Wednesday, March 2, 2016

MinerBumping Endorses Xenuria for CSM11

A year ago, if you had asked the EVE community at large to identify the most universally reviled character in the galaxy, you would probably find Xenuria's name at the top of the list.

For those who are unfamiliar with Xenuria's checkered history, he first made a name for himself with his crusade against the Goons/CFC in general and The Mittani in particular. A gadfly of EVE fan events from year to year, he was accused by some of "ruining Fanfest". This sentiment was felt passionately enough by some Goons that, in a notorious incident, Xenuria's name was scratched off of the EVE monument in Iceland.

Nor were the Goons alone in feeling unenthusiastic about Xenuria's presence in EVE. A few years ago, Xenuria was disqualified from running for the CSM when CCP Dolan reportedly accused Xenuria of being affiliated with a group of hackers who DDoS'ed the EVE servers. Former head of security CCP Screegs (i.e., former Goon CEO Darius JOHNSON) also leveled some accusations against Xenuria.

Nor did Xenuria endear himself to rank-and-file CCP employees when he accused the art team of lying during a Q&A session at Fanfest. The subject? Something about the graphical quality of characters' shoes.

This is not meant to be an exhaustive account of Xenuria's dealings with the EVE community. It would take too much time and effort to fully catalog the various feuds and accusations of wrongdoing associated with the controversial CSM candidate. As EveNews24 reported back in 2014, "Xenuria has been banned and shunned even by organizations that are notoriously lenient when it comes to player behaviour, like the GSF and TEST Alliance."

Year after year after year, Xenuria ran for CSM. Though he always appeared on the ballot (when CCP allowed it), he never came anywhere close to victory. He was a laughingstock, a perennial joke candidate. But then something interesting happened. In February 2015, during the CSM10 campaign, Xenuria managed to secure a high-profile endorsement for the first time. From the MinerBumping post:
"Xenuria is our other endorsement this year, though it comes with a number of caveats. First of all, Xenuria doesn't really belong on the CSM. This endorsement isn't meant to suggest Xenuria would make a good CSM member. He wouldn't. In fact, you should probably leave Xenuria off your ballot.

"All that having been said, a vote for Xenuria sends a word of caution to CCP. It reminds them that they shouldn't take the CSM for granted, and that whatever issues they may have in dealing with the CSM candidates who do get elected, things could be worse."
Xenuria went on to lose his campaign for CSM10, just as he'd lost all of the CSM races before. And yet, almost from the moment he received the MinerBumping endorsement, Xenuria's luck began to change--as if the Fates had given his life in EVE another roll of the dice.

Behind the scenes, invisible gears began to turn. Curious things occurred. Was it the "MinerBumping bump"? What precisely was the mechanism by which this process worked, no one can say. Whatever it was, by June, Xenuria was publishing articles on, to the amazement and confusion of onlookers everywhere.

Things only got weirder. In August, Xenuria was invited onto an episode of The Meta Show by his mortal enemy, The Mittani himself. Viewers were baffled.

Inexplicably, Xenuria was allowed to join Goonswarm Federation itself, and in a widely-circulated killmail, EVE bore witness as, to the astonishment of everyone, Xenuria and The Mittani flew in the same fleets.

Meanwhile, CSM10 suffered as the institution of the CSM itself completely disintegrated. Tweets and lengthy articles were written on the subject. Which brings us to the CSM11 campaign.

The Imperium released its official ballot. In a move that would've been inconceivable a year ago and only marginally more comprehensible today, the mighty nullsec coalition put Xenuria in its third slot. The Imperium's press release explained the decision with faint echoes of the previous year's MinerBumping endorsement:
"Let's not sugar coat this. This is the year of the CONDI. Like the year of the dog except instead of eating our own shit we make CCP eat it. Our ballot is very specifically picked to not only support our allies but to give a nice big fuck you to CCP. They went after Sion. CSM Reps were replaced. They ignore blatant leaking from other CSM members. CCP is fucking up. When CCP fucks up it is up to us to hurt them because we love them.

"We remain hopeful that they can take steps to foster open communication again. That being said, we must prepare for the worst and communicate our feeling in an appropriate manner. Sending the most villainous of us (Aryth) along with one of the most hated people in EVE (Xenuria) should do the trick.

"Yes, there are meta within meta reasons for Xenuria. Just trust in us to have some complicated evil plan and a backup plan. There is pretty much no way this doesn't play in our favor in some way. Think of him as the Trump vote. Because fuck you that's why."
Incredibly, the Imperium endorsement all but ensures that Xenuria will be granted his fondest wish, a spot on the CSM.

You can cast your CSM ballot today. Why vote for Xenuria? Because sometimes things just happen.


  1. I wonder who antiganking supports considering 90% of the candidates are banned from the anti-ganking channel XD

    1. You claim in an earlier comment that your fantasies about Wolf Soprano [SPOILER ALERT] AKA Loyalanon aren't homo-erotic because loyalanon is a female. Yet in a later minerbumping fan-post you mention loyalanon and his wife and kid.

      We all know what you seem to be feeling about yourself and your sexual identity. I advise you not to keep it locked inside. There is no shame in homosexuality. Just be yourself.

      -Nitetime Video

    2. Still better than Code with 90% of your members banned from the game, not to mention a permaban from the AT due to loyal's incompetence.

    3. For bonus room activities. Did you know that Wolf's ass also has a bonus room? He told me it was his "secret place" that I can unload in whenever I want.

  2. I knew I didn't have to, but I reinstalled the eve client (and the other apps that a good Karmafleet member needs) after voting for the exact replica of the GSF list.

    It's the first time I've ever voted in the exact same way, and I hope - I really really hope that the CSM results are exactly what the Imperium would like it to be - It's not something guaranteed by any stretch, there's a lot of competition around but hopefully if we can get half of those people on the main CSM panel it will be a wake up call to CSM that Goonswarm and Imperium are here and would like to be taken seriously thank you very much.

    As for Xenuria I don't have an opinion either way, I'm sure he's a nice guy and an Eve Player, even that is more than many need to know.

  3. Hmmm, you are mad and want to give the people in power a big "F*** You!"

    Guess Trump wasn't available?

    That being said, a shot over CCP's bow is definitely warranted.

  4. Already voted for him on all my accounts and threw in Tora for good measure. :)

  5. I like Xenuria. You all should too.

  6. CCP should sell EvE to someone less fuktarded than themselves.

  7. - antiganker moderator kills himself and his child. dont be alone. talk to someone - #broadcast4reps

  8. CCP screwing up left and right. Classic CCP.

  9. Wolf Soprano, you definitely need to grow up. Having a poke at that real life incident where the Father and child took their own life. I know James is always saying keep RL issues out of the game, why not be a good pet and keep it that way as well. Domestic violence is a serious thing and impacts many families lives. That why they created Child Support and Alimony payments. Code is a bit like that actually seeking alimony form the miners, aginst their will

    1. @Anon11:30

      The incident is more than just "having a poke," as you put it, at someone who killed their own infant son and then killed themselves.

      This is relevant because James 315 directly foresaw and foretold about the direct relationship between Anti-gankers and miners' inability to control their tempers and the inevitable incidents of domestic violence that would follow.

      He wrote this in The Code. It's all there, set in stone, unchanged.

      It furthermore proves that James 315 was right about Anti-Gankers and their sickeningly frighteningly violent tendencies toward their families. Their inability to create and maintain relationships due to their poor tempers carries over to Real Life, and this incident proves it.

    2. Normally, I would poke fun at you guy. But the seriousness of the incident precludes any humor. A baby lost his life. A child who has yet to being to live. Infanticide is something that I and nobody else should touch. Considering the fact that the person in question killed his own child, and then committed suicide tells me that he has much deeper issues than AG, code, or EvE in general.


    3. Any antigankers who need some help please talk to us dont be alone. We are here for you ag when video games upset you.


    4. @Anon6:44

      I agree. And this is why the New Order exists. Our raison d'etre, if you will.

      As we have said from the beginning, we exist to help miners.

      Mining is an activity that only sociopaths do. It indicates psychopathic tendencies. By destroying miners, we are "destroying" the psychopathy, diverting the damage from whomever it may otherwise hit, onto us, in the hopes that we can encourage the individual to get help, or, maybe stop doing the activity which makes them go insane and hurt themselves and others in the first place.

      The New Order is about helping.

    5. No, the NO is about pissing people off and driving them to do irrational acts. Look no further than Erotica 1 and the bonus rooms for evidence. However, it is a nice gesture that you guys say that you want to help, but do you really? Are you guys licensed psychologists or sociopaths? If people are having issues, they should be referred to their local mental health crisis center, or call 911 if you live in the USA or Canada if someone is a clear and present danger to themselves and/or others.


    6. No one forced anybody into a bonus room, nor did anyone force people to act stupid or foolish. They chose that- and at any time could have realized this is a video game and making an ass of yourself publicly probably isn't worth it.
      Further, the only people that end up in a bonus room are people cheating at Eve Online. Isk doublers. People that for whom EVEN AFK IS TOO MUCH EFFORT, and literally want something for nothing. Heck, even miners and gankers both have in common that they at least undock a ship to do what they do in Eve. People in a bonus room can't even manage that.
      I have no sympathy for people who get scammed trying to cheat. Less so if you are just too stupid to 1) recognize a scam that is so obvious and common that only a true autist could be taken by it....and 2) just freaking QUIT before you do something in real life you regret later.
      And that's all the whining about Erotica1 is- crying that some nerd was such a moron he made a jackass of himself in real life over a video game.

    7. It's one thing to have a bonus room and make fun of people. It's something else entirely when the subject has a meltdown and the activity is continued. And then E1 posted the recording online to ridicule him some more. That's what got E1 into deep shit. Other people got banned for it too, like D400. I know, I read the stories, I listened to the recording. It went way too far for way too long. You, James, and Code are pissed because the community stood up to you and said no more. I was one of those people who complained to CCP about it though email. I'm sure that quite a few other people did as well. So CCP responded accordingly. So, you guys can just get pissed. The community had enough and said so.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. And the teenage level OMG hyper-drama over what amounted to fraternity hazing is really tiresome. Are you sure that 'we are soft, weak, and sensitive snowflakes' is the player you want to be?
      Can't have it both ways, care bears. Either you are full members of New Eden and the game, or you are 'special needs' cases that require gentler handling than everyone else. Don't complain when you are dismissed as a pack of short bussers at the same time you all cry to CCP like schoolgirls with skinned knees over losing internet spaceships in a game about internet spaceships.

    10. I respectfully have to disagree, Anon. When you say it 'went too far for too long' you act as if the player was forced into the bonus room to begin with, or had no ability to simply quit. No ability to determine for themselves what is behavior they are willing to engage in or not. No self-respect.
      Amazingly, I've never been in a bonus room. That is because I do not cheat at Eve, trying to isk double. Also because if someone told me to make a fool of myself and I didn't want to, I just WOULDN'T. I have self respect and self control. I do not have sympathy for those that lack such basic life skills.
      What made us mad about Erotica was the inconsistent application of the rules. Erotica was just one isk doubler with bonus rooms, but he generated the largest amount of tears and was banned doing what had been fine according to CCP for years. Isk doubling (and using a bonus room to scam people out of isk) is one of the oldest scams in the game- yet only after one particularly loud cry baby whined did it get anyone banned. If those were the rules all along- then not one of us would be defending Erotica1. But when CCP doesn't apply the rules equally and fairly, it spells trouble for the entire game.

    11. It was actually an EX-CSM member who overstepped his bounds, and ccp ALLOWED it. The person who was used as the martyr, ACTUALLY didn't have a big problem with it, and was offended that his situation was lied about and twisted to fit the lies and accusations leveled against E1 and other people who were banned. SOME of which had NEVER even been part of one.

  10. CCP needs to look into VOTER FRAUD!! There are people who do not have EVE accounts who are VOTING

    1. Do you have actual proof of this? I'd love it if this turned out not to be a troll post.

    2. Seriously, get CCP to release the security logs of the voting website. That shit is FIXED

  11. Jesus wept. I voted Xenuria for CSM.

    *begins drinking heavily*
    Mike Adoulin

  12. Who... What... I don't even...

    How do I cope in this brave new world?


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