Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Bushido Versus Code, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Lillith Darkmoore lost 4 billion isk after a stunning suicide gank. Lillith cried foul and threatened to get the "big boys from null" involved, prompting Agent 412nv Yaken to negotiate peace. But the question of whether reimbursement was appropriate all came down to whether the laws of nullsec Bushido applied in highsec.
412nv Yaken > if i may, get you to quickly read over the below
412nv Yaken > http://www.minerbumping.com/p/the-code.html
Lillith Darkmoore > one sec
412nv Yaken > take your time, I just want to see this worked out
Our Agent referred Lillith to the Code. He hoped that once she'd read it, she would abandon all of the nonsense about EVE she'd learned in nullsec.
Lillith Darkmoore > ok so i read this and I am seeing alot of We dont like highsec miners
412nv Yaken > we like alot of miners. However wedo not like ones who afk, or are bot aspirant
Lillith Darkmoore > hahaha i do neither of that
Lillith Darkmoore > so i must be on the list of miners that you like
Lillith Darkmoore > mining only when one must
The miner insisted that she'd been caught on one of the very, very rare occasions that she was engaged in highsec mining. She normally did PvP all day in nullsec. Honest!
412nv Yaken > ok so back to your nullsec experience, would you ever have been caught like that?
412nv Yaken > if you were in null
Lillith Darkmoore > no
Lillith Darkmoore > because my intel is golden
Lillith Darkmoore > my buds are local
Agents of the New Order had been able to gank Lillith only because she wasn't able to tap into her vast nullsec intelligence network. Highsec was like a black hole to her.
412nv Yaken > clearly not if you havent heard of code.
412nv Yaken > however
412nv Yaken > do you use dscan?

It was 412nv's job to show the miner that she was at fault for the gank. She'd taken highsec for granted.

Lillith didn't need to use the directional scanner in highsec because "everyone is everywhere". She defended her tactics, but the loss of her ship and pod spoke volumes.

Just when 412nv seemed to be getting through to her, Lillith wanted to change the subject. She didn't want to hear more about the Code. She wanted her money back.

If only miners weren't so preoccupied with isk, they'd have a lot more spare time to improve their understanding of the Code.

412nv urged Lillith once again to reconsider the usefulness of the D-scanner in highsec. She insisted she'd been fully prepared to escape, but failed somehow. She must've been "passive aligned". She'd also lost her pod, which has no align time. She claimed not to have been AFK. Maybe she was "passive ATK"?

Lillith hinted that she might be one of those "I would've paid if asked" types. But when given a fresh opportunity, the 10 million isk she owed was not immediately forthcoming.

If Lillith received 4 billion isk, she'd send 10 million isk back. 412nv was unimpressed. She'd have better luck trying that line in Jita.

Unbeknownst to Lillith, 412nv had been quietly doing a threat assessment on Lillith's "null big boys" the entire time. Now our Agent had pinpointed their location: They were from Providence, the most treacherous region in nullsec!

To be continued...


  1. This is even getting me excited.

    Where to from here?.......... Next time on minerbumping

  2. These miners! Ha!

    When will they ever learn that CODE. cannot be defeated by desperate wordsmithery, nor by any other means?

    The only way to win is to buy a permit!

  3. Id like to thank our snuff overlord for making this ALL possible11!!!!!! 1

    1. How many overlords does Code have?

  4. I think a 4 billion refund is much better than everyone in the CODE alliance being destroyed so bad they are forced to Bio mass by 'null sec big boys', this guy sounds like the death of ganking forever. I don't know if I can bring myself to read the final chapter

    1. It's the end. i have seen ends, and this is what it looks like

      We'z all dooomed !!

  5. Who has 4 bil of implants in their and afk mines? What Corp or alliance would defend that kind of stupidity? I am just surprised her cargo hold wasn't full of Plex and skill injectors. If I hadn't seen the kill mail I'd think this was some kind of fan fiction comedy.

    I can't wait for the null sec fleet to show up, should be worth their time to pop a few catalysts.

  6. "If Lillith received 4 billion isk, she'd send 10 million isk back. 412nv was unimpressed. She'd have better luck trying that line in Jita"

    I was reading this while relaxing at a park. That one made laugh so loud i got a funny look from a cop on a horse. Thanks James, now i gots to stash the stash.


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