Sunday, November 8, 2015

Kills of the Week

During the week of November 1st @ 00:00 EVEtime through November 7th @ 23:59 EVEtime, a new "expansion" was released. You may not have noticed it. However, among the features contained in the expansion was the removal of hyperdunking. We learned about the change last month (from the test server, not from CSM leaks). With only days of hyperdunking left, you can guess what happened...

Our hyperdunkers made the most of their remaining time. Basilea85's 17.4 billion isk freighter was destroyed by Agents Ben Li, Nicolas Dupre, and Cytheera. Though tanked, the freighter sat helplessly as it was repeatedly attacked by the three Agents. Anything could have disrupted the gank, but the freighter pilot, his friends (assuming he had any), and the Anti-Ganking community didn't lift a finger. Sometimes bot-aspirants hide behind a tank, but their true nature always rises to the surface.

In commemoration of hyperdunking, enjoy this kill from last week. Sylver Alaer's freighter--also tanked--managed to sit in place for who knows how long while it was slowly taken apart by who knows how many of Agent Ben Li's Ventures. At last, an appropriate use for Ventures in highsec!

We talk a lot about the problem of bot-aspirancy in highsec, but some symptoms fly under the radar. GrandMoff Smakdy's Jackdaw was detected by Agent Zopiclone's D-Scan, but GrandMoff was nowhere to be seen. Eventually Zopiclone realized that the Jackdaw was on autopilot. Sort of. Zopiclone explains:
"Sure enough he was in need of an Agent's help. He was just aimlessly floating off into space. 11000km!!!!! off base to be exact! So I approached him and saw that he had NO PERMIT for floating in space while AFK. I started a conversation... but I got no response. NO one was home... *GASP* So I went to plan B."
Always have a back-up plan. GrandMoff was AFK flying into space, so Zopiclone put her carefully prepared fail-safe into action. In other words, she secured a warp-in and killed the guy. Yet even this wasn't enough to wake the sleepy pilot, whose pod floated in place. GrandMoff's 809 million isk pod was ganked by Zopiclone 24 minutes later--by her rookie ship. A handful of Agents can do more with rookie ships and Ventures than an entire army of carebears outfitted in the blingiest of ships.

Captis happily pranced his way into Niarja with an anti-tanked, thoroughly fail-fit Orca. It also happened to contain billions worth of cargo. Since the CODE always wins (always), there could be only one outcome. Agents Capt Starfox, Darnoth, Bob Painter, Fabulous Andy, Reggie Thistleton, Zopiclone, Jason Kusion, Turkey Baster, Jayson Kusion, Ilsanore Lea, BoneyTooth Thompkins ISK-Chip, Lament von Gankenheim, RAGE QUIT, The O'Reilly Factor, Ricki Lake Show, and Snigie Audanie won.

Sharru Nada Hadan's Thorax wasn't fit for combat. It wasn't even fit for this world. Agent Lillie Naari removed the grotesque sight from highsec and made no secret of her feelings about it:

Typical bot-aspirant. Sharru admitted that he didn't care whether his ship was meant for mining or not. He threatened to leave the game. EVE has lost hundreds of thousands of subscribers over the last few years; I don't think anyone's going bankrupt if the guy with the mining Thorax quits.

There was a fierce competition for Podkill of the Week. Daver Abre-Kai narrowly won--or lost, depending on your perspective. Agents Martyr Oira and BAE B BLUE shared in the killing of Daver's 3.2 billion isk pod, which edged out a 3.1 billion isk pod and a 3 billion isk pod also killed this week. If you're going to fly around highsec with an expensive pod, I wouldn't recommend visiting Halaima.


  1. Replies
    1. Yep. That's right. The Code whining non-stop daily. Always. Continuously nonstop.

    2. Carebears getting mad anonymously is one reason i still come here. The best kinds of tears are the big bad anonymous posters

  2. Thank you Knights of the New Order, Agents of CODE! Every one of the carebear ships featured here deserved to die.
    Thanks for your selfless dedication to the inprovement of EvE online through the removal of these degenerate carebears.
    I love EvE for the community, and i consider hisec carebears as the enemy of this community i love so much. Carebears have tried to change this game since the beginning, solely because they fail so hard at playing EvE the way it was desinged.
    Themepark crybears have no place in EvE, especially in hisec where they can consume without participating in the sandbox.

    Thank you CODE. Kill them all and kill them often. Dont stop until the carebears corpses outnumber the stars.

    Anyone who loves EvE should roll a hisec gank alt and join the fight! Do it before EvE is destroyed by the rabid carebear!


    1. "Degenerate".. You keep using that word.. I do not think it means what you think it means..

      The New Order generates a lot of content and we spread nothing but love and concern for our fellow players.

      Try a cup of nice relaxing chamomile tea to help calm your nerves.

  3. Replies
    1. Does not matter. CODE continues. Bot-aspirant behavior will be hunted down and punished. The CODE & James 315's idea of a better High-Sec will endure.

    2. Good riddance to hyperdunking. Globby should have been permabanned for exploiting game mechanics.

    3. Do you think your freighter is safe now that hyperdunking has been Nerfed™?

      Probably should get a permit before coming through Uedama any time soon.

    4. I fly through Uedama all the time carrying plex. You guys have never caught me.

  4. Code ain't got no humanity. They're the foot soldiers of a miner-hatin', mass murderin' maniac and they need to be destroyed. That's why any and every code and goon son of a bitch we find, they're gonna die.

    We can't save every freighter, and every miner. But we sure as hell can make you pay for what you've done, and maybe save a few along the way.

    1. Those tears.. thank you for honoring the Sabbath and holding your tears until the 9th, miner.

    2. failing to save freighters and miners must be enjoyable

    3. @Nitetime Video

      Hey dipshit, the Sabbath is on Saturday, not Sunday. Go read your KJV Bible before opening your mouth.

    4. Anonbear 04:05: Miner, calm down.

      I am talking about the Kills of the Week. The Sabbath of the New Order. Go read the Code before raging on our blog.

      Also try some chamomile tea. I hear it really helps to calm the nerves.

    5. KJV Bible? Borrrrrrrrring! Read the Code instead. :)

      -Galaxy Pig

    6. I would argue someone who uses the word "ain't" also doesn't have any real humanity.

    7. "Ain't" is a colloquial usage of "isn't," and its meaning is clear, similar to how George W. Bush's use of "nucular" is simply an unambiguous local pronounciation of the word "nuclear."

      In other words, your nationalistically-based refusal to accept unambiguous local pronunciations of words declares your fascist belief that your way is the only way that is acceptable for humans to speak, as if you were some sort of Berkley-based English professor getting high on the smell of their own feces, and others who might have a slightly different take on the proper pronunciation of words are literally subhuman.

      I always thought that university professors from Berkley, CA were literally Nazis. Thank you for proving my point.

    8. you read an awful lot into not liking a single word....

    9. No, I gave you an intelligent response to your discrimination of different dialects, while calling you an English professor from Berkeley CA, which is about as hard of an insult that I can lob at you, for your explicit "master-race-baiting" while still remaining polite.

    10. Still reading way too much into not liking the way a word sounds... I also don't like the way "moist" sounds, care to analyze that as well?

    11. ming you from texas or you ain't not from thar?

    12. shut up Mingalingadingdongsingsongtingtongpingpong

    13. looks like we've hit a sensitive nerve :) :) :)

    14. @Anon2:32
      You're not declaring that people are literally subhuman for using the word "moist," nor declaring that the way people say the word "moist" is incorrect, according to the authority over language vested in you by the University of California, Berkley Bachelors Degree in English that you carry.

      I would like to repost one of my favorite responses to my posting from you, from March 25, 2015.

      And I quote:
      "No Mingelingfatdingdongliar, you maybe throwed your soiled panties at their ship.
      You must stop doing that and ask your mom to help you with your personal hygiene before you even kill the parasites you are carrying around.
      And don't forget to treat your STD you got from your fake leader, they need to be treated too."

    15. Not having been anywhere near Berkley I am wondering what your problem with that place is? You are really getting upset over someone not liking a word, can you let us know a little more about why?

    16. ming is so upset i think he is confusing the various anons :) :) :)

    17. mingalingadingdongpingpong is wrong

    18. Ming- thanks... I guess. But, near as I can tell, the only nazis here are code nazis.

      And me saying that I'm fixin to shoot yall in game and destroy yall ain't tears, cause it's already happening, and all yall know it.

    19. Yall die really well.

    20. Holy shit Ming, you know how to make thses anon crybears shed some tears. They dont even realize that just the act of posting here is WIN for CODE!
      Whiney little crybears, their kind will never evolve.

    21. Act of posting here and calling Jimmy boy the buffoon of highsec is considered a win for code? Really?


  5. Hyperdunking Venture fleet makes me all warm and tingly in my happy place.

  6. I'm curious about something, perhaps a CODE pirate can help me to understand.

    From your propaganda, the Code always wins, and the point of the Code is to have people tank ships, watch local, and be at the controls. It would appear that your first target was following your own Code, yet you destroyed the ship anyway. How did the Code win there?

    1. When you post ignorant tears here, the CODE wins.
      In effect you are making the CODE win.
      You are a fukin idiot, and prolly a Veers alt.
      Your posts are just walls of tears with no meaning or impact, except to help CODE win.
      Should i repeat it?
      CODE wins when you cry.
      CODE always wins!
      You should get by now, simpleton.

    2. @Abbot

      The Permit-carrying miner had his permit revoked when he committed the Offense of speaking disrespect and heresy involving the Agents of the New Order and Supreme Protector James 315. Thereby, according to the Code, the price to replace his mining permit was trebled, and his current permit was revoked. As he was no longer a permit-carrying miner, his ship was destroyed in accordance with The Code.

      Any further questions on how the Code won there? If so, we will be happy to explain it until you understand it.

  7. Indeed, permits, and the requisite tribute to James 315 is a very important part of Code-compliance.

    You have to be willing to part with a tiny, insignificant portion of your isk and give it to James 315 to show your respect to the Father of Highsec.

    Trivial, I know. But showing deference and respect by such an action is a sign that you care. And we're all about caring in the New Order.

    1. Ming,

      James315 is many things, but he is not "Father of High-Sec". High-Sec was around long before his career as a pod pilot burned hot in space, and it will continue long after he dies or goes totally insane.

      While CODE are effective as pirates, it is still a delusional cult of personality. I also agree James315 is in need of serious pharmalogical and psychological assistance, but he can pay for his own treatment.

      To expect me to provide for him would be akin to demanding something-for-nothing. This site has repeated decried such behavior when displayed by merchants, miners, mission runners, and transporters in High-Sec. I'm shocked that it would ask such behavior on behalf of its delusional founder.

      To acquiesce would only encourage further bot-aspirant behavior on James315's part.

    2. @Abbot,

      Last time I checked, nobody elected you to be Father of Highsec. In fact, I'm pretty sure the Code tells us that it was James 315 who was actually voted in to be the Father of Highsec; and yes, it was an elected position, and yes, you voted, whether you remember it or not, for James 315, as I did, as did every single other Anon that comes here. We all support and love James 315. Otherwise, why would we come here to His site as much as we do?

      And to counter your other point, James 315, (othewise known as The Father of Highsec,) in fact, does believe in "something-for-nothing," as you put it. James gave us The Code, which is the most precious gift a Highsec pilot can have. He asked for exactly nothing in return for this; his greatest work. Secondly, He gives us mining permits for the practically-nothing price of 10 million isk; a monumentally small price to pay for something worth so much more than its sticker value; just ask the many, many code-compliant miners of the value of their permits, and if they'd like to part with them. They would tell you to "get their own."

      He affords us the opportunity to have an ownership stake in this organization at the price of 1 million per share; at that price, anyone can become a New Order shareholder; ask me.

      And finally, you have the website you are reading here.

      Abbot, are you aware that James 315 has given the world the Gifts of His insight and His Prose, every single day, for the last three years, without ever missing a single day or asking for anything in return? The dedication? The humor? Are you meaning to tell me that these are not gifts?

      These are, indeed, the greatest gifts that James 315 has to offer. If they are not, then what has kept you coming back here, day, after day, after day?

      lol the humor you express James is someone that only wants to be given "Something-for-nothing." Maybe you fit that description, but not the Saviour of Highsec. He is the other way around.

    3. No Ming, I've not been elected to anything. Neither has James315, except in his own head. This is why he's always been, and always will be, a simple pirate with delusions of grandeur. He can have a few hundred other pilots flying under his banner, but you're simply another band of pirates running an extortion scheme, nothing more.

      He didn't give High-Sec, or anyone else, the Code. His code is also known as "Common Sense" and many pilots, including me, learned it years before James showed up. The Code is useful set of instructions to survive in the Eve cluster, but he wasn't the first to think of them, codify them, or proclaim them to the masses. So really, what has James actually done?

      And what would having an "Ownership" stake in this organization give me? A cut of the proceeds? My name in lights? Anything of any use? If not then what would I own?

      Yes he has this page, where he drops a steaming pile of propaganda and calls it 'Victory'.

      These are the sum total of his 'gifts'?

      Demanding payment for knowledge that was freely and publicly available long before he ever arrived. Selling ownership shares in an organization that produces nothing, and provides nothing for the owners. And a page where he spouts whatever he wishes.

      He leads a band of pirates, seeking to extract ISK from pilots via extortion or scams, and crows about his efforts on a webpage. He very much wants "something-for-nothing". Exactly like the high-sec "bot-aspirants" he so claims to hate.

    4. If a man were to find a crying baby abandoned in the wilderness and began to raise it and care for it as his own, we would call him that orphan's father. In the same way, James 315 looks after all of the miners of highsec and their prodigious tears. It is for this reason that, though he did not create Highsec, he is called its Father and Savior.

  8. The Black Abbot-
    You are confused sir. It is not that the "Code always Wins" it is that the "Code Always Wanks". Winning and wanking for these aretards are in fact synonymous.

    They are ALWAYs winning! ALWAYS!!! I mean non-stop daily. 24-7 winning!

    And by winning I mean wanking.

    I hope this is perfectly clear to you now. Code parties have been known for being pretty 'off the hook' and wild as you can imagine. All of our agents are very healthy too.

    Let me know if you have any questions or if you'd like to sign up.

    1. Thanks for the tears crybear. Your impotence is funny to us. Please sperg more.
      I bet you are missing Hello Kitty huh?
      ppsssst... you prolly suck at that game too.

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