Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Merger, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Day Inc. was a nightmare for new EVE players. Led by the tyrannical Iorek Day, miners in Day Inc. were required to give up all of their ore to the corp; they even had to meet a weekly mining quota just to be eligible to receive a share of what they'd mined. Iorek set his sights on increasing the number of his victims by purchasing the "assets" (i.e., the miners) of ARC Corporation. Its CEO, Revan Ikkala, put his trusted diplomat, Levivity, in charge of the negotiations.
Iorek Day > I had two veteran recruits who stole from me
Iorek Day > the moment I provided them each with a barge.... they really didnt think that through if you ask me. they cut themselves from further payment and benefits.
Levivity > There is one thing we are interested in currently
Iorek Day > go on?
Levivity > Orca /w fit and some isk to re set up our pos to get our indy going
Both the CEO and chief diplomat of ARC Corporation were willing to see their highsec mining corp acquired by Day Inc. Iorek Day's leadership, while enticing in and of itself, was not enough. The deal needed to be sweetened.
Iorek Day > well I have an Orca, i did mention that to your leader. However Im afraid your usage will change. who ever flys the Orca will do so for the purpose of group mining.
Iorek Day > As I told your leader, those able will mine something more effecient then common ores. and the elite in your corporation will take to wormhole sec ores
Levivity > I am a capable orca pilot, aswell as any other larger ship. We already mine as a group and are quite close as we have played other games together over the years
Levivity > We usually fly out together
Iorek Day > then I take it all of you have the experience.
Iorek was willing to allow the use of his Orca--but only for the most elite mining operations. Luckily, Levivity had the necessary expertise.
Levivity > Hence why the orca would be interesting for us as we could go out together when we like, and not have to adapt to other.s
Levivity > We want an orca in our group so we can go out whenever we want and not have to wait for another pilot that we dont know
Levivity > We have 2 people that can fly one in corp, if you pay the bill we will transfer over into your corp.
Iorek Day > what bill?
Just as negotiations were going smoothly, a sticking point arose.
Levivity > The bill for an orca /w fit
Iorek Day > there is no bill. I have an Orca
Levivity > Are you willing to part with it?
Iorek Day > but if you can fly an Orca, why shouldnt you for the good of the company
Iorek Day > we're about making ISK and rep here at Day Incorporated. and staying loyal to the cause
Levivity had designs on the corp's Orca. Perhaps she was a bit too interested in it. Would she be a good fit for Day Inc.'s corporate culture?
Levivity > I have no problem running OPs aslong as my friends in corp are taken care of
Levivity > Where are your mining OPs ran?
Iorek Day > well my air force is underway in terms of ranks. they need to be filled.
Iorek Day > I have some new comers as I prefer them, because they are easy to focus skills on versus those who are everywhere and possibly corrupt
As the sole commander of Day Inc.'s PvP forces, Iorek preferred to recruit minds he could mold. He wasn't interested in pilots with skills; he prized loyalty above all else. Besides, he could teach the newbies everything he knew about PvP.
Levivity > We can have a chat about your doctrines and I will help sort what you want
Iorek Day > sounds good to me.
Iorek Day > So, I take it we have a deal?
Revan Ikkala > Levivity is the best in my corp and a pretty amazing FC if we do join dont wast the skills
The ARC Corporation CEO, Revan, finally spoke up. He had nothing but praise for Levivity. Though Levivity was only a few days into his corp, she was already his most trusted confidant.
Levivity > We have both heard enough I believe. You clearly are a capable CEO. We are willing to broker a deal
Iorek Day > I have faith in the both you.
Levivity > Move has to be sorted with corp before a merger happens
Levivity > and corp needs assurances that you are not scamming us
Iorek Day > how do I provide that?
A deal was struck. Day Inc. would soon be the proud owner of a dozen more miners.
Levivity > Once orca as promised is either paid for or contracted aswell as POS moved we will be assured you are not running a scam on us.
Levivity > Paying for fuel is not a problem
Iorek Day > we can have an importman transport the fuel to the POS on a contract. Builds their standings
Iorek Day > an importman is the title for transporters in my corporation
Iorek Day > Excavator = miner
Iorek Day > Airmen= combat pilot
Iorek Day > and there are others
The transition would take time, of course. Iorek had a certain way of doing things. For example, to ensure maximum efficiency, he called everything by some other name.
Iorek Day > when you merge you'll have it in your inventory
Levivity > "When you merge" is risky
Iorek Day > how so
Iorek Day > ah the scam.
Iorek Day > Look, I can assure you that is not the case.
Iorek Day > I just dont contract my ships to others, because then you'd have to pay a fee which I think is unfair
Levivity needed to make sure this wasn't all some big scam. She wanted possession of the Orca before transferring any members to Day Inc. Iorek balked.
Iorek Day > not only that the ship, all ships are company property
Iorek Day > allow me to test the faith of your men
Iorek Day > faith in my word, as I do hold true to honesty
Levivity > You can assure me all you want and I do believe in you. Problem is my members do not
Levivity > I dont blame them though as EVE is not forgiving place
It was a matter of faith, honesty, honour, etc. Levivity was perfectly willing to trust Iorek. However, her first duty was to her corp's miners--excuse me, excavators. If only Levivity's corpmates trusted Iorek as much as she did, this wouldn't be necessary.
Iorek Day > I thought my word was good enough.
Iorek Day > fine
Iorek Day > I cant believe I am doing this but fine
Levivity > Our CEO is off for work. I will be able to start any process once we are agreed on terms
Levivity's CEO was AFK. No matter, she was fully authorized to transact business on his behalf.
Iorek Day > [Multiple Items] (Item Exchange)
Iorek Day > be quick hurry
Levivity > You can contract it to me personally
Iorek Day > how so
Levivity > Wasnt sure what you meant with be quick.
Levivity > Thought you might be setting it public
Iorek Day > I wasnt sure myself
Iorek Day > I just deleted it out of fear, lets try this again
For a brief time, Iorek's Orca was available to everyone in EVE for free. Luckily, no contract bots detected this special offer.

The Orca was handed over to Levivity. Iorek was indeed a man of honour. Now all that remained was for Levivity to facilitate the transfer of all her corpmates over to Day Inc., where they'd be told about the mining quota they needed to meet.
Levivity > Alright
Levivity > Im going to be logging off so I can start moving my own stuff first and our other stuff through an alt
Levivity > I will check in with you in 2 hours or so
Iorek Day > two hours?
Iorek Day > alright. lets do that. I'll be on around 23:00 to 02:00 hours
With this newest acquisition, Day Inc. would be well on its way. There was one unforeseen issue, however.

Unbeknownst to Iorek or even her own CEO, Levivity was actually an Agent of the New Order. As it turned out, she wasn't that interested in mining. She was merely corp-hopping through highsec in search of opportunities to enforce the Code. Bored of being a diplomat, Levivity took the Orca and simply disappeared, leaving Iorek and Levivity's CEO baffled. This act shattered the trust that had been built between the two corps, leaving Iorek Day with no choice but to call off the acquisition entirely. Iorek's paranoia of outsiders impeded his ability to grow the corp. Without the benefit of the Code, Day Inc.'s future remains doubtful.


  1. No takeover, just a stolen orca. Oh well, amusing read anyway.

    1. He was simply removing an unpermitted orca from the hands of a criminal intent on breaking the law.

    2. "No takeover"? More like: NO Takeover! \o/

    3. What a let down. I was hoping for a takeover. This guy deserved it. That's saying something coming from me.


  2. Replies
    1. Another failure from Wolf Soprano since there was no ganking involved.

      So why didn't Wolf take over the corp Day Inc. to liberate those miners and put a stop to this bastard of a CEO?


    2. Please include the word CHODE in your sentences, it helps us tick off the rage squares we fill from the comments section each day. Thank you.

  3. I'm sure there'll be a part three detailing the shena...I mean ease of use that corp shares enables through dividends right.

    I mean what type of high sec CEO doesn't know about that mechanic?

  4. This is a story to tell the grand-children.

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    1. thanks your appropriations are appropriated

  6. Oh this is beautiful and just the sort of thing I want to pull off one day. This gives me inspiration!


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