Saturday, March 12, 2016

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #101

We all had a lot of fun with the hundredth edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag. It was the perfect way to close out that feature on MinerBumping. And now that the miners of highsec have largely grown up, matured, and learned to control themselves, it's time to move on...

...To move on to the next hundred editions of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag.

Interestingly, the miners rarely aim their invective at our Agents' fathers. (Unless you count the Father of the New Order.)

Gotta love that miner loyalty.

Miners have difficulty following instructions. Maybe settling down and/or calming down should be part of the tutorial.

The real tragedy here is that Flaps Owltrousers would've made a decent name for a ganking character.

Speaking of everyone who looks like Agent Zopiclone...

Our Agents are EVE celebrities. There's a surprisingly large number of gimmick characters that exist solely to mock them.

The EVE client cannot contain the sheer volume of miner tears. Social media platforms have stepped in to bear some of the load.

Luckily, our Agents are everywhere, too.

Okay, whose gank victim is this? Anyone wanna claim this guy?

Another miner who isn't a miner. Funny how upset non-miners get when they lose mining ships.

I guess I'll let Mittens field this one.

There's a whole lot of nonsense in rose kleppin's wall of text, so I highlighted the most unusual part. Awoxers, take note: Target this guy's corp and you might get a European vacation out of it.

It's the feel-good story of the week; another miner turns to ganking. What a victory for the New Order!


  1. Mmmmmmmm all those salty tears.

    But honestly the eve online facebook page is the best place for tears. Every day there is fresh tears, reminds me alot of the antiganking channel without the autism.

  2. "Interestingly, the miners rarely aim their invective at our Agents' fathers. (Unless you count the Father of the New Order.)"


    Also: whoever first coined the phrase 'miner calm down' is an absolute genius.

    Now i'mna go checkout the eve facebook page!

  3. A particularly deranged series of Grab Bag tears this week. Miners are so uncouth.

    1. Your mother is also deranged and uncouth, but fucking Wolf Soprano in the eye socket makes up for that.

    2. haha touche i guess

    3. That is "touché" my friend :D

  4. I want in on that 'los vagis' trip

    1. What happens in los vagis....
      has got to be more fun than the ag chan

    2. Miner, calm down and read the post. It's a reference to the tears from one of your ilk.

    3. Also, it's Las Vegas. If you are going to correct someone, please Google it first ;)

    4. It is obvious why I refer to miners such as Anon2:14 as "subhuman."

      Because by all arguments, they are.

      So I use the most human exhortation that I can to revise its logic:

      "Miner, Calm Down."

    5. Ming Tso continuously failing more and more every day!

      Recent Activity
      Jun 17, 2014

      do you even EVE anymore brah?

    6. @Anon5:07
      If you wish to prosecute my illustrious proven PvP record, I will require you to submit your own PvP record for comparison. This is because, by the very nature of being a miner, you have no killboard activity that you can prove. (Losses to CODE. notwithstanding lol)

      Since it is likely you will not link said killboard because miners are inherently hypocrites, I will go ahead and pre-emptively declare yet another victory for the New Order.

      Looks like the New Order wins AGAIN!!!!

  5. Forgot to mention, I'm famous now that everyone knows what I look like huehuehue


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