Monday, March 21, 2016

Bushido Versus Code, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping...

Clash of civilizations! Lillith Darkmoore lost a mining ship and an implant-filled pod worth a total of 4 billion isk. Agent 412nv Yaken was called in to investigate the possibility of a reimbursement. A dangerous situation was brewing. Lillith claimed to know powerful people in nullsec: The "null big boys"!
Lillith Darkmoore > yea I believe that your guys owe me a new set of implants and a ship
412nv Yaken > ok, can you walk me through what happened?
412nv Yaken > and link the kills
Though miners spend all day sitting in one place, they tend to get frantic once their routines are disturbed. Thus, an Agent's first job is usually to slow things down. 412nv wanted to take a methodical approach to the investigation.
Lillith Darkmoore > your boy flew in didnt say this is his space and i was incroaching
Lillith Darkmoore > oppened fire
Lillith Darkmoore > still didnt say a word poded me
Lillith Darkmoore > and then said afterwords you know this is my space
Lillith Darkmoore > i find this really simple
Lillith wasn't interested in digging up killmail links. She wanted to cut right through the New Order bureaucracy and get her money back.
412nv Yaken > ok, however all of highsec is soverign space of james 315. You are aware of this yes?
Lillith Darkmoore > yea i also know that some people still follow null sec code in empire
Lillith Darkmoore > im from null sec
Lillith Darkmoore > and we follow a code
The highsec ice miner wasted no time in flaunting her credentials as an experienced EVE player who had nothing to do with highsec.
412nv Yaken > ok, so then you can understand you dont announce yourself first
412nv Yaken > unless you are from provi, which isnt really null
Lillith Darkmoore > no i understand that we point bubble and then talk
Lillith Darkmoore > and if the bastards still dont coorporate
Lillith Darkmoore > then its hunt them till they cant take it any jore
412nv Yaken must have smirked when Lillith referenced the nullsec "code". But he kept his cards close to his chest.
412nv Yaken > well in james 315 space, we have to kill first ask questions later
412nv Yaken > as game mechanics dont allow us to bubble
Lillith Darkmoore > yea so it would be safe to say ransome first then shoot
Lillith Darkmoore > and that means with a convo
Lillith Darkmoore > not with a blaster
The two debated the proper procedure for killing someone in highsec. Miner and Agent both agreed that things need to be done a certain way. Perhaps they could find common ground.
412nv Yaken > so you can dock up? no thats not how it works my friend
Lillith Darkmoore > no and even if i did dock up
Lillith Darkmoore > you are playing the role of a pirate
Lillith Darkmoore > that means you would hunt me till the end of the earth
Lillith Darkmoore > so there is no dock that is safe untill i would pay up
Unfortunately, the two could not resolve their disagreement. Lillith believed that a highsec player must be contacted prior to any attack. Even if that's true, one could say that this blog is the contact. What is MinerBumping, if not an ongoing, multi-year conversation with highsec?
Lillith Darkmoore > i see this 2 ways of playing out
412nv Yaken > ok im all ears
Lillith Darkmoore > you can reimburse me
Lillith Darkmoore > and we call it a day
Lillith Darkmoore > i will pay your ice field cost
Lillith Darkmoore > and we call it a day
Lillith Darkmoore > no hard feelings all the way around
It was time to get down to business. Lillith's Option #1 was that she be reimbursed the 4 billion isk that she'd lost. In exchange, she would pay 10 million isk for a mining permit. Everyone would walk away friends.
Lillith Darkmoore > or i have already talked to the guys in null and we dont mind flipping this pirate game on you either
Lillith Darkmoore > i dont think that either one of us want this to happen
Lillith Darkmoore > so lets go with option 1
Lillith Darkmoore > its easer for all of us
Option #2 was for Lillith to talk to the null big boys. That would represent an existential threat to the New Order. As we all know, nullsec fleets love to travel 50 jumps to highsec and shut down suicide gankers using all of their elite nullsec skills.
412nv Yaken > if you are in null? May i ask why you were illegally mining in highsec in a salve set? in a shield ship?
Lillith Darkmoore > this was an incursion toon. And i was asked to help gather resources for caldari ships that we have
Lillith Darkmoore > trust me it was not my first choice either
412nv Yaken > ohh right. Are you part of the imperium?
Lillith Darkmoore > FUCK NO!!!!
Our Agent hadn't yet decided whether he wanted to go with Option #1 or #2. First he needed to know how important a figure in nullsec this highsec ice miner was. Lillith denied being a highsec miner; she was only holding the ice for a friend. It's a good thing her "incursion toon" trained Exhumers.
412nv Yaken > lol, i take it you hate goons?
Lillith Darkmoore > you gathered that i dont care for them?
Lillith Darkmoore > :P
412nv Yaken > ok fair enough. Have you heard of code. or james 315 before?
Lillith Darkmoore > No
412nv Yaken > hmmmm
There were some holes in Lillith's story. Why didn't she know about me? Or for that matter, CODE., one of the most famous alliances in EVE history? Was she a bot-aspirant?
Lillith Darkmoore > Had i know i was incroaching on space
Lillith Darkmoore > i would have pmed you
Lillith Darkmoore > and worked this out
412nv Yaken > its not so much the incroaching you are more then welcome to do whatever you like in whatever highsec system you like.... Except 1 thing
Lillith Darkmoore > and that thing is?
Enough of the Bushido nonsense. It was time for 412nv Yaken to tell Lillith how highsec really worked.

To be continued...


  1. Ohh yeah. I am the first to comment. Okay. I'd better make this good. Well, HONOR is best alliance. And Praise it's fearless leader Sec.

  2. Her corp is non-allianced, 15 members, based in a 0.8 system. They sound like a real player in null LOL. They've never been wardecced? I hope that changes soon...

  3. Meh, looks made up. Again.

    1. Made up...of WIN! Because CODE. always wins!

  4. "I have power friends in null" LOL!
    I know people in null also! There's Bob from accounting, and Marty in acquisitions, Sheila in accounts payable... she's a bit of a whore you know "nudge nudge wink wink" and then there's ....

  5. Man anti-ganking sucks, there are such simple things that anti-gank can do against CODE. Yet they refuse. For example, they could use nados to instablap Wolf Saprano's freighter after it has looted the field, then warp in with DSTs to pick up what survived. They could also camp the Lai Dai station undock in Uedama and pick of gank ships with instant lockers, when the gank fleet undocks and the catalysts warp off. All of this can be done, but they just can't seem to figure this shit out. Like I said anti-gank always fails.

  6. How come it looks like The New Order just continues winning every single second of every single day against Anti-Ganking?

    One would think that statistics would reflect that Anti-ganking would have to win at least once against the New Order as a matter of mercy!

    But then, I look up there to that grand Scoreboard, and it tells the Truth:

    New Order: 12,997,750

    Anti-Ganking: 0

    It looks like Anti-Ganking is still losing, 100% of the time, non-stop, daily!

    1. Hahaha! It looks like once again The New Order reduces its enemies to helplessly banging out gay fanfiction about us!

      I guess it's all as well! Since if they weren't writing gay fanfiction about us they'd be writing gay fanfiction about children!

      The New Order! Saving children from molestation, one angry miner at a time!

      New Order: 12,997,751


  7. Id like to thank our goon overlords for making this ALL possible11!!!!

    1. This is true: Wolf Soprano thanks me for plunging the depths of his ass with my 12 inch dick while he deep throats The Mitanni's 4 inch dick. Then there's the issue with James 315 fucking Wolf in the eye socket with his 3.15 inch dick.

      Filming for the new porn movie "The Private Pleasures of Wolf Soprano" starts today. The movie stars myself, Wolf Soprano, Nighttime Video, Ming Tso, and "'The Colon'el." Film director is James 315 himself. We will be posting clips up on and linking them here for your enjoyment.

    2. Miner, calm yourself. Maybe buying a permit will make you feel better. I hear they only cost 10 million isk.

  8. I'm from null. We follow a code. FUKINLOLOLOLOL!!!!!111
    This reminds me of Star Trek TNG where wesley said all serious "we're with starfleet, we don't lie".

    1. There is a code that most null sec players live with when they're doing their null sec stuff. NBSI or If Red, It's Dead...

      At least that's the rules that existed that when I played...


  9. I wonder if 412 was laughing as hard while having that convo, as i was while reading it

  10. Keep going, my miner bingo card is almost full.

  11. Hey, I am working on a bit of a new eve show and I would love to interview loyalanon for my, not yet made, audience. If anyone else would like to be apart of it,that would be much appreciated. Just leave a reply if you are interested.


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