Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Goofus and Gallant in Aidart, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Zopiclone made two new friends in the Aidart system. Both were miners, but what a contrast! Hex Husky praised the name of James 315 and expressed sincere appreciation for the New Order. Master OrionStarhunter did neither of those things, and he lost his ship.

The miner was a poor sport. Despite having deadly combat drones, a state-of-the-art scanning system, and the ability to warp his vessel from place to place, he considered his departed ship to have been defenseless.

Master had some peculiar notions about PvP in EVE. If he'd been the victor, rather than the loser, maybe he would've felt differently.

Presented with yet another opportunity to buy a permit, Master flat-out refused. What was he up to?

According to the carebear, EVE isn't a PvP game about spaceships blowing stuff up; it was all just one big mining simulator. But if that were true, it would only increase the need for a mining license system, right?

Master was stunned to learn of yet another disadvantage of not owning a permit.

I've never understood this idea of not buying a permit unless CCP requires it. Should the renters in nullsec refuse to pay rent on that basis?

The illegal miner questioned our Agent's honour. All while aspiring to be as bot-like as possible! What a joke.

Agent Zopiclone realized that the miner misunderstood the pricing arrangement. Permits aren't 10 million per ship; they're 10 million per character per year. Maybe when Master was told of this, he'd reconsider.

No such luck. Master OrionStarhunter had been given the privilege of his own private convo with an Agent of the New Order, but he was totally ungrateful about it. Meanwhile, back in Aidart local...

Curiously, though the miner had been away from the game for five years, he'd absorbed the rumors about CODEdot being a secret front for Goons.

Hex Husky took notice of the conversation in local and offered his own point of view.

Hex spoke with him, miner to miner. You'd think the endorsement of a fellow miner would mean something, but Master couldn't even consider parting with any of his isk--unless it was taken from him by force.

Incredibly, the destruction of his Covetor didn't make Master reconsider his anti-tank fitting. Classic Goofus.

Every miner in highsec has a choice. They can be like Hex Husky and delight in the wonders of the Code. Or they can suffer and whine like Master OrionStarhunter. Any questions?


  1. He's certainly got you rustled, that's for sure.

    He doesn't even have to post!

  2. And you post your shit regularly without even undocking. Undock and maybe, just maybe, we will care about what you say.

    Oh wait, I get it. You want in on some of that action that's being had between Wolf and myself? I'll talk to James 315 to see if we can get you a part in the new movie that we're filming.

    Are you into threesomes?

  3. "Master was stunned to learn of yet another disadvantage of not owning a permit."


  4. Daaaaaammmnnnn!!! Ming Tso just got BURNED!!

  5. I didnt even need to say anything today XD XD

    Carebears be salty yo

  6. lmao wolf that miner is so angry at you! poor miner :-(

  7. Congratulations to Hex Husky, a true Gallant! Looks like Crab Nicholson Supreme has serious competition for #1 Highsec Miner!

  8. Hey wolf, or loyalonn, why can't code come visit me? This is a travesty. Hear I am bored out of my mind mining and none decides to come and gank my retriever. I even decided to stage myself 2 jumps from uedama and nothing. I mean I have been Ganker mlby a goon before and that was quite entertaining when I got back to the computer 30 minutes later. Why can't I have this interaction with the knights of the new order. I would like to formally invite code into my highsec home to gank my retriever. I would love the challenge.
    PS it's Reicher514 BTW

    1. @Anon5:36

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      As is stated in The Code, if you are able to mine, the you do so entirely at our pleasure.

      i.e. If a Code Agent wishes for you not to mine, then you will be unable to mine. And if no Agent feels like enforcing on you at any given time, then that too, is our prerogative. In other words, we shall enforce The Code upon you entirely at a time of our choosing, and not before then.

      Like The Code says: It's all about us. And not about you.


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