Monday, March 28, 2016

The Most Elite PvP'er in EVE Online

How well do you know the EVE galaxy? Here's a question for you: Identify the player who is objectively the most elite PvP'er in EVE Online history. I'll give you a moment to think about it.

Maybe you think it's a famous nullsec fleet commander or member of Pandemic Legion. Or perhaps it's a once-famous EVE YouTuber or some wild wormhole dweller or a solo smartbomber who prowls lowsec. Nice guesses, but wrong. The objectively most elite PvP'er in EVE history is none of these. Who is it, then?

Admit it, you knew the answer all along.

Yes, our own Agent loyalanon is the #1 PvP'er.

zKillboard uses a formula to determine the highest-ranked killers of all time. Of the hundreds of thousands of EVE players, loyalanon is tops. Last year, loyalanon briefly reached the #1 rank, but this time is different. Because when we sort the zKillboard ranks by isk destroyed...

...the picture becomes even clearer. loyalanon has destroyed over ten trillion isk.

Let's put these numbers into context. On the last Kills of the Week post, loyalanon's fleet killed a 21 billion isk freighter. It was the 2,001st freighter loyalanon has killed. Let's hear some more stats from loyalanon directly. In an alliance EVEmail, loyalanon reported:
I have reached a new milestone - 10 trillion isk destroyed ./0/ \0\ ./0/

Some interesting stats as at the time of the evemail-

2,029 Freighters destroyed
1,621 Mining barges destroyed
2,769 Exhumers destroyd
598 Industrial Command Ships

Id like to thank our supreme commander - James 315 for being an inspiration.

The mighty Code Alliance for always having my back,

The Conference Elite for answering the calls to gank freighters even if its just 1 gank and you have to jump 20 jumps.

Miniluv for being our goon overlords.

I wouldnt have been able to do this all by myself.

There's an important point to be made in all of this. Remember, Anti-Ganking's job is to stop people like loyalanon from getting any kills. But instead, loyalanon has roamed highsec at will, slaughtering enemies in a way that no other player has, ever.

You may ask yourself, "What's the secret to loyalanon's success? How can I perform such elite PvP?" Well, loyalanon's secret is no secret. Take a look:

Of course! loyalanon's killing spree was powered by the Code. Forget skillpoints, bling, fitting theorycrafting, blobbing, and all of that other nonsense. The way to win in EVE is through the Code. loyalanon proved it!

You say you're a pragmatist? You say you're for whatever works? Download your very own copy of the Code today. The CODE works every time it's tried. Always.


  1. More proof the Code ALWAYS wins!!!

    1. @Anon11:12 So, this may just be me, but based off your recent comments about wanting to fornicate with wolf, i'd say that you don't hate him. You obviously have a massive crush on him. I mean why else would you repeatedly post these types of comments. Or, you are just a but hurt 12 year old who had his barge ganked. I say this mainly because 12 year olds are usually the ones that repeatedly post these types of comments even though they get no reaction.

  2. IB4 homoerotic tears

  3. I can retire now this game is too easy

  4. Hats off, Ladies and Gents, The Winner!

    James 315 is so right; our beloved Code is the key to success, for it draws to its luminous soul the best, the most blessed that EVE Online has to offer.

    May it do so forever.

    1. Hello Anon 3:27,

      I didn't quite catch your name...?

      Are you referring obliquely to me as representative of one of mankind's most noble, trusted and resilient friends?

      For those mystified by the reference; a 'curb' is part of the trappings of a horse, and used to restrain the animal, as in 'curb its attempts to go its own way'.

      No, what is really an affront to my British-English language sensibilities is your profanity-laden attempt at emphasis.

      'Shut up' is quite adequate in conveying your desire for me to stop 'talking'. No need to complicate further a phrasal verb which those non-native English speakers reading these comments might already find challenging.

      I mean, look at James 315's own use of the language. He clearly has high regard and respect for it, and enormous facility in manipulating it for our entertainment and education.

      I must have read and voiced many thousands of his words by now and I have yet to come across a single example of profanity or vulgarity. Quote it, he may; but use it, he doesn't.

      Now, Anon 3:27, try it again, with me.

      Ready? 1...2....3....

      "Please stop talking, you noble beast!"

      There; I think that did it.


    2. That was a marvelous reply Rob. I wish loyalanon/Wolf were as capable in self expression.. or even basic punctuation.

    3. Rob 2 - Anon 0. To be continued..?

    4. O dear, Anon 8:17.

      I fear you have confounded the words 'curb' and 'kerb'.

      In any case, it is difficult to understand (anatomically speaking, that is) how any individual, whatever his/her racial origin, could be expected to bite a kerb from a sitting position...

      I had to google 'Turing test'; thank you Anon for inadvertently increasing the sum total of my information. And well done, for the reference!

      I represent a healthy mix of races, as do many of you Americans, I should imagine.

      One day, a UK teacher conducted an experiment in a Year 6 (11 years of age) Geography class. She asked the students to raise their hand if all four of their grandparents were English. Not a single hand went up. She used it as an opportunity to touch on the subject of racism, very usefully, I thought.

      The breadth of your knowledge of American-English slang and colloquialisms does you credit, Anon, though it appears somewhat narrowly focused on invective.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us: it's really no wonder you choose to remain anonymous.

    5. Actually, the increase in knowledge was deliberate. If you didn't know what it was, I would have expected you to look it up. I was trying to instigate a fight with you because you seem to support the code. But now I see that you seem to be more intelligent than the average code agent.

  5. But where was AG to stop those 2000 freighter kills!?!?

    Loyalanon - Champion of the Code

    1. And Champion of New Eden

      Big G

  6. woohoooooo!!! ^_^

  7. Loyal is also ranked #1 in number of ships lost, with a kill efficiency of 62.3%. That's not an "elite PvPer/pilot", that's a blunt club that takes itself out along with its target.

    1. You jelly? Prety sure you jelly. Why so jelly, carebear?

    2. Anon 1203: Why are you asking? It's a fact that he pointed out. You see, this is why nobody respects the new order, James only presents facts that are in his favor. Facts that are not in the new order's favor are either ignored, spun, or falsified.

      Note the lack of capitalization of "new order." That is me showing disrespect to the new order and it's members.

    3. Now you have more time to work on your second language.. English. May you never confuse "to" and "too" again :D

  8. Congratulations, loyalanon! Keep on burninating those freighters!

    1. Wait, Wolf urinates on freighters to melt them? I knew he was just pissing wind, but damn.

  9. I think his kiil board broke zkill

  10. Congrats Brother, I and the rest of the New Order look forward to the next 10T!
    Keep on wrecking!


  11. Loyal is a joke, steals candy from small children. No true Scotsman...

    1. That is very true, miners (and carebears in general) are like small children who have more candy than what is good for them.

  12. Nice. Loyalanon setting the example for us all.

    The most important superlative of Loyal is not one marked on any KB or's that he is probably having more fun in Eve than anyone else.

    You sir, have won Eve Online.

  13. You's a real OG, Loyal. Never stop murdering. I don't want an Eve without you prowling the shipping lanes--realtalk.

    1. You're calling loyalanon old git? WTF?!?

    2. I see Veers "The Tears" Belvar is still braying like a donkey.

    3. Been around donkeys a lot Anon 1:48? That is reason enough to remain anonymous.

  14. I would like to think that his snuff overlords made this possible

  15. Hey wolf, what do you say about the recent cut in funding that CODE has been getting from Goons due to the war turning bad for the Imperium? And what is your opinion on Laz's prediction that the Imperium may not survive the war due to the fact that they now have less supers and less people than Moneybadger Coalition?

  16. @Anon4:45

    I believe I can answer this one.

    Please refer to the number in the upper right hand corner earmarked "New Order Treasury."

    Secondly, as CODE. is not affiliated with the Goons, you can rest assured that The New Order will keep right on enforcing the Law, regardless of whatever happens in the North.

    Thanks for your question!

    1. Do you believe that The MBC forces will be able to defeat the Imperium and usher in a new age?

    2. The code always wins. Thats all that matters

  17. @Anon5:14

    I do not know about that.

    What I do know, however, is that, regardless of the outcome of the war;

    In the event that the MBC kills off the Goons or if Goons survive;

    And no matter how heated it gets;

    There will always still be one point of agreement between the two sides.

    And that point is:

    Highsec Miners will still be the greatest enemy.

    And that may indeed, be the only thing that the two sides will continue to agree upon after this conflict.

    1. Ok. But do you have any opinion on the likely collapse of the Imperium and the de-throning of the Mittani?

    2. @Anon5:41

      The Mittani is, first and foremost, a strategist.

      He has made many mistakes in the handling with his perception as of late, particularly in letting Sion Kumitomo be his mouthpiece in his ongoing feud with Reddit.

      However, I do not believe that supercapital power is going to play as much of a role in this war; and that it will largely come down to which side can demoralize the enemy and break their will first.

      If the MBC successfully prevent the Imperium from utilizing their space for ratting via cloaky camping and the like as they have been doing, and their ADMs fall, and the Imperium continues to lose fights of expensive ships, then it is possible that other CFC alliances will flip. And if that happens, it is possible that Goons may lose the war.

      However, if the MBCs declare victory now, and they lose a lot of their motivation to continue their momentum, then Goons will capitalize on that. The capture progress will stagnate, and the Goons will eventually stop and reverse that progress, and the momentum will go in the other direction, particularly when the Alliance Tournament comes about.

      MBC needs to deny ratting rights all over the Imperium and reduce sov indexes, and start to do it yesterday, and blops all over them. If they continue that kind of superiority, they may just have a shot at knocking Goonswarm out of their space.

    3. Now that is a news worthy answer. Thank you ming.

    4. To continue,

      What is ironically going to be the most important part of this war, is which side attracts the most ratters and miners to their side, and the tenacity to which they rat or mine.

      And this means that miners, for the first time, are going to have a major say in who wins this war.

      Which is another reason for CODE. to continue its vital work of purging Highsec of Miners and ratters. They simply have no reason, or excuse to be here and conduct mining in a place that does not contribute to the outcome of this war.

      This is a vital reason for ratters and miners to take the plunge and leave James 315 space- and that is that instead of being punished for performing those activities here, often in violation of the Supreme Protector's rules, they can now provide vital support to the faction of their choice; as well as earn more income themselves.

      By embracing the CODE, it is possible not only for miners and ratters to benefit, but, if it is their wish, they can now use it to either destroy the Goons forever, or ensure they stay in power forever.

      The choice is literally now up to you, Miner.

  18. Here he is Loyalanon, the Biggest Douche of the Universe! In all the galaxies, there's no bigger douche than you!
    You've reached the top, the pinnacle of douchedom! Good going, douche. Your dreams have come true!

  19. meh seems made up

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