Friday, November 6, 2015

Welcome to the Mining Channel

Everyone knows about the Anti-Ganking channel and how toxic it is. There's also an in-game "Mining" channel. Is it any better?

The good news: Agents of the New Order occasionally frequent the Mining channel. The bad news: There are miners in the channel, too.

Shamus Igunen has been playing EVE for the last 4 years. He's spent nearly all of that time mining in highsec. For the past two years, Shamus has been among the most vocal members of the Mining channel.

When Agent Liek DarZ made a surprise appearance, Shamus was appalled. He didn't want to hear from a member of the New Order.

Sometimes people accuse the New Order of exploiting angry miners by harvesting their tears. The reality is that we always try to help the miners. Techno- Destructo gave Shamus some great advice. Would he take it?

Unfortunately, the longer a conversation goes on, the more enemies a Goofus tends to make. Shamus began lashing out at everyone around him. He accused them of "ruining my mining chat". He probably prefers the Mining channel to be silent, like when local is filled with AFK miners. Shamus would make a good EVE-O forum moderator.

Shamus Igunen appointed himself spokesman for the miners of highsec and everyone in the Mining channel. Then he set to work addressing his main concerns:

Is it my imagination, or have the miners been getting even more nihilistic lately? I suppose that's what failing nonstop daily does to a person.

EVE's subscription numbers may be falling, but the number of Code-compliant miners has been growing steadily. The rebel miners, forced to face this reality, haven't taken it very well.

The other shoe dropped. Shamus Igunen was among the last of a dying breed: The hardcore, unreconstructed denialists who believe there are no New Order Agents. In the very earliest days of the Order, miners accused all Agents of being my alts. The assumption was that no one else would be crazy enough to enforce the Code. These ├╝ber-denialists died out when the number of Agents reached a certain level. But Shamus held fast to his delusions. He really thinks I have three hundred EVE accounts. He petitioned me to CCP for single-handedly ruining the game.

There's a fine line between being a GRRR CODE type, and growling at random people on a street corner.

As the number of my alts climbs well into the hundreds, and as my alts successfully gank miners across a surprisingly broad stretch of time zones, Shamus is feeling less confident of a rebel victory. Still, he won't give up on the Mining channel--it's his home. The New Order won't give up on Shamus, either. Everyone in highsec belongs in our family.


  1. The CODE always wins! Always!

  2. I am proud to be an alt of our Supreme Protector!!!

  3. Replies
    1. No Anon, that is exactly my experience in the mining channel as well. It is absolutely disgusting the things those miners say. Look, whether you like CODE or not- this is still just a game, and the CODE folks are role playing, not hurting anyone for real.
      The people in the mining channel are not role playing- that is exactly who they are....racist, homophobic, violent, and utterly unable to separate reality from a video game. That is an honest representation of the people that care bear in Eve Online.
      Even the people in that channel that do not themselves spout stuff that would frankly embarrass the parents of those people, do nothing to police their own. They let it go, or passively agree. To me, that is just as bad.
      All of it is a violation of the Terms under CCP's rules, and those players should be evicted from Eve Online. Role players, role playing, in a role playing game are...well playing the game correctly. Whether that role is 'bad guy' or not.
      Care bears are the worst of the gaming community. They are childish beyond belief, a bunch of wannabe internet tough guys (tm), and absolutely live up to the very worst stereotypes of video gamers.
      Care bears, if you feel that you aren't a scumbag racist, homophobe, and can tell the difference between reality and a game....try policing your own. Try cleaning up the filth from your community before complaining about some one else's. Set an example rather than be a stereotype.

    2. @solly,
      If carebears were to police themselves it would require at least a few of them to have some self control.
      As far as i can see they are all nasty little people, and undeserving of anything but to be ganked until they cry for more.
      Ded miner best miner!

  4. Moneybags McWantstogank IIINovember 7, 2015 at 2:18 AM

    So i have spent the last few hours browsing this site, and i must say i have enjoyed it. There is so much to learn about EvE here.

    So correct me if i am wrong. This site details the glorious battles of the followers of James 315, and the seemingly permanant state of win in which the CODE exists.

    These forces of good do battle aganist the dark state of apathy and its minions, the ever present carebears. The Carebears seem not to enjoy EvE very much, and appear to play the game just for the opportunity to be dominated in the face by the Gallant Knights of the New Order.
    These seemingly endless ganks in turn provide the antiganking faction n 'excuse' to act like a completely spoiled 6 year old turd factory, and that provides the Hero's of Hisec with an almost endless supply of tears for some sort of tear collecting vessels, most likely a jar.

    This, in my most humble opinion, provides hour upon hour of non-stop daily win for the most reveared CODE.

    I see this as a sustainable business model and predict long term growth for both the New Order, and CCP, and will be inquiring into the purchase of the stock of both corporations.

    Oh and EvE's ratio of insane people is grossly disproportionate to it's market share. I wholeheartedly approve.

    1. Moneybags, I think you summed things up perfectly!

    2. He gets it!

      Welcome brother!

      -Galaxy Pig

  5. We are all alts of the Saviour, for he does live within us. Praise James 315!

  6. For the record, I want to state that I am NOT, as far as anyone knows, an alt of James 315.


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