Friday, March 25, 2016

Thinking Aloud About the Code

The EVE community thrilled to the news that Sasha Nyemtsov had been reborn, minus a letter but in full possession of his famous voice.

Today, Sasha brings to life an important MinerBumping post from 2014. All MinerBumping posts are important, but this one was especially instructive, as it focused on the Code, bot-aspirancy, and the nature of compliance.


Kalorned and the New Order Gamis Affiliates are at it again with the latest edition of the Self-Defense in Gamis series.

The New Order is famous for suicide ganking ships while they're AFK, but our Agents are equally skilled at shooting ships that can shoot back--even when those enemies actually do shoot back. We're good at everything worth being good at.

Rebels, Goofuses, carebears, bot-aspirants, and Anti-Gankers don't stand a chance.


Speaking of being good at everything, Kalorned knows style. Check this out:

The fashionable miner looks sharp with a New Order mining permit and a pledge of loyalty in his or her bio. They're the envy of lesser miners.

As always, artwork, etc. can be found on our Links page.


  1. Wow antigankers are failing incredibly hard

      This is what happens when code shoots stuff that can shoot back. Stick to the highsec 'pvp' boys. Top kek.

  2. meh, maybe all the crybitches murder/suicided themselves and their progeny, AG style.

    One can only hope, for EvE's sake and all

  3. Almost forgot. Wolf Soprano is making gay porno flicks. Who would have thought.

  4. Try harder butthurt fag

  5. Hey anon 2:53. Thank you for your delicious tears, my cup brimeth over.
    Top kek.

  6. "Top kek."

    What this mean? I no understand. O.o

  7. It means that the idiot plays World of Warcraft and is not a true believer in the Code.

  8. All hisec carebears are afraid to play EvE properly, so they cry to CCP for changes that will protect then from interactions with other players, in an MMO
    So after more than a decade of ganking and whiner tears, CCP still has not changed the game mechanics to protect minerbots.

    You are given the tools to protect yourself, but you still use the petition system rather than htfu and play the game correctly.

    From a real EvE players perspective, carebears are a scourge that needs murdering, in game of course....

    1. What do you think the whiners will say when they learn that all the CCP devs like to look up Gankers at EvE fanfests, and buy us drinks while describing the flood of tears they recieve from hisec carebears everyday.

      CCP loves you gankers, never stop slaughtering those nasty bears. Kill enough and maybe they will all go back to whatever theme park they came from.

      Nobody likes you, carebears. Not even AG. AG is not out there failing hard daily for you, carebears. AG is just there to provide entertainment for CODE.

      I mean look at that AG coward that killed his kid and then himself, his type are the folks posting all that whiney porno crap, or linking kills that are meaningless.

      I guess the AG crowd has already forgotten players like Foxbolt, Veers, and Bennington. Players that never understood EvE, but were determined to make it safe for bots and whiners, only to run away when they realized that even CCP was laughing at them.

  9. "Topkek" intrigued me, too.

    Playground stuff, it seems...

  10. Hey anon shitposters, are you tired of failing hard daily?
    Do you hate being forced to interact with others in an mmo?
    Do you whine and cry to others when you are pvp'd, rather than fit the proper mods and play EvE correctly?

    If so please dont wait! Visit the best way to AG now and be rid of those mean gankers forever!

  11. So now we have code members/supports advocating that carebears commit suicide. Just goes to show you that no matter what these code lackeys say, they will eventually show their true colors.

    1. @348. You were given 10 examples/options and you still failed

    2. Perhaps law enforcement should be made aware of what you are doing. If someone does off themselves based on what you were doing, it is involuntary manslaughter and carries a prison term.

      Just so that you know.


    IRL self-pwnage assistance at the link above. Become an hero today!!!


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