Monday, March 7, 2016

You Think You Know Someone

EVE Online, even more so than other MMOs, is about people. If you need help with the game, you don't reach for an instruction manual; none exists. Instead, you go to your fellow players.
Naoki Skulltulla > I'm trying to get my complex buddy to set up cap and shield trans on both of our ships... only problem is, he armor tanks... and by tanks I mean.. warps out every 18 seconds to rep and come back...
Naoki Skulltulla > I need a second pilot... even if that second pilot is me....
Mihai Albescu > Augoror or Exequror would be a better choice if DPS runs an armor tank
Naoki Skulltulla > Oh, he runs an amarr maurader. Not sure what it's called
Mihai Albescu > he has to warp out even with a Paladin? He's doing it wrong
Naoki Skulltulla and Mihai Albescu met up in the Help channel and joined a private convo. Naoki was looking for a way to help her corpmate perform PvE. Currently, said corpmate's methods were embarrassingly ineffective.
Naoki Skulltulla > he forgets to rep until he hits hull and by then He's being blapping so much he's out of cap and can't rep
Naoki Skulltulla > his ship have 21 seconds of cap...
Mihai Albescu > Where does he run, sounds like somebody is in dire need of a ganking
Naoki Skulltulla > all over amarr space.
Naoki Skulltulla > he refuses to go through nyarja
Mihai diagnosed the corpmate with an acute case of bot-aspirancy. The prescription was a good gank.
Mihai Albescu > Smart man, he should avoid Niarja and Uedama or buy a CODE. permit
Mihai Albescu > CODE. honors their permits if he doesn't fly ridiculous bling and violate the Code by autopiloting
Naoki Skulltulla > I've been attacked by code 17 times for autopiloting
Naoki Skulltulla > Every time I came back with a drink at full health 6 systems over lol
As usually happens when two EVE players discuss something, the conversation turned to the New Order. We're the main thing happening in EVE today.
Mihai Albescu > I'll be honest with you, I think he's a confirmed Goofus. Look for a better corpmate
Naoki Skulltulla > He's my CEO :/
Mihai Albescu > RUN!
Mihai Albescu > Probably subsidizing his loses with real money and gambling on iwantisk
Naoki Skulltulla > lol, nah, I know the guy personally, he has no money
Naoki Skulltulla > I had to pay for his account a few times
The situation in Naoki's corp was dire. Sadly, the carebear CEO's behavior was all too typical.
Naoki Skulltulla > he lost a T3 in a 5/10
Naoki Skulltulla > not sure how... but I was there
Mihai Albescu > I'm a permitholder and my alt is in CODE. It's a great diversion teaching hisec carebears about the game mechanics
Naoki Skulltulla > yeah... I don't pay extortion money, even in video games :) but, that's ok. At least now I know to run if I see you lol
It turned out that Mihai was actually an Agent. This was a great opportunity for Naoki to extricate herself from a bad situation and join CODE.
Mihai Albescu > You do understand that you are flying in James 315's territory? It's not extortion if we claim the space.
Mihai Albescu > You pay dues to the controlling alliance in lowsec, hisec, wormholes, and that's not extortion
Mihai Albescu > Rid yourself of the notion that hisec is free, and just look at the killboard. CODE. has destroyed 27 Trillion ISK worth of property of violators in their space. If that's not control I don't know what is.
Unfortunately, Naoki's mind had been poisoned by anti-Code propaganda, or, judging by her use of a Miner Bingo quote, possibly by sheer carebear instinct. Mihai set her straight.
Mihai Albescu > The primary goal of the New Order is to rid hisec of bots and people who act like bots who destroy the economy by mining without effort. The best way to distinguish between bots and players is a permit in the bio.
Naoki Skulltulla > The best way to determine bots from non-bots is to private convo.... I know money talks, but that's kind of a self-fulfilling detriment to everyone to just assume if they haven't payed they are cheating
Naoki Skulltulla > also
Naoki Skulltulla > not CCP sanctioned
A classic symptom of bot-aspirancy: The inability to understand or appreciate emergent content. If something isn't within the bounds of pre-programmed gameplay, they just don't get it.
Mihai Albescu > CCP sanctions player-generated content.
Mihai Albescu > The game mechanic does not allow sov in hisec, so we established de-facto sov with permits and catalysts.
Naoki Skulltulla > Which means, you guys planted the first flag and say "Mine" without any real claim and extort everyone who doesn't agree with you
Naoki Skulltulla > That's essentially what cyber terrorists do
Mihai and Naoki had been having a nice, normal conversation. Little did Mihai realize that Naoki was a rebel all along! And things had been going so well.
Naoki Skulltulla > You can't write laws for land you don't own.
Mihai Albescu > That's funny. They do in wormholes. James wrote the law, and to quote Frank Herbert, "The people who can destroy a thing, they control it."
Naoki Skulltulla > Teh majority of the reason CODE exiss, is because peop,le are lazy. Piss in the wrong peron's cheerios.... Well... Infinite monkey Theorum was made for a reason...
Strange theories about the New Order and our purpose waft across highsec. Truth is the only antidote. All our Agents come equipped with it.
Naoki Skulltulla > I'll blow up one day, it'll happen, but not likely in highsec
Mihai Albescu > It'll happen, and you'll regret not buying the best insurance plan around, or you'll leave hisec. The New Order always wins, you know :)
Naoki Skulltulla > Maybe, but, like I said, one day, you guys are going to attack the wrong person, there will lots of time dilation and frustration to follow
Mihai Albescu > Haha, Carebears have been saying that since we started. "Someone else" never materializes.
Naoki Skulltulla > feel like I'm signing my death warrant lol
Another reason our Agents win every argument: They know what a carebear is going to say even before the carebear does.
Naoki Skulltulla > Again, you can't just make up what a crime is, but, as long as it gets CODE hard to think they have some measure of control over the people in a game who have lives that don't cosist of cheeto dust and pizza, more power to them
Naoki Skulltulla > Assaulting people in a video game is not a track record of anything more than cyber bullying. I know CCP won't put a stop to it, but that's ok. But I can, by taking my money elsewhere along with everyone else who gets fed up with it, and then, good luck
Naoki Skulltulla > you'll have the whole game to yourselves, and I'll still hav entertainment for my dime
The Code shines like a bright light. You might think someone is a rational, reasonable person. But once you get them talking about the Code, it's amazing how their true colors are revealed.
Mihai Albescu > Shooting spaceships in a game about shooting spaceships is not assault, as much as you would wish.
Naoki Skulltulla > The game is sandbox, it's not about anything in particular
Mihai Albescu > Then you admit it is a sandbox for player-generated content.
Naoki Skulltulla > CODE is generating content, it's pissing off new players and running them off from the game
Naoki confessed that the idea of Code-compliance made her want to quit the game. Being affected by other players' actions in an MMO made her uncomfortable.
Mihai Albescu > The New Order is about ridding hisec of scummy bots and bot aspirants with false ideals.
Naoki Skulltulla > defined by who?
Mihai Albescu > Our savior James 315
Naoki Skulltulla > Oh, so now it's a religion? In that case, yeah, I'm definitely going to have to avoid that. Well.. that actually makes sense... self purported sense of worth and value, little to nothing to show for it.. yeah,very religion-y
Naoki Skulltulla > :/ I give up... just wanted a game to have fun in. Guess I'll go play every other game in existence.... One's where, the developers won't tolerate this nonsense because it's bad for business.
The name of James 315 is another good litmus test to use. Good people become happy when they think about me. Bad people prepare to Ctrl+Q at the mention of my name.
Naoki Skulltulla > If you can't see that zealotrous behanvior, and strict adherence to the imagination of a man or small group of men is the same shit that destroyed thousands of empires over the course of history, then, I don't think you can understand my stance.
Naoki Skulltulla > Bu then again
Naoki Skulltulla > You aren't trying to
Naoki Skulltulla > Religious people never do
Naoki Skulltulla > Oh well, I needed more free time anyways
Mihai and Naoki had a productive little chat. Even though Naoki had only been interested in techniques for running complexes, she'd learned a great deal about highsec and EVE. Whether they appreciate it or not, knowledge always brings a carebear one step closer to compliance.


  1. Looks like antiganking failed incredibly hard AGAIN!

    1. InB4 that perverted AG guy talks about Wolf's butt.

    2. disappointed I haven't got to read about him blowing his load in Wolf's ass yet.

    3. @anon 9:11 lolwat
      I need to read these comment sections more often lol

    4. I'm sorry that I' late, but I was giving Wolf Soprano's ass it's due. You know, he shaves his ass for me, so when I go in, it's all nice and smooth with the lube. It's been getting loose lately with all the attention that I have been giving it.

    5. @anon 911: I was thinking wtf then I read it.

      @anon 420: I have no words to say...none.


    6. and again, AG has nothing on their minds except butt sex. If they would stop worrying about giving each other brown clowns they might be able to get top damage on one of CONCORD's Kill mails

  2. Man, I am just loving how CODE Agents always managed to expertly take down the carebear apologists. Their arguments are just so well-crafted and effective, and do absolute justice to those who offend the law.

    Such class can only come from those Blessed by -315 Himself.

  3. Another week past and still I'm just happily mining away without ever a peep from code cultists. Mining since 2012 as much as I want, obviously you guys don't control anything. Code failing more and more everyday!

    1. Or are they?

      To be honest, the only way things change in EvE (or any game where PVP is at it's heart) is with violence. Non-violently sitting on the sidelines chewing up ore might be fun for you. I usually ratted for mins, lots of useless drops to turn back into their base min components and ratting dropped isk to. (When I wasn't on the job of course).

      The CODE has a pretty decent cushion built into it, the whole "I choose when I want to kill you, you're mining at my desecration." If you don't like the CODE, I'd suggest shooting them, it'll be way more effective (and fun) than mining ore in some belt and claiming an empty victory. It'd be way more awesome to hang a bunch of cans in Jita each one filled with a corpse of your enemy spelling out your name. Way more fun and effective to do it that way. And folks will remember it.


    2. @Qayos

      It all comes down to what you enjoy in a video game. There are people that like nothing more than shooting others, people that like trolling and griefing, those that like to try to do EVERYTHING possible, and there are those who like to keep to themselves doing something slower paced such as mining, or playing games like farming simulator etc..

      People will do what they enjoy doing and be fine with it. Code will do what they want that makes them happy which is griefing those who like the slower paced gameplay.

      Also, we all know those stupid ass quotes built into "the code" are cop outs. They know they can't be everywhere and gank everyone, so they use a cop out claiming "I chose to let you live". Such a total bullshit organization.

    3. It's a PVP game, what do you honestly expect?

    4. Anon 10:41

      Well it is a PVP-centric game at it's heart. When I was with MC and let's say we had a contract against someone, we hunting high-sec, low and null going after targets. We destroyed mining operations, military wings, logistics everywhere in EVE. Lots of times our enemy would complain that we didn't set up "fair" fights, and wait for them to organize their fleets to prepare for us. We'd swoop in, do as much damage in one area and move on. Heck we'd have frig gank squads nights going fast and hard everywhere we could find Orange Blinkies.

      Now not every target was a military one, the guys mining the ore to make money or build ships were valid targets also. And personally, I don't have much feeling one way or another for the CODE. It's a neat concept, it seems to have enough behind it to actually do something and have an effect in-game. It's certainly something that a mining corp would have hired us to do as much damage to as possible back in the day. At least to the corps that could be war-decced. I'm actually surprised that someone hasn't hired one of the merc alliances to go out and tree every CODE pilot into a station somewhere. (I'm sure mercs must still exist even after the fall of Classic MC, though we did set the bar pretty high for awesome.)

      I always found it more enjoyable in the kill than when I did mine or rat, but somethings to do things between jobs to earn isk or mins for things (like my BS's and my Phoenix). I always looked at those activities as how I supported my more expensive PVP habit. :)

      Anyways, the CODE has guns and pilots and want to effect a change in EVE. The only way to work against that is with more ships and guns and more violence than they're willing to commit. Otherwise you're either at best, sidelined, at worst, collateral damage.


    5. Anon 10:41 - the road to a better Highsec is paved with tears like your's.

    6. and the road to my enjoyment in eve, is tears like yours. I mean you have no other comeback but to say that about my comment so yea...I love your tears bro, keep them coming for me.

    7. There's still extreme violence...that's always a choice in EVE. That was always my path to enjoyment.


    8. @Anon3:09
      I like how you basically repeated what Alana said along with the word "comeback."

      Also I liked how you tried ineffectively to argue that "all playing styles are equal."

      The fact that you have to come here intrinsically means our playstyle is better than yours.

      And it means that the Code has won, yet again.

    9. @Ming Tso

      Actually I come here during slow periods at work to get a laugh at how dumb code is.

      Also, I can repeat whatever I want whenever I want, especially if it is pointing out obvious ganker tears.

      Your play style is better than mine? You mean being a pussy and staying in high sec attacking only miners and freighters? Undocking and using an insta undock bookmark because you are scared to face a player hanging around outside the station? Or is it being a pussy like you and having no killboard activity since Jun 17, 2014? No I think I will pass on your play style lmfao.

      Finally, thanks for giving me a taste of your sweet sweet ganker tears as well. Let me know when you have some more for me.

    10. now those are some sweet anontears :)

    11. @Anon7:48

      Miner, calm down.

      Using profanity betrays that you do not properly understand the Code. Please be more observant in the future.

    12. undock your ship, I will show you a miner bro

    13. @anon 7:59

      and those are some nice pussy tears

    14. @Anon 10:09

      Ming won't undock he prefers sitting in a station and taking credit for things he has no part in. XD

    15. @Anon9:04

      Miner, Calm Down.

      Your so-called "tough talk," as a miner, is laughably irrelevant, and, given your pro-miner stance, it is obvious and inevitable that I would wipe the floor you in combat. As I am an Agent of the New Order, it is already apparent that -I- am backed by the protection of the Saviour of Highsec, while you are backed by... what? Mining lasers and Warrior IIs?

      Things which have -never once in history- stopped any New Order Agent?

      As an Agent of the New Order as defined by James 315 and The Code, as I am indeed someone who increases awareness and provides information about Code-Compliance to the otherwise ignorant and uninformed. By right of supporting the Code, I am granted a superior moral position, and therefore are well within my rights look and talk down to people like you.

      Prove me wrong.

    16. @Ming Tso

      *yawn* why do I have to prove you wrong, when you are the one too scared to undock and do anything? A challenge has been issued but you backed down like a pussy. Who wins now?

    17. @Ming Tso

      Never once in history stopped any new order agent? I have a KM here that says otherwise:

      Note, the retriever was never lost.


    18. @Anon8:01

      I have already won the argument, and the fight.

      To illustrate:

      Your poorly crafted link (which showcases the effort and skill typical of miners) shows a noble CODE. Catalyst successfully enforcing the Code upon a typical non-compliant miner, as is seen here. The Agent successfully kills the miner, as was his intention, showing once and for all, that even when miners attempt to refute CODE., the truth comes out and smacks miners in the face, as you have verily been smacked by me.

      Praise James!

    19. That's an entirely different player and gank you stupid moron lol. You just failed miserably and you know it.

    20. @Anon10:00

      Here is where I teach you the value of "effort," (because miners, including you, fail to understand the concept.)

      Take your kill, as poorly formatted as it is.

      Click on the "Related kills" tab.

      You will see, that the miner you linked, (that did nothing more than whore on a CONCORD killmail) was not in fact the target of that particular gank.
      The intended target of that gank, (which I properly linked,) was, in fact successfully destroyed by the CODE. Agent, while the miner helplessly watched, powerless to stop the ganks.

      So, even by your own evidence, the Code Always Wins!!!!

      How do you feel about that?

  4. "if he doesn't fly ridiculous bling" Where is this statement enshrined in the CHODE?

    1. Miner, calm down.

    2. No, it's a valid question. Someone from the NO care to answer it? After all, the code is supposed to be helpful.

    3. How is it helping if it takes away from miners the opportunity to perform research and learn on their own? Remember, just because you aren't getting what you want doesn't mean the New Order isn't helping you; they know, more than yourself, what is best for you.

    4. Good question, though you appear to have misspelled Code. I have consulted with experts and studied the Code, the Law, and to find an answer.

      In order to abide by the spirit of the Code, mission runners should ask themselves:

      "Does this module improve my tank?"

      If yes, it's probably OK. Additionally ask,

      "Could this module be interpreted as decadent? What would James 315 think?"

      There is strong precedent suggesting that James 315 disapproves of decadent carebears.

      We see that, if a mission runner has a permit, bling is not necessarily a violation, but he should exercise caution to avoid appearing decadent. If in doubt, ask your local agent.

    5. Additional precedent: namely incursion runners.

    6. Bot-like, he travels the space-lanes of Highsec, completely oblivious to any danger which may lurk there. He flies bling because of course Highsec is 100% safe.

  5. Naoki Skulltulla just doesn't 'get it'. But as our Supreme Protector has shown us, often the best teaching tools are a catalyst and a generous helping of antimatter.

  6. tbh ganking, Hulkageddon and CODE is the best thing that ever happened to hisec miners. They are easily getting double the ISK of what ore used to sell for pre-Hulkageddon days. They should be paying tithes to CODE and James 315.

    1. Once I saw that I benefited from CODE and made twice the ISK I did when the bot fleets were around the ice belts i frequent, I gave up my anti-CODE. campaign and bought a permit and even tip off agents to AFKers and bot behavior.

      If you are wondering about my anti-CODE. campaign, it failed. CODE. always wins

  7. He quoted Frank Herbert, now I am in love :)

  8. "Naoki Skulltulla > Assaulting people in a video game is not a track record of anything more than cyber bullying."

    So by this person's own words, anything PVP is tantamount to Assault. So I guess that he doesn't play anything like WoW, EVE, CoD, Counter Strike, Blood Bowl, GTA Online, Star Trek Online, etc... where there are elements of the games where you can blow the other people away? O.M.G... o.O The level of stupid hurts.

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