Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Honourable Orca Pilot, Part 1

Is there room for good character and sportsmanship in a game about blowing up internet spaceships? How should someone conduct himself in EVE? These are important questions, yet the New Order is arguably the only organization in EVE that has put a lot of time and energy into answering them. Perhaps this is why our Agents have such a reputation for honour.
Spryt3 > pay 200m or we gank you
Altier Darkblood > Or I pay and you gank me anyway right?
Spryt3 > yeah we will just gank you if you wana go space lawyering
Agent Spryt3 bump-tackled an unlicensed Orca in the Uedama system. Unlike warp disruptors and scramblers and bubbles that you can activate with a simple mouse-click or keystroke, bump-tackling requires real skill and effort. Spryt3 requested reasonable compensation for his elite PvP, but Altier Darkblood didn't believe for a moment that he'd benefit from paying a ransom.
Altier Darkblood > OK
Altier Darkblood > I'm going to pay
Altier Darkblood > You have a decent reputation of being honorable to your word.
...Then, evidently, the moment passed; suddenly Altier was willing to pay. In the few seconds since "you gank me anyway right?", Altier had discovered our Agents had a decent reputation for honour. And you thought I was making that up!
Altier Darkblood > I payed
Spryt3 > you have no mining permit
Altier Darkblood > I don't even know what one is?
Altier Darkblood > But I payed your tax
Altier Darkblood > Come on, I payed
Altier Darkblood > You have no honor
After Altier transferred the 200 million isk, complications arose. The Orca pilot didn't have a mining permit--which is a prerequisite for ransoming privileges. The 200 million isk was reclassified as a "no strings attached" donation.

Spryt3 appreciated the money, but the Code is the Code. Altier's unlicensed quintuple-anti-tanked 2.8 billion isk Orca was destroyed by the gank fleet. However, a question remained: Was Altier unlicensed because he was a Goofus, or was it an honest mistake?
Altier Darkblood > I hope your children are retarded you fuck stick
The Code, as always, did an efficient job of revealing the true nature of the carebear.
Altier Darkblood > - If a miner does not wish to purchase a mining indulgence, he may still be granted a one-day reprieve, if he is able to correctly answer the Supreme Protector's Questions Three. You violate your own code you are without honor.
Spryt3 > You are ignoring all the other parts
Spryt3 > your donation to CODE. is appreciated
Altier Darkblood > You didn't even afford the offer to purchase a permit?
Suddenly Altier had an interest in reading the Code. Maybe his interest was sincere; maybe he really would've bought a permit if given more warning. Maybe first impressions were inaccurate, and the Orca pilot deserved another chance to prove he wasn't a Goofus.
Altier Darkblood > You're a cunt I hope you die in a car accident tomorrow and it's slow and you watch your family die before you, and just before you die I hope a homeless man rapes you.
The New Order's methods continue to be very reliable.
Altier Darkblood > I'm not even a miner, I was just moving cargo. You really are a fucked up cult aren't you?
Spryt3 > you still need mining permit
Spryt3 > James 315 our savior explained it
Despite everything, Spryt3 was perfectly happy to help the carebear.
Altier Darkblood > HA ok, you say that like you would have let me go. And you have to ask why I had to think about throwing 200m at you? You're dumb
Altier Darkblood > Just tell me it's because you're dishonorable
Like so many other Code-violating industrialists, Altier found something about the Code to be difficult to process in his mind. He couldn't get it. He wanted another explanation for his fate that day. He wanted Spryt3 to comfort him by telling a lie.
Spryt3 > I can't let a mining ship get away if it has no mining permit
Spryt3 > James 315 would be disappointed with me
Altier Darkblood > James should be disappointed you cut into his profit margine by not letting me purchase a permit, I would have gotten 2 for the ship you let slip by
Our Agent couldn't lie. He was motivated by a desire to do right by the Code and be a worthy representative of the Saviour of Highsec.

Spryt3 did his best to make the content-recipient happy, but Altier remained unsatisfied. It was time to refer the matter to Spryt3's CEO. Unfortunately, as a member of an NPC corp, he didn't technically have a CEO--except the CEO of his heart.

To be continued...


  1. Wooo looks like antigankers failed again

  2. People please stop trusting these code fucks. Do not EVER pay them any ISK for anything. Do NOT buy a permit either. They are completely without honor and will gank you no matter what you do.

    1. No evidence presented by anon, why should we believe it?

    2. Anonymous miner 8:29, calm down

    3. Anon with no evidence lies, permits are honored and good citizens of highsec are at James 315's right hand, not in his path.

      -Galaxy Pig

    4. Code always honors their permits! When i still lived in HS, i bought a permit and it was always honored by the Code agents!

    5. I have a permit, I follow the code, and I have never had a problem with the enforcers of the Code.
      I might as well add the the contact I had with the agent who sold me my permit, Liek Darz, was very pleasant. He was polite, respectful and very eager to help. Unlike the toxic garbage that is being spewed out by code-violators and crying carebears in local and AG's channels.

    6. Wow all the tears from me raising awareness about code being scamming fucktards :) I love it

  3. Pattern: 1. Bump and ask for a ransom. 2. Player pay ransom. 3. Oh, btw you do not have mining permit... 4. Gank player. 5. Player is upset (I wonder why?)

    1. Anon 1007, Miner Calm Down!!!

      All of this is easily preventable, even without a permit.

    2. Anon 10:53

      Ganker, calm down! Anon 10:07 brings up a very valid point

    3. Totally right there anon who totally isn't the same anon that wrote the first comment that's for sure!
      Miners need permits first and foremost, it's a vital every day tool

    4. Anon 10:07 is right. Its just a pathetic attempt by code to get ISK, now that their gravy train is over. They have to work for a living now.

    5. Like I have said before, permit or no permit, that situation is easily preventable. The carebear was too lazy to take the proper precautions.

    6. But goons cut our funding! Back to selling permits boys

  4. Normally, I support code for killing AFK'ers. but agent did not even call out the orca pilot for having no permit before killing him. I don't know, this just leaves a bad taste in my mouth

    1. That's not what's leaving the bad taste, carebear.

    2. But i'm not a carebare though. I've done some belligerent stuff before I won at EVE, I still visit minerbumping for the tears and such.

      IDK what's wrong with me,im being a hypocrite today.

  5. Always and Daily, least the crybears overpopulate!

  6. I have to ask, what exactly is a "terdorist"?

  7. Anon 953, I sure hope you are not breeding. This world does not need anyone like you ruining the gene pool.

  8. Awww.. this time the CODE. went too far. There is no denying it, that was very low blow. Extorting 200 mil and not even giving a mining permit. According to the code, wouldn't the correct amount been perhaps more close to 30 + 10 mil? James 315 even promised the mining permit price would remain the same, but I suppose he didn't say that the "agents" can't invent their own fees.

    This is a sad day for those who have honored the CODE. so far..

    1. he never asked to buy a permit...

    2. And he was never asked to pay for one either.. :(

  9. sperge more carebear


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