Friday, November 27, 2015

Two Things About New Order PvP

If there's one thing people have learned about the New Order's style of PvP over the years, it's that our PvP is elite. If there's two things, it's that, again, our PvP is elite, and that the New Order loves shooting ships that can shoot back.

Agent 412nv Yaken created a video to highlight a pleasant stroll through lowsec. Our pilots frequently use unwitting lowsec pilots for target practice so they can stay sharp for their more demanding duties in highsec.

As you can see, lowsec is frequently humbled by our elite PvP warriors.


Agent Kalorned and the Gamis family have reached an incredible milestone. Twenty "Code Is Forever" videos! What a franchise.

Kalorned has built an impressive list of blues. People can't buy permits fast enough.

Impressive flying--do you have what it takes to join the New Order?

As always, our Links page is an excellent resource.


Our outreach never ends. One day, every man, woman, and child in highsec will have read the Code, preferably in a language he can understand. Thanks to Gunther Cucs, you can now read the Code in Spanish:

¡El C√≥digo!

Per Kalorned's suggestion, links to the different translations can be found on The Code page. Contact Kalorned if you're interested in translating the Code into French for 100 million isk!


  1. Here's to another 20! The CODE. Is forever!

  2. Replies
    1. your tears are delicious and sustaining, thank you

    2. That chodeanon seems a bit downsy

  3. Thank you for listing all the names of people that tried to comply with The New Order but sadly the guys in The New Order that encountered these victims were more trigger happy than being reasonable.

    1. If they had "tried" to be compliant, they would already have mining permits and they wouldn't be AFK...

      Being AFK in space = bad idea. Your just asking to get popped and if you do, good for you. You deserve it. Being AFK in space is perhaps one of the dumbest things you can do, and perhaps one of the dumbest ways to lose you ship.

    2. Perhaps you misread my comment at 10:20 PM, there are other ways to be AFK in space, it's that simple. Just set your speed at maximum, point the ship in a direction away from the stargate, and then activate the cloak.

      You just wait until I share this knowledge to those who love to AFK in space.

    3. Big difference there between being AFK and protecting yourself, and being AFK and leaving yourself a sitting duck. But then again being as smart as you are, I'm sure you figured that out all on your own.

    4. I scan down and gank those moving while afk ships all the time

  4. Replies
    1. Wolf Soprano fails at punctuation. Where did you get your education from, a Cracker jack box?

    2. Come on man, I'm still only 10 and still get raped by my daddy. How smart do you expect me to be?

    3. Don't worry about that @$$#0!E at 3:25, just ignore him, he is no threat to the New Order anyway. Like you said, Antigankers failed again/

  5. Australians don't use punctuation, and that's okay.



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