he reinstated the toon as a "Business Tool"...(It was not reinstated as per policy in which you stated). He reinstated the toon right after I requested the toon back as a "Business Tool" (It's all recorded.).
Once again, Foxbolt directed Falcon's attention to CCP Cid, the man Foxbolt claimed had officially endorsed his player-retention services. For some reason, Cid hadn't informed Falcon of Foxbolt's importance. It's like when the CIA doesn't share information with the FBI--the terrorists win.
This is how I feel in the manner you come across CCP Falcon.... Please, don't sit there and try to reword things to back track after I HAVE received proper permission to do everything I'm doing. Don't sit there and attempt to manipulate a former federal law enforcement officer. I have supported your product for many years and went about how I am doing everything in the VERY best way I know how......I have maintained my integrity in the light of overwhelming harassment from all the haters (Other Gamers) who never want to see something good get off the ground.

After the bullshit stunt the "The Mittani" pulled in 2012 and how CCP took absolutely no real effort in making it clear that players would not be treated that way.... By allowing him and all his accounts to remain in game... CCP Games condoned such criminal behavior. AND you want to sit there and give me a hard time for attempting to do something good?!? I DON'T THINK SO!!!!
Foxbolt reflected on his own origin story. He'd seen what people like The Mittani were capable of. He'd seen the true face of evil.
Look on "THE WIS" employment history in game.... his first corp is "BATTLESTAR FEDERATION"..... and "ADMIRAL FOXBOLT" (Myself) was the first CEO of this player... the same "THE WIS" that was harassed in real life by that fucking ass and his 10,000 or so followers....... and instead of going after you're company in a legal manner.... I have instead decided to help with solutions......

Here's the difference between me and "The Mittani"...... He knew what he was doing when he did it, and he knew that his player support would help him get away with it. I have instead come to CCP and went through the proper channels to help the player community build a wall of protection against such cyber-bullying practices that CCP currently does nothing to prevent.
CCP Falcon.... I have the email documents proving that I have CCP's permission to conduct my company's business in a manner that helps CCP Games... We're already locked in.

The question you have to ask yourself is, do you really want to give me a hard time when I'm not trying to give you a hard time..... When I'm trying to help CCP, the EVE Community, or do you wanta be the one that stands between me and "The Mittani" and his kind???
The truth is, the EVE community is a fragile one. There's a thin blue line that separates the subscription-paying carebear masses from the cyber-bullies and other malevolent forces. Right now, Foxbolt was the only Lion willing to stand between the peaceful highsec miners and total chaos.
Because I do have CCP's permission (per documents recorded) regardless of how you have attempted to backtrack, I am moving forward with what you and everyone else can clearly see is a good cause.... the courts will see it this way as well (Do you really want "The Mittani" incident brought back to light.) To go against me is and the good I am attempting to do for your product simply foolish at this point. ( I would not be surprised if you yourself were a supporter of "The Mittani" and his corruption... It's how you are painting the picture at this time.)

I have tried to be nice to you CCP Falcon.... You need to get out of my face... My company only deals with CCP Cid. You have been informed.
Foxbolt had spent enough time dealing with Falcon. From this point forward, he would need to rely entirely on CCP Cid, the man he claimed had appointed him sheriff of the EVE community. Everything depended on Cid. With the looming possibility of having his accounts permabanned, the Political & Legal Chess Master moved all his chips into the center of the table. He was all-in.

To be continued...


  1. OMG - this guy is certifiable.

    Also this, ... "All ellipses in the original." .... comedy gold!!

  2. Oh. My. God.

    We have stumbled upon a limitless source of entertainment - a holy grail of New Eden. Future generations will never lack for lol's and rofl's. It's like solving world hunger.

  3. Maybe I missed it, where are these convos coming from?

    1. Foxbolt posted them on his website, along with GM responses.

  4. Antiganking failed ...................AGAIN!!!!

    1. Hey look at me everyone. All I do is say the same thing over and over again like a brain damaged baby.

      I want to sound important, but in reality all I am is a 30 year old bum living in my parents basement getting my cock sucked by my boyfriend.

    2. Nothing wrong with getting your dick sucked.

    3. @901 butthurt
      Thanks for the tears, whinebear!

  5. i may have missed a few things here,

    How did MB obtain petitions made to CCP?

    1. I think he posted them himself on the forums or his website. He also did this with his SPOILERS soon to come apology letter. ENDSPOILERS.

      Also people like this like to post this stuff to gather support from the common people. They all must see the unjust in his case, right?

    2. Google some of his mangled text, including pastebin in the query, and you shall find...

  6. This is like a trainwreck...

    This guy keeps beating his head against a wall and expecting the wall to give because his head beating is righteous.... I also love how he keeps flaunting his "former federal law enforcement" status like it means anything. Being a fed means nothing... how much you think being a former fed means? Like Loyal likes to say: leeeeeeeel!

    1. Corrections officers aren't even law enforcement.

    2. I was thinking the same thing. I love how he throws in those threats to CCP Falcon throughout the emails, but calls them "warnings". These aren't prisoners you're dealing with dude, and U.S. laws don't necessarily translate to the international realm.

  7. What hasn't been revealed is that Jamey IS Foxbolt. That is the only way he could get access to all of this so-called correspondence.

    Either that, or it just yet another "Meh, definitely made up" story......

    1. Or that foxbolt posted it onto the forums or mailed James directly. Sometimes thinking is hard for you XD

    2. If you have even been paying attention to EVE-O you would know that this was posted on his 'company' web page before he was forced by CCP to take it down.

      Maybe try doing some research before talking out of your ass....

    3. Anon 756 is too stupid to use google, he expects others to do it for him.
      Half the info, half the IQ, but that don't stop him from sperging. that anon is almost as retarded as fukbolt himself

  8. Good god, you're still spewing this drivel?!?

    I get that this guy is a special breed of pants-on-head retarded, but seriously, wrap this up and move on.

    Part 1 should have been the setup, and Part 2 the punch line.

    At Part 7 this is now week old fish that's been left out of the fridge.

    1. Good God, are you still whining?

    2. Please point us to your blog where story construction is much better.

    3. When a dude writes War and Peace, it's hard to condense the hilarity into a couple posts, and I'm also someone that thinks sometimes these multi-part stories go on to long. In this case, this dude is the gift that keeps on giving

    4. @ abbot and costello.
      Thanks for the tears, whinebear.
      You should get a permit.

  9. What the complete fuck??? This dude is out of his mind.

  10. Whilst this one has got himself particularly overexcited, we must not forget that they are all prone to bad behavior under the wrong circumstances.

    Miners who fail to recognise their place at the bottom of EVE's hierarchy typically only respond to punishment, inflicted via regular cullings of their numbers within our borders.

  11. "I'm not you're everyday player."
    He got that bit right.

  12. Remember Admiral Foxbolt never intended to hurt anyone in a fowl manner. Sometimes chicken is undercooked. It happens.

  13. This guy seems to have some serious issues. I'm almost beginning to feel bad.


    But this guy is a special kinda delusional that I just can't help but be entertained by:
    "My business office is being setup next week, I've already got paying customers, I've got staff coming on board..." Office? He doesn't know the actual name of "CCP Cid" and he's already got office space and staff? Wat?

  14. This guy is still going on? You guys talk about me being out of my mind. Look at this guy. He's even more delusional than Loyalanon, Nitetime Video, and James 315's weird glowing ass combined...and that's saying something. However, the part about "He'd seen what people like The Mittani were capable of. He'd seen the true face of evil." I actually agree with.

    Butthurt Miner

    1. I got mentioned with James 315 and loyalanon?! This is an honor!
      BM, just for that, I am prepared to offer you not only a Mining Permit at our special Black Friday price of just 10 million ISK, but I will also throw in a free invitation to join NOL. I will personally vouch for you, so please be on your best behaviour.

    2. @ BM
      You would, dipshit.
      Did you think we had forgotten about your past comments where you sperg about kiddie porn and incest?
      GTFO nasty bitch, there is no place in EvE, or society, for you.

  15. Welp. Nathan G Newsome is officially a fuktard.
    And anyone thinking this is all made up is also too stupid to google this shit.
    Even more fuktards i guess.

  16. Everybody stop behaving in such a fowl manner, mmk?


  18. Here is some of his crazy

    1. I'll see that crazy, and raise you one delusional dipshit.


  20. Shoulda got a list of his clients (if there ever where any) under the pretext of knowing to leave them alone, and then made them all KoS.

  21. Antiganking is failing non-stop daily


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