Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Call in the Kevlary, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Kevlary Odunen received a free round of PvP and an EVEmail chock full of information about the Code, courtesy of Agent Bing Bangboom. In addition, Kevlary was freed from the shackles of his fail-fit Retriever. When Kevlary's ingratitude spawned wave after wave of insults and complaints, he was directed to the "Why am I dead?" channel.
Kevlary Odunen > I am calm.
Kevlary Odunen > I'm just sick of worthless pieces of shits like you that are so retarded that you think I'm going to play this game, by rules you make up.
Lament von Gankenheim > careful
Bing Bangboom > Praise James.
Despite being surrounded by Agents of the New Order, Kevlary denounced the very idea of emergent, player-driven content. Talk about not being able to read a room.
Kevlary Odunen > I'll stay in Hi-sec...
Kalorned > Just don't act all indignant when we enforce our rules
Kevlary Odunen > And I'll continue to watch Concord blow your asses up for breaking the game rules.
Kevlary Odunen > It's not your game.
Kevlary Odunen > it's not your rles.
From Kevlary's perspective, CONCORD functions as a sort of automated GM.
Kalorned > Sure it is, and sure they are
Kalorned > Bing very well proved this already
Kalorned > Bing had a set of rules he agreed with, and he made them into a reality
Kalorned > Hence you no longer have a retriever
Kevlary Odunen > Ther are not permits and there are not player rules.
Perspicacious Bukandara > Kevlary Odunen There are player rules, and the players enforce them.
Kevlary insisted that players couldn't go one step beyond the basic framework established by CCP. So much for the sandbox.
Perspicacious Bukandara > Your equipment decommissioning is an example of player rule enforcement.
Lament von Gankenheim > i understand youre sad you lost your mining ship
Kevlary Odunen > I'm not sad....
Kevlary Odunen > fuck your misconceptions of this situation.
Our Agents had it all wrong: Kevlary was perfectly calm and content.
Kevlary Odunen > You shit heads... are fucking liers.
Kevlary Odunen > Lying your asses off to extort isk because it's just too damn easy.
Kevlary Odunen > anybody can play that game....
Perspicacious Bukandara > Where are the lies?
Lament von Gankenheim > i fail to see the extortion either
The happy miner imagined that he was surrounded by enemies dedicated to his destruction. An odd sentiment--that's not why the "Why am I dead?" channel was established.
Kevlary Odunen > Raise your fucking bar, or sit in negative value security status.
Bing Bangboom > I was very polite.
Kevlary Odunen > I know you have other characters... it's the only way you can actually play the game.
Kalorned > Is that supposed to be a bad thing? negative security status?
The miner's head was filled with crazy ideas. Clearly, the updated "new player experience" had failed him.
Kevlary Odunen > My wallet has 20 mil, because I was broke.... but I was insured.
Lament von Gankenheim > perhaps if you would only calm down
Lament von Gankenheim > you could have 40m
Lament von Gankenheim > and saved 20
Lament von Gankenheim > thats reasonable, isnt it?
Kevlary Odunen > I was insured....because I know motherfuckers like you attack ships to enforce this code of yours.
In-game insurance is limited. Miners, save your money for a New Order permit.
Lament von Gankenheim > not this code
Lament von Gankenheim > The Code
Kevlary Odunen > I could have ejected.... and left you 20 mil ship.
Kevlary Odunen > I could have ejected my ore...
Lament von Gankenheim > you could have bought a permit
So many possibilities, so many regrets. You know, it's true what they say: No one on his deathbed ever regrets that he didn't spend more time as a bot-aspirant.
Kevlary Odunen > There are hundreads of mother fucking code corps....
Kevlary Odunen > Pay each one?
Kevlary Odunen > fuck that.
Lament von Gankenheim > hundreds?
Kevlary Odunen > Ye.
Kevlary Odunen > yea
More ignorance. Every new player should know that there is one Order, one Code, one Saviour of Highsec. Is that still not in the tutorial?
Lament von Gankenheim > perhaps you would like to join us
Kevlary Odunen > So you suggest I sell permits to mine too... and extort players?
Lament von Gankenheim > selling permits to mine is your right
Perspicacious Bukandara > It's not extortion. It's the law.
Out of nowhere, Agent Lament came up with a shocking proposal.
Lament von Gankenheim > permits are extortion in the same way a coke machine extorts you out of your dollar, even though you get a coke.™
Kevlary Odunen > No,... that's a trade dumbass.
Lament von Gankenheim > exactly
Lament von Gankenheim > i will trade you 10m isk
Lament von Gankenheim > for 1 year of mining
Lament von Gankenheim > thats a hell of a deal
Lament von Gankenheim > dont you think?
Could it be? Was the carebear about to join the New Order as its newest Agent?
Lament von Gankenheim > you could LITERALLY save highsec
Lament von Gankenheim > YOU
Lament von Gankenheim > Kevlary Odunen
Lament von Gankenheim > personally, i love your passion
Bing Bangboom > He is very passionate
Bing Bangboom > for such a calm person.
To be continued...


  1. lol Loyal is banned. What an idiot. That is all. I am sure the story above is great but I don't care to read it.

    1. You beat me to it! Oh well I agree with the above statement, but the story is still worth reading.

    2. thanks for taking the time to make sure you took you CODE butthurt rage out. missing something? lol CODE tears are the best tears. cry more. thanks for responding!

  2. CHODE. slave fail cascade currently in progress:

    1. There always were more New Order corps outside the CODE. Alliance than within it.

      There are also innumerable solo Agents and Knights fighting the Good Fight in Highsec.

      The Code is greater than the sum of its parts - and so is the New Order!

    2. I guess now we will see only spartial stories on this website. how sad. how good too. Long Live Autopilot! :o

      Loyal got banned? lol??

    3. Hey chodeanon is back, and he sounds as retarded as ever.

      AND: spartial lol!

    4. He has yet to graduate from 'spartial ed'.

  3. CHODE. failing:

    CHODE. hypocrisy:

    1. Chodeanon, seriously friend. You should stop. You make yourself out to be extremely slow witted. Nothing you linked means anything, not today, and especially not in the near future where you will be made to look like an even bigger idiot because CODE is still here making life miserable for miserable people.

      How can you carebears not see whats happening? Do you really not know how easy you make it for agents to roll over you?

      I am honestly curious to know why someone would continue to willingly help others make you look so foolish. And if maybe someone like that would consent to a private interview? I can set up a contact.

  4. I LOL'd at this, classic!

    Lament von Gankenheim > personally, i love your passion
    Bing Bangboom > He is very passionate
    Bing Bangboom > for such a calm person

    1. Haha, I've never met Bing, but he is hilarious. He makes me want to dust off the old catalyst.

  5. Replies
    1. Your attempts to convince people of that are failing, as are your attempts to log back in.

    2. loyalanon still logs in out of habit just to see that he is banned. so out of habit he will keep posting nonsense on this website as well. so sad. so sad. so mad.

    3. Wolf, Sophie, Loyalanon, whatever your name is, since you have been permabanned from the game for trolling the Broadcast4Reps channel, you have lost the game. Therefore you no longer matter to AG, the code, or anyone.

      That's right. You are now just a worthless piece of shit. Right now, even Mingling is better than you since he can at least log onto the game even though he doesn't undock.

    4. Loyal doesn't need to login to collect tears, by the looks of it. A one-line comment is all it takes him.

    5. What does loyal do now that he can't play?

  6. Carebears! Please stop to think before shitposting on these forums as if you have actually accomplished anything. You have done nothing to justify your pride.

    What will you do in a year when CODE is still trolling you in game and here? You make yourselves look as foolish as the doomsday prophets that keep changing the date that the world is to end.

    You make all AG and hisec carebears look foolish.
    Are you really so stupid that you cannot see that you are being led by the nose?
    Your 'victory' is hollow, and everyone in EvE knows it but you.

    It is becoming more and more difficult to have any sympathy for a group that is as willfully ignorant of the game they 'play' as you bitches.
    HTFU and stop acting like someone's 5 year old snot nosed brat.

    FFS any normal person would want to gank you winey bitches after spending 20 minutes here, or even worse the AG in-game channels. The fail in those channels is beyond words. EVERYTHING that is posted in A-G is either ignorant or just plain wrong. Does no one in ag know how to play EvE? Not even one poor mislead soul? Jeeezus ffs at the bad advice i have witnessed in that chat.

    1. I will shitpost in these forums as I like so what are you going to do about it?


      Now that we have gotten that out of the way, I don't know why people continue to engage these fools. Just block them and be done with it.

    2. "I do what i want"
      Anon950 is yet another shitposting whiney crybear bitch that makes the above argument valid.

      Thanks, now on your knees bitch! ;)

      Get a permit or get rekt.
      What? Never you say? Prove it please. Post your non-permit having miner's name here, with links, or you are invalid.

    3. lol CODE is so mad. haha. first they lose 50 billion then they lose loyalanon now they lose their own faith.

    4. Hey Anon 10:03, are you mad bro? Too bad that you suck at this game and at life. Now I'll go an play the game as I please, and piss on you while doing it while you rage impotently at your computer.


    5. antiganking is failing so hard right now

  7. r/Eve
    CodeDot Alliance to Disband
    u/wolfsoprano19d, 23h
    Its time From: loyalanon Sent: 2016.04.01 08:11 To: CODE.,

    Hello Agents and Friends of the New Order and the Code Alliance.

    This mail isnt the nicest of mails but just to let everyone know that in roughly 12 hours time the Code. Alliance will not be renewing its alliance maintenance bill.

    Due to a combination of things namely -

    the funding we are no longer receiving from our ex-overlords Goonswarm we no longer have the capital to proceed to gank miners/freighters.

    Also someone who shall remain nameless stole all the catalysts.

    Those of you who wish to stay in your respective corps are welcome to do so providing your directors/ceo are still active.

    I wish you all the best and its been a great few past years.


    Failing? who?? ;P

    1. My god! How d I'd you get a hold of this! Your spy network must be huge!

    2. there are a lot of huge things, ask Wolfie, one of them finds his bonus room on a regular basis.
      and check the quoted date nutjob

      CHODE fails...always

    3. On what date was that message sent?

  8. After all this recent shit hitting the fan with CODE, check this out:

    No wonder code is falling apart. The goons are getting their asses handed to them. So when the overlords are gone, I guess code will be too.


  9. Something to tell the children and grandchildren.


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