Monday, November 9, 2015

On the Road to Victory, Part 1

When people think about Agent Liek DarZ and consider the thousands of highsec miners he's killed, and the hundreds of billions of isk worth of damage he's inflicted, two words come readily to mind: Courage and integrity. I would add a third word to that list: Perseverance.

You see, Liek DarZ is a man on a mission. He seeks to enforce the Code, of course--that much is obvious. But there's something else that he's after.

Along with alt Plasma Death, Liek has sacrificed more than 4,000 destroyers to the cause. It is a price he'd gladly pay again and again, if it gets him closer to what he's searching for.

As Liek quests through highsec, he encounters many carebears. Some, like Timothy Fidard, seem unable to free themselves from miner myths and clich├ęs.

Agents of the New Order build relationships with the miners that they police. Liek is able to forge bonds with such carebears for many reasons, not least of which is that he's an exceptionally good listener.

As it happens, Liek DarZ is a good salesman. You'd think a product like a New Order mining permit would practically sell itself, but not when you factor in the bot-aspirancy problem. Still, Liek is able to sell permits at an impressive rate. Not with puffery or false advertising, but with the honest truth.

Mr. Like Literally Extortion ended up buying a permit for 10 million isk. Had he turned Gallant, or was he one of the Goofuses who managed to slip through the filter? You could tell he wasn't happy about buying a permit, so the smart money's on "Goofus".

Within seconds of buying the permit, Timothy tried to undermine the whole foundation upon which highsec society is based. Typical Goofus.

Timothy made a martyr of himself in the way that only an AFK PvE'er who never leaves highsec can. Liek resumed his mission.

The dignity and composure of a New Order Agent is something that even many of our enemies can appreciate. Freya Merkuriev wanted to spend all her time making a bunch of idle threats about kill rights, but she couldn't help herself. A little bit of respect slipped out.

As Liek's travels continued, he found himself confronted by a gank recipient. The miner was angry about something. Liek genuinely wondered what the guy's problem was. You see that? Empathy. So much for the New Order being filled with "sociopaths".

Liek was stunned by the German miner's bellicose nature. The miner made it known that he was quite prepared to go to war in real life. As soon as he called his lawyer, anyway.

Despite this looming peril, Liek kept a laser-like focus on his goal. What was it? What did this Agent hope to achieve? And would he succeed?

To be continued...


  1. 4000 catalysts lost between two characters? Rookie numbers

    6800 from 1 pilot

    1. Unfair! How the hell can anyone compete with those numbers?
      On a side note, fuk carebears!
      The CODE always wins!
      Crybears always whine!
      Antiganking always stays docked and shits up local!

  2. Poor John, he is a rather slow learner

  3. Receptionist: Law office of Bendum, Fuckem, and Now. How can I help you?
    Carebear: Someone blew up my spaceship!
    R: Prank calls are against the law. Stop calling us.
    C: Grrrr CODE.

  4. "When people think about Agent Liek DarZ and consider the thousands of highsec miners he's killed, and the hundreds of billions of isk worth of damage he's inflicted, two words come readily to mind: Bot-Aspirant. I would add a third word to that list: Extortionist."

    There, fixed some flaws in the opening paragraph. No need to thank me.

    CODE agents shoot unarmed, untanked, uncontrolled ships all day. That doesn't take any more skill then shooting mission targets, yet no one calls mission runners PvP experts. All a CODE agent has to do is scan ship cargos, ship fittings, and respond to a convo. If not, check if a pilot has sacrificed a piece of their biographic space. If not, engage and destroy. Sounds a little like a mission runner. A prime example of what CODE uses this space to broadcast as 'bot-aspirant" behavior.

    CODE agents claim their Code is some new revelation the they require payment for dispensing, when it's been public knowledge around since long before James315. You want to be paid now for something that was freely and publicly available for years before James315 ever arrived. Sounds like "something-for-nothing" to me, another example of what CODE uses this space to broadcast as 'bot-aspirant" behavior.

    So, from this, I can conclude two things:

    First, James315 and his followers are simply yet another band of pirates with an odd delusion of their place in the world.

    Second, they are just as "bot-aspirant" as the pilots they hunt and claim to hate.

    1. You sure like to completely blow the lid off of things, don't you?

      Thanks to you, everone can see through our lies, huh?


    2. More abbot tears! Are you guys sure he is not a CODE alt? His posts seem either contrived, or the work of a simpleton.
      Regardless, plenty of tears!

    3. This guy is less black abbot and more abbot & costello. Pure comedy!
      Everything he posted above shows his ignorance of not only game mechanics, and he still does not understand that CODE is playing EvE the way it was intended by the devs.
      All these hisec carebears need to do a bit of research into the history of EvE. They might then understand that EvE does not need the hisec carebear, and that they are but an abomination that is allowed to remain solely for our ganking pleasure.
      All crybears shall be taught their place at the bottom of the foodchain.
      AND, his tears are helping the CODE always win! Always!

    4. I find your vast amount of tears most satisfying.

    5. @Abbot

      The Words of James 315 do not need appending. They are complete, whole, perfect and timeless. And if He deems they are not, then Only He Shall do a quick edit and fix them.

      And, for your information, the reason that Mission Runners are not "PvP experts" like New Order Agents, is because they do not interact with other "players" like the New Order promotes and continues promoting every single day.

      In fact, I would question your motives for saying that "miners aren't people." Do you really believe this? If so, Does your claim that "Miners aren't people" lead you down a path toward I dunno, rounding up and putting them in ovens because they can't feel pain? I mean if they aren't people we don't need compassion for them, right?

      Wrong, Abbot. Miners are people. This is why it is PvP when the Code destroys them and not PvE. Code believes in the humanity of miners, no matter how small, and this is why the mission of the New Order is one of redemption, and not one of mere extermination, as you would have given your "pro-PvE" mindset.

    6. Abbot tears are fast becoming best tears :P

    7. So when Agent Liek DarZ says in one of his chats "Sorry, had a phone call - back" this is proof that he had gone AFK. Isn't going AFK a mortal offense to the CODE, an event of bot-aspirancy?

    8. Not if you are docked up. Clearly someone hasn't read the CODE ^^

    9. mingalingaringrongsingsongtingtong is wrong

    10. @Ming Tso

      This whole blog is proof that jimmy boy is running a scamming and griefing gang. If he posted this shit on the EVE forums then he would be hung out to dry in Jita. His account and all his useless alts would be restricted to Jita so he could hang out with all the other useless criminals. Also this piece of shit of should be banned because he even admits that he could always just RMT if he gets bored at losing EVE.

    11. @anon3:40
      To note, even the act of being AFK in space is not wrong per say, as the act of AFK cloaking is something that is smiled upon by the New Order. It is only the act of generating passive income through the use of AFK tactics that is frowned on by the New Order. This is why auto piloting a freighter through James 315 space is an affront to the Code, AFK mining and mission running is an affront to the Code, but simply hanging out in a belt in a combat ship, cloaked or not, is okay.

    12. There are no tears here, only truth. If you find the truth painful, perhaps do something to change it?

      I have no reason to shed tears. CODE has never aggressed me, or any of my alts. I'm sure I've been passively scanned many times. I live in a system that has, or had, 6 CODE pirates living in it with me, never any issues to be had.

      I'm not an easy, or valuable, target. I spent several months in low-sec when I first started. All the lessons you claim are "revelations" were learned many years before James315 ever became a pilot.

    13. haha now it's defensive tears LOVE IT :)

    14. @Abbot

      "Only truth."

      "CODE shoots untanked, uncontrolled, unarmed ships all day."

      "You want to paid for something that was freely and publically available for years before James 315 arrived."

      And yet, Abbot, a lie right there in your opening sentence. I won't even bother to link you the various videos posted by Kalorned and the other Knights of the New Order that prove your statement is in fact a lie.

      You think that 10 million isk is "payment for knowledge," when you know it is about as much of a financial hardship on miners, or a financial benefit for the New Order, as a genuflection.

      I won't go into the real truths that can easily be found by stumbling pretty much anywhere on You know where they are, you know we've won the arguments we've proven to you over and over again, you know you're lying.

      You go find those truths and educate yourself on the elite PvP prowess of the New Order. Then we'll talk.

    15. New Veers is rapidly approaching Old Veers in the quality of tears. BEHOLD!

    16. There are no lies in my posts. If you could point one out, please do so and educate me.

      Your Code's requirements are simple common sense that only the foolish, the stupid, the ignorant or the greedy don't heed. Luckily for CODE and the other pirate groups, most people in High-Sec fall into one of those categories.

      This knowledge you spread in your Code was freely available in public forum posts long before James315 ever arrived. CODE agents expect payment for this freely available information. CODE agents pretend this Code is something new, when it is not.

      I will be forever fascinated by CODE agents proclaiming themselves masters of "Elite PvP" when you are nothing of the kind. CODE agents are generally killing unarmed, untanked, and uncontrolled ships. How hard is that? Literally anyone can do it. It takes a little patience to do it profitably, but it's quite doable. For a CODE agent to kill these ships is no more difficult then me destroying my mission targets. How "elite" can you be if there's no chance of failure?

      I've watched some of Kalorned's videos. He knows what he's doing, it's quite clear that the idiots he's fighting don't. All those videos prove however, is that Kalorned knows how to fight. There's 400+ CODE agents, I'm sure many of them know how to gank quite well. Actually fight? I doubt more then a handful can do so as well as Kalorned.

      CODE wants ISK for freely available knowledge. Something-for-nothing.
      CODE destroys targets that can't fight back. No chance of failure.
      CODE pursues their targets with all the zeal of a ISK addicted mission-runner. Bot-Aspirant behavior.

      There is only two differences between CODE and the hundreds of other past, present, and future pirate bands. The delusions of grandeur if its founder, the cult of personality worship of it's members. Otherwise, it's the same old extortion racket. "Give me ISK, or lose your ship."

      It's not that impressive.

  5. I can't wait for Part 2 to see if Liek DarZ finds what he's looking for in his noble quest!

    1. Well, if he is searching for hisec miner tears, quest complete.

    2. So, the 'black abbot' seems a bit teary about hisec pvp. He has plenty of opinion about others having fun playing EvE like a spaceship shooting game.
      I love how all the hisec miers think they have any rights at all in EvE. Poor deluded fools actually think it is acceptable to hisec mine for an EvE career!
      Hey hisec miners, you might hear 'hisec miner' bur what we are really saying is 'something is on the bottom of my shoe'
      Whiney crybears bitch about the killing of unarmed mining barges, like they dont understand how offensive the hisec miner is to real EvE players.
      Do you smell that? Check your shoes if you were recently in hisec!

  6. The carebear is right. Paying someone under threat of violence is the textbook definition of extortion. At least it's in game...although there has been a few incidents where code members took it out of game and got banned for it.

    1. Really? Extortion IRL huh?
      You are special

  7. Ok here's the deal, extortion is a "criminal offense", all definitions of extortion have something about " wrongful" "illegal" " criminal" in the wording. A CRIME.
    Attempting to sell permits is not only legal in EvE, but REQUIRED by CCP as a part of James' business plan. So it is NOT a criminal offense, therefore not extortion. Someone above said something about 'textbook example of extortion'. Not only was textbook used wrong, but his entire premise is flawed, as we have just proven that hisec permit sales are not a criminal offense.
    Now before the whiney carebears start with "something something CONCORD whine whine sperg", CONCORD is just reacting to in-game aggression mechanics, nothing to do with permit sales, which are completely legal according to CCP.
    So, again, permit sales are not extortion. When someone says " whine whine EXTORTION cry cry i quit" what they are really saying is "whine whine EXTORTION cry cry i quit", but they are still wrong.

    It is a spaceship PVP GAME. Shooting spaceships and selling permits are the prefered playstyles, AND still legal according to CCP, the only legal authority in EvE.

    So what have we learned carebears? Well you have prolly learned nothing, but the moral is: harden the fuck up, you nasty fukin hisec pedobears.

    1. dear idiot,

      "textbook example of extortion" is this true, the manner which you justify it in your own little way is the problem.

      Everyday in your real life you have "extortion" Pay your morgage/rent or will will evict you!

      Everyday the goverment claims tax on you, don't want to pay you break the law this is yet another form of "extortion"

      so twist and turn all you wish, "extortion" is illegal it is immoral.

      the CODE is immoral, you only satisfy your need to bully others in a video game because you feel the every day "extortion".

      now please shut up and go kill some miners cause its hillarious

    2. Paying mortgage/taxes = extortion
      Extortion= immoral
      Paying mortgage/taxes = immoral

      I know a commie when I see one. Take your red propaganda elsewhere!

      -Galaxy Pig

    3. Dear anon fuckwit @ 4:16

      Don't come with your tear jar to the miners when you find out that CODE. wankers want to take out the competition. When the miner equation is removed then ALL activities of EVE will become increasingly expensive because they seek power and control.

      You're welcome.

    4. Industrialists and Miner Rights Activist why so angry bro?

    5. @ crabby anon 11:50

      I do know the difference between "your" and "you're", so suck on that.

    6. I didn't like that toon anyway dickhead, that account was worthless to me

  8. talking about "commies"

    You no fly thru our space we blow you up!

  9. Sorry CODE. the only rules I follow are mine, GET IT MINE, MINE, MINING! I dare you fucks to come and find me, because even if you do, you think I don't have spare ships.

    I'll simply cherish the day when I can chase you miner blapping fucks around because you'll have constant -10 sec status.

    1. asks code to find him, doesn't post toon name.


    2. @Anon4:42
      It is also telling that this "Industrialist and Miner Rights Activist" fellow has 315 in just about every detail of his blogger bio. So it would seem that, despite his heretical words, this rabble-rouser is, in fact, an "Agent in Disguise," watching out for the faithful and giving us opportunities to test our faith and resolve in the name of James 315.

    3. it's true I'm a salty space dog also crazy people don't think they're crazy so you must just be stupid

    4. Industrialists and Miner Rights Activist by not telling your char name you are clearly stating that the CODE will get you, hypocrite.

    5. @413 gtfo Nathan G Newsome, there is no room for your type in EvE.
      I think CCP made that abundantly clear when they banned you, again.

    6. @ 6:00

      I've only started my crusade on this forum a few days ago, but thankfully my disguise and my location have not yet been blown. Already I have been accused of being associated with some Foxbolt guy and someone called Newman or are they the same person? Maybe if you guys want to find me so bad I might put something in my bio, or maybe not. That's if I haven't been banned already if I am really this Foxbolt guy, it's a shame someone can get banned for RMT yet others just get away with it.

    7. @ Mr Tso

      Hmm, yes infiltrate The New Order, now that does sound like a mighty fine idea...

    8. @ Mr Tso

      You seem like you are the CODE. diplomat on the forums here maybe you could sneak me in, I promise I won't tell anyone, and I'm sure old jimmy boy don't even read his own forums anymore.

    9. @IMRA

      I'm sure you don't need my help to get access to CODE. resources- not when you're obviously a member of CODE., and by being so, you know something about the wealth of the average Agent of the New Order, and our motivations.

      Agents don't have much. We do what we do not out of love for money, for that is the way of the carebear, but out of genuine love for The Code, this game, and the future of the Eve Online Community.

      The Saviour grants us our Holy Reimbursements, and granted, they aren't much, but by His Grace we abide. Personally, if it were up to me, I would create a new type of currency in addition to ISK and Aurum; it would be called "James 315 ISK," and it would be worth more than RL Gold.

    10. @anon 357
      You will never do shit but post tears in these comments. You will not infiltrate CODE, you will not post anything in your bio.
      You will cry and whine, and try to make excuses about your RL failures (boo hoo i was crazy and did not mean to RMT)
      Nathan you are not hidden friend, we have seen your trailer home in some south Florida shithole.
      Goodbye! And thanks for all the tears!

    11. @ Mr Tso
      You seem like a nice guy, I really do hope we never cross paths because I don't want you to be the first person I have to use my new black pen to add you to my 'hit list' (I hate the colour red).

      @anon 3:11
      Umm I'm pretty sure you were talking to me even though you addressed Mr Tso (3:48), in fact you were off by a minute, so you can't even make up your mind who you want to talk to so I doubt you would really know if I'm in CODE. or not. But you will never do anything but look at my tear jar, the only thing you are useful for is taking my tear jar to Jimmy every day because I'm to busy mining whenever I am on EVE. After a hard days work I need to cry, it's all I have left after mining for hours with an anti-tanked retriever watching out for can flippers and agents all the while watching a movie or some youtube *sigh.

    12. @IMRA,

      Are you aware of the origin of the "Red Pen List?" or why it is called the Red Pen list? It's a pretty old joke that goes all the way back to the first wars of EVE Online. Old enough to be included in a document as ancient and revered as The Code.

    13. This comment has been removed by the author.

    14. @ Mr Tso

      No, I'm afraid I'm not familiar with the origin of the "Red Pen List", all I know is that Jimminie "Jim Jim" Jimaree don't like you all that much if you end up on it and he especially don't like agents being petitioned, probably a huge cover up going on here... I've also noticed the Red Pen List has not been trademarked yet, what's up with that, I already have a trademark pending the on what I call "The Blacklist"

    15. @ anon 259
      No. Your reading comprehension sux.
      Anom 311 replied to anon 357, the numbers are a refrence to the posters timestamp.
      357 would be you Nathan G Newsome. And NO, you are not mining after a hard days work, as U R BANNED LOL!
      Try harder Nathan G Newsome, you crazy fuk!

      P.S. LOL U R BANNED!

    16. @anon 7:51
      I see it's hard to keep track on the numbers when every almost every pussycat in here is anon, So please give me a moment while I cry into the I don't give a fuck jar.

      P.S. Try harder pussycat.

  10. Hey whatever happened to those heroes of highsec guys?

    They must have destroyed code by now surely.

    1. @Merrizon


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