Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Crazy Like a Foxbolt, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... A New Order Catalyst scored an extraordinary victory against an AFK Hulk, but the battle was only beginning. The Hulk pilot turned out to be a "paying client" of BATTLESTAR FEDERATION., a corp dedicated to helping CCP retain its players. In a shocking twist, the leader of BATTLESTAR FEDERATIONdot was revealed to be none other than Admiral Foxbolt, who rose like a phoenix from the ashes of his own biomass. He threatened to report CODEdot to CCP if his client was not reimbursed.

Highsec is no stranger to space lawyers. The most successful of these, Babatunde B Babatunde, was hired by Mine Teck to tie our Agents in red tape. His exemplary legal career came crashing to a halt when he mysteriously disappeared within hours of publicly announcing he'd discovered a loophole in the Code. Babatunde was biomassed, but, like Admiral Foxbolt, he eventually resurfaced. Unlike Foxbolt, Babatunde returned to the game with a different perspective; he switched sides to join CODEdot. By contrast, Foxbolt was more committed to his cause than ever.

As if anticipating yesterday's MinerBumping post, Foxbolt foresaw a truly legendary confrontation. He claimed to have a secret weapon: The complete endorsement of CCP.
AeleDeux > hello there
Admiral Foxbolt > Yes?
AeleDeux > I have been asked my James to look into a complaint
AeleDeux > by//
Admiral Foxbolt > Return 160mil to Praetor Venerabilis and we will inform CCP the issue was resolved. I will not be played with stall tactics.
Since Foxbolt refused to meet with Agent loyalanon on TeamSpeak, a neutral third party was called in to help negotiate a compromise.
AeleDeux > ok please, i just logged on
AeleDeux > can you start from the beginning
Admiral Foxbolt > Negative... Read mail Please.... Waiting on resolve.
AeleDeux > is english your first language?
Admiral Foxbolt > Waiting for resolve.
The clock was ticking. With just moments to prepare, Agent AeleDeux had to play catch-up. And he was running out of time.
AeleDeux > ok, so you are his legal rep?
Admiral Foxbolt > Our clinet sees teh war dec.. he will be dropping corp... The isk ha sjust be wasted.....
AeleDeux > i dont know anything about this. ok let me explain what i do
Admiral Foxbolt > Waiting on resolve... u and CCP has all intel needed... You dont want CCP involved.... but if CODE wants to play hardball.. we will win...
Hardball confirmed. Despite Foxbolt's insistence that the Hulk pilot was protected by his player-retaining organization, somehow the Hulk pilot's corp got wardecced by CODEdot in the meantime. Tensions escalated.
AeleDeux > I am contacted from time to time from James 315 to look into these matters
AeleDeux > i am generally at arms length from the everyday activities of the CODE alliance
Admiral Foxbolt > It simple really... what CODE is doing is costing CCP money.. we now have proof that CODE is hatassing CCP customers new to EVE.... We win. Pay 160mil to Praetor Venerabilis or we'll press this issuer with CCP.
Highsec is on the cutting edge; new forms of emergent gameplay evolve all the time. It's not the kind of place where you can be trained for everything in advance. When you become an Agent of the New Order, you often get thrown into the deep end--and you sink or swim. AeleDeux was up for the challenge, but the odds were stacked against him.
AeleDeux > listen, threating us with CCP ban hammers is not the way to go
Admiral Foxbolt > Extorting PPL is not the way to go...
AeleDeux > as you can imgaine, our alliance, being the number one PVP alliance in eve gets a lot of negativie attention
AeleDeux > my job is to sort through the real claims out of the bogus ones
Our Agent urged Foxbolt to give him more time.
Admiral Foxbolt > Null ... yeah.. I get it.. but High-Sec.... not with us... u just met a rock. Nothing against u personally....
Admiral Foxbolt > Yes.... here
Admiral Foxbolt > s ur proof sir...
Admiral Foxbolt > Kill: Praetor Venerabilis (Hulk)
AeleDeux > ok
There it was, the smoking gun. Foxbolt had ironclad proof that his client had indeed been ganked.
Admiral Foxbolt > Please send 160mil... and the issue will die.. and you can harss other players... but not ours..
Admiral Foxbolt > Our corp mates pays my company to assist them.... My company has CCP's approval o help their company with retention efforts. CODE is sadly at a loss here..... Im not going to debate this.... Return the funds from the high-sec harassment or we will cease
Admiral Foxbolt > cease efforts.
Admiral Foxbolt > (Im very aware that CODE is attempting to gather intel to fee to CCP.) Senior GM knows everything about us... He was the approving party.... For the Record. Gotta love EVE
Admiral Foxbolt > Senior GM Cid***
Foxbolt wouldn't budge. He was absolutely confident. His high-powered space law firm had the intel and the connections. And he wasn't afraid to name-drop.
AeleDeux > listen, i will forward this chat log to CCP. If what you are saying is a lie, that can result in a blanket ban. It is CCPs policy not to interfer with players. If you have a complaint about any of our members break the EULA put in a pitition
AeleDeux > we gank ships all the time
AeleDeux > i am about to blow up a miner right now
AeleDeux > what makes you case any different
Admiral Foxbolt > LOL.... this is great..... the ganking of our ships WILL stop.. give it time.. you'll see.....
AeleDeux > if CCP want us to stop, they will make it so you cant lock a player while in highsec
AeleDeux > have you read the code?
Just when he seemed to be on the ropes, AeleDeux shifted gears and went on offense. He challenged Foxbolt's knowledge of space law. Did he even know the Code?
Admiral Foxbolt > Real World cash make sit different... U see.. CODE has cost CCP millions in paying customers.... no one ever countered your bs.... Nic eto meet you guys... I'm the SheepDog thats going to guard my ppl from your tactics..
AeleDeux > ok calm down friend
AeleDeux > lets keep talking, we are making some progress here
Admiral Foxbolt > Negative ... Not friends.... take care. U gusy were given the chance to do the right thing here.. CCP will handle itf rom here... Fly Safe. (DO I look stupid.) Was a cop bro... FAIL
The convo was terminated. With that important line of communication closed, everything was uncertain.

AeleDeux's arguments had an effect. For the first time, Foxbolt showed signs of backing off, but only slightly.

Foxbolt remained confident that CODEdot would reimburse the Hulk pilot--or face extinction at the hands of a vengeful CCP.

To be continued...


  1. Part of me wishes we could easily see whether someone had gotten banned.

    This dude is just cancerous to the game. Asking players to pay real life money just to be in shitty highsec corp #9807969787? Claiming to represent CCP to try and make players change their playstyle to support a risk-free gameplay that's antithetical to Eve's premise?

    There's other space games out there, he can go play one of those.

  2. I think it's very creative. Anti code code. Brilliant. I hope they declare war on code and seek them out and give them a hard time and give code more of a real eve experience than shooting noobs snd alts in their PVE ships while they farm at work.

  3. He should probably move on to Elite Dangerous...oh wait...code is there too.

  4. People like Foxbolt, that are doing an activity, but are completely clueless about the rules.

    It's sad really, maybe one of these days his clone will wake up smarter.

    1. Maybe a 2-week ban will give him enough time to actually read the contract (EULA & TOS) that he agreed to when he signed up. Granted, even jimmy boy, the wanker of highsec, is entitled to have fun in the game, but to claim to be an affiliate of CCP? Unless it's true, he needs a vacation from the game.

      Don't get me wrong, I agree with you. It's just that for his clone to wake up smarter, the person behind the screen needs to be smarter. In my experience, you can fix ignorance, but you can't fix stupidity.


    2. Anti-gankers failed.......wait for it...... AGAIN!!!!!!!!

    3. BM-
      I'm your biggest fan. Love your trollrific posts.Keep wearing these neo-codies down. :)

      Also, your absolutely right about this post.

    4. Yeah. BM has CODE right where he wants them. Defeat is just around the corner. LOL

    5. "In my experience, you can fix ignorance, but you can't fix stupidity."

      Much irony in BM saying this.


  5. What worries me the most is that this guy claims to have once been a cop. What, exactly, happened while he was on the force? What circumstances, exactly, led to his "money is the key to everything" viewpoint? Where, exactly, did he get the idea to run a protection racket, where he got EVE players to pay him money in exchange for membership in a program in which CCP distorts the game rules to protect those players from highsec aggression?

    1. Based on what he's doing in EvE, as a cop he probably charged local businesses for protection money.

    2. Given that much of what Foxbolt has said about EvE is true only in his imagination, I suspect the same is true about his past as a cop. His writing style is reminiscent of an online advertiser for herbal viagra.

    3. He used to be a prison guard at a Federal prison. He 'quit', being the alternative was getting fired.

      In no way was he actually 'real' law enforcement of any kind.

      Mike Adoulin

  6. Google "Admiral Foxbolt pastebin" and you'll get some fun results that's for sure :P

  7. [url=][img] fuck yourself CODE Wankers%5E_%5E.gif[/img][/url]

    1. HTML tags are hard, aren't they? .. #failcarebearisfail

  8. Well it appears he was a DoJ Federal Investigator before being a cop? I mean his earlier comments suggested something to this effect...I'm betting he'll pull the war veteran/special forces card before it's all said and done.

    1. He has spent 11 years in the special forces and knows over 100 ways to kill a man with his bare hands!

  9. he is not insane, he is retarded. less than 80 I.Q. guaranteed

  10. Is this another one of Jtclones brothers? Seems to fit the description lol

  11. Lol Mine Teck, haven't seen that name in a long time.

    James should really create a new section of "The Best of Miner Bumping" to give easy access to the best stories here.

    1. Or perhaps a section titled "Highsec's Most Wanted", to educate the citizenry about the most dangerous bot-aspirants.

  12. Oh wow. All that is left of Foxbolts 'business website'

    He truly is mental. What a dik

    1. I wish someone had archived his original site.

      He worked for hours and hours and came up with the most hilarious proto-organizational plan for a corporation possible. I mean some people just work out the structure, but he had the sub-structures and roles all the way down to the squadron and flight level. All without actually getting any actual buy-in from anyone. He just assumed people would fall into place in his little organization and, better yet, pay him to do it.

  13. Code is always wanking 24-7 non-stop daily...

    But this guy is just craaaazy!

    Way... to... go... Code. That was real difficult coming out. Hope I never have to say that again. :P

  14. Please don't compare Babatunde B Babatunde to this ass clown Foxbolt. :(

    1. Babatunde was hialrious in an awesome way.

      Foxbolt is hilarious in a batshit crazy trainwreck kinda way.

    2. Babatunde was probably the most enterprising and fearsome opponent that the New Order has faced. What he lacked in strawberry he made up for in endless spools of red tape. The New Order dodged a bullet when his clients ran out of funds to continue funding his incisive legal mind.

  15. Sometimes, I think these multipart stories go on too long, but this one is just epic!

  16. Did anyone tell this nutjob that the "extortion" part of charging for a permit was actually CCP's suggestion?


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