Friday, April 29, 2016

The Code Is Forever and Ever and Ever

One of the best things about the Code is that it never gets old. It only improves with age.

Our friends from Gamis prove the point with each new video.

Elite PvP never looked so good!


Agent Fiddly Pop produces artwork with a timeless, universal message. Sometimes it's more tailored, though. Fred Kyong, whose difficulty accepting the Code was noted in a recent Highsec Miner Grab Bag post, inspired a new piece:

How can you argue with such logic--or such art?

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  1. Fred also cried a lot about CODE in this thread:

    1. Lol i checked, and i remember reading that forum post a while back. That OP was definately full of shit. He tried to ninja log and paid the price. Then posted some elaborate excuse about one window crashing, but not his webber alt blah blah blah..

      Just more proof that the smartest thing ever to come out a carebear's mouth was Einstein's cock.

  2. I love those videos, and the artwork! Superb!

  3. What a bunch of bullshit. The code will last only as long as the game lasts. Then maybe Elite Dangerous. Beyond that, nobody cares in real life what the code is or what it is about as people do their bot aspirant day to day activities. So how will you enforce the code on those people who don't even play the game?

    1. You can't exactly kill people, that would be murder/terrorism. So what can you do?

    2. LOL

      "What a bunch of bullshit."

      *proceeds to use a word coined by the savior of Highsec.

      lmao Cultural victory!


    3. New Order agents consistently have to remind miners that our law enforcement activities are strictly in-game (except for a couple of entertaining satirical videos).
      It is the bears like BM that constantly make inappropriate and distasteful out of game references.

  4. Grandchildren will love to hear this story!!

  5. Another absolute corker, Kalorned!

    In particular, the way you handle that Orthrus shows a great deal of skill, proving the point that our activities do indeed display Elite PvP.

    Thanks for continuing to inspire us.

  6. Hey, James 315 and The New Order get a quick mention in this review of EVE Online:



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