Saturday, March 26, 2016

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #102

Suggested addition to the patch notes:
  • The CODE still always wins.
  • Always.
Welcome to the latest edition of the Grab Bag!

Why, is something the matter?

Yes, you're wrong.

No, yes, and absolutely yes.

I enjoy a stack of flapjacks as much as the next guy, but I like the Code a little more. Always dock up before you tend to your kitchen. In an emergency, you can request an Agent's permission to go AFK.

More evidence that mining--despite what the carebears say--really isn't all that relaxing.

Agent Zopiclone is right: The New Order brings lasting change to everyone we encounter. No one cares when a carebear quits EVE, but our legacy will endure long after CCP shuts down.

CAUTION: People are selling fake mining permits in the trade hubs now. What a scam!

Living up to his name, Satyr 'Snuffbox' Apex would rather undock without pants than without a permit. Years ago, Seven Koskanaiken had a similar thought (NSFW?).

Don't worry if a miner has already rejected the Code on previous occasions. Some miners need to be asked a question many, many times before they're ready to give the right answer.

Diamond Ryan ran afoul of the Code and lost multiple ships. Had the point been made?

This is why we never give up. We'll keep going until every man, woman, and child in highsec obeys the Code.

A lot of people have been thanking me for making highsec great again. I appreciate the sentiment, but it's a little misleading. The use of the word "again" could imply that highsec used to be great at some point in the past. In truth, highsec was never great until the New Order arrived. Our aim is to make highsec great for the first time. Better than that, to make highsec perfect! We're well on our way.


  1. In before any comment about body parts,sexual acts, or use of bodily fluids!

    ....and that is a first. Carry on.

  2. '
    From: Iron Davis
    To: James 315

    What have you done?

    Liberated us from our baser nature.

  3. "No one cares when a carebear quits EVE, but our legacy will endure long after CCP shuts down."

    I must disagree here, for the simple fact that "creating emergent content" AKA griefing, is a bannable offense in most other games.

    So if CCP shuts down, your "legacy" will have nowhere else to go.

    1. Another whinebear cannot tell the difference between griefing and content creation. And, what game will ban you for griefing? We need examples here fool!

      Proof or tit pics you mealy-mouthed puss

  4. Hello my faithful followers, this is James 315, the father of highsec. I just wanted to let all of you know what a great job you are doing in suppressing the carebear menance in the game. But now, I have a confession to make. I am going to run for the next CSM. My name, my real name, is Robert Caunn and I live in the insignificant state of Rhode Island in the United States of America. I want you to know a little about me and why I should represent the EvE community to CCP.

    When I was at the tender age of 11 years old in the 1970's, my parents were devout Catholics. We went to church every Sunday and participated in holy communion. I was approached by a priest to become an alterboy. Since I lived about three blocks from the church, I agreed. Little did I know that I was heading into a life of misery. Over the next several years, I was molested by said priest. My school grades tumbled, I got into fights at school, I started drinking and using drugs, I was even suspended a couple of times.

    By the time I was 19, I stole a car and wrecked it. I was tried, found guilty, and was sent to prison for 5 years for grand theft auto. While in prison, the abuse started. My cellmate would rape me every two to three days. However, over time, I started to enjoy it. I looked forward to having my anus stretched and probed by his large black penis as he thrust into my rectum. He did not use a condom, so when he orgasmed, he would squirt his semen deep into my bowls. Many times he would do it twice, sometimes three times. He would reach around and grab my penis and masturbate until I had my orgasm. Then when he was done, I would perform fellatio on him to clean his penis.

    Eventually, I was released from prison. Over time, I missed having a large penis being inserted into my rectum and the soothing warmth of seminal fluid flooding my bowls. I went to a sex shop and bought a large dildo which had the ability to squirt fluid from the tip, but it didn't satisfy me. I fell into a brooding depression. I even contemplated suicide. However, in my darkest night, I found the light. It was a game called EvE Online.

    I started in highsec, then moved to nullsec. I built up a reputation for PvP. But I noticed something. Many players would refuse to venture out into lowsec and nullsec. They would play the game continuously from highsec with very little risk to themselves while making billions of ISK. So I founded the New Order and wrote the Code. It was a masterpiece. I began to write manifestos and post them to the EvE-O forms which started much debate. People wanted to join code to help clean up highsec.

    We bumped miners, and bumped them, and bumped them. They refused to stop mining. Then, one day, instead of bumping a miner, we ganked the miner. After that, the floodgates opened. Miners were dying left and right providing juicy tears to us. I became emboldened by our progress. The blog was running well. The trolls were posting their crap as usual. In my delusion, I imagined my peers in the New Order looking up at me. They needed me. For the first time in my life, I was happy. I lived and breathed the game. I was elevated on a pedestal. Then I realized that I had become a god.

    1. Wow, fake James is back. He also couldn't come up with anything new so he re-posted the same drivel.
      True followers of the Code know the difference.

    2. You could at least take my suggestion and not use the same blogger profile for all of your fail troll posts.

    3. Actually, this one is different. Before, his name was James Mycroft. Now it's Robert Caunn. So which one is it?

    4. Ahem. Why would the Saviour of Highsec make any important announcement in the comments section of his own blog?

      A: He wouldn't!

  5. Love grab bags. Any chance we can get a saltiest comments left on the blog post one day :):)

    1. Wolf, I'm glad that you are enjoying the filming process. The next video clip for the porn movie "The Private Pleasures of Wolf Soprano" is now posted on Red Tube. Link below, enjoy.

    2. I forgot to mention, this scene is between Nitetime Video and The Colonel.

  6. Can someone please help me? I was trying to remember the name of an alliance.. They claimed to be wrecking Goonswarm a while ago and claimed to be of some importance.. but I can't find them on the Top 10 on Zkillboard. I have been looking for months now and I haven't been able to find them. Does Zkillboard have a Top 30? I seem to remember it was something like Mongdu's Angels.. or Mordu's Agfails.. or something like that.


    1. I think it was Mordu's Angels.

    2. Could be.. All I know is that they were bragging on our comments section about wrecking Goons and then they just disappeared.


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