Thursday, November 26, 2015

Crazy Like a Foxbolt, Part 8

Previously, on MinerBumping... Admiral Foxbolt had it all: A thriving player-retention corp, a license from CCP to ban gankers and/or cyber-bullies, and $500 worth of PLEX. But before he knew it, that world came crashing down. CCP Falcon warned Foxbolt that he was at risk of getting his own accounts banned. A flurry of petitions followed.
To go against me is and the good I am attempting to do for your product simply foolish at this point. ( I would not be surprised if you yourself were a supporter of "The Mittani" and his corruption... It's how you are painting the picture at this time.)

I have tried to be nice to you CCP Falcon.... You need to get out of my face... My company only deals with CCP Cid. You have been informed.
Foxbolt lost faith in his ability to win Falcon over to his side. The only person he could rely on was CCP Cid, who allegedly authorized Foxbolt's player-retention enterprise. As time went on, Foxbolt began to wonder if Falcon was committed to opposing players like The Mittani at all.

Horror! Between petitions, Foxbolt took some time to investigate Falcon. He was shocked to discover that CCP Falcon appeared on an interview show with The Mittani. The show was hosted by, which was run by none other than The Mittani himself!
It's very plainly clear that CCP Falcon is a promotor of the "The Mittani" and his cyber-bullying tactics of other players... Found this little out take of CCP Falcon helping "The Mittani" promoting his income base...
Foxbolt was aghast. This entire time, he'd been sending petitions to Falcon that contained rants against The Mittani. Could it be that all his efforts had been wasted? Not willing to take chances, Foxbolt requested that someone other than Falcon handle his case.
SOMEONE keep CCP Falcon away from me.... It's VERY clear CCP Falcon is attempting to put back up red tape that my company has clearly already went through the proper channels to clear in gaining CCP's permission to help with "Retention Efforts & Human Relations"...

CCP Falcon... You are clearly trying to sabotage business relations and you need to be investigated for supporting someone who promotes cyber-bullying and harassment of EVE players.
The world of petitions is a mysterious one. Foxbolt had no idea if his words were being read by anyone other than Falcon. He could only cry out into the darkness and hope that his cries would reach a friendly ear.
Within a week after attempting to stand up for another EVE player, I've got a "CCP Falcon" attempting to sabotage business relations. I then look CP Falcon up and see very clearly that he supports the business affairs of "The Mittani". This incompetent individual (CCP Falcon) is attempting to throw EULA tape at us AFTER my company already cleared all of the red tape in a proper manner that reflects the highest level of integrity from one company towards another company. CCP Falcon is even attempting to use double standards regarding the EULA in trying to degrade business relations with Battlestar Gaming, LLC", but he's perfectly fine with supporting the business affairs of "The Mittani" who is clearly known as someone who told his 10,000+ to go and harass a man in real life. CCP Falcon clearly has a hidden agenda, and has no right in his attempts to make CCP look unprofessional in his attempts to sabotage business relations that have already been agreed upon properly.

Someone please look into this matter. My company is moving forward with helping CCP and the EVE Community based on our agreement with CCP through "Senior GM Cid" aka "CCP Cid".
Foxbolt concluded his missive with additional complaints about Falcon. Foxbolt's eloquence was undeniable, except perhaps by The Mittani and his army of cyber-bullies. Yet danger lurked in the shadows of the petition realm. For if Falcon was the only person reading the petitions, going with an anti-Falcon strategy could prove to be fatal to his cause.
OK then..... If you're going to ban my accounts, you very well need to return my $500 spent on PLEXS. Money that was spent under the understand from CCP Cid that we were cleared to conduct business relations with CCP.
Yeah, it was kinda fatal. Admiral Foxbolt, the "sheriff" of the community, was officially permabanned. What a turn of events.

The wily player-retention specialist still had a few tricks up his sleeve, however. He didn't call himself a "Political & Legal Chess Master" for nothing! Foxbolt created a new account. His new character, DuckGoons, began broadcasting a message to everyone in Jita who would listen. He soon attracted the attention of Reddit.
Well... it would seem the Goons have control of everything and CCP has no real interest in protecting people from harassment and cyber-bullying. They also like to retract on business agreements when a undercover Goon supporter in CCP Games (CCP Falcon) hears that someone is taking a stand against Goons having complete control of EVE.

Yes... We found a legal loop-hole in which our corp members wanted to support the corp in a real money value way, and we found a way for the player base to make income legally that could also support CCP Games even more.... CCP agreed to it because our player base wanted it, ... CCP Falcon got involved and shut the whole thing down.
Foxbolt took his case to the people. If he gained enough support from the Jita crowd, maybe he could get the leverage needed to unban his accounts. Then he could get back to work trying to ban CODEdot from the game.
A week later, CCP Falcon got involved and has of right now sabotaged the business deal.... And just when you were making room to do some good in EVE.... Goons get to take control all over again..... THIS IS NOT RIGHT!!!! Proof below....

NOTE: They will most likely try to make this go away. SAVE AND READ PEOPLE.

They have failed to return my $500 spent in plexs as of yet.... while banning the accounts.
A keen observer of human nature, Foxbolt understood that few Jita residents would believe his incredible story of a CCP/Goon cyber-bully alliance unless he had proof. He compiled a series of documents and posted them on his website, which he linked. He encouraged everyone to save the information, since CCP might force him to delete it later. This treasure trove was the source of Foxbolt's previous petitions, as well as additional information we'll review in a moment.
CCP Falcon is a Goon and a fucking prick. CCP supports harassment and cyber-bullying of players... That's just fucking great. CCP Games is really trying to cover this horseshit up.. UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE!!!!



I supported EVE for 7-years and this is the bullshit I get for trying to help.

Admiral Foxbolt

Foxbolt wrapped up his message to Jita. It was a distress signal, really. He'd taken the first step, giving the EVE community what he believed to be the truth. What they chose to do with it was up to them.

Smartly labeled "EVIDENCE", Foxbolt's website became a window into the secret origin of his player-retention corp. It enabled EVE players to look back at its founding in October, just weeks before CODEdot ganked a Hulk and sent everything spiraling out of control. One vital question remained: Did Foxbolt's evidence actually support his claims that CCP approved his business? Or would it only make him appear more ridiculous?
Look... I'm trying to go about this the correct way. I'm trying to keep CCP in the loop regarding an idea that I've had for a long time. I want to help human relations within the gaming community. EVE ONLINE is the perfect platform for doing this. This is what I'm trying to do..... and I'm letting you know because I want to go about this correctly with the support of CCP....

* I have created a LLC that will be supported off of "Gifts" and or "Donations" later down the line. This purpose of this LLC is to promote the well being of "Human Relations" within the gaming community.

* I have been involved in EVE since 2009. You guys have an awesome product, but your retention honestly sucks. If people don't feel like they are cared for as human beings, they leave your product, and move on to the next biggest thing.... CCP losses monthly support. People need human relations to keep them attached..... this helps CCP with their player-retention, thus your wallet.
In a petition in mid-October, Foxbolt began making his pitch to CCP.

To be continued...


  1. Best one yet! Fascinating to see his journey from confident space lawyer to raving lunatic. I just hope he gets the help he needs.

  2. If you Google "I need to stress that CCP has in no way endorsed your services" (quotes and all) be careful not to accidentally view some GM correspondence.

    Saved a lot of bother for CCP (and a lot of hilarity for us) if GM Cid had spent a bit less time apologising for Gamayur being snarky and a little more time saying "I have restored your character BUT ..."

  3. Antigankers are failing so hard right now

    1. Your blog used to be so interesting. Wtf happened with you? Take a step back from your keyboard and get some fresh air.

  4. This has been pure hilarity. I find myself truly wondering what the hell is wrong with this man.

    Imagine if you were in public and a stranger dropped something, you pick it up for them and hand it back, then suddenly you're in a business arrangement with them, they won't leave you alone and grow increasingly irate because you won't uphold your end of the bargain.

    But yes, watching his journey from "money always wins, just watch dude" to "okay it's hopeless, I guess the goons control EVERYTHING" has been very entertaining.

    And the fact that he spent $500 on PLEX just before he was permabanned is like, it's just like... fresh, warm cinnamon buns.

    Foxbolt, I, for one, appreciate what you've done for the EVE community through supporting CCP financially by buying all those PLEX and flushing them down the toilet. That's the equivalent of just sending the iceland office an envelope full of cash. Truly, an inspiring act of altruism.

    -Galaxy Pig

  5. Also, he keeps referring to "the courts" what the hell court does he think makes rulings about space nonsense?


  6. Man... I think I'm getting eye cancer all over again XD
    This guy was a great show while he lasted lol

  7. Foxbolt bought an alt named Jinn Jinn.
    It dont look banned

    1. I'm sure he'll manage to get that account banned, too.

    2. He's been permabanned. That means any new account he tries to make gets autobanned once CCP realizes its him. So unless he stays VERY far below the radar...and he won't, because he is batshit stupid and insane.....he will get THAT account banned too, automatically, and with no appeal.

      Mike Adoulin

  8. I can't believe this all started when a hulk was violating the code.

    *Grabs another container of popcorn*

  9. I'm on the edge of my seat, waiting to see how this ends. Can Foxbolt drive himself to complete lunacy? Will he ever solve the 'relations' issues plaguing the internet?!?

  10. This story is so unbelievably insane I can no longer accept that Foxbolt is a real person.

    1. Sadly, he infects this earth.

  11. ChODE. undocks, hilarity ensues.

  12. I imagine that this was his face when he discovered the TMC interview with CCP Falcon:

  13. I'm calling it, greatest Hulk kill OF ALL TIME!!!

  14. Errbody stop behaving in such a fowl manner, aite!

  15. It is hard to imagine someone as crazy as Nathan just out loose on society.
    I have read all the evemails, watched his youtube, followed the original reddit 'name and shame' thread, and holy shit wow.
    How can an adult be this deficient and not be under professional care in a facility designed for his protection? (And ours)
    Without the proper care, people like Nathan eventually climb bell towers with hunting rifles, or cook and eat their neighbors, or pack a box van full of fertilizer and diesel fuel. Eventually.
    Hopefully his wife has enough sense to call the proper authorities and maybe get this guy some much needed assistance.
    Nathan, if you read this, please call toll free at (800) 869-1616. There are folks there who are happy to chat with you about saving EvE, and it is 100% confidential, friend.


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