Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Over Seven Hundred Seventy-Three Billion in Shares Sold

Whether small...

...or large...

It's literally never a bad time to purchase more New Order stock. Though always worth 1 million isk, it always goes up in value. Always.

Levarris Hawk recognized an additional virtue of New Order stock: It's both a good business investment and it gives back to the community, much like donating to a charity. Levarris purchased 1,000 additional shares for the holiday season and earned a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™ for sending us over the 773 billion isk mark.

If you've ever wondered why New Order stock is so popular, there you go.


  1. That's a lot of win!

    1. Only one loser on this page, Nathan. Yes friend, it is you!

    2. As a miner in high sec, I have to say I don't mind CODE being around. If you look at it from the perspective that they only punish the lazy or the stupid the benefits of having them around are twofold.

      1, Increased profit margins:

      Because I do not AFK mine I can actively avoid ganks. Meanwhile the "competition" that turn up in huge numbers of stupidly fitted ships are culled thus there is less product (ore) to compete with my prices. Also now that I've turned to manufacturing I can offer replacement ships to both CODE and AFK miner alike. I'm aware that CODE probably have enough ships of their own, however nothing ventured, nothing gained (it's worth a try to post a few catalysts in systems I know where they roam)

      2, Playerbase Evolution.
      CODE actively punish Stupidity
      CODE actively punish Laziness
      Hopefully the players affected by these policies take one of two possible actions.
      1 Leave the game thus increasing the IQ of the playerbase as a whole
      2 Learn and adapt to become a better player thus increasing the IQ of the playerbase as a whole.

      Now I'm a miner, I don't approve of some of CODE's methods however when you look at it from this perspective it's hard to avoid the simple truth of the matter.

      CODE have found what seems to them to be an enjoyable way of combatting a lazy self entitled attitude of some players that ignore a basic principal of gameplay... actually playing the game.

      Part of the game is risk, when you afk in active space, you take a risk. CODE simply call you on that risk.

      There is no call for rude or insulting behaviour on either side. If you do not have the intellect or self control to calm yourself, simply do not respond.

      And always remember that EvE is a game. If you're not having fun then you're doing it wrong.

      As for CODE I have this to say to them, you guys are Jerks, and I mean that in a respectful wry grin kind of way. Keep up the good work.

    3. @ Anon 1:20

      Finally someone who gets it. +1 to you sir

  2. Every Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™ is so special. Why, there are only 773 of them in existence (so far)

    I can't imagine the fight that's going to be for the party hat that puts over the 1 trillion isk mark.


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