Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Elite Dangerous CODE Conspiracy

Agent Zazz Razzamatazz was among those permabanned last year for unspecified offenses. Since then, he has sought to enforce the Code in other venues. Zazz delighted the MinerBumping forum with a thread about his adventures in Elite Dangerous.

Zazz quickly learned that although EVE and Elite Dangerous are different in many ways, there are also a number of similarities between the two gaming communities.

For example, there are areas of Elite Dangerous in which players do not expect to encounter PvP. Those areas have become populated with bot-aspirants.

Indeed, when dealing with some PvE'ers, one must wonder if Elite Dangerous received an influx of traffic from EVE. Those subscribers had to go somewhere.

Since Elite Dangerous is fairly new, everyone is a "new player". But the players have learned much from the EVE experience. They're already whining about player retention. It took EVE nearly a decade for that to become popular!

In Elite Dangerous as in EVE, there are a lot of misconceptions about the rules of the game. Carebears seem to be operating under the assumption that elite PvP is forbidden. My goodness, the game has "Elite" right there in the title!

Controversy soon erupted when Elite Dangerous became plagued by an organization calling itself CODE. They patrol the supposedly "safe" areas of the game, enforcing a "Code of Conduct" which discourages certain forms of gameplay. They even have the gall to lay claim to free, unclaimable territory--and charge a travel permit for anyone who passes through!

It didn't take long for the EVE refugees in the Elite Dangerous community to connect the dots. CODE must be CODE.!

But there's a plot twist: CODE's leaders have publicly stated that all similarities between CODE and CODE. are purely coincidental. Though CODE contains many EVE players, few if any are active Agents of CODE. However, these reassurances have only angered CODE's enemies. CODE collects a large volume of tears by saying it isn't CODE.

Former EVE players have lashed out against CODE, and have attempted to organize resistance movements to prevent CODE from taking over Elite Dangerous the way CODE. has taken over highsec. One group of rebels is called "Divine Reapers".
"While we have packed a huge punch and dealt devastating blows to CODE. in EVE Online, our numbers have always been very few. Our group is small, very cohesive, and deadly efficient and that is the way we prefer to keep it."
Divine Reapers' leader, Chip Patton, claims he can defeat CODE just like his group defeated CODE. in EVE. Oh, wait, you haven't heard of Divine Reapers? You didn't know they destroyed the New Order? Allow Chip to enlighten you further:

It's an amazing tale. The story of how the Divine Reapers and its 200 allies won the war against CODE. is an epic one. (You won't hear that story on MinerBumping, biased as it is!)

The Divine Reapers aren't alone in fighting CODE. A player named Beckstation organized a resistance movement of his own. Here's his call to action, before it was deleted:
"As we know the CODE are a group of players who do really random stuff like blockades or hunting [half the time I don't think they know what they want to do]

Me and my group [a very low and quiet bunch] plan to go for a full out attack and destroy what has become the CODE. Even though they are normally causing lots of issues, the CODE are still something that Me and others want gone, I have encountered they before and they mainly use FDL and Pythons and maybe a vulture or two.

I am looking for scouts, fighters and support for an attack. For any that want to help post below your ship and what you could help with. When it comes to fighting we want big ships, and people would can lead a wing. This will be a full scale attack and many will die, so have insurance.

We have around 5-7 people atm, but as you know, more are needed. If you know anything or want to join, contact me on this thread or look for me in game - CMDR Beckstation

See you in the black commanders.

Update - We have been using scouts to find out locations and info about the codes activities and plans for the future, its all going fairly well at the moment. If people are still wanting to join, give me a friend request in game and ill get back to you. I am mainly after UK players as that's where most of us are based."
Unfortunately, sometimes the similarities between Elite Dangerous and EVE can be too much...

...It looks like the CODE always wins there, too. And the Anti-CODE crowd is nonstop failing daily.


  1. I have almost convinced myself to play ED.

  2. This article is so full of win!!!

    But I didn't realize there was a giant rebel movement that had already defeated CODE. and gotten 90% of its members permabanned. :( Highsec is doomed.

    1. The only thing funnier than watching CODE do its thing in ED is watching all the 'l337 EVE vets' that'defeated' CODE in EVE.

      Which is why they play ED, of course.

      At least in ED you can't AFK mine.......

  3. One guy summed it up perfectly: ED is a mile wide and an inch deep. Total snorefest when I tried it - basically a station docking simulator.

  4. I'm actually looking forward to the Horizons expansion, the one where planet landings is supported. Where bears may allegedly make mining bases. Where mining bases may be blown up from the comfort of your leather clad cockpit chair. In the dev videos there's been no sign of cops appearing on these planets, and I can only assume these bases are unlicensed, unwanted and illegal. It'd be interesting to see how much loot can explode from a base, and those dry rocky planets will surely need watering with the lamentations and lacrimations of criminal bears.

    - Dr Tyler

  5. "I'm sure another anti CODE group will be around soon"


    'Somebody else will defeat CODE'

    Hashtag it, bingo square it, all that shit! Bwahahaha!

    That piece of fiction he wrote about us was priceless too!


    -Galaxy Pig

  6. I was trying to play ED the other day and sure enough CODE socialpaths came and ganked my hauler... You people need to get a life and start playing games the way everyone else does. it's player vs. enviroment... not PVP, nobody has done that for ages

    1. So play solo.
      You won't notice the difference anyway.

    2. No one else will either, i mean its veers ffs.

  7. Actually, players can 'exclude themselves' by playing solo. If they play on the multiplayer server they can get blowed up real good. And the devs love it.

  8. We are all waiting for the player economy to get implemented.

    The devs are trying to make it scam-proof and such.

    I predict hilarity.

  9. Stay calm and seek psychiatric help little bear.

  10. I am thinking that you need the Word of James 315 in your life, carebear

  11. just for clarification: why does this chip patton guy have to bring racism into the picture, and who is CPP?

  12. CODE. and its associates gank so much, like it's going out of fashion. Which points to one thing, ganking will go out of fashion and CODE. will falter, CODE. will fail. When Jimmy boy loses interest in his little play pets who will be there to feed them and lick their ass for them.

  13. @anon 10:03

    "Agent Zazz Razzamatazz was among those permabanned last year for unspecified offenses. Since then, he has sought to enforce the Code in other venues. Zazz delighted the MinerBumping forum with a thread about his adventures in Elite Dangerous."

    HAHAHAHA. It's right there in the first fucking paragraph. Jimmy even admits it that a former agent of "CODE." joined another entity calling themselves "CODE". Who's to say that Jimmy boy doesn't play ED but he's probably to much of a gutless coward to ever admit it.

  14. I also forgot to mention that it is plain obvious that they two entities are connected even if Jimmy boy only runs the EVE show

  15. Lol, you think the New Order movement still hinges on James 315? Sorry, but it has it's own steam now.

    James could retire tomorrow, close the website, obscond with the treasury, wouldn't matter. We'd keep right on slaughtering you salty bears. Other people would fill the role, cash would still flow in from our supporters because they want to see you dead. The writing quality of the blog may suffer a bit, James is a great writer, but the REAL gems of the website are found in the screen shots anyway.

    No, sorry, but you could strike James 315 down and he would just become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

    Guess you should do something to oppose us in game instead of crossing your fingers and hoping one man gets bored.

    -Galaxy Pig

    1. James, here it is, the very telling proof that you agents are willing to stab you in the back the chance you get. Not loyalmoron. He so stupid, you got lucky James, but one day someone will have to replace him. Your luck is running out.

  16. Is going AFK in ED a crime, like the CODE believes it is in EO? Yet Liek DarZ, the CODE agent who goes AFK to answer the phone, proves what a hypocrite he, and by extension the Cult of Jamey, truly is.

  17. @ I&MRA

    Umm, if you read my forum post, I clearly state I'm not with the ED version of CODE. AFAIK they picked the name before they found out there was a Code. org in Eve Online.

    Try working on your reading comprehension a bit, I suggest reading the Code a few dozen times for practice.

  18. Loving this post.

    Very salty.

    For what its worth, seeing as its been said a thousand times.

    Its The Code, not CODE. Different group, no links. Other than how I assume we both came up with the name for a pirate group.

    The name came from the pirate Articles or Code of old.

    We made such a name for ourselves that when we found out that another group had had the name, well we didn't care and carried on.

    So so many groups have tried to take us on, so far every single one of them has failed comically. But the salt levels are still high!

    See you in Open

    The Voice of Open


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