Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Bushido Versus Code, Part 6

Yes, this story is still going.

Previously, on MinerBumping... Lillith Darkmoore lost 4 billion isk when her ship and pod were destroyed while AFK mining in a highsec ice anomaly. When Lillith threatened to alert 6,000 nullsec "big boys" from Providence, Agent 412nv Yaken was called in to negotiate reimbursement. Sensing little progress, Lillith escalated her petition. With nothing less than the peace of highsec at stake, Agent loyalanon joined the emergency convo.

All along, Lillith had criticized her gankers for failing to obey the rules of nullsec Bushido. But Lillith herself had failed to comply with the Code--offering little but empty excuses as justification.

loyalanon was deeply troubled by Lillith's demeanor. She sure didn't act like a Gallant miner. Maybe she wasn't one.

Lillith was unaware of even the most basic facts of highsec life.

The miner began filling Miner Bingo squares at an alarming rate.

Now loyalanon could see what 412nv Yaken had been dealing with this whole time. It was impossible to get through to this carebear.
412nv Yaken > Loyal if I may?
412nv Yaken > Lillith Darkmoore Perhaps you can discuss the offer we were reaching an agreement on
Lillith Darkmoore > we were talking about setting up a contract with the cost of his ships and the 30m and i get my stuff back.
Lillith Darkmoore > thats what we had reached
412nv Yaken > no i had said that wouldnt work
412nv tried to help Lillith get back on track. Lillith repaid the favor by misrepresenting their earlier conversation. Treachery!
loyalanon > Lillith Darkmoore why are you prepared to buy a mining permit AFTER you lost your ships?
Lillith Darkmoore > because I want my implants replaced
loyalanon > Lillith Darkmoore that is not a valid reason to get a mining permit friend
loyalanon > a mining permit displayed proudly in your bio means that you respect, understand and support James 315's will for all of high security space which I dont feel you understand or respect.
I've always said that if you want to convict a carebear, just keep them talking and they'll hang themselves. Lillith admitted that she only cared about money.
Lillith Darkmoore > and i want to avoide having a whole bunch of people diverted out of null to come up here and shoot this out
Lillith Darkmoore > it is a reason for getting a mining permit, it keeps you happy and me happy everyone wins
Lillith Darkmoore > so i dont see a down side for you
Next, Lillith appealed to the kind of sordid, backroom Realpolitik that we all know goes on in nullsec.
Lillith Darkmoore > you get to preach that you can convert everyone
Lillith Darkmoore > look at person xyz
Lillith Darkmoore > and I get to say yes they did praze james ooooo
loyalanon > If you dont understand what the mining permit is about then sadly I dont feel someone would issue you one criminal
The highsec miner from Providence badly miscalculated. She wasn't dealing with a power-hungry nullsec politician who only cared about the optics of the situation. loyalanon was a true believer.
Lillith Darkmoore > the mining permit is a way that you get to justify someone "owning highses" and make some isk out of it, lets call it what it really is
Lillith Darkmoore > package it anyway you want, but thats what its all about
loyalanon > 10million isk is not alot of money friend
Lillith Darkmoore > no im not complaning about htat
Lillith Darkmoore > ill pay it
Lillith Darkmoore > i just want my stuff back
Lillith Darkmoore > again everyone is winning
Protip: When speaking with an Agent of the New Order, assume you're dealing with someone who can't be bribed or corrupted. Because they can't.
loyalanon > That doesnt look like thats going to happen friend
Lillith Darkmoore > Friend, I am trying to help you out here
Lillith Darkmoore > i really am
loyalanon > I dont feel any of the directors of code alliance in this chat channel believe your sincerity in buying a mining permit.
Lillith Darkmoore > test it
There was something slimy and off-putting about Lillith. loyalanon didn't like it. When invited to put her integrity to the test, loyalanon wasted no time:
loyalanon > If i choose to say no to your reimbursement request, then what?
loyalanon > would you still want a mining permit?
Lillith Darkmoore > I am hoping that it wont come to that
Needless to say, Lillith failed. However, Lillith still had 6,000 nullsec samurai in her back pocket, if she needed them. Lillith didn't want to have to play that card. Now she had no choice. Time to bring in the big guns.

To be continued...


  1. I'm sure thousands of people in null will drop everything to avenge the loss of one fail fit Mack!

  2. It's not like the biggest war in years is brewing in 0.0 right now. I'm sure they'd put all that on hold to deal with this.

    1. This ganked happened in the middle of January, so she doesn't even have that excuse as to why her null big boys didn't come to her aid.

  3. Oh my goodness, will this be the end of the New Order? Will high sec survive the incursion of 6000 of null Sec's finest special force ninja's?

    I can hardly wait to find out!!!!

  4. I think it is the end. But not because of CODE ganks or the big war in Null. Skill injectors are going to be EVE's demise.

    CCP has totally perverted the premise and main staple of the game with these skill injectors. It became painfully obvious today when I was observing a 9 day old pilot that in the span of one hour flew a Gila, a Rattlesnake and a Cynabal. He actually deployed Valkyre II's off the Gila.

    Consistently CCP has thumbed it's nose at the veteran players that had to invest a lot of time and or money to get where they are today. Veteran players are the only reason EVE was around to start a second decade.

    I don't know if in the big picture this actually helps them or not, or the future longevity of the game. I suspect it won't, because unlike veteran players, these new players are into instant gratification and will probably drop the game when their interest wanes a bit or the next shiny game is introduced. They have no long term tie of investment to keep them in game. EVE is no longer unique. Just one of several Play-to-Win games available.

    1. @Anon7:11

      Now, you see, I have to take exception to your comment.

      In almost every case, those that use Skill Injectors end up giving them the skills to fly ships they simply aren't prepared to lose. And in the cases where they're justified, it helps capable pilots pilot ships they're capable of flying faster.

      And if CODE. has mountains of evidence of something, its that we regularly disabuse those who believe EVE is "pay-to-win" of that notion with increasing celerity.

      This is, of course, ignoring that for years, the main complaint about EVE was that new players "couldn't catch up" to veteran players because of time-based skillpoint accrual. Skill Injectors completely destroy that argument forever.

    2. It's a good bet the pilot you are talking about was a vet that dropped quite a bit of money. I'm also sure quite a few vets are taking advantage of extractors to rid themselves of now useless skills and reinject into something useful.

      Shortly after injectors went live, CODE. ganked a 4 day old JF pilot. Gotta love it.

    3. @Anon7:25

      The scenario you describe is precisely the reason that Skill Injectors were introduced in the first place. Not to mention that they also make CCP pretty fat stacks of cash, to the point of having other MMOs rushing to duplicate the practice in their games.

    4. Buy skill injectors or buy a pilot from the character bazaar. Same difference.

  5. Antigankers failed for ANOTHER day

    1. Dude. Your gay sex fan fic is just never going to happen in real life.

    2. I love these homoerotic comments from anon's

      Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside

    3. Anon 223: Only in your own mind... Only in your own mind...are you or code the winner.


      Now bend over and take it like the little anonymous bitch that you are.

    4. "412nv YakenMarch 29, 2016 at 11:09 PM
      I love these homoerotic comments from anon's

      Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside"

      Didn't see that "coming" :O

  6. The time di when this fleet arrives...


  8. Silly carebear. Expecting to get reimbursed for a gank that happened before you got a permit is like expecting the insurance company to pay for a car you wrecked before buying insurance.

    1. No the silly thing is thinking a permit makes any difference here. The permit is completely meaningless now because it is not honored. All the agent does is claim "oh I revoked your permit because you were AFK" even though the person never was AFK.

      Even in the best of circumstances (having a permit, being alert at the keyboard, actively talking to a code agent, etc.) you would never get any kind of reimbursement. Why?

      code are extortionists, scammers, and bad PVPers.

      Please people, don't ever buy a permit. Doing so is just throwing away ISK.

    2. The threat of violence hardly solves anything, just use plain old regular violence. I've seen wars start for less reasons than a 4B gank, if the Carebear actually had folks that wanted to get out and kill stuff, there should have just been a normal War Dec and let the guns settle things. When the smoke clears you start talking about restitution.

      Silly Carebears, you just shoot the things you don't want sharing the stars with you, not complain at them.

  9. i admit to mining myself (venture is love...) but modestly and without bling. still i feel great sympathy for the CODE. .
    Seeing those guys targeting already targeted asteroids makes my blood boil (would my venture bump better with a MWD instead of AB?). so even i enjoy the salt of those "miners".
    keep it up, may even buy shares ;)

    btw. is it true that Moby gave the okay to rewrite his 1991 tune "Go" into "CODE." ?

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